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Sugar Town

Studio: Vivid » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 12/12/08

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Dave Naz
CAST: Ashley Blue, Britney Stevens, Tori Black, Whitney Stevens, Jada Fire, Tyler Knight, Mr. Marcus, Julius Ceazher, Tony T, Gorgus Drae and in non-sex roles (sorta) Dirty Harry and Veronica Hart


The Main Event
This is my first opportunity to review a Vivid-Alt title, which is something I'd been interesting in checking out, as the hipster style and unique vision of label-head Eon McKai is one that's impressed me. Here, I get my shot with a film by one of McKai's hand-picked creators, photographer Dave Naz. It's pretty obvious via Naz' editing and production design, which incorporated funky cars, terrible fashion and brutally dated decor, that this film is intended to be an homage to the blaxplotation culture of the '70s, matching big black studs with willing white women (along with a pair of single-race couplings as well.)

Pulling up in his fly ride, Marcus has on the hat he stole from Huggy Bear, and he's ready to get down with Britney, a red head with a big nose and an American Apparel one-piece. She gets to work on his thick rod, gagging and drooling all over him before finally getting naked and riding his cunt=splitter at a cautious pace. Things pick up a bit as he rails her from behind, but even then it's a pretty leisurely screw, moving at a somewhat slow rate of entry, perhaps out of care for her delicate pink blossom. Of course, if they were really being careful, they wouldn't have wedged that monster up her shitter, which he does methodically, through three consecutive positions, leaving her backdoor gaped when he blows his big load on her face. The key thing missing is passion, which is made all the more obvious as they quickly dress and split.
[Britney Stevens, Mr. Marcus | Oral (M), Vaginal, Anal | Cowgirl, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoons, Missionary | Condoms: No | ]

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When Ashley Blue first came on the scene, I was a big fan, but after watching this scene, I'm not sure why that was. Her main trick is the massive amount of saliva she produces while blowing Tyler, to the point where there's just a mass of spit bubbles on her chin as he fucks her mouth, and strands of saliva everywhere. If that kind of wet blowjob is your thing, this will be great for you, but to me she looks like half a retard who can't stop drooling. It's in this scene where a somewhat misogynistic tone crops up, as Tyler grabs her by her hair to grind in her mouth before tying her arms behind her back with his belt. While Ashley has a somewhat hairy pussy, keeping with the '70s theme, Tyler can't be bothered messing with it, instead tearing up her asshole, as they flip around and vigorously buttfuck, including an aggressive piledriving that leaves her bung spread wide open. Again, between her tiny tits and annoying habit of shoving her whole hand in her mouth, I'm not getting the appeal of this chick, though this is as high-energy as you can ask for.

[Ashley Blue, Tyler Knight | Oral (M), Anal, ATM | Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Standing Missionary, Side Entry, Piledriver, Cowgirl, Doggie | Condoms: No | ]

A quick interstitial has legendary Dirty Harry stopping by Whitney's house to pick up her mom. Whitney puts on a show with her fantastic tits and tiny pussy that gets Harry horny enough to whip it out and jack to her. It's a silly scene made all the sillier by Veronica Hart's appearance.

[Dirty Harry, Veronica Hart, Whitney Stevens | Masturbation | N/A | Condoms: N/A | ]

With Harry gone, Tony T shows up to take over, playing with her lovely cans before she pleasures his decent size cock with another spit-laden knobjob. I apologize to you if you read this Tony, but you look like you belong in "Of Mice and Men" when you concentrate, like you're going to kill a rabbit. At least you fuck well, throwing your pink steel up into her pussy rapidly, but why the hell are you choking this beautiful woman letting you bang her. With nice big breasts, you get some nice movement, along with some impressive variety in the sex, including a mid-air fucking. Unfortunately, after all this great sex, Tony basically dribbles a drop of seed on her to finish things up.

[Whitney Stevens, Tony T | Masturbation, Oral (M), Vaginal, Tit-Fucking | Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Mid-Air, Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: No | ]

Tori's our cover girl, and with her hot body, Hitler-mustache bush and bathing suit on loan from Britney Stevens, she's got a great look for the '70s concept. Her bent-dicked partner needs to stop smacking her around though and let the girl do her thing, which she tries to do, struggling to swallow his thick root and ride it with her tiny pussy. The sex is pretty impressive, including an excellent acrobatic mid-air screw that lets gravity aid the deep penetration. Though the sex is quite solid, nothing is hotter than Tori's face as she looks back over her shoulder while getting pounded doggy-style. It's a look that will make you blow your load.

[Julius Ceazher, Tori Black | Oral (M), Vaginal, Fingering | Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Standing, Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: No | ]

Our final couple is an all-chocolate affair, featuring two of the most lovely tits I've seen in a long time. Jada's got big fat titties with silver-dollar pancake areolas that make me want to just suckle on her. Unfortunately, the one thing you want in a scene with a chesty lass, namely for her to get fucked with a jackhammer to get them moving, doesn't happen here. I've seen senior citizens screw with more energy (seriously.) Perhaps Gorgus (by the way, how exactly is that pronounced?) is tired from dragging around those massive balls, which, in the best moment in the scene, smack hard against her soaked pussy. But since they are so big, he actually has to pull them to the side so they don't obscure the action, making him look like a smoothie, which is pretty silly.

[Jada Fire, Gorgus Drae | Oral (M/F), Vaginal | Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Folding Chair, Missionary | Condoms: No | ]



The anamorphic widescreen video on this DVD looks great, presenting the film's stylish look well. It's a somewhat dark film (no pun intended) but all the action is always clearly visible. The only negative is the incredibly frequent editing, which can get annoying, though I guess it could be part of the homage. Overall, it's a pretty nice looking video.

The audio is presented as a Dolby Digital 2.0 track, which does its best work with the music, provided by Detroit garage-rock band The Dirtbombs, as the songs are loud and strong pumping out of both speakers. The dialogue when they aren't fucking isn't nearly as clear, but without music, the sex scenes sound terrific, capturing all the action.



The main extra here is a nearly 11-minute behind the scenes piece shot by Ashley Blue, with legitimate behind the scenes material, including casual interviews and some fly on the wall footage. While it lacks some skill and polish, resulting in hard to hear speech in spots, it's one of the better extras I've seen thanks to the more "real" feel.

Also included on the DVD are trailers for four other Vivid-Alt flicks, and an automatic photo gallery with some nice stills from the shoot.


Concluding Words

I'm not a big fan of interracial porn, probably because the size of those black members just sets off my jealousy, but even so, these scenes wouldn't do it for me with albino dicks. There's just something off about them, be it a lack of passion or some odd kink that threw me off. Of course, if those are your thing, this is perfect for you, and it's all presented well, with a small, but enjoyable extra. There are better options out there though, especially in terms of the quantity.

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