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Shay Jordan: Sexual Freak 3 (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/16/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Shay Jordan (click for trailer)

Shay Jordan: Sexual Freak 3 Blu-ray

Digital Playground


Genre: Vignette

Director: Robby D.

Tory Lane

Cast: Shay Jordan, Scott Nails, Naomi, Marco Banderas/Duato, Tory Lane, Scott Nails, Sascha Grey, Ben English, Skigh Phoxxx, Trent Soluri

Length: 98.5 minutes

Sasha Grey

Date of Production: 7/29/2006

Skigh Phoxxx

Extra's: The best extra was the 11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Max Massimo and Willem "Tumbleweed" Default. Each of the gals got a chance to interview with Max, there were a number of silly voice-overs and special effect clips as expected, and while it wasn't the best BTS I've watched of late, it was worth watching. There was a photogallery, a slide show, a cum shot recap, and trailers for movies such as Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge, Pirates I, Cheerleaders, Babysitters, Island Fever 3, Jack's Teen America, and Island Fever 4.

Shay Jordan

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sexual Freak 3 Blu-ray was presented in the same 1.78:1 widescreen color it was shot in by director Robby D. to be released by Digital Playground. In terms of lighting and sheer quality of picture, the movie was looking about as solid as anything shot for the company in 1080p HD with the scenes all being distinctively captured in varying styles that again reminded me of the Celeste style Robbie records for the erotica series his main squeeze directs. There was again a conscious effort to tone down the Celeste style though and bring in some vocals as well as more straightforward gonzo standards; a pleasing compromise for those of us that prefer the edgier stuff but appreciate the softer material at times too (though I'd turn the knob a couple more notches towards Robbie's gonzo style for future outings to make it even better). There was no grain or video noise observed, I saw no compression artifacts, and the composition of the scenes was such that all the gals were made to look fantastic. It was a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround track with the usual 48 kHz sampling rate and had some decent separation and dynamic range, with the various selections providing a nice aural setting for the visuals in the large mansion it was shot in. The other good thing about this one was that some vocals were employed along with the music, elevating the levels of perceived chemistry for me. The music was pretty solid in most cases too, providing the variety needed to give the scenes some extra replay value. The music was credited to the editor, Kurt Tortcher, and he handled both areas reasonably competently from what I could tell, even if I'm not a fan of porn music over vocals.


Body of Review: Robby D. is the versatile lead director at Digital Playground that shoots gonzo, erotica, and the occasional feature these days with the kind of skill few of his peers have proven able to keep up with. With an increasing workload at the company in the last few years, he has taken to experimenting with new styles, tricks, and ways of doing things in order to satisfy a number of fans that often don't like one form or another. For me, his gonzo and features are the best but I've gone out with several women that think his erotica is among the best they've seen (sometimes telling me that he must be gay to know what women want so well- he's not). His latest release is another of the sidestep showcases of the contract gals for the company called Shay Jordan: Sexual Freak 3 Blu-ray; a series of vignettes that started and ended with lovely contract hotty Shay Jordan as she learns the ropes of stardom from the incredible pool of talent assembled by the company. If you're still interested, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all:


Scene One: Shay Jordan, the mixed heritage hotty featured on the front DVD cover, was up first as the cameras teasingly showed glimpses of her without going all the way, ending up with her in the shower showing Scott Nails some attitude. He was apologetic but she changed the course of momentum by beckoning him over (with a look of pleasant surprise on his face that was priceless). He sucked her tasty ass and eventually brought her to the bed where the vocals could be heard over the thumping beats of the score, Scott going down on her to warm her up for the ensuing action. She showed some oral skills of her own when sucking him off, greedily working him over before the short titty fuck gave way to the vaginal penetration. He mowed into her in several positions, the most active for her being the reverse cowgirl (though he still did most of the work mind you). It ended when he rubbed out a load to her chest, with some minor post coital sucking by her.


Scene Two: Naomi, all dolled up with heavy make up and a tiny red outfit used to enhance her curves, was up next with studly Marco Banderas/Duato, as she stretched her ass with a glass dildo; performing ATM and getting some help from him in the process. I'm not into the thumping beats used here so I could see where Kurt earned his last name but Naomi was so into sucking Marco off that I wondered how much it would cost to engineer the music down about 20 decibels as I liked the visual appeal of the action so much. She was going crazy with her oral and when the penetrative sex started up, watching her ass cheeks ripple was delightful. Her anal came a few positions later, showing that she was not quite as able to muster the same levels of enthusiasm but still well within her zone of pleasure as she rode him. The scene then ended somewhat past the 33 minute mark with the expected facial and post coital sucking. These two had some nice chemistry together and the levels of skill many of us, myself included, want to see in our porn.


Scene Three: Tory Lane, playing a domineering woman in a black dress, bossed hired help Scott Nails around as he cleaned the house; resulting in her demanding he clean her ass orally. Her curvy rump was looking really good after he pulled down her panties, getting her wet and excited as he slaved away on her ass crack and hole. The camera movement and lighting were stylish but not too much so; allowing the energy displayed between the couple to shine rather then gloss it over with special effects as related movies have done from time to time. When it was her turn to shine, she savored his cock as though it were the best thing she could have in her mouth, jerking and sucking him in alternating style while losing herself. She was the hard charger when getting fucked; riding him in such a way as to let him know that she was in charge, no matter what he thought to the contrary. They were soaked in sweat by the time he rubbed out his load onto her ass, ending another fine scene.


Scene Four: Sascha Grey, one of the cutest brunettes new to porn for those who like the skinny gal type, was up next as she continually bugged Ben English as he readied for a business trip that did not include her on the agenda. Her girlish demeanor did not impress him but she wanted him to give her one for the road so he throat fucked her (the music track was less offensive here and showed a lot more separation then average but I still didn't like it much). Her oral skills were pretty solid though so I can see what the buzz concerning her is about. He ordered her to undress him, keeping his pants tidy as she stripped down to climb on board his rod. He's not the largest guy in porn but she's so small that he looked huge as he hammered her pussy, doing some PTM to make further penetration easier. She actually took him in her ass easier though to be fair, he wasn't going balls deep either. During the anal, she was at her most vocal with dirty talk, elevating the heat of the scene (especially for those who like the gal to call the guy daddy). The large load went to her face, suiting her need for seed just fine.


Scene Five: Skigh Phoxxx, a black female newcomer playing a dominatrix, was up next with third tier mope squad member Trent Soluri, as she brandished a large wooden paddle with holes in it (they hurt more that way I'm told). She wore a leotard with a large belt covering her skinny ass, the role playing of the day changing midstream as she started taking orders from the wussy boy. She blew him as though she had seen a lot of cock in her mouth, keeping her sunglasses on in the darkened living room for no apparent reason. She did not appeal to me physically but she knew how to suck a cock, prolonging it endlessly as she prepared to ride him as best she could. She was a good vaginal rider and he eventually popped off a moderate load to her ass cheeks but the scene did little for me overall.


Scene Six: Shay Jordan, looking awesome again as she captured Marco Banderas/Duato in his bathroom. The dynamic was a gal wanting his meat after watching him as her neighbor for years doing other women but leaving her alone. She removed his wrist restraints to allow him better access to her body; a charge he took seriously as pulled down her old fashioned panties and started tonguing her ass while she bent over. She then rolled over to make sure he had proper access to her pussy, resulting in her giving him some head too. Sadly, she didn't blow him long enough before he started drilling her but the good news was that she was actively pumping back on his dick this time, still getting sweaty but participating as though she liked it. The cowgirl was even better though this was another area truncated rather then stretched out as I would have liked to see. I long for the day when she hits on all cylinders with a guy and Robby lets her go crazy for as long as she can stand. The pop shot to her face was small but it was a nice way to end the show.


Summary: Shay Jordan: Sexual Freak 3 Blu-ray by director Robby D. to be released by Digital Playground was one of those titles on the margin for me. Music in porn is one of the areas that fans and critics alike can argue about more then the specific qualities of performers and Kurt's score here was droning in most ways for me, with the sexual skill of Shay not up to the level of the other ladies in the movie. Still, the visual elements had a lot to offer and each gal addressed a different dynamic so you might find it to be worth more or less then the rating of Recommended that I gave Shay Jordan: Sexual Freak 3 Blu-ray. Tory, Naomi, and Sasha were the sexual highlights for me this time but I'll be the first to admit that Shay was as fine as people suggest and I look forward to seeing her live up to her potential.  Given her work in Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge, I suspect there might be a renewed interest in seeing more of this lovely lady so check this earlier effort out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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