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Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/15/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: February 2008

Directed By: Brian Mills

The Movie:

Step right up and enter The Folsom Funhouse where your every sexual desire will be fulfilled!


Alex Baresi, Tony Buff, Eduardo, Dean Flynn, Francois Sagat, Ethan Anders, Derek Da Silva, Bjoern Gigar, Eric Moreau, Rocky Torrez, and Josh West.

Run Time N Rubbers: 2 Hours and 41 minutes. Yes.

The Setup:

Boyfriends Ethan Anders (good-looking with short red hair, beard stubble, muscular/lightly hairy body) and Eduardo (good-looking with shaved head, beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) stroll along a boardwalk one chilly San Francisco evening when they are enticed into The Folsom Funhouse by a masked 'n mysterious clown (Francois Sagat-handsome with very short/almost shaved dark hair, beard stubble, muscular/hairy body). The clown is clad in black fishnet, latex, and combat boots. The dudes hop into the ride-through cart and head into the Funhouse for an erotic adventure of a lifetime.

Scene One:

In a big top circus themed room of neon blue and gold, Eric Moreau (good-looking with a dark buzz cut, toned/tight/smooth body) and Dean Flynn (good-looking with brown hair, beard, and muscular/lightly hairy body) perform a highly erotic tumble/dance act wearing only small black latex briefs. Eric removes Dean's only modesty revealing shortly trimmed pubes, plump balls, and a hard cut cock. He chows down on that throbbing meat with gusto and plenty of hot deep throat action giving an excellent blowjob that leads to a tasty face fuck.

While he's having his windpipe drilled with meat, Eric's hard clipped dick drools long 'n heavy strings of pre-cum. Dean munches down on Eric's tight shaved pink bunghole spitting on the pucker and giving a hot rim job with some nice camera shots.  After some traditional sixty-nine with Dean on top getting down on Eric's straining cock, the dudes meat off with Dean jacking his buddy off making his dump a thick load and Dean shooting a large thick load on Eric's chest.

The guys engage in some hot deep tongue soul kissing and then Dean teases Eric's quivering starfish by rubbing his stiff shaft back 'n forth before sinking in and fucking him from behind fast 'n hard filling that chute with turgid tube steak. This is where the fucking becomes an actual performance resembling a circus act. While Eric plays sink/bounce, he bends all the way backward so that his hands are touching the floor. Dean fucks the heck outta that tight hole leading Eric to do the splits showing off his beautiful muscular legs. To finish up, Eric busts a thick nut on the floor and Dean beats off shooting a large thick load of jizz near his buddy's man juice.

Scene Two:

Referee Tony Buff (good-looking with a dark Mohawk, toned/lightly hairy body with tattoos) oversees three horny wrestlers wearing colorful latex singlets and cool Mexican wrestling masks. In blue, there is Derek da Silva (good-looking with a shaved head, muscular/hairy body with heavy tattoos), in green is Josh West (good-looking with short dark hair, beard, toned/hairy body), and in yellow is Rocky Torrez (good-looking with a shaved head, beard, and muscular/hairy body). One by one Tony unzips the dudes' singlets and rams black dildos up their tight hairy assholes giving them a nice sex toy fucking.  Josh pulls out his big fat cut cock 'n balls and begins yanking and making his meat bob up 'n down leading Tony to haul out his large 'n chubby clipped dong and plump 'n hangy nuts to entice the guys into a sexual frenzy.

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Derek chows down on Tony's big dick cramming it all the way down his gullet and giving excellent deep throat leading to a fast 'n hard face fucking while Rocky watches pulling on his own stiff cut pork. Taking over, Rocky fucks Derek's willing gullet as Derek gives him the same excellent deep throat as Tony. Crazed with lust, Derek switches over and gets down on Josh's big beef for another hot 'n groovy blow job. Rocky positions himself behind Derek and eats his tight hairy butt hole and also rubs his shaved head against the pulsing pink pucker while Josh continues to drill that hungry windpipe. Derek is so turned on that be shoots a nice thick load on Josh's black boots and the blue wrestling mat and lick it up. Josh dumps thick jizz all over Derek's heavily tattooed back, and Rocky sucks Tony's cock and shoots a thick load of spooge on Derek's boot. Tony doesn't cum.

Tony fucks Derek fast 'n hard doggy-style while Josh does the same to Rocky. These dudes are totally into each other and the hot man-on-man sex action filling the room with loud moans, groans, grunts, and cries of pure lusty delight!  Switching up to the missionary position, the dudes keep their same partners and pound those tight man-chutes quick 'n smooth leading Derek to let go with a large stream of hot yellow piss that shoots through the air. Derek is very vocal while being reamed loudly crying out and making all sorts of hot animal noises.

This is very intense sweaty man-sex, baby! Derek ends up playing a wild game of the ol' sink bounce on Tony's sausage with plenty of hot penetration shots from behind while Josh rides Tony's face. There are a couple of groovy but quick shots of Tony lapping at that tight hairy touchhole with his wet tongue.   When the dudes finally reach their frenzied limit, one by one they shoot thick loads and this time that includes the very hot Tony.

Scene Three:

Alex Baresi (handsome with a dark buzz cut/almost shaved head, beard, muscular/hairy body with heavy tattoos) and Bjoern Gigar (good-looking with brown buzz cut/almost shaved head, muscular/lightly hairy body, tattoos) are dressed in black 'n red latex. Bjoern is on his knees gorging on Alex's big fat uncut cock cramming it down his hungry gullet and giving some excellent deep throat. Alex digs the head and soon begins fucking Bjoern's face fast 'n smooth. There's plenty of spit 'n drool involved and Bjoern makes loud gulping noises throughout. Alex sinks to his haunches and blows his buddy's large chubby unclipped meat taking that tasty hog all the way down with some hot deep throat while he reaches up and pinches the heck outta Bjoern's hard eraser-tip nipples. This is some hot sweaty butch man-sex at its best!

Bjoern is back on his knees with mouth open and tongue out as Alex takes a long piss. He fills Bjoern's mouth with plenty of golden liquid and covers his face, chest, 'n neck. While receiving the golden shower, Bjoern begins pissing as well and spays upward covering his body. Bjoern bends over a padded black leather stool to receive a thumb and finger fuck with nice close-ups. Alex rolls a rubber on and fucks his pal fast 'n hard doggy-style with Bjoern humping back with some nice penetration shots from below. Switching to the missionary position, Alex continues to drill his buddy while Bjoern beats off working his foreskin back 'n forth over the purple knob. Bjoern cries out and squirts a huge wet load all over his chest and stomach. Alex lays back and jerks off shooting a wet load on his latex shirt while Bjoern works Alex's hard nipples.

Let me tell ya, the dudes are definitely not finished with their sex show. Alex fucks Bjoern fast 'n hard from behind with a long black dildo sliding it all the way up that chute making his buddy cry out, pout, and loudly moan. He pops on a pair of black latex gloves, lubes up, and begins working his fist up Bjoern's asshole. Alex gets his fist all the way in way past his wrist! This is some very intense action and definitely not for the faint of heart. Bjoern definitely digs this and lets out a very long 'n low guttural groan/growl as he's "scrubbed out". In the end, Alex wildly beats off working his foreskin and squirts a wet load in the air hitting Bjoern's chest. Wild, baby!

Scene Four:

Francois Sagat (as the mysterious clown) works his magic making Ethan Anders and Eduardo part of the funhouse. The dudes kiss passionately leading Ethan to chow down on Eduardo's big fat uncut cock cramming his gullet full giving some excellent head while Francois watches and pulls his big chubby unclipped pork sliding the foreskin back 'n forth over the slick purple knob.  Ethan really gorges on that meat and he definitely knows how to suck a mean fuckin' cock! Ethan switches over and gives the same expert oral treatment to Francois while stroking his own stiff clipped dick.

Going back to Eduardo's fat hog, Ethan once again chows down while Eduardo blows Francois giving a very hot blowjob. Francois finally removes the clown mask revealing his handsome face and munches down on Ethan's tight hairy bunghole leading Ethan to hump back and ride that hot wet tongue. Ethan is like a sucking machine switching back 'n forth between the two fat unclipped dongs with plenty of deep throat before the guys' shoots big thick loads on his chest. Ethan then beats his meat and cuts loose with thick jizz on his lightly hairy chest. Francois bends over allowing Eduardo to eat his tight hairy asshole while Francois gets face fucked by Ethan.

Eduardo fucks Francois doggy-style fast 'n smooth with some nice penetration shots from behind as Francois continues to devour Ethan's man-meat. There's a nice shot from behind where we can see Eduardo's very hairy butt crack, gooch, and balls while he drills Francois quick 'n hard. Ethan bends over and François fucks that tight hairy butt hole doggy-style fast 'n hard really giving that hole a workout while Ethan deep throats Eduardo's hog. François switches to the missionary position and continues to drill Ethan fast 'n hard with some nice penetration shots from below. Ethan loves being fucked and makes all sorts of sexy noises. Eduardo beats off and shoots a thick load of spooge on the floor, Francois cuts loose with thick man juice on Ethan's inside thigh, and Ethan sprays a large wet load all over his chest. Hot dudes!


Funhouse is shot directly on high quality video and presented in anamorphic widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography is kind of a mixed bag here with some scenes containing nice camera shots of the ass eating and butt sex penetration while other scenes do not contain such juicy camera work. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear all the hot 'n horny man-sex noises plus some very cool techno and atmospheric tunes.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a behind-the-scenes featurette, photo sessions, circus footage of Eric Moreau performing, an extra water sports scene with Ethan Anders and Francois Sagat, a cumshot review, and preview for Cirque Noir. Overall this is a very nice collection of bonus materials.


I must applaud director Brian Mills for creating a unique movie that's definitely different from the standard smut fests available. The use of colors (neon blue, yellow, green, red, gold, etc.) is excellent and used with the circus sets create a dream-like look/feel throughout. There is hardly any dialogue spoken creating a mysterious mood. The dudes are all appealing and give wild energetic performances. They definitely look to be into the action and each other. My favorites here are Ethan Anders, Francois Sagat, Tony Buff, Alex Baresi, Josh West, and Eduardo.  

The bonus materials are quite nice with a peek behind the scenes and the bonus water sports scene featuring Francois Sagat and Ethan Anders. My one complaint is that some scenes contain very good camera shots of the ass eating and butt sex penetration while other scenes don't. I'm going to bypass by my usually "strict" review guidelines on this because as mentioned, the movie is very unique and I appreciate what Director Brian Mills has created: a hot, moody, and atmospheric ode to man-on-man sex. This is not a run-of-the-mill fuck flick. I Highly Recommend.

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