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Muscle Mountain

Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 12/16/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 113 minutes

Director: John Tegan

Cast: Chris Thomas, Derec Stone, Marcus Steele, David Dakota, Jeremy Bilding, Jason Pitt, Derrek Diamond, Patrick Bateman, and Lucky Daniels 

Body Types: natural body hair, light facial hair, uncut and cut dicks, body builder types.  

Condoms: yes

Things to see: outdoor sex, cowboys, threesomes

Plot: Head rancher tries to keep his boys from being peeped on by the neighbor.  

The Movie:

Similar to firemen, military men, and the Canadian mounties, cowboys have been a well used stereotype in gay porn.  Perhaps it's their male bravado of roughing it up that's so appealing, or for some of you it's just their dusty hat that makes your thighs tingle with excitement.  The cowboy is an easy stereotype to use in porn since the actor really only needs a cowboy hat to look authentic.  Rare is the case where the director makes an extra effort to use other cowboy props like tight jeans, boots, etc.  Muscle Mountain, fortunately, tries hard to present a more authentic view of cowboys, thanks to some authentic looking costumes and the entire film being shot on location at a real life ranch.

The film's "story" involves a head rancher (the oh so hunky Derec Stone) and his troubles with his spying neighbor (Lucky Daniels).  That in itself is all you need to know about the story, since the film is less about it's narrative and more about it's sex acts.  The film features four sex scenes and they are all pretty good.  Derec ignites the screen when he stars in a passionate threesome with actors Jeremy Bilding and Chris Thomas.  Watching the boys kiss Derec's pouty lips and taste his thick uncut cock was very hot.  Another scorching scene was a threesome involving Marcus Steele, Derreck Diamond, and Patrick Bateman.  Newcomer Derreck is the star in this segment since he lets the boys fuck him hard, yet still muster enough energy to suck cock at the same time.  The rest of the scenes are good, but I have a feeling that you will come back to these threesomes again and again.

Though the production values are high, and the sex is fun to watch, the film's only deterrent is it's grade Z acting.  I found it difficult not to laugh when Lucky Daniels tried to appear menacing or when Jason Pitt tried to convey how turned on he was, despite his limp dick, pained expression, and his not so enthusiastic and monotoned "oh that feels so good."  I do realize that you will probably only watch this film for it's sex.  Just be prepared for your own uncontrolled giggles as some of the actors deliver their lines.     

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Scene one: Marcus Steele, Derreck Diamond, and Patrick Bateman

Cooking up a hearty breakfast for his buddies, Marcus Steel (shirtless and wearing only boxers) greets his brunette pal Derreck Diamond.  Derreck teases Marcus about how sore his ass must be from their fucking last night.  Stirring up erotic memories, Marcus starts to suck on Derrecks cock.  Marcus also receives some oral attention for his breakfast sausage.  While the boys suck away, a sleeping lad (Patrick Bateman) wakes up to find the boys playing with each other.  It doesn't take long for Patrick to get significantly turned on, so he pulls out his meat for stroking.  The two cowboys then head over to Patrick so that they can help him with his cow poke.  Marcus sucks on Patrick and Derreck strokes his cock, watching the action.   Lucky Marcus then proceeds to suck back and forth on each guy's cock.  Derreck also gets a turn with each guy, his mouth passed around like a communal napkin. 

With Derreck already on his knees, Marcus puts on a condom and starts to fuck him from behind.  Marcus really fucks Derreck well, shoving his cock in deeply and occasionally slapping his ass for good measure.  On the other end, Patrick's cock is well serviced by Derreck, and he even face fucks him too.  Eventually the guys switch so that Patrick can fuck Derreck's hole.  Marcus, feeling bossy, tells Patrick to slap Derreck's ass, which he does.  Perhaps watching the action made Marcus horny for cock, so he then gets on all fours so that Patrick can fuck him.  When Marcus gets close to cumming, he tells Patrick to fuck him hard, resulting in a load of jizz squirting out from Marcus's dick.  Derreck and Patrick then release their loads down below. 

This threesome works incredibly well because the guys are very passionate with each other (especially Derreck and Marcus). 

Scene two: Derec Stone, Jeremy Bilding, and Chris Thomas

Derec catches Lucky Daniels spying on his boys.  As soon as Lucky spots him, he takes off running for his life.  Derec tells his boys that next time he catches him he's going to use his "weapon" on him.  Jeremy and Chris both say, "when do we get to try out the weapon?"  Knowing exactly what his farm hands want, he unbuckles his pants and let's them have their way with him.  Jeremy and Chris proceed to suck and lick all over Derec's beautiful cock and balls.  At one point, the guys even pick a side of his shaft and lick up and down it, leading to them kissing each other at the tip of Derek's mushroom head.  Derek also allows the boys to come up and kiss him.  In a startlingly hot moment, all three of the guys french kiss each other in a wet threesome of tongues.  Derek then opens up a bottle of beer and proceeds to spill some of it down his muscular chest.  Jeremy and Chris are all too eager to lap up the salty liquid. 

After the beer-fest, Jeremy stands up next to Derek so that Chris can suck on their cocks at the same time.  Chris proceeds to alternate back and forth between each guy's cock.  The guys then move to a hammock where Chris is tag-teamed.  Derek fucks him first from behind while Jeremy has his knob polished.   The guys then switch so that Jeremy gets to screw that tender hole.  Jeremy tends to fuck Chris deeper, with his large nuts constantly banging and sticking onto Chris's ass cheeks.  The scene then shifts to Chris being fucked in a tire swing.  Jeremy holds onto the tire while he plows away.  The guys then turn the tire swing around so that Derek can fuck Chris some more.  Finally, Derek and Jeremy plaster Chris's chest with their man seed.  Chris then shoots his load down onto the lawn.  Now that's what I call fertilizing the grass!

This was just a plain hot threesome.  Derek looked particularly good thanks to his boys taking good care of him.  Some of the hammock fucking was monotonous, but the tire screwing rectified the situation by being significantly hotter.

Scene three: David Dakota and Jason Pitt

A buff blond guy (David Dakota) works out, wearing only some tight fitting exercise underwear.  Soon, a blond twink (Jason) enters the gym and announces that he's ready for weight lifting.  David convinces Jason that this gym is a no-clothes zone (Jason is a blond after all).  With their clothes off, the guys start to make out with each other.  After a little bit of ass slapping for Jason, he heads south to suck on David's curved cock.  David proceeds to face fuck him before he sucks on Jason's cock as well.  Dakota also rims out Jason's hairy hole before he starts to fuck Jason from behind.  David fucks Jason pretty forcefully, yet Jason acts like he's having a good time.

The guys then move to a straddle fuck position.  As he thrusts his hips, Jason hides his not so hard cock from the camera.  After that, Jason is fucked on his side, revealing a completely flaccid dick.  Suddenly, we see Jason hard and stroking off his cock to a load onto his own stomach.  David concludes the scene by dropping his load onto Jason's smooth chest.

While the actors are cute, they don't share much chemistry with each other.  Jason actually looks bored, and his flaccid penis is one of his signs of boredom.

Scene four: Derec Stone and Lucky Daniels

Derec catches Lucky Daniels prowling around his property again, so he wrestles Lucky to the ground.  However, with a name like Lucky, you know that things will turn out well in the end.  Sensing Lucky's passion for him, Derec allows his pervert of a neighbor to undress him.  As soon as Derec's tight underwear comes down, Lucky starts to lick and suck on Derec's cock (what a lucky bitch!).  Lucky makes a special effort to lick all over, including Derec's sweaty balls.  Derec then proceeds to face fuck Lucky on the haystack. 

We then find Lucky being fucked on all fours.  Enacting his revenge, Derec fucks him hard and deep, making Lucky moan throughout.  The guys then shift so that Lucky can be fucked on his back.  With his legs held up in the air, Lucky strokes on his cock.  Finally, Derec shoots out a creamy load onto Lucky's chest.  Lucky follows suit by stroking off a thick load as well. 

This was a good scene.  The sight of Lucky going down on Derec was an "uplifting" experience. 


The DVD:


Showcasing an anamorphic widescreen transfer, the film looks pretty darn good.  Most of the scenes are sharp, brightly lit, and colorful.  Some of the scenes use an artistic over-saturation technique, resulting in a slight loss of detail.  I didn't find this to be too distracting, but not everyone may care for this technique either.  Overall, the boys of Muscle Mountain look great in widescreen.


The sound was very good.  All of the action and dialogue could be heard without a hitch.  Like most porn DVD's, the sound rests (primarily) in the front two speakers.   


Extras include scene selection (with individual oral, anal, cumshot selection for each), a cumshot review, three trailers (Slide, Jock Tease, andHung Country), and a photo gallery.  There is also a Jetsetmen.com selectable feature, yet mine didn't work; it took me directly back to the menu.  I assume this was simply a trailer for the Jet Set pay website. 

Final thoughts:

Muscle Mountain features some gorgeous and oh-so-hot models like Derec Stone, Marcus Steele, and Patrick Bateman.  The sex ranges from ridiculously hot threesomes to a slightly good gym fuck scene.  The production values are high, the video is pretty good, and the film is generally a great experience.  Therefore there is enough high quality sex here to warrant a Recommended rating.

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