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Boys First Time Vol. 5

Studio: Reality Kings » Review by Horn Dog DC » Review Date: 12/18/08

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Genre: Gay

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Chris, Dominick, Skyler, Keith, Kayden, Billy, Tyler, Jacob, K.C., Justin

Length: 2:22

Date of Production: 6/26/2007

Overview: Guys getting their first time with another guy filmed.  As to who is really who in these scenes is often hard to tell (and hardly the point) as the anonymousness of several players is intentionally concealed.

Scene one:
Chris.  Starts on the counch with guys being interviewed.  Chris is 19 and the partner is 21.  They start making out as a camera's flashes goes off in the background. In no time they have gotten each other's clothes off (Chris was the one not wearing underwear!) and are jacking each other off.  Chris starts oral and the partner is just blankly staring straight ahead bored.  Then they reverse roles.  Every time Chris goes down on the partner the blank stare returns.  After more fumbling the partner is lubing up to top Chris who sits on him.  The partner just lies there hands out streatched trying not to touch Chris while this goes on.  More lube and the partner mounts Chris from behind again with minimal physical contact.  Chris moves up to lean on the arm of the couch, and they start again.  Next Chris is lying on his back, legs in the air getting re-mounted.  Camera angle gets a little quirky here and the partner seems to struggle to pump Chris in this position.  He lubes Chris who is mostly flaccid at this point but stroking to make something happen.  Cut to both jerking off.  The partner minimally fondles Chris to coax him into shooting for what seems like an eternity.  He finally does (you can tell becuase the camera flashes go crazy) and the partner kneels above him and shoot on Chris too.

Scene two:

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Dominick and Justin King.  Dominick is 20, and Justin is 22.  Dominick picked up Justin walking on the beach.  Justin is the red-haired virgin.  After the interview, they start making out on the small bed they're sitting on.  They are naked soon enough.  Lots of ambient noise in the background.  Justin has pierced left nipple and a little bit of a hairy back.  Dominick instructs Justin to rim him.  Their verbal exchanges seem sincere/real for a first time.  After a little oral, Justin moves to fingering Dominick who seems to enjoy it then more oral.  Dominick gives Justin head then Justin tops the tongue-pierced Dominick who is lying on his back. Dominick flips and coaxes Justn in from behind so he can get Justin thrusting faster.  Dominick is obviously "training" Justin to top as the interviewer narrates.  Again Dominick flips so he is now sitting on top of Justin.  One MORE flip and Dominick is on his back again for the money shot.  Dominick then Justin.

Scene three:
Skyler.  Open as he is knocking on the gate of an "all guys" hotel.  The partner convinces him in and into Speedos.  Silly since they change into them right out in the open.  Then they get into the heated pool together and "chat".  Skyler tries to maintain distance from the partner who is plenty agressive.  Next thing we know the partner is coaxing Skyler OUT of their trunks and onto a raft where he mounts Skyler and starts kissing his neck.  Skyler pushes away and sits by the wall and agrees to make out with the partner who starts to give him oral.  Skyler reciprocates.  Back on his back on the raft, Skyler gets more oral from the partner but remains mostly flaccid.  All the fumbling reminds you why sex in the pool isn't the greatest idea in real life.  They eventually realize this too and move to the partner's room without dressing.  Towling off they get busy again with Skylet moving right to the bed where he asks to be fucked.  The play around some more before The partner has him bent over begging for it.  Both are pretty limp so much more foreplay is in order before anything can happen.  Eventually they get there.  The partner flips Skyler over and puts a condom on him so they can swap.  After all this work, the partner seems to want to leave nothing to chance.  The partner shoots, and Skyler follows after the partner jacks him off onto his own face.

Scene four:
Keith.  Interviewer answers the doorbell.  Keith is at the door answering an ad with open button-down shirt.  Jamie is introduced to "KC" at the pool.  On the couch they just start right in and are naked in no time.  They exchange oral.  Eventually KC is having Jamie sit on him while camera flashes fire off.  This is the same room as the first scene.  Jamie seems bored and KC isn't emoting much either.  They turn and Jamie gets it from behind then over onto his back, both still bored.  I'm bored too.  Cut to them beating off.  KC says he's about to cum but there is no money shot and they are both already limp in the pull back.  They kiss and walk out.

Scene five:
Kayden and Jacob.  Kayden is 20, and Jacob is 23. Kayden offered Jacob a massage on the street.  Jacob is the total virgin and claims he is straight.  The interviewer is very chatty this time.  Jacob is "definitely a top".  The fake massage part takes forever before his pants get off.  Jacob claims he is 9".  He is uncut and actually is pretty huge.  Kayden starts getting him hard then gives him oral.  Kayden undresses too and is up on the massage table over Jacob getting blown.  Cut to Kayden face down on the table and Jacob lubing him up, getting coaxed in.  Jacob had some low hangers.  For a first timer, Jacob uses the back door pretty well.  Kayden flips around a lot into different positions without ever having Jacob out of him which was pretty cool to watch.  Unlike the previous guys, Jacob keeps pumping while Kayden cums then pulls out and shoots himself onto Jacob.

Extras: Bonus Scene With Billy - 12:40 long.  Billy is 19.  He undresses himself in front of the camera alone in front of the pool and starts fluffing himself through his boxers.  Cut to no boxers beating off to him showing his hole to the camera.  He eventually finishes his solo while cameras flash. Photo Gallery - 1:25 slide show of publicity shots.  Select A Boy lets you go to the start of any specific encounter.

Audio/Video Quality: Video is sharp and decent though the wobbly hand-held camera can be troublesomely distracting at times - but that's the nature of the "reality".  Soundtrack is "authentic" stereo sound.  Sometimes the genuine ambient noise can be distracting

Final Thoughts: If you're into the whole concept, there is nothing terrible about this title.  It is a little humorous at times but never really hot.  There is always a slight of hand present in every scene that kept me from sincerely enjoying the sex being depicted.  Also the whole reality sort of allowed them to skip on make up which can be a serious detriment to some of the partners in the scenes.  I would have to say Rent It as the replay value is low.

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