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Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 2

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 12/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Milf

Director: ?

Cast: Magdalene, Hayden Night, Kaci Starr, Lynn Le May, Leah Livingston, Nicole Moore, Sandy

Length: 169 minutes

Date of Production: 8/16/2008, 9/19/2008, 10/3/2008

Extras: The extra portion of the dvd is twelve minutes in length. Part of it is company information on their fine stable of films. It shows clips from them. Also, Their are trailers for Road Queen, Women Seeking Women, and Imperfect Angels.

Condoms: none

Audio/Video Quality: As for the audio quality, there are times it is hard to hear what the actresses are saying. I would rate it as barely fair. However, the video quality is better. The movie is shot in wide screen.

Overview: Girlfriends Films is a relatively new studio as compared to other more well established ones in the adult business. It specializes in lesbian sex. A lot of credit goes to how it portrays very realistic sex scenes. The women are more sensual and gentle. They take their time and do not rush in their sexual desire. There is hot foreplay such as kissing and gently touching. It got me hot and hard. Girlfriends Films has a very bright and profitable future.


Magdalene and Hayden Night

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Scene One: Hayden Night comes over to Magdalene's home. She really comes over to see her and not her daughter. They talk a bit on the couch. The young woman tells Magdalene that her friends are in the stage of dating guys and that predicament leaves her out. She asks her hostess about her time with Natasha. An embarrassed woman tells Hayden that they had a great time exploring each other. I like the brief silence moments between them as they are talking. Hayden tells her that she is drawn to females more than guys. Moments later, Magdalene compliments her pretty visitor on her looks and beauty. She brushes Hayden's hair with her fingertips. It's becoming very sensual. She runs her left hand onto Hayden's right arm and leg. Being worried that her daughter may come home and catch them, the woman takes her to the bedroom for more privacy. They get on the bed and lay next to each other. Magdalene runs her left hand on her right temple again. Then, she gently runs her right hand on Hayden's hands. They kiss gently. It's sweet. The older woman caresses her younger partner's stomach briefly. They kiss more. I like their soft gentle kisses. Magdalene gently cups Hayden's breasts. Her hands rub them softly. Then, Magdalene snuggles into Hayden and kisses neck, chin, and lips. Then, she slides her right hand up Hayden's shirt. The woman's shirt is pulled above her breasts. The older lady licks and kisses her visitor's right nipple. She unhooks Hayden's black bra. Magdalene gently caresses her tits. Then, she sucks on the right one while caressing the left breast. It's hot stuff. Moments later, she runs her right hand up Hayden's leg and caresses her pussy. Then, she unties and unhooks the younger woman's shorts. Her fingers are touching her clit. Then, Magdalene pushes her entire hand inside Hayden's shorts to rub her lovely beauty spot. The older woman continues to suck her visitor's right breast. They kiss briefly. Soon, she rubs her pussy harder. Then, they kiss. Next, she squeezes Hayden's tits together and sucks on them. Then, Magdalene sucks her pussy. She removes Hayden's shorts. Later, the mature woman's shirt is taken off as well as her bra. They continue to kiss. Their breast rub against each other. Then, Hayden sucks on her partner's right tit. Next, Magdalene kisses her tummy and sucks on her pussy. She also kisses Hayden's right leg and thigh. Then, the older lady rubs her pussy. Next, she removes Hayden's panties. The woman sucks on her pussy again. Afterwards, Magdalene removes her own blue jeans. Then, she returns to Hayden's rosebud. It's a very cool scene. Magdalene fingerfucks her while sucking her. The younger woman's moans are nice. Later on, Hayden licks her finger so that she can taste herself. Then, they kiss. Magdalene takes off Hayden's shirt. The younger woman removes her own bra. They kiss. I am getting hard. Magdalene sucks her breasts. I really like their sensual connection. They kiss again. Then, the mature woman removes her own panties. They rub their pussies against each other. Hayden rubs Magdalene's clit. I like the older woman's tanned body. Hayden fingers Magdalene's pussy too. It's a neat scene. Magdalene rubs her own pussy too. Afterwards, Hayden rubs her partner's clit with her palm as she fingers it too. Then, they rub their pussies against each other again. It's a hot scene. They kiss. Next, Hayden sucks on Magdalene's breasts. They kiss again. Then, the mature woman sucks on her tits. Lastly, they kiss again.


Kaci Starr and Lynn Le May

Scene Two: Kaci Starr had just phoned over Lynn Le May earlier. When the scene begins, the two women are talking in the kitchen. They head to the bedroom. They kiss on the bed. The younger babe caresses Lynn's breasts. Then, she sucks on those huge tits. They kiss. Then, Lynn gets to sample Kaci's cute breasts. Ms. Le May kisses her partner's left leg. She squeezes Kaci's left foot between her huge melons. Next, she sucks her pussy briefly. Afterwards, the older woman takes off Kaci's shorts. They kiss. The mature lady rubs her sexual plaything, then she licks and sucks it. Kaci is loving the oral attention. Next, she sucks on Lynn's tits. Moments later, Ms. Le May rubs her own tit on Kaci's pussy. She also gets to suck the younger babe's beauty spot again. She also rubs it with her fingers. After more great oral pleasuring of Kaci's lovebox, the mature woman kisses her. Then, Kaci gets on top of her partner and sucks those huge melons. It's cute. They kiss more. Then, she sucks on Ms. Le May's flowery rose. Her pussy is sensational looking. They kiss. They rub against each other. Afterwards, Lynn tastes her left breast. They rub their yummy breasts against each other as they kiss. They continue to rub against each other then, they kiss. The two happy women lay beside one another. Lynn rubs Kaci's pussy as Kaci caresses Lynn's right tit. They kiss during this part of the action. Kaci also sucks on her friend's breast. They kiss. Ms. Le May asks her if she wanted her to do it one more time. So, she proceeded to suck the younger woman's pussy. They kiss afterwards. Kaci has a very cute body.


Nicole Moore and Leah Livingston

Scene Three: Leah Livingston comes over. Hayden lets her in. Hayden tells her friend about her new girlfriend. Leah meets Magdalene. Moments later, Nicole Moore and Sandy come over to the house. Next, everyone is standing in the dining room. Later on, Nicole, Hayden, and Leah are in the bedroom. All three hot women are sitting on the bed. Hayden teaches Leah about being with another woman intimately. The inexperienced young woman caresses Hayden's breast and leg. Hayden caresses Leah's breast. Then, Hayden runs Leah's hand on Nicole's breast and leg. Next, Nicole and Hayden rub Leah's upper breast. The older woman continues to rub her breast. Nicole and Leah kiss. Hayden leaves the room. Nicole and Leah continue kissing. Next, the lay next to each other and kiss more. In the background, we see Hayden dropping off a strap-on dildo. The two women do not notice her. Nicole rubs her partner's breast. while the kissfest continues. Then, they rub against each other. It's very hot. The older woman rubs Leah's pussy. I like how gentle they are together. Nicole rubs her breasts. Then, Nicole removes her own top. She also takes off Leah's top too. She caresses Leah's tits. They continue to kiss. Then, she sucks on the younger woman's breasts. Soon after, Leah sucks on the mature lady's breasts. Nicole takes off her own bra. They kiss a bit. Then, Leah gets back to tasting Nicole's beautiful tits. Nicole caresses Leah's breasts. They kiss more. Then, Nicole rubs the younger lady's pussy while sucking her tits. Then, she sucks Leah's cute flower. She fingers her pussy as well. They kiss again. Ms. Moore sucks Leah's tits again. Leah rubs Nicole's pretty pussy. Their sensual connection is sweet. Later on, the younger lady removes Ms. Moore's panties and sucks and fingers her sweet spot. Nicole's moans are cool sounding. Next, the older babe sucks the younger lady's wet finger. Moments later, Nicole puts on the strap-on. She inserts it into Leah's pussy gently. The missionary humping is quite good. They also kiss during the sex. At the end, the two lovely women kiss gently.


Hayden Night, Sandy, and Magdalene

Scene Four: Sandy, Hayden, and Magdalene are talking in the dining room. Sandy, Nicole's daughter, does not understand why her mom can't just go out with guys. The other two women explain to her why women are more able to satisfy a woman rather than a man. The mature woman suggests that Sandy could come with them to see how women act together. They go to the bedroom. Magdalene and Hayden snuggle together while Sandy watches on. I am getting a hard on. They kiss. They lightly touch each other. Sandy joins them. She lays in between the two women. Sandy gently touches Hayden while Hayden and Magdalene touch Sandy. I am still hard. Sandy is enjoying it. The mature woman kisses Nicole's daughter. Magdalene kisses her arm. After more gentle touching of Sandy's breasts and leg, Hayden kisses her. Magdalene kisses Sandy's neck. Magdalene and Hayden caress her breasts. Then, the two girlfriends kiss each other. Hayden sucks on Sandy's tits. It's very sweet. Then, both women suck Sandy's titties. They run their fingertips along Sandy's legs. Then, they rub her beautiful rosebud. Hayden and Sandy kiss. Then, Magdalene kisses Sandy's leg. She also rubs Sandy's rosebud. Hayden sucks on Sandy's breast. Magdalene and Sandy kiss as the older woman rubs her pussy underneath her black panties. Then, Sandy kisses Hayden. Next, Sandy kisses and sucks Hayden's tits. The mature woman continues to rub Sandy's flower. Later, Hayden sucks Sandy's tit while Magdalene sucks Sandy's pussy. Nicole's daughter is enjoying it. She rubs her own breast. Magdalene removes her own top. She fingers Sandy's pussy and also sucks on it. Hayden and Sandy kiss as Hayden caresses Sandy's tits. Later, Magdalene sucks on Sandy's cute breasts. Then, Hayden gets undressed. Sandy lays on top of Hayden and they kiss. Sandy caresses and sucks Hayden's titties. Magdalene kisses Sandy's ass. Then, Sandy rubs Hayden's pussy. Magdalene kisses Sandy's ass still. Next, Sandy removes Hayden's panties. Hayden and Magdalene kiss while Sandy sucks on Hayden's tits. Then, Sandy rubs her pussy against Hayden's thigh while they kiss. Magdalene fingers her girlfriend's pussy. Magdalene removes her jeans. She humps Sandy's ass. It's great action. Next, Sandy sucks Hayden's pussy as Magdalene's sucks on Hayden's tit. Magdalene and Hayden kiss. Hayden caresses the top of Sandy's head as she continues to pleasure Hayden's pussy. Then, Magdalene sucks Hayden's pussy and then, kisses Sandy. Sandy continues to finger Hayden's flower. Magdalene sucks on Hayden's flower again. Then, Hayden sucks her older girlfriend's breast while rubbing her pussy. Sandy sucks Hayden's breast. Magdalene sucks Sandy's cute tits. Then, Hayden and Sandy kiss. The mature woman kisses the back of Sandy's neck. They caress each other. It's a sweet way to end.

Final Thoughts: Girlfriends Films make great lesbian movies. They want to instill the emotional sensuality in their love scenes. That mindset has earned them the respect of the adult industry as well as AVN honors. I highly recommend this movie. They have a great future and everyone should be an admirer of them.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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