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Lex the Impaler 4

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The title page (click for trailer)

Lex the Impaler 4: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video

Tiffany Mynx!

Genre: Interracial

Director: Jules Jordan

Kelly Divine!

Cast: Tiffany Mynx, Lexington Steele, Kelly Divine, Jenny Hendrix, Gianna, Lisa Ann, Raven Black

Length: 217:48 minutes

Jenny Hendrix

Date of Production: 11/16/2008


Extras: The best extra was clearly the 20:06 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. The deleted sex footage from the scenes was the main thrust here, the humor appreciated as was the warmth of the sex footage. The other extras included a cum shot recap, a lengthy photogallery, a cast listing, a biography for the director and trailers to nine shows like Weapons of Ass Destruction 3, Black Owned 3, Tunnel Vision 3, Lex the Impaler 3, Ass Stretchers POV, Glory Hole, Flesh Hunter 10, Feeding Frenzy 9, Ass Worship 10, East Coast Assault, and Buttworx.

Lisa Ann!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lex the Impaler 4 was presented in an anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 widescreen color the movie was shot in by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video in the MPEG-2 codec used for standard definition releases (including 480i resolution). There was some variation in the lighting that added additional grain but I saw a few other issues as the camera kept an active stance at providing the best angles to showcase the ladies. The editing helped in this endeavor too with a movie as long as this one needing extra care to make sure that there is enough tease but also heated sexual antics, my initial impression being that there was less tease footage than usual which admittedly hurt the rating. The bitrate was on the low side (probably due to the single disc nature of the production) yet there were few compression artifacts, the aliasing minimal and given the sheer amount of quality footage on display, most fans will be quite happy. The bitrate hovered all over the place this time, higher than usual with most of the movie in the 5.8 Mbps range, but varing across the board depending on the scene. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (at 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate) offering that really didn't use any separation in terms of the vocals (there was some potential to do so here too). The dynamic range was also kind of generic, an area that seemed slightly better than previous efforts and an area that Jules could easily improve to make best use of the great many home theaters in the hands of porn fans everywhere.

Raven Black?!?

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Body of Review: Jules Jordan and his company, Jules Jordan Video, have been the best gonzo producers of gonzo in terms of how much quality fuck for the buck they have provided for years now. While most directors in porn have been cutting back due to harsh economic times, Jules and his crew have kept up a solid pace, pushing many of their peers right out the door by comparison. One of the best male performers Jules has shot in his time has been Lexington Steele, sheer size alone putting him ahead of his competition, the man most associated with interracial sex in porn these days (though admittedly, many pretenders to his throne lurking all over too). The two have combined several times in the past but now they offer up Lex the Impaler 4: Special Edition, the sequel to Lex the Impaler 3 that earned such high accolades earlier this year. This time all stops have been pulled out to pair the mighty "man of steele" with Gianna, Tiffany Mynx, Lisa Ann, Kelly Divine, Jenny Hendrix, and a newcomer named Raven Black. For those of you that prefer size over all else, this double disc set will likely fulfill all your wishes until the next time they pair up. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Tiffany Mynx, the light haired redhead with the tattoos on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up first and as a long time fan of hers, I was happy that she was back in action yet again. Tiffany is one of those ladies in porn that gets better with time, her curves showing more emphasis and her attitude certainly better than when she was a newcomer unable to tap into her now extensive reserves of sexual energy. There might be other ladies in the production that I like more these days (notably Gianna and Lisa Ann) but her skimpy outfit showcased that perfect ass of hers better than most of the outfits I've seen her in over the years. The tease included some limited banter with Jules as he shot her walking around the house, her makeup overly done and the tint of the scene somewhat too strong (maybe it was optimized for Blu-ray) but the camera loving her as much as ever. The sweet tease aside, she hooked up with Lexington Steele on the second floor hallway by the glass railing, her seductive blowjob getting increasingly active as time went on. I've seen gals take more of Lex into their mouth over the years but she always tried to push for more, the attitude shining rather than rely on mechanical acts to prop her up. Still, the hummer led to him snacking on her crack a bit, the result being a heated bout of vaginal boning where she became increasingly active, much like the oral had been. The two moved through the house fucking like crazy and while this was my third favorite scene of the movie, it was a solid match in terms of comparable strengths. She pushed back to meet his thrusts and tried several positions that increased the friction but the selling point for some of you won't be that, the amount of taste testing oral, or any of the secondary tricks deployed here so much as the anal penetration they did. It was markedly slower than the vaginal work and not nearly as heated in terms of the two enjoying it (unless you think a pained expression is fun to watch) but he sure showed he was her "shitter splitter" and she continually masturbated as he plowed her backdoor to the fullest of his abilities. I also liked that the scene finished up with Tiffany jerking out his genetic juice to her mouth herself, swallowing it and showing Jules how much she appreciated the pairing. Sweet!

Scene Two: Kelly Divine, the phat ass hotty seen just above Tiffany on the front cover (her head near the word "Impaler" for the clueless), was up next and given the appeal of youth over experience, many of you will appreciate this scene even more than the last one considering the way in which she took care of Lexington Steele. There was a lot of booty tease as she walked inside the house, shaking her fleshy posterior and the camera close enough that I could see the fine hairs on her ass cheeks. She started playing with a modest sized dildo but there was never any doubt that she wanted Lex as much as he wanted her. They also moved about the house, each taking turns with some oral and pent up aggression coming out during the vaginal sex, her titties used to sweeten the ride but never to the extent I would have liked. The funny thing about Kelly was how much better she did taking Lex in her ass, pumping his pecker for all it was worth compared to the okay vaginal they did. She was pushed past her limits and did not have the same kind of enthusiasm that Tiffany had displayed but it was just as good in some ways considering how well she was able to expand her horizons with his massive wand. Kelly did ATM and savored the taste of his cock more than most in the show could do, the way her ass cheeks rippled giving me shivers. The scene closed up when she blow him to completion, jerking his rod as she wrapped her lips around the head to inhale out his wad of population pudding. Yes!

Scene Three: Jenny Hendrix, the brunette bent over on the middle of the front cover, was up last on the first disc, her shaven snatch and "princess" collar complimenting her sexy pink & black camisole and thong. She had more blemishes than the other ladies but also the frisky attitude of youth, her desire to work with Lexington Steele less pronounced than the previous gals but still providing some additional appeal. Jenny is nowhere close to being able to handle anal; on the scale of Lex's cock, her much ballyhooed anal scenes in the recent past serving to show the industry is still full of hype over substance but her potential as yet untapped. Knowing ahead of time that her desire to become something special in terms of anal abilities has yet to meet expectations, I gave her the benefit of the doubt as she teased and played up her curves before they paired up. Jenny was not able to handle his rod orally very well and the same dynamic followed the vaginal sex no matter what position they tried, her yells of pain not impressing me a whole lot. I was thankful she did not try to ride him anally given the amount of screaming she did with the other acts, but in her favor, she did manage to put up with his cock better in a couple of positions that did not cause her too much pain. The ending was a mediocre facial where she sucked his balls as he stroked out a nut to her face, Lex funneling plenty of semen her way before it was over.

Scene Four: Gianna, the bodacious babe seen on the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up next as the first scene of the second disc, the curvy cutie overly made up but wearing a striped dress that did little to hide her wonderfully fleshy assets. The tease footage alone was strokable and her breasts served just as nicely as her ass to elicit a boner, Jules generally letting her strut her stuff rather than get too obnoxious and vocal. Gianna was no stranger to Lexington Steele but here's a clue for the newcomers out there, Jules shoots their match ups much better than anything coming out of Mercenary Pictures (Lex's company), bar none, no exception, and with no qualifications. The two were drawn to each other here and out to test themselves in this veritable clash of the titans, their chemistry once again as solid as ever and their prowess just as welcome. The sex itself began with Gianna aggressively slobbing his knob on the couch, no quarter drawn or asked for, in moves that would have caused lesser straight men to bust out a wad of genetic juice within seconds. That led to a titty fuck and Lex barely tasting her crotch before them bumped uglies in a vaginal plowing. Lex went right in without reserve and caught her slightly by surprise too, Gianna showing the world just how suited she was to push back on his thrusts as she allowed him to rip her up sexually. They continued in several positions and she assisted him orally, milking out his seed with abandon after he rubbed out the initial load. Whew!

Scene Five: Lisa Ann, the award winning brunette seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up next as an appraiser touring the estate with Lexington Steele. Her business attire combined with her MILF look made her another asset of the movie to appreciate, her cleavage attracting the attention of both the director and Lex as they walked through the house. The tease was far less obvious this time as she kept her clothing on but the way she began to stroke his pecker through his pants made it clear that she had one thing on her mind. That meant she dropped down on her knees to slob his knob, jerking him off as she attempted to swallow as much of his sword as possible until she stripped and he reciprocated with some cunnilingus. Her animal print lingerie added to her appeal but her firm body was hot to trot so they screwed in the kitchen before moving to a more comfortable setting. Lisa was an active vaginal ride too, enjoying the chemistry the pair shared and proving experience is vastly underrated by many in the industry, the couple moving around the house as they boned hardcore style. I was almost surprised they did not do anal here given the way she seemed so into his cock and spreading her cheeks so far apart, but no anal was needed to make this a great scene for replay value (not just for MILF fans either). The scene closed up when she dropped back down on her knees to lick his nuts and give him a second titty fuck, draining him dry as he rubbed out a healthy dose of semen on her face. Yow!

Scene Six: Raven Black, the gal wearing the neon pink wig seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up last and arguably was a scene best left in the bonus section as far as I was concerned. To be charitable, I would not fault anyone for checking to see her Adam's apple or shoulder blades, my gal pal of the day pointing out she looked more like a man than Dana DeArmond. Her claim to fame here was that she was a fan in Las Vegas that wanted to do Lexington Steele, the pair warming up on the couch as he played with her shaven snatch. I won't be mean and compare the scene to the rest of the movie because frankly, there was no comparison since this was the weakest of the batch. I admit she had a ripe, fleshy ass and strong legs but there was little of the chemistry the better scenes provided and her fan status seemed to hold her back from giving as solid a performance. It seemed to end early with Lex popping off a moderate nut from the blowjob and initially passive vaginal rides but he kept chugging along and she did a moderately better job of riding from on top of his lap. It wasn't enough for me but the facial that came afterwards showed Lex a man able to fuck anything and come out ahead, this time hitting her head with a stream of population pudding.

Summary: Lex the Impaler 4 by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video had four scenes worth watching repeatedly and two that will provide lesser mileage depending on how much you like manly looking women or overrated gonzo performers. Still, the fact of the matter is that Gianna ruled this time, Lisa Ann provided a superb experience, and Tiffany Mynx as well as Kelly Divine showed some great enthusiasm so I rated this double disc set as worthy of being Highly Recommended. It did not hurt that the extras added some value too but the as expected going into the show, Lex the Impaler 4: Special Edition was almost as solid an outing in the series as Lex the Impaler 3 before it. If you dig gals taking on one of the largest black cocks in porn and often doing so in such a manner that proves their status in the industry, you will certainly want to pick up a copy of this one as a Christmas gift for your mental spank bank.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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