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Curvy Cuties

Studio: Metro » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Brianna Love!

Curvy Cuties

Metro Interactive/Loaded Digital

Luscious Lopez

Genre: Compilation

Director: Varied by scene

Kristina Rose with Voodoo

Cast: Brianna Love, Mr. Pete, Luscious Lopez, Joel Lawrence, Kristina Rose, Voodoo, Courtney Cummz, Mark Ashley, Ricki White, Marco Banderas, Julia Bond, Billy Tyler, Georgia Peach, Mark Wood, Sunny Lane, Pat Myne, Rick Patrick

Courtney Cummz!

Length: 186:41 minutes

Date of Production: 9/24/2008 (of the compilation, not the scenes)

Ricki White

Extras: The only extras were a photogallery, trailers, and some spam.

Condoms: None

Julia Bond!

Audio/Video Quality: Curvy Cuties was presented in a nicely shot 1.33:1 ratio full frame color (most scenes in non-anamorphic widescreen when cut to chop off the top & bottom of the frame) as shot by various directors for Metro Interactive under their Loaded Digital line to be released in MPEG-2 encoded standard definition. The majority of action took place inside the house with a little tease outside by the pool so the lighting was typically decent, eliminating the usual shadows, grain, and video noise indicative of porn. The camera angles and editing were usually capably handled (by Pat Myne, Anton Slayer, etc.) as well with the ladies being showcased nicely in most scenes, their best sides focused on from what I could tell (and minimal amounts of time spent on implant scars, stretch marks, and other physical flaws). The fleshtones were accurate and the bitrate hovered around the mid 3.3 Mbps area most of the time but I did not see a lot of compression artifacts on the big screen. Most scenes began with some tease before the sex kicked in, the music kept light in the background of the tease for the most part, but the nature of the compilation such that your mileage may vary considerably. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English in a 192 Kbps offering under a 48 kHz sampling rate, never really adding much by way of aural stimulation but the ladies were easy to hear on those occasions when they were using dirty talk. The music was generic and not offensive in most cases, thankfully limited in scope for the most part.

Georgia Peach

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Body of Review: Metro Interactive has been around for a long time now, a great many of their projects well received by myself and fellow reviewers over the years. In recent times, they have become something of a distributor for the works of others though still trying to provide some original content of their own, my biggest complaint about a few of their lines being that they are not labeled as compilations of older scenes, such as their Loaded Digital line. One of their most recent releases I took the time to review was called Curvy Cuties, a set of eight scenes using healthy sized ladies having fun with various men, most of the action apparently shot in 2006. I do not mind compilations at all since they can strip away the weaker material in favor of providing a set of focused action (see some of the titles by Digital Sin/New Sensations for many examples) but as a consumer advocate, I like the fact advertised so those not as detail oriented will at least know they are getting rehashed material. This time, the names included Brianna Love, Julia Bond, Sunny Lane, Luscious Lopez, Courtney Cummz, Kristina Rose, Ricki White, and Georgia Peach so at least I knew there would be plenty to enjoy. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Sunny Lane!

Scene One: Brianna Love, the hotty featured on the left side of the front cover, was up first as she crawled through a familiar house wearing little to conceal her heavenly curves. The tease was cut short when she came across Mr. Pete waiting for her on the couch though, the pair giving each other some limited head before they boned with a modicum of chemistry. Brianna was an active rider in a few positions but certainly not at her best, making me think the scene was older than a year despite the manner in which she rubbed her asshole while Pete fingered her biscuit. She also paid more attention to the camera than Pete, a nuisance to my tastes, and showing herself to be very passive during the limited anal. Still, the technical values were decent and I enjoyed seeing the wad of genetic juice land on her ass crack, the scene itself best suited for fans like me than a general population. I remembered seeing this scene previously in Azz Fest 6 by Van Styles and described it like this: "Brianna Love, the best performer of the show and showcased on the front to the left of center, was up last and I can't fault her sultry tease one bit. Her pink stripper shoes matched her mesh shorts and white thong, making me want to jump right in to lick her until she begged me to stop. Alas, that was the job of Mr. Pete this time, Brianna crawling over to him for him to start spanking her fleshy ass as they kissed. The blowjob was done largely in POV fashion, Brianna slobbing his knob aggressively as she shook her ass for the camera. Her spirited bouncing on his cock made this a winner of a scene though as her pussy engulfed his rod, even the anal showing her ability to take his dick very well indeed. There was taste testing and the pouty little moans she made while getting boned helped make this a very solid scene in every way except for the audio track; the ending splooge fairly minimal even though she tasted it too."

Scene Two: Luscious Lopez, the curvy gal that looks a bit like pop singer Cher in the face, was up next as she teased outside under the shade of some trees in red lingerie. The camera was all over the place and while I tilted my head several times to compensate, it wasn't bad until the abrupt edit showing her wrapping her lips around the cock of super agent Joel Lawrence inside the house. Luscious was an aggressive cock sucker to say the least and she is always welcome to snack on my junk, the sloppy hummer leading to a limited bout of vaginal boning before they switched to anal penetration. This scene looked to be several years old and Luscious was not as active as her best work, verbally coaxing him with her moans and getting better when she was on top of him. The scene ended when he jerked off a nut of population pudding to her face, the satisfied look shown by the gal not too tough to take.

Scene Three: Kristina Rose, a cute brunette wearing a skirt and gray top as seen on the upper middle of the front cover, was up next with Voodoo as she blew him, no pretense of tease before the action provided here. The cameraman sounded familiar but he moved around too much, Kristina liking the taste of the pecker filling her mouth but showing no chemistry at all for the talented performer. He sported his bleached Mohawk as he plugged her pussy, some spitting and taste testing rounding out the action while she spewed forth some great vocals. Kristina was an active ride here and it was definitely appreciated, the oral punctuating the positions before he dropped a load all over her face, largely missing the intended target of her mouth.

Scene Four: Courtney Cummz, a lean contract babe wearing a neon green mesh top and little else, was then up in a scene directed by Pat Myne where she did Mark Ashley on the couch. Pat talked too much but the fact that her asshole was being stretched by a toy and each partner gave some heated head added to the value for me, her attention focused largely on Mark as she inhaled his penis orally. She liked his "big fucking cock" and used both hands to milk him, moving to an equally impressive session of vaginal screwing which eventually took advantage of her ass being opened for some decent anal. Courtney is a favorite of mine and she appeared to have plenty of fun this time, the chemistry between them significantly enhanced compared to some of the other scenes in the compilation. There seemed to be several moments edited out of the scene but it still ended with the expected mouth pop, Courtney swallowing it and liking the taste. My guess is that the scene came from "American Ass 4" by Pat Myne.

Scene Five: Ricki White, a brunette with a fleshy ass worth checking out, was up next as she teased on a large wooden deck outside before bending over on a black couch in this early scene. She had an interview with a familiar sounding goofball (Anton Slayer?), the scene taking place about three months into her anal career, her coy answers provided in girlish form were cute but the action with Marco Banderas ended any pretense that this was going to be anything other than a heated romp. She slobbed his knob actively and he went to screwing her pussy, her moans providing some added stimulation before they changed over to anal sex. Ricki was not deformed by implants in the scene and seemed to like actively riding no matter which of her three holes was being drilled, the minimal anal milking Marco dry as he launched a large wad of spew onto her willing face. The scene was almost certainly from "Fresh Young Asses 2" by Anton Slayer for those that care.

Scene Six: Julia Bond, the seriously cute gal seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover with multi-colored hair and pulling down her shorts, was up next in bed as she teased wearing some sexy lingerie. She played with her breasts and the droning music was a chore to listen to, Julia's infamous paw prints acting like a stamp of approval as far as I was concerned. Her camisole, fishnet stockings, and garters all came off to reveal she was in the process of losing her tan, patches of skin discolored but at least no huge angel wing tattoos disfiguring her back. Billy Tyler was the lucky guy this time too, Julia working his meat pipe as though she were trying to finish him off prematurely, his own oral reciprocation not too bad if somewhat short. The scene appeared to be from the 2006 release of "Big & Bouncy 2" but as I do not have that one on hand, you may want to check it for yourselves. The sex was decent enough with her taking his rod into her mouth and pussy from several positions, her firm body yielding to his hard cock as expected, the flesh of her ass rippling nicely before the wealth of semen landed on her chest, looking kind of fake (to say the least given how he lost his erection and the manner in which the fluid landed on her from straight above).

Scene Seven: Georgia Peach, the cute blond with the overbite and fleshy figure so many used to appreciate, was up next in a scene shot by Pat Myne (from either Ass Brand New #4 or Myne Tease #5) featuring Mark Wood as her meat puppet. Georgia was wearing a neon pink mesh panty, a short skirt, and black PVC top as she teased the camera, Pat unable to keep quiet as he talked to her. She stripped down to her stripper shoes and crawled over to the couch to slob his knob, handling it with her paws and licking his nuts as she went to town on him, moving to an active vaginal ride where she pounded herself down to meet his thrusts. That led to some heated anal fucking too, though she slowed down considerably as a result of the added friction, some taste testing and verbal coaxing by the gal making up for Mark's endless blathering on (sorry dude but no one wants to hear you). The scene closed up on a facial and showed her jerking him dry, the look on her face priceless.

Scene Eight: Sunny Lane, the fleshy cutie seen on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up last in a scene with Pat Myne that I'm guessing came from his "Wild Cherries #4" release a few years back. She was very young looking and overly made up, reminding me of how far she has come along over the years in terms of her maturing physically as well as mentally. She provided some nice tease and had claimed to have just celebrated her 19th birthday (on "Tuesday" of that week) but her fake expressions aside, she looked pretty fresh during the tease. This led to her jerking him off in POV style and moving forward to a similarly shot blowjob, the camera duties delegated to someone else as he stepped into the picture to bang her vaginally while she yelled out. Pat let loose with a pop to her crotch but Sunny wanted more so Rick Patrick ("Mr. Jesse Jane") stepped up to the plate for round two, the pair doing an even better job. This was a mostly passive ride for the hotty and her recent work is much, much, better but if you missed the scene originally, there are worse ways to spend a few loads of your sperm. The scene finished up with her taking the facial from Rick, her extensive oral between positions serving nicely to demonstrate her potential back then.

Summary: Curvy Cuties by the directors of Metro Interactive was actually a pretty solid selection of work from recent years and seeing as it featured such a fine cast of cuties as mentioned above, I have little problem rating it as Recommended despite the lack of labeling where the scenes came from or the advertising conveniently mentioning it was a compilation. The technical values were generally solid and despite some need of polishing the action up a bit, I found little to fault the show in terms of what the title said would be in the movie. In short then, Curvy Cuties did provide a series of eight ladies known for their curves and even if a few of them might be marginally described as "cute" on their best days, the stroke value and replayability were particularly pleasing for the price this sells for at better retailers.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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