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Kristina Rose Dirty Girl

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 12/22/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Straight, Group, Threesome, Anal

Director: Sam No

Cast: Kristina Rose, Tori Black, and Rebeca Linares.

Length: 3 hr 38 min

Production Date:  10/18/2008

Condoms: Nope


A seven minute behind the scenes feature is presented here with candid moments with the cast of the movie interacting with the camera operator. It's rather amusing at times and the entire cast seems to have gotten along really well. Otherwise the only bonus features you're going to find here are a cumshot recap, trailers, and gallery of stills from the feature.


Originally produced just a couple of months ago, I can't help but be surprised that the DVD isn't presented with a widescreen aspect ratio. The picture quality itself looks fantastic with only moderate compression artifacts and some light grain. However, the full screen presentation doesn't quite do the beautiful scenes justice. The audio is decent enough and sounds like you'd expect a 2.0 track to. The quality is clear with no dropout or distortion and the volume control is kept in check. All around this is a finely presented DVD that has plenty of merits, but would have benefited from an anamorphic widescreen presentation.

Body of Review:

From the brilliant works of Director Sam No comes a release for anyone who has ever been a Kristina Rose fan. Kristina Rose Dirty Girl is a solid release starring Rose, Tori Black, and Rebecca Linares. If you need any more convincing that those three starlets alone can carry a release then, well, you simply haven't seen any of them in action before. All three are stunners in their own right and the six scenes included on this release feature some great action all around. Not only is the action top tier, but the fact that this DVD features Rose's first on-screen anal is another plus. If you've wanted to see her go to the dark side then you'll definitely want to take the plunge here and see what this DVD has to offer.

Scene 1:

After a rather lengthy introduction to the release (almost 5 minutes!) the ball finally gets rolling with the first scene featuring Tori and Kristina double teaming Mark Ashley. The scene begins with the girls tantalizing and teasing us with some sexy dancing in bikinis while they are baking in the sun. Some sultry stripper music plays as Tori starts undressing Kristina and licking up and down the back of her legs. The scene transitions over to the girls on top of a beach towel stripping each other down and caressing each other. It's unbelievably sexy and it only gets better when they head inside and Tori starts licking Kristina's pussy. Then again, when Mark Ashley comes onto the scene that's when the real action begins.

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Mark starts by licking Tori's pussy while she buries her face in Kristina's bush. It's not long before Kristina spreads her legs and takes Marks cock with lots of screaming and moaning. After a while the performers pause from the sex and give Mark a blow job sandwich. It looks amazing even though it doesn't last very long because the scene gets right back to the sex soon enough with Tori taking a good dicking. The girls continue to trade places for the remainder of the scene right up to the end when Mark pops a load on Kristina's back, which is promptly gobbled up by Tori. After that they swap cum kisses as the scene closes out.

Scene 2:

Okay kiddies, here's the moment you've all been waiting for and undoubtedly the main reason you came to this release. The second scene of Dirty Girl begins uniquely with Kristina driving to the set and talking to the camera about her first anal scene. She goes on about how she has been asked countless times by many directors and producers to do anal, but she held out for her own release and Elegant Angel. Her charming personality is put on display before the scene begins and it's easy to see why so many people like this girl. Once she arrives, the scene cuts to Kristina prepping herself before a mirror while wearing some sexy leather lingerie, fishnet stockings, and a shiny butt-plug already inserted. When you see this you simply know the scene is going to be good.

After a fair amount of teasing and talking James Deen comes onto the set and immediately begins kissing Kristina's neck. They spend a fair amount of time with foreplay as James plays with the plug in her ass, but before too long his cock comes out and Kristina starts sucking away. She gets nailed over a handrail for a few and it doesn't take James much time to stick his dick into her ass. They start out slowly to give her some time to get used to it though it's not long before James starts pumping away faster and faster. Kristina chants "oh my god" and is quite vocal about how big his cock is as her eyes roll back into her head. The scene goes on to bring the performers to a sofa where Kristina gets some time on top. Throughout it all she puts on a great show and is really vocal during the action so in the end I'd say this was probably one of the better scenes on this release, and that's saying something.

Scene 3:

The third scene in Dirty Girl is much tamer than the rest since it features Kristina in a solo scene and it simply doesn't last as long as the rest. With a pair of toys, a dildo for her ass and vibrating rabbit for her pussy, Kristina writhes on the floor and fondles herself. It's hot to say the least because, well, Kristina is amazing, but on the whole I'd have to say it was the weakest scene on this release. Yes it was sexy, yes she stuck a dildo in her ass, and yes I enjoyed it, but compared to the great amounts of sex on the rest of the release this one came up as a disappointment.
Scene 4:

The fourth scene begins with Kristina talking with Sam while wearing a cheerleader-type outfit poolside. It's not long before a trio of guys appears when she's inside the house and you just know there's a group kind of thing going on. All three whip out their dicks and Kristina wastes no time getting them into her mouth. This sucking goes on for a while and the scene transitions to another room where Kristina is on her knees in front of not three, but five guys. Disappointingly there's no actual sex here, but at the end all five guys paint her face with their cum while she gets off with a vibrator. It's hot enough and quite different from what you'd expect.

Scene 5:

Once again this scene begins with the Kristina taxi confessionals as she drives around with Sam interviewing her. They talk about some of her painting and this leads them to a living room where she's dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. The sex doesn't take place here though as it cuts to an outside shot with Kristina in a shiny silver bikini. The scene moves from this bit of teasing and dancing to inside where Mark Ashley once again is waiting to fuck her like there's no tomorrow.

Kristina wastes no time unzipping Mark's pants and getting his cock into her mouth. She sucks him rigorously and eventually Mark flips her over and returns the favor on her pussy and ass. This oral play lasts for a while but it's not too long before the sex starts and Mark pounds away at her pussy doggy style. Kristina does some great look-backs and eventually gets into cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions for some even more wild riding. The performers actually had some great chemistry and the scene benefited greatly from that as there was a lot to appreciate about the action here. A high amount of energy sure goes a long way!

Scene 6:

Here we go, this is one of the scenes that I was waiting for the most on this release. Kristina and Rebecca get together for a threesome with Michael Stefano in one of the best scenes on this release. Not only do I have an appreciation for Kristina, but Rebecca Linares has grown to be one of my favorite stars as of late. Anything she's in turns to gold in my opinion and this scene is no different.

It starts out like Tori's scene with Rebecca and Kristina playing around with each other outside (well, it starts out after Kristina talks about her garden gnome collection at any rate). Once the girls are done fondling each other and teasing us they head inside to meet up with Michael, who is basically ready for his dick to be sucked. It's only about a minute or so until he starts fucking Rebecca, but once her pussy gets a workout Kristina's ready to take it in the ass again. She gets its slow and the dick goes from her ass to Rebecca's and back again. The girls continue to trade off with brief interludes of kissing and playing with each other thrown in between. This was a stunning scene all around and solidified the reasons why I love both of these girls.


Kristina Rose Dirty Girl is a fantastic release. The six scenes included here are a cut above and the added bonus of Tori Black and Rebecca Linares only makes it even better. Sam No has directed a great one and the sex is absolutely amazing throughout. I will say that the technical quality could have been better, but even so the DVD still looks good enough that it won't disappoint too much. If you're a Kristina Rose fan, or lover of Tori and Rebecca, then you absolutely have to pick this release up. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a while and hopefully it's only a sign of things to come for Kristina.

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