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Cry Baby

Studio: Babeland » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

One of the major reasons for including sex toys into our lives is to add to the sensual pleasure we get while getting off.  This can take place in many forms and while some think such toys are new, there is proof that they have existed since the dawn of written communication, age old texts like the Kama Sutra showing pictures for those that are not believers.  As I learn more about all the types of toys on the market, I sometimes come across one with particular merit too, one arriving yesterday called Cry Baby! in a bright pink box.

Having seen the Hollywood movie by the same name, I immediately had perverse thoughts of what Roger Waters did to create this one but alas, there was no evidence that his admittedly twisted mind full of pink flamingos and assorted weirdness was consulted here, the device needing to stand on its own merits rather than ride the coattails of the infamous director.  What struck me as pleasing from the very beginning was how high end the box looked too, there being a magnetic latch of sorts that opened up to reveal the toy and the controller so carefully placed in the box, a set of diagrams and French text on the opposing side flap.

(all pictures courtesy of Babeland)

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See, the selling point of the Cry Baby! is that it is a remote controlled vibrator, the controller able to start and stop the ten separate functions from well across a crowded room.  The sheer devious possibilities going through my head, I pressed on with my inspection of the toy as I awaited Carey to see what she thought about the merits of the toy, scenarios crossing my mind as to how we could go to dinner in public and I would get her off repeatedly with only the two of us in the know.

The strength of the small vibrator was pretty decent for the size, a couple of AA batteries used to power it (though the insert could have been designed for a third battery).  The controller unit was powered by a 12v battery labeled as LR23, a quick search showing me that the obscure battery was available online cheaply enough to buy in bulk even though I had never heard of it before.  The range was not completely determined except to note that it reached the length of my house, the hard pink plastic device complying with the European RoHS standard for toxicity even if the box did not label it as phthalate free.

Measuring in at about 3" by just over 1", it was not made to stretch a gal out (even saying it was not approved for anal use) but to service her by vibrating on her clitoris or just inside the pussy.  The "O" ring separating the battery compartment and the motor kept it waterproof as far as I could tell too, no "made in China" labels spotted or other warnings to speak of.  In terms of the setting it provided, the first three were steady (but increasingly strong) levels, followed by a variety of intermittent pulses that you need to test for yourselves to see just how sexy they were.  At the highest level, it was more than most bullet vibrators I've used but the rhythmatic variations added significant replay value as far as Carey and I were concerned. The controller's LCD screen was kind of cool too, graphically showing me what level was selected as well as giving a head's up as to what rhythm was chosen at the time.

The toy was a bit higher priced than other toys I've tested but the unique remote control aspect will surely allow for some sex games to be enjoyed, just don't use it when driving a car lest you find yourself explaining to the police officer exactly why you got into a wreck.  Oh, and the only thing I would have changed outside of adding the third battery for duration and made the controller battery a more commonly used one, would be to upgrade the plastic insert packaging since the rest of the package was decidedly high end, it kind of hampered the overall feel of the device as a present. Thus, as a Christmas present, the Cry Baby! was sufficient to warrant a score of Highly Recommended.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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