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Intimate Temptations

Studio: Abbywinters.com » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 12/28/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Queer/Lesbian, All Girl, Natural, Masturbation

Cast: Zasha, Blaire, Carla, Katia, KiKi, Lou-Ellyn, Kiona, Krystin, Ren, Shaminee, Chloe B

Length: 140 minutes

Date of Production: January 9- September 8, 2008. (Coverart: September 23, 2008)

Studio: abbywinters.com

Abbywinters.com Teaser: It's Sunday morning and a girl listens to her best friend talking dirty over the phone. With these kinky thoughts on their mind, these two arresting girls guide each other through their phone sex masturbation session. Another stunning girl sits with her legs spread on a black leather couch. She playfully fondles her breasts and pussy before experimenting with her new toy. This is just a tiny taste of what intimate Temptations offers. Featuring 12 amateur Australian girls masturbating to orgasm, there's no camera operator, no director and no script... just real orgasms!

Audio/Video Quality: Presented in HD with widescreen anamorphic. There is no director, though a few scenes do have multiple camera angles. The scenes are all from one depth with no close ups, though it does work for this type of film. Sound quality is very good, especially because you can clearly hear the girls over their sometimes loud vibrators. There is music (piano) between each scene. You can also go to the main menu and choose which girl(s) you would like to watch (each has their own single scene).

Zasha: 22 minutes, 28 seconds

The scene starts with Zasha on her bed. She takes her time warming up, touching her entire body, and taking off her sweater. She finally gets out a red vibrator and uses it to pleasure herself. The sound of the vibrator is definitely there, but her gasps her still captured well. With the vibe pressed against her clit and her finger buried inside her, she comes hard for quite awhile. She then uses the vibrator to penetrate herself. She switches where the vibe and her fingers are throughout the scene and has yet another orgasm. The scene is very enjoyable to watch, though can feel like it's dragging at times.

Blaire: 8 minutes, 54 seconds

Blaire is on a black leather couch in a bright yellow sundress when the scene opens. She touches herself through her bright blue panties and feels her breasts through her dress. She uses a purple vibrator over her entire body before she takes it down to her clit for a quick tease. She then goes back to caressing her breasts and stroking her clit with her hands. She eventually settles on using the vibrator both on her clit and internally. After she comes she continues to touch herself while the scene ends. The scene moved well and was fun to watch.

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Carla & Katia: 13 minutes, 8 seconds

Katia is on the couch, Carla is on the floor, positioned by Katia's legs. They both gently stroke themselves and one another. Both focus on their own pleasure having orgasms at different times using their own fingers to stimulate themselves. The scene seemed a bit slow at times and really wasn't memorable to me, though both girls are very pretty.

KiKi & Lou-Ellyn: 15 minutes, 9 seconds

We start with Lou-Ellyn on the couch browsing through a Playboy. KiKi comes in to join her and between some banter, Lou-Ellyn decides that making out would ease KiKi's sleepiness from school. They continue to kiss on the couch while slowly undressing. They tease each others nipples before entwining to focus on getting themselves off using their own hands. The scene ends when Lou-Ellyns mom shows up, they both get quickly dressed and make sure they are presentable before going to answer the door. The girls seem attracted to one another and the talking during the scene helps it feel very real.

Kiona: 11 minutes, 30 seconds

Kiona has gone down to the laundry area and gets distracted by herself. She slowly starts feeling her legs and body up before slipping out of her blue dress. She's stunningly beautiful with dark hair and milky skin. Kiona pleasures herself on the chair and is enjoyable to watch, though a bit quiet. She seems slightly lethargic through the performance, at one point rubbing her face as she almost yawns. I also didn't care for the one camera angle which appears is it's taken through a key hole, I thought it was just distracting.

Krystin: 12 minutes, 18 seconds

Starting in a cute 70's inspired dress and holding a large purple vibrator, Krystin is perched on the couch ready for some solo time. She touches herself through her blue panties before slipping them off. She seems a bit distracted at first, looking into the distance. She uses the vibe while lying on her side, stomach, and back. She's primarily on her side the entire scene though, leaving you to focus on her breasts, facial expressions, and soft moans. The ending is somewhat anti-climatic and she tastes herself before the scene ends. She's a beautiful girl and I was left wanting more from her.

Lou-Ellyn: 16 minutes, 22 seconds

We come back to Lou Ellyn's couch where she is now in a yellow polka dot shirt and jeans. She quickly gets down to business and slips off her jeans, revealing yellow panties and loosing her blue bra. It doesn't take long for her to loose the panties and top too. She pleasures herself with her own hand and is shockingly quiet for the majority of it. I actually can't pinpoint where she's at her climax. She's nice to watch, though is a little monotonous after awhile.

Ren & Shaminee: 21 minutes, 1 second

We start with both girls on the couch, calling each other for a little phone sex. The echo on the phones is a little annoying at first, but I quickly got used to it. They talk about what their wearing as they encourage each other to take off articles of clothing and to describe how they're touching themselves. After awhile, both girls get so caught up all they can do is moan and pleasure themselves while trying to hang on to the phone. The scene is enjoyable to watch, especially because it feels authentic.

Chloe B: 19 minutes, 5 seconds

Chloe B walks to an outdoor chair, quickly rubs her feet off, and then begins touching herself under her jeans. A little ways in and she looses her pants, revealing lilac and pink mesh underwear. She looses them and continues to pleasure herself on her knees, looking back to watch what she's doing before ultimately loosing her top and lying on the chair, legs open, providing a great visual of her pleasuring her clit and grabbing her breasts. She's quiet throughout, moaning occasionally, but finishing with a very loud, body quaking orgasm. She was by far my favorite to watch and genuinely seemed into it.

Extras: The previews go through the two categories of DVDs abbywinters.com offers. It was helpful to get a glimpse of other titles you can purchase, but the DVD would be the same without it.
Intimate Moments: Real Girls, Real Orgasms, Alone & Intimate, abbywinters Classics, Girls in Need, Erotic Moods, Sensual Intimacies
Girl-Girl: Girls With Passion, Girls Who Lust, Girls With Desire, Girls In The Mood, Girls Who Like Girls, Girls Get Hot

Condoms: None

Final Thoughts:
This DVD has exceeded my expectations. I know abbywinters.com has gained a reputation for having woman friendly, queer positive porn, that highlights real woman (breasts, pubic hair, acne, stretch marks, and all) in a positive light. The intimates moments series, which Intimate Temptations is part of, even earned a 2008 AVN award for Best Amateur series. It's refreshing to see real women, having real orgasms.
If any of these girls are attractive to you and you know you enjoy watching real masturbation, I encourage you to check Intimate Temptations out. While the scenes can get repitive if watched straight through, it's something I still pick up and skip to my favorite scene to watch when I'm getting off. The girls are beautiful and they don't try to put on a show, but rather just enjoy themselves. The entire DVD straight through can become redundant, but on there own, the scenes are great. I'm saying recommended.

Beautiful Dreamer

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