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Girls With Passion

Studio: Abbywinters.com » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 12/29/08

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Genre: Queer/Lesbian, All Girl, Girl on Girl

Cast: Irene, Chloe B, Anneke

Length: 122 minutes

Date of Production: August 2-November 20, 2007. (Coverart: August 25, 2008)

Studio: abbywinters.com

Abbywinters.com Teaser: Girls with Passion delivers over two hours of raw salacious sex, the Australian way. The big breasted Chloe leads Irene through her first girl-girl experience. Irene is a quick learner as Chloe soon finds herself in her trademark earth shattering orgasms. In the second scene, Irene is instantly attracted to busty blonde Anneke. These two girls have an undeniable chemistry as they lick, suck, finger and hump their way to orgasmic delight. With squirting, multiple organs, real amateur girls and juicy backstage footage, Girls with Passion is Hot!

Audio/Video Quality: Presented in HD with widescreen anamorphic. There are multiple camera angles throughout the DVD, changing from the complete scene, to close up, appropiately. Sound quality is good with a slight bit of grain heard on higher volumes.  The scenes between the girls are evenly divided into six chapters, so if you find an area you like, it's relatively simple to get back to the same scene.

Irene & Anneke 56 minutes, 45 seconds

We start with Irene (the cute brunette) & Anneke (the busty blonde) hanging photographs in a bedroom. Anneke positions herself to get a better glance up Irene's dress and they quickly begin making out. Several minutes into the scene and both girls are slowly starting to undress. Their interactions are playful and passionate, both laughing when Irene's dress won't come untied. They switch positions often, each taking the lead and teasing the other.

Eight & a half minutes in and Anneke has decided the teasing has gone on long enough and kisses Irene through her panties. The camera is up close to catch both Irene moaning and then alternates to Anneke going down on her. It's nicely done and the camera changes aren't overkill. After a nice oral warm up, Anneke fingers Irene, switches back to oral, and then switches positions so she can make out with Irene. Irene eventually takes over and brings herself to orgasm with Anneke kissing her. While both girls are enjoyable to watch, I didn't quite see that raw, passionate connection I was hoping for. 

Despite my concerns, I continued watching and enjoyed more of the girls making out and finally it's Anneke's turn. Irene alternates between using her mouth and her hands to pleasure Anneke. Anneke soon joins in focusing on her own clit while Irene continues to finger fuck her. The girls continue to change positions through out the entire scene, alternating who's on top and from which direction Irene pleasures Anneke. Irene gives Anneke a very lengthy oral session on the edge of the bed which leads them to the floor where she continues to finger her.  Listening to Irene moan is a real turn on. Her orgasms are real, vocal, and believable. Upon returning to the bed, Irene continues to pleasure Anneke to a moan filled orgasm.

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The scene was enjoyable to watch, though I do wish both girls were a little more vocal throughout. The entire thing drug a little to me and I found myself skipping through bits. Irene seems to be more of a natural performer than Anneke. And while both girls are believable, this entire scene was more loving and less passionate to me. I was really hoping for a little more, but the scene is still pleasurable to watch.

Director: Susie
Camera: Susie, Patience
Editing: Franky

Irene & Chloe B.: 45 minutes, 46 seconds

We start with Chloe (strawberry blonde with gorgeous breasts), coming home from working out. After some back and forth chatting, Irene (cute brunette) offers a calf massage. Chloe teases that her boobs are sore as well, which leads into them making out on the black leather couch. Chloe pulls Irene's top off and takes her time, teasing each of Irene's nipples. After more making out, Irene finally gets Chloe out of her top. She has very full, very real gorgeous breasts. Irene then spends her time pleasuring each of Chloe's nipples. More kissing and Chloe slips Irene out of her pants and places her sitting on the back of the couch. They continue making out before Chloe spends time pleasuring Irene with both her mouth and her hands. With Chloe's help, Irene then brings herself to orgasm and squirts as she does.

Irene then has Chloe lie back on the couch and Irene uses her mouth and hands to bring Chloe to one very vocal and body shaking orgasm. It seemed authentic and passionate, so it was quite the turn on.  The girls both wind down by making out and gently caressing each other on the couch before Chloe uses her hands to pleasure Irene. She asks questions and takes directions about what Irene likes. Chloe eventually uses her mouth to bring Irene to orgasm again.

After some interaction Irene pleasure Chloe on the edge of the couch. Another body quaking orgasm overcomes Chloe, which is just as hot, if not hotter, than the first because Chloe grasps her own breasts during it. The girls have real chemistry and each pay very close attention to what the other enjoys. More kissing, caressing, and the scene ends.

The girls back and forth talking actually enhances the scene. Their interactions seem genuine, each smiling and giggling from time to time. It's the small details like this that make this my favorite scene on this DVD. Their interactions are honest and genuine and each seems truly into making the other's experience pleasurable, rather than just what looks good on camera. I do have a hard time believing this is Irene's first girl-girl experience, though. If both scenes had this sort of chemistry, the entire DVD would have been awesome. I find myself skipping the first set of girls and going straight for Irene & Chloe B.

Director: Emmalee
Camera: Emmalee, Bella
Editing: Franky

Girl-Girl DVD Previews: These are short trailers of other abbywinters.com DVDs. They give a decent idea of what to expect if you'd want to purchase other titles from this company.

DVD Bonus Before & After: Anneke & Irene: These are behind the scenes camera interviews done in a casual and fun way. Anneke and Irene are actually friends, but have never hooked up. Irene can squirt. Anneke jokes about her pubic hair. Both were giddy and excited to film. After they went over what they liked, what they learned, etc. With the suggestion of off camera action, Anneke seems to be more excited about the idea. Irene seems a little more withdrawn in both interviews.

Before & After: Chloe B. & Irene:

These two seem to have a lot of chemistry in their before videos, which definitely carried over into the actual sex scenes. They both seem eager to learn about each others bodies and what each other likes. Irene talks about how she learned how to squirt. We see two different scenes of Chloe B. coming, which definitely makes you excited to see the sex between them. They size up Chloe B's breasts with their hands. We learn about what each girls finds attractive about the other. Afterwards, both girls still seem giddy. Irene talks about what its like to squirt. She desribes it as a whole body relaxing feeling. The girls hold hands during the after interview and both joke about exchanging numbers and hooking up again. These two seem to have a genuine connection which makes the sex even hotter.

Website Freebies Allows you to see a slideshow of images and after viewing a short promotional piece for abbywinters.com from Chloe B.  The slideshow covers a wide variety of girls and is a nice touch.

Solo Masturbation Previews These are more short clips of videos, to give you an idea of what to expect on the other DVDs and on the website. I enjoyed watching them.

Double Masturbation with Anneke & Irene

The video starts with both girls next to each other, partially dressed. Touching themsleves they both masturbate. Irene comes first with Anneke shortly behind her. Both then come again for a second time while holding hands. The scene ends with them admiring each others bodies. It was a nice, full length edition to the DVD.

Condoms: None

Final Thoughts: When I selected this DVD, I was hoping for some real passion. I know abbywinters.com has gained a reputation for having woman friendly, queer positive porn, that highlights real woman (breasts, pubic hair, acne, stretch marks, and all) in a positive light. It's refreshing to see real women, having real orgasms, with other real women. While I really felt a connection between Irene and Chloe B, the passion was lacking (at least for me) with Irene and Anneke. They seem softer: more affectionate, less passionate.
The girls are beautiful, that's undeniable, and the chemistry between Chloe B and Irene is almost palpable. Especially after watching the extras, it's easy to see why they had such hot sex. Irene and Anneke were fun to watch, but I just didn't get as much from them and it left me wanting more. I'm saying Rent It.

Beautiful Dreamer

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