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Alumina Revolve

Studio: Babeland » Review by Epiphora » Review Date: 1/17/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Tantus has long been known for its amazing pure silicone toys, but their new Alumina line of aluminum dildos is a new breed entirely. If you are like me, and the word "aluminum" makes you think of a can of Surge, stop right there. This is beautiful, soft, brushed aluminum like you would find on metal picture frames or nice kitchenware. It can be sterilized using the same methods as silicone. According to the booklet that comes with the toy, this is "aeronautic grade" aluminum, so it must be good, and the aluminum is anodized, which strengthens corrosion and wear resistance.


I don't really know what "aeronautic grade" means, but I can tell you that the aluminum feels amazing. It has a wonderful silky texture to it that feels unlike any other sex toy material. It's not smooth like glass or soft like silicone. It's close to rubbercote, but not quite, and more hygienic. The Alumina Revolve is 8 1/4" long, with a girth that ranges from 1 1/8" to 1 3/8". It's about the same weight as a glass dildo, but not heavier than a stainless steel dildo. It feels very, very sturdy and -- unlike the majority of toys on the market -- can last a lifetime with proper care. Also, the aluminum is a deep fuchsia color that is very pleasing to the eye. Even my boyfriend was impressed by the sheer beauty of this dildo.

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The documentation also promises that aluminum holds temperatures very well. I knew this to be the case when I received the Revolve on a snowy day and it was absolutely freezing right out of the box. It comes in a slim black cardboard box with a silvery outline of the dildo's shape on the lid.

The Revolve was not about to warm itself up anytime soon, so I ran some hot water over it before I used it the first time. To my delight, the aluminum held that heat very well.  I played with my clit first, and the Revolve was still warm when I picked it up to use it. I began with the smaller end, and unfortunately, I was not particularly impressed. The bulbs were too small and round to stimulate me very much. The third bulb -- the big one -- was nice, though, especially when my pussy felt the presence of the black O-ring (material unknown, but I'm guessing rubber).

The other end of the Revolve seems to be meant for G-spot stimulation. I enjoyed it well enough, but I've been spoiled by the Lelo Ella, and now nothing stands up to it in terms of G-spot stimulation. Those who prefer a harder material for G-spot stimulation would probably love this toy for it. I prefer silicone, so I was not blown out of the water.

I was blown out of the water, however, when I noticed that the heat my pussy created on the inserted end actually traveled all the way to the non-inserted end, and the Revolve  began to feel warmer than my pussy. It was fucking sexy.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering about the best feature of the Alumina line; the interchangeability of the parts. XCritic was crazy enough to send me both the Motion and the Revolve, so I can report thoroughly on this feature.

Fortunately, although the toys feel very sturdy, they are also very easy to screw apart (even for a weakling like me who has trouble with jars). There is a hole in the end of each piece where a silver screw can fit. The black O-ring is not attached to anything, so it really is possible to screw together any combination of pieces you desire.

I enjoyed this feature because the one ball end of the Revolve functions very well as a handle. The interchangeability also allowed me to choose the thickness that I wanted for the middle of my Frankenstein's monster dildo. I like some thickness to stimulate my vaginal opening, so I found that putting together both graduated ends made for a fulfilling romp with the pointier Motion end.

Despite all that fun, both the Motion and Revolve stand on their own as different dildos with different strengths. The Motion excels at warm-up stimulation (with the small end) and at making me feel full (with the larger end), while the Revolve is good for G-spot play. Owning both definitely has advantages. If nothing else, it makes me feel like a sex toy inventor. Hello, dream job!

I was impressed by the Alumina Revolve. It's a snap to clean, easy to sterilize, and will last a lifetime. The aluminum is hefty yet silky, and holds temperature better than any toy I've ever used. I liked the Motion better as an overall dildo, but the Revolve has its own perks as well -- most notably, it's G-spot end, which can be used for G-spot stimulation or as a handle. I highly recommend it!

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