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Spit Swappers Vol 2

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 12/31/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Gonzo/Fetish

Director: ?

Cast: Glauren Star, Sophia, Deja Daire, Xana Star, Vivian West, Mya, Puma Swede, Roxxxy Rush, Kelly Wells, Evelyn Mirage, Veronica Rayne, Faye Valentine, Christine, Heather

Length: 136 minutes

Date of Production: 6/15/2008

Extras: A very fine blowjob bonus scene involving India Summer from the dvd Blowjob Races Volume 1. Her task is to see how long it would take to make her stud named Danny cum. There is even a stop watch that the director uses. In the Behind the Scenes segment, Puma Swede is performing a solo act. She teases the camera, plays with herself, and uses a sex toy to fuck herself. It's a good scene. In the striptease segment, Faye Valentine does an okay job. In addition, there are twelve dvd trailers. They are Wife Switch Vol. 3, Anal Fuck Auditions Vol. 3, Orgy Sex Parties Vol. 3, Double Penetration Tryouts Vol. 4, Late Night Hookups Vol. 2, Desperate Milfs and Housewives Vol. 4, College Wild Parties Vol. 11, Bubble Butts Galore Vol. 7, Housewife Bangers Vol. 9, Monster Cock Junkies Vol. 1, All Girl Revue Vol. 4, and Blowjob Races Vol. 2. A PL Live segment also is included. Several Pink Visual women are interviewed very briefly at a show.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The video and audio quality are good. It's shot in fullscreen 1.33:1 standard definition 480i. It is also 2.0 Dolby Digital Surround.

Overview: Pink Visual is a very successful studio that has very loyal fans. Spit Swappers is a fetish movie. The women are hot looking for the most part. Whatever lesbian sex there is, it is pretty timid. Most of the action involves the sharing of one's spit and saliva. Unless one has the stomach to see women spit on each other and drool in one another's mouths, this movie would not be for you.


Glauren Star and Sophia

Glauren Star and Sophia

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Scene One: Brunette Glauren Star and blond Sophia walk hand in hand to the bedroom. They get on top of the bed and kiss for a while. They drool saliva into a dog bowl. Glauren drools her wet goo into her partner's mouth. They kiss more. Next, Sophia sucks the saliva out of the bowl. Soon afterwards, she drools onto the dark haired woman's dress. Then, she spits on her friend's body. So far, I am thinking that this movie is weird, but hot in a strange sort of way..go figure. Next, the two women spit into each other's mouths. Soon after, Glauren pours the spit goo from the bowl into Sophia's mouth. Yup, this is definitely strange. She gargles it. Then, the blond drools the saliva into Glauren's mouth and also spits in it. Afterwards, the brunette returns the drooling favor. Sophia gargles. Later on, the women get undressed...ALRIGHT!!! Then, there is some tit playing. Sophia spits on and tastes the brunette's pussy. Soon after, Glauren spits on the blonde's beauty spot. She also spits and drools in Sophia's mouth too. Later, the blond spits on her partner's lovebox and tastes it. Then, they kiss. It does not take long for Sophia to suck the contents of the dog bowl again. Next, she drools into Glauren's mouth and she gargles it. Next, the brunette drools all over Sophia's cute body. The blond gargles the spit. For the most part, the rest of the scene is all about spit and drool and passing it on to their partner in several ways. Their wet kisses are cool. Glauren tastes Sophia's breasts. Heading to the final moments, the blond drools on her own body. The brunette tastes Sophia's wet body. Next, Sophia pours the drool all over their bodies. They rub their breasts.


Xana Star and Deja Daire

Mya and Vivian West

Mya and Vivian West

Scene Two: This scene is divided into two segments. In the first one, Deja Daire introduces herself and Xana Star . Xana begins to drool. Then, brunette Deja removes Xana's bra. The blond drools on her own breasts. Deja sucks on those tits. She wets the blonde's tit. Xana drools on Deja's nipple and licks and sucks it. Then, Xana drools in Deja's mouth. Soon, she removes her own bra. Their tits are awesome. Deja drools into Xana's mouth. The close-ups of both of their gooey mouths are cool. Both women are sexy hot. Later on, Xana sucks on her friend's breasts. Xana jiggles her own tits with her own hands. Next, the walk to a ladder. Deja gets on top of it and drools down into Xana's mouth. The two women take turns several times getting on top of the ladder and drooling into their partner's mouth. At the end of their performance, Xana gets off the ladder and they kiss. Next, blond Vivian West and brunette Mya appear in their own separate performance. Mya introduces them. Vivian takes off her partner's top. She tastes her nipple. Next, they both undress each other. The blond drools into the brunette's mouth. Then, they change positions and roles. They both have very beautiful bodies and very pretty smiles. This routine occurs for a while. It's pretty hot. They gargle their saliva. Later, the brunette caresses the blond's breasts. Then, Vivian spits on Mya's tits. She licks her nipples and rubs her breasts. Next, Mya spits on her friend's tits. She licks on her right breast. This routine also lasts for a while too. Later, the two women rub their tits against each other. Then, they taste the other's tits. Lastly, they kiss at the end.


Roxxxy Rush and Puma Swede

Roxxxy Rush and Puma Swede

Scene Three: Puma Swede and Roxxxy Rush are waiting for their boyfriends. Their bfs are late. Puma asks her friend if she wants to do something new. Since Roxxxy is willing, Puma asks her to approach her. She crawls to Puma. Next, Roxxxy opens her mouth and Puma drools into it. Then, Roxxxy does the same thing to her. They kiss. Next, Puma removes her own top as well as her partner's. They have cute breasts. Puma drools in her mouth again. Then, Roxxxy does the same thing to her. She also caresses Puma's shoulders. Soon, Roxxxy bends backwards so that her partner can drool into her mouth. They change positions and roles. The close-ups are very good. Roxxxy licks and sucks on Puma's titties. Puma drools on her own breast and Roxxxy sucks the wet gooey saliva. Then, Roxxxy drools on her own tit and the wet stuff runs into Puma's mouth. They press their bosoms together. Puma spits into Roxxxy's mouth. Next, Roxxxy spits on Puma's ass and licks it off. Then, she spits into her friend's mouth. Afterwards, Puma spits on her partner's asshole and pussy. She sucks her pussy. It's pretty cool. Next, they suck spit out of their mouths. The close-ups of their mouths are great. The two women kiss. It's hot. Next, Puma bends down and Roxxxy drools into her mouth. Then, she sucks Puma's breast. Next, she caresses Puma's tits. Next, Puma spits on Roxxxy's chest. Puma sucks off the spit. Then, Roxxxy sucks on Puma's very pretty pussy as she sucks off her spit. Puma is drooling down her own body. Her drool slides all the way down to her stomach. Roxxxy sucks it off. Puma sucks on her friend's fingers. Next, Roxxxy drools into Puma's palm. Puma then, tastes Roxxxy's drool. Soon, Puma drools into her own hand and Roxxxy sucks off the drool. Then, Roxxxy rubs Puma's tits. Puma sucks on Roxxxy's chest. Roxxxy sucks on Puma's right breast. She also sucks and spits on Puma's other tit. The two women kiss. Afterwards, Roxxxy spreads Puma's legs and spits on her rose and sucks on it a bit. Then, her friend removes Roxxxy's pants. Puma drools on Roxxxy's asshole and sucks it. Then, she drools on Roxxxy's pussy. Later, Roxxxy caresses Puma's breasts as Puma drools into her mouth. They kiss. There is some gargling. Lastly, Puma sucks on Roxxxy's asshole.


Evelyn Mirage and Kelly Wells

Faye Valentine and Veronica Rayne

Scene Four: The blond Kelly Wells introduces herself and Evelyn Mirage. They kiss. Then, Evelyn walks upstairs. The camera follows her. It's pretty sexy. Kelly remains downstairs on the couch. She is laying on it while rubbing her pussy. She also has her mouth open wide. Evelyn drools inside Kelly's mouth from upstairs. Kelly has a nice smile. She also gargles. Later on, they switch positions. I really like how the camera watches each woman's trip to the second floor of the house. Now Evelyn is on the couch. Kelly drools and spits into her mouth. Evelyn rubs her own pussy at times. Later, Evelyn is underneath a table. Kelly spits on it from upstairs. Evelyn licks underneath the table as well as the top of it. Then, Kelly is seen underneath it as Evelyn spits on it from the second floor. Kelly also licks the table on both sides. Kelly Wells has lovely legs. Next, blond Faye Valentine places a frying pan onto the stove. Veronica Rayne spits into the pan. Then, the blond drools in it. The brunette spits in it again. Next, Veronica pours the contents into Faye's mouth. Next, Faye drools into her friend's mouth. Then, Veronica drools into Faye's mouth. Next, Faye drools onto Veronica's chest and licks it off. Then, Faye drools into Veronica's mouth. Soon thereafter, Veronica removes Faye's top. She sucks Faye's tits and licks her body. Then, Veronica drools into the blond's mouth. Later, Faye drools on the brunette's body. They take turns drooling on each other. Faye rubs Veronica's tits with her saliva. Veronica rubs her own wet tits. Next, the frying pan gets more spit in it. Veronica pours the spit on herself. Then, Faye drools into Veronica's mouth. Then, Veronica drools into Faye's mouth. Faye spits into the pan. Veronica does the same thing. Next, Faye pours it into her own mouth. Then, she drools it into Veronica's mouth. They kiss. They are laughing and having a lot of fun. Next, Veronica does the same thing. Later, Faye drools onto Veronica's breasts and sucks it off a bit. Then, Faye gets a glass from the cupboard. She drools in it and Veronica spits into it. The blond runs the glass along her partner's hot body. It's sexy. Veronica drools into the glass. Next, Faye drools in it too. Veronica drools into it again. Faye pours the contents into Veronica's mouth. She spits it back into the glass. Next, Faye pours the contents into her own mouth. She pours it back into the glass too. Then, Veronica drools into the glass. Then, Faye drinks and swallows the contents. They kiss at the end.


Christine and Heather

Scene Five: The darker haired Christine introduces themselves. She and Heather remove their clothes. Christine licks her breast. Then, she spits on Heather's breast and chest. She licks them. Then, it's Heather's turn to spit on her friend's tits. She sucks on them. Then, Christine spits on her partner's breast and caresses it. Heather also spits on Christine's breast and caresses them. They rub their tits against each other. Then, Christine spits on Heather's breasts and sucks them. Heather plays with Christine's tits. They rub them together again. They spit on them as they rub them together. Then, Christine sucks on Heather's breasts. They take turns paying attention to their partner's tits. Later on, Heather spits on Christine's ass and caresses it. She licks it too. Then, they change positions and roles. Christine spits on Heather's ass and rubs it. She also licks it too. It's a pretty good scene. Later, Christine drools onto Heather's tongue and mouth. They kiss. It's hot. Later, Heather spits onto Christine's mouth. Their mouth action is amazing.

Final Thoughts: As you have probably noticed from reading this review, Spit Swappers is all about drooling, drooling, drooling, and more drooling with a lot of spitting too. The title of the movie should give the potential shopper fair warning that a lot of spit will be going on. Furthermore, this review will give them ample warning that there is not much sex that goes on here. Therefore, I recommend this movie as a rental.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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