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Playgirl: In Pursuit Of Pleasure

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 12/29/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Studio: Wicked Pictures/Playgirl TV

Director: None Credited

Producer: Trans Digital Media 

Release Date: 10/29/2008

Length: 1 hrs. 41 mins.

ProductionDates: 05/17/04, 07/20/04, 04/27/06, 05/11/06, 05/17/06, 10/04/06, 10/14/06, 02/25/08, 04/17/08.

Re-Production Year: 07/08/2008

Category:  All Sex

Genre: Couples, Romance

Condoms: Yes

Performers:  Adrianna Nicole, Alan Stafford, Brooke Banner, Jacy Andrews, Jay Huntington, Johnny Castle, Kimberly Kane, Manuel Ferrara, Reno, Riley Shy, Roxy DeVille, Sharon Wild, Talon, Tommy Gunn, Tyler Saint

PlayGirl Teaser: For some it is a lifetime quest, for others, a nightly event. Place yourself firmly in the last group and attain your carnal goals. Give in to the thrill of the chase and experience euphoria like never before. Your pleasure center awaits...

The Movie: Playgirl's titles seem to have a hit or miss quality about them. Playgirl's In Pursuit of Pleasure  is a soft core DVD made for first timers and women that do not enjoy the hard core genre of the adult movies. They will find this title more than suitable for their taste. Even the cover of the DVD is made specially to attract a woman's desires at the point of purchase with a very alluring sleeve and DVD cover. Playgirl gives you the typical romantic get-together without the intense circus acts that are a turn off for so many. There is also abundance bonus material including a solo male masturbation scene. The one thing about PG titles that it's worth the dollar value being that it's loaded with goodies for one to enjoy. Playgirl tries to  keep it as  close as  possible to what women  enjoys seeing  at  the soft core level  but on the  other  hand  are too  short length wise to  even  get a little heated. For me, watching a slow seduction has more of an appeal to the mind and body, making sure that it keeps the viewers like me glued to the screen and wanting and waiting for more. .

Audio/Video:Playgirl's In Pursuit of Pleasure distributed by Wicked Pictures for PlayGirl TV and is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound in Full Screen format. The lighting in each scene was very grainy and dark with major shadowing and distortions. The flesh tones were not the best, leaving little to be desired when it came to watching it. The music used for each of the six scenes was soft upbeat tempos, nothing that was too hard on the ears.

The Extras:

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Behind the Scenes, Slide Show, Trailers, Promo Reel, Company Information, Web Site Information, Parental Lock, Bonus Scene with Jay Huntington, Audition with Tyler Saint, Bonus Solo with Reno.

Bonus Scenes:

Summer Lounging w/Jay Huntington & Riley Shy- At pool side Riley plays hard to get at first then succumbs to the ever persistent ways of Jay. At first she looks very bothered by his advances .Moments later Jay is making his way down her stomach with his mouth and trying to eat her out with the bikini bottom still on. He then dives in for more oral once he tosses the bottom away. Riley then adds her own style into the mix when she does her share of the oral  duties on Jay.  They go at it in CG, Doggie with Jay unloading on her ass.

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Note: Riley seemed to be having trouble sucking him off or isn't fond of giving head and you had no real chemistry between Riley and Jay. Perhaps she was intimidated by how huge he was in the physical sense? The kissing could have been more realistic in nature. The background music was more enjoyable than watching their attempt of having sex.

Audition with Tyler Saint:

Lasting almost 15 minutes Tyler Saint gives the camera and the ladies an insight to who he is as a person and what are his likes and dislikes including pet peeves about people in general. A  Vermont native and a young 43 when taped, Tyler poses for some beefcake shots for the recently defunct PlayGirl Magazine. You might be able to catch a glimpse of him on PlayGirl.com.

Bonus Solo with Reno:

Reno opens his solo with talking to the camera for a bit and openly admits to being a man-whore and a slut. He goes on to say how he got his start in porn. The camera goes back and forth several times while he is speaking reverting to his strip tease. He goes on to inform the viewers about the real "Reno" and the porn actor.

Scene 1: Very Personal Assistant w/ Adrianna Nicole & Alan Stafford:

(Note: This is the only scene that has no condom use and anal sex. Flesh tones and color are off by a lot.)

The scene opens with no dialogue at all leaving one to figure out what is going on. From what I figured out the Boss played by Adrianna Nicole is frustrated and   finds she daydreaming about fucking her assistant Alan Stafford. One thing leads to another and Adrianna is making out with Alan. The clothes come off and the mutual oral begins. Alan turns the tables on her and nails her on top of her desk. Adrianna goes right into cowgirl before getting her ass nailed doggie style before Alan gives her a mouthful.

I couldn't get into the mood with these performers having no desire at all. Adrianna appeared to be more interested in finishing up with the scene than actually put some effort into her fake moans and groans.

Scene 2: Breaking and Entering w/ Brooke Banner & Manuel Ferrara:

Sound asleep in his bed Manuel is awakened by the sounds of a prowler lurking in his bedroom only to find out that it is Brooke who is in need of some late night lovin. Brooke makes it look like she is struggling to get free from Manuel grasp at first then becomes mush when his lips touch her skin and begins to remove her clothing. Once on the bed Manuel has his way  with her and  then some in  various  vaginal positions  before he  unloads on her ass.

This should have  been a great scene had the lighting  been better, granted it's a night time scene but  sometime  could have been done to bring out the picture  quality and  clarity .

Scene 3: Behind Closed Doors w/ Kimberly Kane & Jay Huntington:

A Lovers spat heats up as they each give and take when it comes to foreplay. Jay who is smoking a cigar and Kimberly a ciggie each use the smoke as part of their foreplay. Jay and Kimberly go at it only in mish before he unloads on her chest.

A decent scene thought I just can't get the fact that they use smoke as part of foreplay but to each his own.

Scene 4: Mechanic Love w/ Sharon Wild & Talon:

Working together  on a race car engine, Sharon becomes overheated in more than one way working with Talon. The  car isn't the only thing getting over heated as Talon  works in some water play before he  goes on to inspect Sharon chaise even  further. They work up into giving the other oral before the go into mish and doggie with Talon unloading on her stomach.

Others couples have done this same scene in previous Playgirl titles. This one with Talon didn't do anything for me nor did they pull off the intensity as others did previously.

Scene 5: Closer to You w/ Roxy DeVille & Johnny Castle:

The game begins with Roxy and Johnny at two opposite ends of a circle with Roxy dancing her way over to him. With  them n the  middle  the  foreplay  commences and  they  go directly into mish  and  spoon with Johnny unloading on her stomach.

Scene 6: Cover girl Cutie w/ Jacy Andrews & Tommy Gunn:

In another scene  again done over with  different  performers, you Jacy  and Tommy on  the  staircase making out then getting and  giving oral on the steps. Once the clothes come off Jacy rides Tommy CG and gets nailed doggie style up against the banister with Tommy unloading on her ass.

Final Thoughts: PlayGirl's In Pursuit of Pleasure leaves a lot to be desired, leaving me high and dry. Unlike previous Playgirl TV  titles that I have  reviewed in the past  which I have  enjoyed, this one doesn't even  get  past lukewarm cycle. In the majority of the scenes the cast couldn't get it together to create that need and the passionate urgency that drives ones blood to boil. Even the scene with French heartthrob Manuel Ferrera lacked a lot. What I also noticed is the repetitive use of the concept for the scenes from other PG titles. Is one to understand that Playgirl TV doesn't have someone working on new and fresh ideas to satisfy a woman's needs? On the other hand, do they assume we the viewers wouldn't   take notice of the similarities? In Pursuit of Pleasure could do  with  a  once  over  to  correct the  technical  issues especially with the  lighting and  the  way it looks all together. You can  tell  within a  few minutes  into the DVD that a   choppy  job  was done with the  editing understandably  so being that  some were produced as early as  07/2004 and as late as 04/17/2008 which  somewhat  explains for the  poor picture  quality and the  typical porn music  of the 70's incorporated into  the  opening  scene. I can  go on and on about  the  technical  merits and the overall idealism  behind it  but  this  is where I would to  tell  the ladies  and  couples that  enjoy watching Playgirls titles to  " Skip It"  and  find another title  in your vast  collection to  enjoy. I know that the PlayGirl titles have a following with the PlayGirl Posse and many other ladies that read all of the many reviews here on XCritic who would say otherwise. In all honesty would you recommend a title that you couldn't even enjoy.. I know I wouldn't No matter what company puts it out.



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