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My Neighbor's Sex Tapes 3

Studio: Cezar Capone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Ivana Bianchi and Layna Laurel (click all pictures for individual trailers)

My Neighbor's Sex Tapes Vol. 3

Juicy Entertainment

Layna Laurel and Satine Phoenix

Genre: Internet to DVD, Gonzo

Director: JT & Emily Rigby

Layna Laurel and Ellie Foxx

Cast: Ivana Bianchi, Layna Laurel, Jay/JT, Satine Phoenix, Ellie Foxx, Mimi Allen, Lexi

Length: 179:32 minutes

Layna Laurel and Mimi Allen

Date of Production: 3/14/2008 (cover); 2/4/2008 to 6/18/2008 (credits)

Extras: The only extras on the lengthy DVD were a slideshow and some trailers. Given the length of the scenes, the extras were not as important to adding value but it would have been nice to see more of them.


Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: My Neighbor's Sex Tapes Vol. 3 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 ratio offering by directors JT & Emily Rigby for Cezar Capone's website and distributed by Juicy Entertainment as released in the MPEG-2 codec of a standard definition release (under 480i resolution). The lighting was okay, the sets were basic, and the resulting visual aspects of the movie were generic but much better than what you'd find on most websites these days when surfing the internet. The composition of the shots was usually optimal to the ladies who were allowed ample opportunity to show off their impressive bodies, following a slight formula that had them interacting with the lead couple of Layna and JT in assorted circumstances. The grain wasn't a huge factor, nor was the video noise though and the bitrate was typically in the mid 4.5 Mbps range and thankfully, I didn't see many compression artifacts. The editing by Anders OS was actually decent with little looking like it was aggressively edited, perhaps the best style for this type of show. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate and a 48 kHz sampling rate but there did not appear to be any separation between the channels. The music was not a factor once the credits finished up and the voices, while slightly on the low side and hollow, were not as bad as expected.

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Body of Review: JT & Emily Rigby have been attributed to a number of internet shoots as directors so now they are getting a spotlight by distributor Juicy Entertainment; a company best known as the home of the infamous gonzo director Jordan Septo. In keeping with the idea of "evolve or perish", the company has embraced the belief in the strength of internet footage released on DVD, a growing trend from what I've seen. Unlike some of their peers though, they stuck with the world renowned Cezar Capone and his stable of directors for such releases as My Neighbor's Sex Tapes Vol. 3. The series follows the sexual exploits of Layna Laurel and her boytoy JT as they pick up a variety of attractive ladies to explore, no strict formula applied to their scenes shot in Miami that provide a fresh look at the gonzo genre. The back cover said it like this: "It's that time again folks, time for a new girlfriend, and she's a slut just like the others. It's the third installment of the AVN award nominated My Neighbor's Sex Tapes. This is true amateur at its best! Watch as Jay and his girlfriend Layna fuck the neighborhood girls and you're there for the whole thing! Watch his huge cock pound brand new pussy that you've never seen before, because these girls aren't porn stars, they are his neighbors and probably your neighbors too!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Ivana Bianchi, Layna Laurel, Jay/JT: The couple bickered about getting ready to pick up Ivana at the airport, some knob slobbing relieving JT of stress until the showering tease led to full boning contact in the bedroom. Both gals were pretty active and skilled in the vaginal plowing, the ending wad of genetic juice landing on the chests of the gals. The company website described the scene like this: "I woke up this morning with a feeling that it was gonna be a great day. My girlfriend (Layna's) friend (Ivanna) was flying into visit today. We were running a lil behind so I had go into the bathroom to rush Layna to get ready faster but she distracted me with a quick blow job, my dick in her mouth felt so good but we had to go get her friend from the airport. When we finally got to the airport I was surprised how hot Ivanna was, Layna had told me that she was hot, but I thought she was being nice. Once we got back to the house Ivanna wanted to take a shower, so Layna showed her where it was, once Layna came back into the room I convinced her to take the camera and go videotape her friend in the shower. As soon as I walked in to the bathroom to see what was going on, I was handed the camera and Layna jumped in with Ivanna and they started rubbing each other up and down. After the girls got all wet we took it to the bedroom for some more fun where I pound both of them and shot my load all over Ivanna. I really hope Ivanna comes to visit again."

Scene Two: Satine Phoenix, Layna Laurel, Jay/JT: Next up, Layna and JT were having fun on the beach, the tease provided by Layna as she walked around in her bikini, the couple moving to the house pool before they decided the need to expand their horizons a little with an outsider to massage Layna. As expected, she picked up an adult magazine and thumbed through the ads, forgetting how rarely the gal is the same one pictured. Layna gave JT some head in POV fashion, Satine explaining how she was the replacement of sorts for the afternoon delight about to take place. The ladies went first with some caressing, kissing, and lipstick lesbian play and then JT got a hummer from them. This led to some moderately passive vaginal screwing and a facial the ladies shared, the population pudding rubbed out all over their faces. The company website said it like this: "Me and Layna decided to go on vacation to the keys. We did the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing.. walking on the beach, sleeping in all day, and just being beach bums. BUT that was getting old very quickly so we decided to heat things up by ordering a call girl out of the back of one of those magazines. The girl that showed up wasn't the girl that was in the picture of the magazine, SHE WAS BETTER!!! Her name was Satine and was she a hot piece of ass!!! Soon as she showed up there were very few words before the girls were going at it. After a few minutes of the girls playing with each other they both turned there attention on me with a double team blow job, I am surprised I didn't blow my load at that point, one of the best blow jobs I have ever received!!! Both of the girls took turns sucking my cock, we started some of the best sex I have ever had. I loved fucking them both it was hard to stop fucking one to fuck the other. After I couldn't hold my load in anymore they both got on there knees and put there faces together so I could spread my load over both there faces. WORD OF ADVICE!!! there are good call girls in the back of those magazines."

Scene Three: Ellie Foxx, Layna Laurel, Jay/JT: Then the couple went to the nearby park to frolic in the sun, eventually picking up Ellie Foxx who was playing Frisbee with her large dog. The trio hit it off and the newcomer initiated some blowjob action, Layna receptive to a threesome where they all spent some time working the others. The ladies did some oral on each other and Jay held out when the gals really rode his pecker hard, Ellie one of the strongest vaginal riders of the entire show. Layna got a bit jealous this time but assisted all the same, helping regulate his cock inside of her as she took the camera from him. The action got especially grainy this one time (when Layna left the scene early), the idea of a vaginal creampie suiting them both just fine. The website said it like this: "It was a gorgeous day outside so Me and the GF (layna) decided to hit the park and ATTEMPT to fly a kite. Yeah, didn't really go to plan, we both gave it a try and failed miserably. We were about to pack up and head home until we saw this very sexy girl (Ellie) walking her dog. Seeing that we were failing with the kite and the simple fact that she was hot and I wanted to talk to her, I decided to talk to her and ask her if she could help us fly the kite. No help on the kite but after only a couple minutes of talking to her, we had her in the car with us and heading back with us. Once we got back to the house Layna went to the kitchen to grab some drinks and some food. The next thing you know Ellie is sucking my dick while Layna is in the other room, well when Layna came back in the room and saw that we started with out her she wasn't that happy, but she couldn't leave the room so she jumped in. I could tell Layna knew that I really enjoyed fucking Ellie but I couldn't help it, her pussy was so tight. It was so tight I busted inside of her, I had no time to pull out. Layna wasn't a fan of Ellie but I WAS!"

Scene Four: Mimi Allen, Layna Laurel, Jay/JT: The couple then went to do some errands with making sexual innuendos as they cruised through town. Layna was not used to driving but saw this as an excuse for having some sexual fun too, hooking up with camera shy Mimi by the free newspaper station along the sidewalk. JT liked looking at her boobs and showed her some of the sex ads in the back of the paper, the trio laughing at his crude attempts to pick Mimi up as they discussed food and fun. They all went back to the house with their Subway food, sparking up some weed that led to a reduction in their inhibitions. The ladies made it to the well lit couch and started macking out, their clothing dropped off to the floor as they continued to press the matter. The lesbian light act then expanded with Jay giving them the cock they both wanted, the gals taking turns blowing and riding him. The sex showed both gals to be promiscuous and frisky again, decent at giving hummers and similarly equipped to vaginally screw. They did not screw for long in the POV scene before Jay unleashed his seed mostly on Mimi's face. The website said it like this: "Today Me and Layna had a bunch of errands we had to run, the normal bf/gf stuff run to the bank, dry cleaners, and grab lunch. We were in a generous mood so we called our neighbor to see if she wanted anything to eat while we were out, and of course she said yes so we had a bunch of these sandwiches. As we were walking back to the truck we saw this Gorgeous girl that seem to be a little confused. As we walked up she asked us for a quarter she was trying to purchase a newspaper. After talking to her for a lil we asked her to come back to our house and eat something, she agreed to and then we were back to the house. Once we got back we sat on our back porch to eat our sandwiches. After talking to Mimi for a lil we could tell she was young and down for anything. After a few hits from the pipe we had her inside sucking my dick with Layna. Layna and I had a lot of fun with this girl she was very giggly and happy. After fucking them both, I blew my massive load all over them. I wish we could find a girl like that every time we went out to get lunch..."

Scene Five: Lexi, Jay/JT: Last up was Jay as he lamented his negative turn of events at being arrested for a club altercation with Layna Laurel (who was upset at Jay's trying to hump everything that moved). Under house arrest with an electronic leg collar, Jay resorted to having Lexi coming over to his mother's house, the gal making it worth his while over the trouble she had caused, Jay acknowledging that it was not her fault well before the pair began to enjoy each other's company. She smoked a cancer stick and warmed her mouth up to give him a blowjob, soon bouncing on his cock as she rubbed her pussy. Jay bust a nut on her chest and she showed a sense of approval, smiling before the credits rolled. The company website said this of the scene: "Not Everyday can be a good day. Today was a rough day. Me and Layna got into a huge fight a few nights ago and the next thing I knew, I was in handcuffs. When I got out of jail, I had a nice piece of jewelry on my ankle. The judge put me on house arrest and I was stuck at my moms house. So I decided to call a friend over (Lexi), well Lexi is actually the reason me and Layna got in a fight. I had been flirting with this girl all night at the club and it seemed like Layna was interested but I WAS WRONG! So of course Lexi felt sort of bad for what happened and she was quick to help me to forget about my nights in jail. After discussing what had unfolded the night at the club we went inside to help me get rid of my jail house blues! After being in jail for a couple nights her pussy felt so good around my dick and it was hold to keep my load in. Thank God that Lexi came over to help me relieve my stress!! I blew my load all over her face and then she even cooked for me!!! Made me forget that bitch Layna really quick!!"

Summary: My Neighbor's Sex Tapes Vol. 3 by director JT & Emily Rigby for distribution by Juicy Entertainment was just as good as many titles released under the Cezar Capone name over the years, the light theme about having sex with neighbors and using a largely point of view manner to do it relying less on a scripted porn sensibility and glamorous ladies as attractive women that you would expect to see in real life. The extras were weak but the scenes strong enough that many of you might like the company website directly, my assessment of the material on hand amounting to a rating of at least Recommended or better thanks to the replayability and stroke factor. IN short, My Neighbor's Sex Tapes Vol. 3 led me to believe that I might need to see the previous volumes in the series as producer Cezar Capone has found another worthy niche to exploit in the increasingly important internet and internet to DVD genre.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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