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Hot House Backroom Vol. 7

Studio: Hot House » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/2/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Dates: 2006-2008

Directed By: Hot House


Cody Cummings, Ross Hurston, C.J. Knight, Ago Viara, Jon Hunter, Justin Jameson, Tristan Matthews, Kyle Pierce, and Jack London.

Run Time N Rubbers:  1 Hour and 23 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

(Photo: C.J. Knight)

C.J. Knight (good-looking with short brown hair, beard stubble, toned/smooth body) lies in bed wearing only his tight white briefs when horny Tristan Matthews (good-looking with a shaved head, beard stubble, toned/smooth body with heavy tattoos) enters the bedroom. Tristan's only wearing his white Y-Fronts as well and quickly gets in bed to rub 'n fondle his sleeping buddy. C.J. responds to the erotic play and the dudes begin kissing with deep wet tongues. C.J. pulls Tristan's underwear down revealing shortly-trimmed pubes, plump balls, and a large cut cock. He slides his mouth up 'n down that throbber giving some very groovy head.

In return, Tristan chows down on C.J.'s big 'n stiff clipped dick cramming his gullet full. The guys are completely into each other and the action filling the room with loud moans 'n heavy breathing.C.J. lifts his legs in the missionary position exposing his tight hairy bunghole leading Tristan to munch down rubbing the pucker and tonguing the heck outta it. Of course, C.J. totally digs having his asshole eaten. "That's it, boy! Fuck yeah!" Tristan slides his big ol' pork in from behind and fucks his buddy doggy-style using long full strokes that become fast 'n hard.

The viewer will be able to see Tristan's tight hairy butt hole as he pounds his pal but his tasty hangy nuts obscure any penetration shots. Switching to the missionary position, Tristan continues to bang his bud fast, smooth, 'n hard with some nice penetration shots from above. C.J. beats off while being drilled and shoots a big thick load of jizz on his stomach. Tristan lies on his back and beats his meat busting a wet nut all over his tattooed stomach.

Scene Two:

(Photo: Ross Hurston)

Ross Hurston (handsome with short dark hair, goatee, muscular/hairy body with tattoos) lounges in bed pulling on his big uncut cock when Justin Jameson (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) barges in, sinks to his knees, and takes that man-pork down his throat to give some very good head. Dude fucking loves that cock and gorges on it. There's a nice camera shot from behind of Justin's tight hairy asshole as he's bent over servicing the loudly moaning Mr. Hurston.  The guys are totally into each other and Justin goes wild licking 'n sucking Ross' hard nipples, hairy pits, and ends up worshiping those biceps.

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Ross digs the attention and beats off working his foreskin back 'n forth over that purple knob. Ross goes down on Justin's stiff cut tool deep throating all the way down to shortly-trimmed pubes and ends up receiving a hot 'n rough face fuck. Dude definitely knows how to suck a mean cock! Justin bends over on the bed allowing Ross to spread his butt cheeks exposing that tight hairy hole and munches down. There are some very tasty close-ups of that pulsing pink pucker as Ross tongues and finger fucks it. Ross pounds Justin doggy-style showing his buddy absolutely no mercy and Justin fucking digs it, baby!

There are plenty of hot penetration shots from behind and the viewer will also be able to see Ross' tight shaved man-hole as he plows away. Justin fills the room with loud moans 'n groans and cries out, "Harder!" Since turnabout is fair play, Justin throws Ross on the bed and porks him fast 'n hard in the missionary position with excellent penetration shots from behind. This is some very rough 'n tumble man-sexin' and both guys are completely into it. I'm surprised they don't fall off the bed! Ross works his unclipped meat while being fucked and dumps a thick load of spooge on his stomach. Justin jacks off squirting a large wet load all over Ross (including his face).

Scene Three:

Wow! Jon Hunter is one sexy dude! He has closely-cropped dark brown hair, facial hair, and a toned/lightly hairy body with tattoos. We've caught him in the middle of a workout lifting dumbbells to maintain his tasty form. Jon teases us by looking directly into the camera and removing his shirt to show off his pierced nipples. He slides his blue jeans down, bends over, and gives us a good look-see at that tight shaved bunghole while rubbing the pucker.

Pulling his jockstrap down, Jon shows off his shortly-trimmed pubes, plump balls, and large 'n meat cut cock. Sitting on a sofa with legs spread nice 'n wide, he's nice enough to put on a hot li'l ol' show for us by yanking his chubby hog, rubbing his nuts, and playing his pulsing pucker. Jon fills the room with heavy breathing as he nears climax and then shoots a thick load of cum on his stomach....eating some of his man-seed. Hot!

Scene Four:

(Photo: Kyle Pierce)

Kyle Pierce (cute with short dark hair, hot compact toned/smooth body) is leafing through a magazine when his pal Jack London (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) joins him and they get down to some hot soul kissing with lots of deep wet tongues and body rubbing. Kyle is soon down on his haunches yanking Jack's blue jeans 'n white briefs down revealing shortly-trimmed pubes, plump balls, and a big uncut cock. Kyle gorges on that beef cramming it down his gullet with some excellent head that leads to a hot face fucking. Jack positions Kyle in the missionary position on the coffee table, yanks off his blue jeans, and exposes Kyle's tight lightly hairy bunghole. He then munches down on that mouth-watering starfish with plenty of hot close-ups.

Jack chows down on Kyle's clipped boner sliding his hungry mouth up 'n down and alternates between sucking cock and eating ass. Hot! Jack fucks Kyle fast 'n hard in the missionary position with plenty of penetration shots from above of that fat sausage sliding in 'n out. Kyle hops up and plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce with plenty of penetration shots from the front as he rocks 'n rolls. Switching to doggy-style, Jack continues to pound his buddy fast, smooth, 'n hard with lots of tasty penetration shot from behind. There are also some nice camera shots of Jack's tight shaved asshole while he plows his buddy. Jack ends up cutting loose with a big thick load on Kyle's back and Kyle jerks off shooting a small thick load on his stomach.

Scene Five:

Cody Cummings is a very handsome dude with short black hair and heavy beard stubble. He removes his red tee shirt showing off that muscular/lightly hairy body and then it's off with the faded blue jeans for a good look at his shortly-trimmed pubes, big fat cut cock and plump balls. Filling the room with heavy breathing, Cody pulls his pork using his right fist for ultimate self-pleasure while gazing directly into the camera. Dude is fucking hot! Sitting with his legs spread nice 'n wide, Cody beats his meat and dumps a thick load of man-milk on his fist 'n pubes. This solo scene is very hot with plenty of close-ups of Cody's big meaty dong and purple knob. Tasty!

Scene Six:

(Photo: Ago Viara)

Ago Viara (good-looking with a dark buzz cut, heavy beard stubble, toned/hairy body) and Justin Jameson (scene two) are in the middle of a red-hot make-out session with plenty of deep soul kissin' as the scene begins. Ago sinks to his knees and yanks Justin's blue jeans open revealing shaved pubes and a long 'n hard cut cock. He grabs that thang and crams it down his gullet giving excellent head with plenty of deep throat. Justin guides Ago's head with his hand and gives him a delicious old-fashioned face fuck that Aunt Gladys would be very proud of.

Ago bends over on the bed allowing Justin to lick 'n kiss his back and pull down his blue jeans revealing a very hot bubble butt. Justin licks that man-crack and then spreads those cheeks exposing that tight shaved asshole and munches down making oral love to the pulsing pink pucker in hot close-up. Justin slides his big dick into Ago's bum from behind and fucks him fast 'n hard doggy-style with plenty of hot penetration shots from behind. Switching to the side/missionary position, Justin continues to bang his buddy quick 'n lubed with hot penetration shots while Ago jerks his hard cock shooting a large thick load on his stomach. Justin busts a thick nut all over Ago's chest. Hot dudes!


The scenes in Hot House Backroom Volume Seven are shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is strong providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking, bung holes, ass eating, and butt sex penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the guys talking to each other and all the hot lusty noises of sweaty man-sexin'.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and trailers for: Jock Strap, Verboten Part I, Verboten Part 2, Stark Naked, Paging Dr. Finger, and King Size.


Simply stated Hot House Backroom Volume 7 is a hot smut fest.  The direction, videography, editing, picture quality, and sound are all top-of-the-line with six scenes of man-to-man and solo action that will definitely put a bulge in your pants. The dudes are all very hot, obviously into the sex 'n each other, and give energetic performances. My personal favorites are Tristan Matthews, Ross Hurston, Jon Hunter, Kyle Pierce, and Cody Cummings. I Highly Recommend to those into hot man-sexin'!

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