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Autofellatio Diaries

Studio: Top Hat Releasing » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/4/09

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Production Date: September 1998

Directed By: Edward James

Run Time: 1 Hour and 20 Minutes


Jason is a good-looking Latino dude with long black hair slicked back in a ponytail and has some beard stubble on his face. He relaxes on a piece of exercise equipment and tells the viewer that he first discovered the joys of self-sucking while "partying" with his girlfriend. He simply wanted to see if he could do it and they both ended up working his hard cock. Jason yanks off his long sleeve shirt showing off a nice toned/lightly hairy body and then pulls out his thick uncut dick and plump nuts to begin jerking off. Using his right fist, he's soon at full mast and his dick is quite big. Jason bends over and is able to swirl his tongue around the big purple knob and get about half of it in his hot wet mouth. Jason can lick his own balls and really goes to town switching between pulling his pork 'n  lickin'/suckin' that helmet until he dumps a small load on his fist.

Mike Nichols:

Good-looking Mike has a dark buzz cut and is wearing a tee shirt and sweat pants as his segment begins. He digs sucking his own cock while other dudes pleasure him orally and has shown off his "talent" a number of times at a strip club. Mike strips down revealing a toned/lightly hairy body, full dark pubes, plump balls, and fat cut dick. Stroking that thang to a full boner, Mike bends over and licks 'n kisses his purple mushroom and is able to get a little of it into his mouth. Pinching his hard nipples and lapping up pre-cum, Mike quickly alternates between stroking his cock and licking, kissing, and sucking that flared knob until he shoots a thick load on his face, tongue, chin, and chest.

Choice Thomas:

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Choice is a handsome Black dude with short bleached hair and a dark goatee who is from Atlanta Georgia, has a military background, and digs "working out and stuff." Choice discovered he could pleasure himself orally because he grew up in a small town and didn't want to go out lookin' for blowjobs. (Small town gossips are definitely a pain in the ass!) He claims to have taught a number of guys how to self-suck and has performed a number of "shows". He strips down revealing a very sexy toned/smooth body, beautiful muscular thighs 'n legs, shortly-trimmed pubes, and cut cock. Choice wags his dick, slaps it around, and pulls pork until he's hard 'n throbbin'. Bending over, he's able to lick the purple knob and cannot actually get any of it into his mouth. Choice works himself to climax and shoots a wet load 'n licks up some of his cum.

J.J. Prince:

J.J. is a very cute 'n chatty dude with short brown hair and a skinny/smooth body. Originally from lower Alabama (around the Mobile basin), he a self-described "chronic masturbator, auto fellatiast, exhibitionist, and nudist" who loves "self pleasure" 'n vanilla pudding!  He also digs the band Garbage and lovely lead singer Shirley Manson. I do too so any fan of Garbage is cool in my book. Stripping down, J.J. shows off his slender body, full brown pubes, hangy nuts, and what grows to be a big fat cut cock. Dude plays with himself sliding his lubed fists up 'n down that big chubby dong, bends over and licks, kisses, and actually sucks his full knob (the first guy in this fuckin' movie who can!). The action is pretty damn hot watching J.J. cram that flared purple knob into his mouth and also be able to get a bit of his shaft in too. Frantically stroking and sucking, J.J. shoots a large thick load all over his face, tongue, neck, and chest. Sexy dude!

Zachery Scott:

Twenty-five year old Zachery is a good-looking guy with short dark hair, has a toned body, lives in Vegas, and has been in the porn business for about 1 years. He pulls off his tight faded blue jeans revealing shortly-trimmed pubes and a large 'n plump cut cock. He does not remove his tight tee shirt so I don't know if his chest is smooth or hairy. Zachery beats that big dong using his right lubed fist, bends over, and licks his purple helmet but is only able to get about of it into his mouth. With plenty of wet sucking and kissing sounds, he switches back 'n forth between jerking 'n lickin' until he dumps a large thick load of jizz that runs down his shaft onto his balls. Zachery ends his segment by licking his cum-slick knob.


Ugh! The video quality for Autofellatio Diaries is really poor! Shot directly on cheap tape, the picture is grainy, washed out, and looks almost black 'n white although it's color!


The mono sound is tinny and I had to crank the sound on my television all the way up to hear anything.


Well, the menu lists extras ("Pick A Sucker", "Sucker Pics", and "Sucker Clips") but I was unable to access any of them. I tired both of my DVD players and my computer and still could not access those fuckin' extras and the menu only stays up for a short time before the movie automatically begins. The disc does include chapter stops.


Frankly, the name of this movie should be "Knob Lickers" since only one dude can actually get his entire cockhead into his mouth. The disc's quality is cheap 'n crummy with bad picture and sound. The dudes are all very appealing but the only one really worth watching is J.J. Prince since he can actually do what the title suggests and the others can't. Speaking of the title, the movie is actually named Auto Fellatio Biographies. Skip It!

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