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Johnny Loves Morgan

Studio: Cezar Capone » Review by Christopher Thorne » Review Date: 1/4/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director: Bill Fisher
Cast: Morgan Dayne, Johnny, Sara Siren, Eden Adams, Amber Rayne, Mick Blue, Jeremy Smith, Seth Dickens and Reno
Condoms: None
Feature Running Time: 2hr 40mins
Bonus Scenes: 37 mins

Scene 1 - Morgan Dayne and Johnny (aka J-Mac):

Morgan gets picked up at a cafe by Johnny, who offers to come over and trim her hair.  Cut to Johny coming over to Morgan's for a date to shave her. They head into the shower where Johnny lathers her up and then shaves her pussy. Morgan has an extremely pretty pussy and it cleans up beautifully. Johnny then begins to eat her out, just as she starts to really get into it... he says he has to leave.

A quick inter cut of Johnny shopping and we're back at Morgan's with Johnny giving her some lingerie, as she sits naked. She tries on some red sexy stockings and they start making out. She hops on top of him and then they cut away to more trying on stockings and Johnny eats Morgan out. He spends good time going down on her before she returns the favor and sucks him off. Morgan's oral is extremely hot. Johnny flips her around and then fucks her from the side of the bed standing. It starts soft but they amp up the intensity pretty quickly.

They swap positions and Morgan gets on top. The intensity is amped up even more with Johnny thrusting fast and hard from the bottom. Director Bill Fisher inter cuts a lot between the rear view and Morgan's face. The pacing of which really builds the scene.

Morgan climbs off for a quick dick suck and takes her stockings off and then she's back on top for more. Johnny spreads Morgan's cheeks for a nice look at her ass. Then Morgan jumps back down and starts to suck Johnny off. And then they quickly move to reverse side straddle. Morgan seems genuinely into the scene, as Johnny fucks her she's got her eyes closed with her head back in ecstasy.

Morgan flips around and Johnny fucks her doggy style. The angle is a real hot one and Morgan continues to seem into it. Johnny really starts amping it up and Morgan enjoys it.

Johnny finally pulls out and flips her over and shoots his load on her stockings. It's a sizable load (enough to paint both her legs). Morgan finishes with some quick oral and licks the come off her stockings.

All together this opening scene runs 40 mins.


Scene 2 - Morgan Dayne, Johnny, Eden Adams

A fantasy sequence with Morgan telling Johnny about her fantasy girl girl encounter. The girl-girl scene stars in a large open warehouse like space with a bed in the middle. Morgan and  Eden Adams do some heavy petting, kissing and touching. Eden starts eating Morgan from behind and then sucks on her boots. More kissing and then Eden continues to eat Morgan out. Eden does some nice tongue fucking and then rubs her clit (with long black gloves). She then begins to finger Morgan as she eats her out. They move into scissors with Eden on top (complete with some more boot licking). Eden licks Morgan's breast and they kiss. The scene is real playful. Morgan becomes the aggressor, sucking on Edens tits and then eating Eden out.

Johnny joins the pair and Eden begins sucking Johnny's dick while Morgan eats her out. Morgan joins in with the oral and she shares Johnny's dick with Eden. It's a real hot double blow job. It switches POV. Eden and Morgan share some spit and them Johnny fucks Eden from behind while Eden is on top of Morgan.

Johnny then fucks Morgan with Eden on top of her. Johnny fingers Eden while he fucks Morgan and then Eden fingers herself. Eden starts to finger Morgan as Johnny fucks her and seems to get close to a real orgasm. She kisses Eden who fingers herself to near orgasms.

Johnny lies down and Morgan climbs on top of him, riding him as he leans off the side of the bed. It's another unique position which is super hot.  Eden takes of Morgan's boots and licks them some more.  It's obvious she's got a shoe fetish as she uses the heel of the boot to get off on. She rips off her stockings and masturbates with them as Morgan gets fucked.

They trade positions and Eden gets on top of Johnny. In comparison you can see just how amazing Morgan's ass is.  Morgan sticks a strand of pearls in her pussy and Eden pulls them out with her teeth. Morgan then plays with johnny's cock as he fucks Eden, pulling his cock out so she and Eden can give him a double blow job.  Morgan jumps back on top pulling her ass cheeks open so you can see her asshole while she's getting fucked.  (This girl would be amazing at anal).

She jumps off and then gets a load in her mouth which she spits back into Edens mouth who spits it on her breasts and Morgans. They make out a bit and play with the cum.

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It's a really well done threesome and Eden brings some really phenomenal heat to the mix. Another 40+ minute scene.

Scene 3 - Morgan Dayne and Sara Siren

Another girl/girl fantasy scene inter-cut between Morgan telling Johnny about her fantasy and the scene between Morgan and Sara.  Morgan goes down on Sara and we get treated to a nice closeup of Morgan licking Sara's pussy (which is a nice looking one). After a short amount of finger banging they start to kiss and Morgan returns to her pussy eating.

The scene is shot with mostly closeups and so you feel like you are right there in the action, it's extremely hot and sexy and the chemistry between Sara and Morgan is fantastic!

After some more kissing (which is HOT HOT HOT), Sara goes down on Morgan.  (Morgan seems to be the better of the two in giving oral sex to a woman). More kissing and then Sara grabs a glass dildo and starts fucking Morgan with it. I would have preferred a bigger dildo, smaller ones just don't seem to have the same sort of impact in a scene. But it's pretty hot as Morgan and Sarah suck on each end of it.

They flip over and Morgan fucks Sara with the dildo as Sara is standing.  They start to kiss again and Sara seems really into it (and Morgan).  They 69 and Morgan uses her mouth to push the dildo into Sarah. Camera work is all super close and it's very hot.

Sara takes a turn fucking Morgan from behind with the dildo.  Morgan flips around and Sara fucks her hard. Sara puts her hand around Morgan's neck but doesn't coke her. Morgan cums, but it's hard to tell if it was real or fake.

Scene 4 - Bondage with Morgan Dayne and Mick Blue

Johnny and Morgan area taking again about Morgan's fantasy. This time she says she wants to be dominated.  It's inter-cut with a scene of a Morgan and Mick Blue having sex. Reno is dressed in a funky head harness and belt and Morgan is dressed in a leather collar and leather one piece with g-string.

Morgan gets down and worships Reno and he grabs her neck. She then sucks his cock in a phenomenal blow job. He fucks her face as she blows him. It's a good long hard blow job.  Morgan crawls across the floor and then is fingered, spanked and fingered some more. He then fucks her from behind for quite a while.

Morgan flips over onto her back and starts sicking his dick. Morgan jumps on top in reverse cowgirl for some more fucking. Again they fuck like this for a long time.

Morgan flips around and sucks him off before flipping again as he eats out her pussy and then fucks her. The insertion is this fantastic closeup which is super hot. The camera stays close as he fucks her and it's probably the best footage of the scene. He then jumps up and fucks Morgan in the face. Extremely hot! The camera stays close as he fucks her until he jumps up and blows his huge load on Morgan's face. This scene feels like it drags for a while but the payoff is worth it.

Scene 5 - Girl/Girl with Morgan and Amber Rayne

Now it's Johnny's turn to talk about his fantasies and his are more out of Island Fever than the previous scenes.  Again this scene starts out with girl/girl action between Morgan and Amber Rayne.  There's a lot of slow kissing as they undress each other and then Morgan goes down for a quick while on Amber who quickly returns the favor. They get all sandy as Amber works on Morgan.

Johnny comes up and unleashes his cock from his shorts and Morgan sucks him as Amber eats her out.  Then Amber gets into the action as they take turns doing a double blow job.  

Seth Dickens comes in and Amber starts to suck him off and he's joined by Jeremy Smith as they double team her. This is inter-cut with Johnny fucking Morgan.

We're treated to the first anal of the film when Seth Dickens fucks Amber's pussy and then fucks her ass. They switch around so Amber can do an ATM and Jeremy can fuck her in the ass. As they fuck we stay almost completely with them for a while until they cut away to show Johnny pounding Morgan from top.

This only goes on for a short while until we're back to the threesome as Amber gets DP'd and choked. The action is hot, but it punctuates the fact that Morgan isn't doing anal.

We cut then to Seth fucking Morgan, who rides him on top.  Morgan actually does some of the riding, but like Johnny she tends to default into getting pounded from the guy (even though he is on the bottom).  

Back to Jeremy who fucks Amber in the ass while they're standing up. He moves over to Morgan who fucks Seth while sucking him off, and then sucks them both off.

Johnny fucks Amber in the pussy from behind and it's pretty hot. He finishes by blowing his load into her face.

The scene ends with Jeremy and Seth jerking off onto Morgan's chest.

The final scene definitely had nastier action in it but it ultimately wasn't the hottest scene of the bunch and ultimately didn't really seem to match the rest of the film.

Video - 1.85:1 wide-screen Shot on High def Johnny Loves Morgan looks stunning. The image for the first few scenes looks a lot different than the island scenes later on, almost as if they were from 2 separate movies. But otherwise it looks fantastic.

Audio - Solid audio 5.1 Dolby Digital. A nice change of musical styles through out the film, but all in all it sounded great.

Extras - Slide shows, Trailers and Web URLs.  

2nd Disc with an 8min Behind the Scenes which is OK. It's cut to music with some talking. It does give a peek into Morgan's personality a bit which seems great.

Bonus Scenes:

Morgan Solo -

A really interesting unedited scene that is prefaced by a note from the director that he felt that the raw scene captured the real Morgan Dayne.
The scene is shot in black and white and starts with a nice tease and she builds up to playing with herself. The scene lasts 10 minutes but doesn't end in climax. Shit.

Morgan Dayne and Reno -

A full scene that looks like it was deleted from the main film. Reno is dressed in chain-male.  Morgan gives him a nice blow job and then hops on top of him in reverse cowgirl. Morgan rides Reno more than she does the guys in the other scenes in the main feature. It's great to see her take some sort of charge (something I'd like to see he do more of).

She leans back and he takes her top off and then chokes her for a bit, flips her over and fucks her from top and pulls out his cock so she can suck it for a while. Reno goes back to fucking her and then flips her over and stands up, fucking her standing. Back to the couch and Morgan is on top riding Reno again.

As with the scenes on the main disc there's a lot of good closeup work with Morgan fucking Reno. But ultimately Reno turns into the aggressor fucking Morgan from the bottom (or pulling on her hips to get her to move).  Reno then fucks Morgan from behind in doggy style and she seems to really genuinely enjoy it.

They flip around so Reno is fucking Morgan from behind in spoon and he does some light choking. Morgan seems really into the action as she seems like she's doing less performing and more fucking. Reno jumps up and blows his load onto Morgan's chest who gives the camera a kiss.

The scene runs a full 27 minutes as is as hot as any of the scenes in the main feature.

Final Thoughts:  There's no question in my mind that Morgan Dayne is going to be a hot property. With just a small number of films under her belt she's a star on the rise.  She genuinely seems to enjoy the sex scenes she's in and it shows. Her girl girl scenes are strong and playful and her boy girl scenes are solid.

What's missing a bit from her performances is that she seems still a little timid. While she responds well to the action on screen I think there's still some room for her to amp it up and get more active in her scenes. Much of the film Johnny pounds her (even when she's on top). I would love to see Morgan give back as much as she's getting, and I think in time that will come. That aside, her chemistry here with Johnny is terrific and their action is extremely hot, especially in the threesome with Eden.

I liked some of the raunchier action on the island scenes at the end of the film, but they didn't feel as connected as the first few scenes.  Morgan's girl girl work with Amber Rayne wasn't as good as with Eden.

On the extras front I felt the behind the scenes could have been stronger, I'm not a fan of BTS stuff cut to music, I like a more documentary style.  The bonus scenes are a nice addition. I really like how Bill Fisher included a full, raw and unedited solo scene with Morgan. I just wish it had included an orgasm (perhaps even a real one). Also the Reno scene us as solid as any scene on the disc (perhaps they could have ditched the island scene in favor of this one).

All in all Johnny Loves Morgan is a really good disc, one which flirts with a top rating. Morgan Dayne isn't there yet, but she's close and Bill Fisher is an extremely talented director. I absolutely love his closeup work and his scenes of pacing. Except for the scene with Mick Blue Fisher manages keeps his scenes moving so they are never boring. So I'm giving Johnny Loves Morgan a solid Highly Recommended rating and I've put Morgan Dayne on my list of performers to watch!

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