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Personal Trainers Grade Their Final Students A+2

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 1/6/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 106 minutes

Director: Marty Stevens

Cast: Luke Hamill, Josh Elliot, Yann Tiersen, Sebastian Bonnet, Sean Berrett, Manuel Rios, Ennio Guardi, Alex Orioli, and Erik Bouna

Body Types:Young European guys with uncut cocks and smooth chests.

Condoms: yes

Things to see: threesomes, oral and facial cumshots

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Bel Ami's Personal Trainer series involve mainstay Bel Ami stars screwing new recruits in order to teach them how to have sex on camera.  Though the new models haven't mastered all of the Bel Ami techniques yet, they certainly seem to know their way around guy's cocks. The young actors are frisky, attractive, and very eager to please their trainers.  While some of the guys lack the smiley enthusiasm of their trainers, this could be attributed to the fact that they might be nervous about having sex on camera for the first time.  Fortunately, the beauty of the Trainer Series is that the trainers can coax the best from the actors; making them feel both comfortable and horny at the same time.

The film features four great scenes, two of which contain threesomes.  The sex scenes are well shot and the action is consistently erotic.  Director Marty Stevens expertly films the actor's bodies, zooming in for a close-up at just the right moment.  While the sex is great, the film's only negative is that the premise (trainers grade their trainees) is little more than an underused gimmick featured only in the last scene.  However, l still found that there was much to enjoy in A+2, notably the passionate 69 session for Sebastian Bonnet and his trainee and the double facial/oral cumshot for trainer Maunel Rios.

Scene one: Josh Elliot and Luke Hammill train Yann Tiersen

Yann, the cute blond cover boy, enters the room to find Josh using the computer.  Josh is eager to test out the new recruit so the guys quickly start making out.  Yann immediately takes control by licking and kissing all over Josh's smooth body, ultimately leading to some dick sucking for Josh.  Though Josh appears to enjoy his cock being sucked on, he instructs Yann how to properly suck it in front of the camera.  Josh then heads south to suck on Yann's pink headed cock.  Josh pleases him for a few minutes until Luke enters the room to take over. 

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The scene then shifts to a straddle fuck for Yann.  Yann's cock remains perfectly hard while his hole is rammed below.  Yann alternates between grinding his ass on top of Luke's cock and allowing Luke to pump his hole.  Yann then gets on his back for more fucking.  The guys then shift into a sort of acrobatic position where Yann twists his body so that Luke can fuck him from behind.  More acrobatic sex ensues, this time Yann flips his body upside down so that Luke can fuck him from above (it looks uncomfortable!).  Luke fucks him some more until he plasters Yann's chest with cum.

Scene two: Sebastian Bonnet trains Sean Berrett 

Sitting next to Sebastian is a young blond named Sean.  He looks nervous, but Sebastian does his best to help him to feel comfortable.  Sebastian begins to undress Sean and explore his body.  Sebastianthen delicately french kisses him before he places Sean's hard cock in his mouth.  Sean clearly enjoys all of the attention paid to his cock and balls.  Sebastian then stands up so that Sean can suck on his cock as well. 

The guys shift their bodies to form an erotic 69 position where Sebastian sucks on Sean's hard member while simultaneously fingering his hairy hole.  Sebastian then flips Sean's ass up into the air where he proceeds to give the boy a thorough rimming and fingering.  Eventually, Sebastian plunges his cock into Sean's young hole.  Sebastian fucks Sean from above, on his side, and in an impressive acrobatic position on top.  Finally, while Sebastian power fucks him, Sean lets loose a thick load onto his own chest.  Sebastian concludes by shooting off an impressive, and far reaching, cumshot.  

Scene three: Luke Hamill and Manuel Rios train Ennio Guardi

Luke enters the room loosely wearing underwear that hides his hard on.  Ennio, a dirty blond lad with spiked hair, joins Luke on the couch.  After some chatting, Ennio removes his clothes and starts to suck on Luke's dick.  Ennio does a good job with licking Luke's nuts and shaft.  Luke also sucks on Ennio's cock, even allowing Ennio to face fuck him.  Luke even tries to deep throat Ennio, but he can only get so far down the shaft.  Some old fashioned 69'ing follows and Luke fingers Ennio's hole.  Both guys then jack off side by side, each releasing some creamy white loads. 

Manuel Rios then enters the room, apparently wanting the guys to get off again.  Ennio and Luke tag team Manuel, with Ennio being the first to plunge his cock into Manuel's hole.  Manuel is consistently good at bottoming since he continues to suck on Luke's cock like an animal, even though his hole is filled with man meat.  Luke then fucks Manuel from below, while Manuel sucks on Ennio.  Finally, Ennio and Luke jerk their dicks next to Manuel's face.  It doesn't take long for them to give Manuel what he secretly wants; double oral cumshots. 

Scene four: Luke Hamill and Alex Orioli train Erik Bouna

Bright eyed Erik Bouna is a young brunette with a tanned and toned body.  He sits between the guys, playing with his cock in lustful anticipation.  The guys quickly pull off Erik's shirt, revealing his perfect six pack.  The guys then start to suck and lick all over his body.  While Luke sucks on Erik's cock, Erik passionately inhales Alex's cock.  Sensing that he wants something more, Alex begins to shove his cock in and out of Erik's eager mouth.  Luke then stops to film the two guys in action.  Erik clearly enjoys being filmed (and sucking cock of course) because he pants and moans like a cat in heat.   

On all fours, Erik's hole is then poked by Luke's fingers while he sucks on Alex.  With his hole ready for action, Luke fucks Eric from behind while Erik goes ape shit excited over sucking on Alex.  Luke then shifts to fucking Erik in a straddle position.  While Luke fucks away, Alex occasionally lowers his balls for Luke to lick.  Alex also gets his opportunity to fuck Erik, which Luke captures on film.  Finally, Alex spurts off a tasty load into Erik's mouth.  Luke, so turned on from watching this transpire above him, shoots off his load. 


The DVD:


The video was shot in 16:9 widescreen.  I found the image to be similar to most other Bel Ami titles; colorful and sharp.  At times the image can be utterly beautiful, with its rich colors and well lit scenes.  Overall, this was a great transfer.   


The sound was good except for a few moments where the dialogue had a slight echo to it.  This flaw was rare, however. 



Extras include animated menus, oral, anal and cumshot selection, and a trailer for  Johan's Journal Sun Kissed.

Final thoughts:

Personal Trainers Grade Their Final Students A+2 is another quality film in the Personal Trainer series.  The guys are hot, the sex is great, and the film looks beautiful thanks to a colorful transfer.  If you like younger European guys, group sex, and a few facials then this will be a great title to add to your collection.  Highly Recommended!

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