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Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 1/6/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 130 minutes

Director: Robert Boggs

Cast: Kevin Brise, Jerry Haris, Rendy Scott, Thomas Adamec, John Hill, Raffael Collins, Ryan Quaid, Ariel Vanean, Kieron Athey, and Val Horner, and Bjorn Gedda

Body Types:young European guys, smooth chest and uncut dicks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: outdoor sex, group sex

Plot: These graffiti artists are eager to tag more than just walls.

The Movie:

As far as I know, there has never been a porno film involving European graffiti artists who ride around on roller blades.  The scenario sounds positively goofy, and it does elicit a few giggles, but the film itself is a sparkling example of twink porn done right.  Spray follows the various adventures of a group of roving graffiti artists.  The guys roller blade around the city, finding spots to tag walls, perform risky stunts down stairways, and find secluded areas for the boys to get off with each other.  Most of the film is shot outdoors, so these boys are apparently doing the deed at an actual public park location. 

While most twink films are full of average lookers engaged in vanilla sex, Spraystrives to present both hot models and a variety of excellent sex scenes.  The guys truly look great working together, and each actor is hot in their own special way.  If I had to pick one favorite scene though, I would point you directly to the Ariel Vanean and Jerry Haris segment.  Both of these actors are so incredibly handsome that they look like they were stolen from an Abercombie and Fitch model shoot.   In addition to their perfect bodies, thick cocks, and good looks, both actors passionately have sex with each other; smiling and moaning throughout.  Other scenes are just as good including an outdoor skater boy orgy and a teenage sleepover that quickly leads to naughtiness.   If you have been holding out for an actual good twink film, then Spray is probably the DVD you have been waiting for.  

Scene one: Jerry Haris, Rendy Scott, Thomas Adamec, Raffael Collins, and Kieron Athey

A group of friends on roller blades (Jerry, Rendy and Kieron) spray their markings on a brick wall.  These must be gay taggers though since one of the guys tells his friend to add more of the color green to his art.  Once the guys are done spraying they bemoan about how bored they are.  One guy starts to play with his cock in front of his pals, and the rest of the guys pull out their hard dicks as well (erections can be so contagious).  The guys stroke their cocks around each other and even toss a Frisbee onto Rendy's hard member.  With their penises out, the talk quickly leads to joking around with each other about sucking cocks.  One guy takes matters into his own hands by sucking on his friend.  The guys proceed to suck and lick each other. 

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Suddenly, Thomas and Raffael roll over and interrupt the threesome, hoping to get some action.  The blond stud (Thomas) sucks on a guy while Raffael takes care of the rest of the lads.  All of the five guys then alternate between who sucks and licks who, culminating in all of the guys beating off together.  The smell of sweaty balls and freshly tagged walls ultimately makes the guys shoot off their loads.  Two of the guys even release their loads at the same time.

Scene two: Val Horner and Ryan Quaid

On a park pathway Val roller blades around until he bumps into Ryan.  The guys decide to skate to a secluded park bench where they take off their skates, as well as their pants.  The guys passionately kiss each other resulting in some plump erections that pop out from their underwear.  Val sucks away on Ryan's meat before the guys engage in a tournament of "sword fighting."  Ryan then sucks on Val, paying attention to Val's hairless balls.  Still on the cold picnic bench, the guys start to fuck, with Val taking it up the ass.  Val's cock is nicely hard while Randy plows away on his side.   Eventually the guys jack their cocks next to each other and passionately kiss.  Both guys release some tasty looking white loads.

Scene three: Ariel Vanean and Kevin Brise

While cruising the city streets, the brunette twink Ariel stumbles upon Kevin tagging a wall.  Transfixed by Kevin's good looks, he strikes up a conversation and ultimately agrees to go home with him.  Kevin leads Ariel through his bedroom window, fearing that his parents might wake up.  Kevin then tells Ariel that he can get ready for bed while he takes a shower.  Ariel takes off his clothes and easily falls asleep.  When Kevin returns, he finds it difficult not to touch Ariel's beautiful body.  Ariel wakes up and soon the boys are sharing saliva.  Kevin begins by going down on Ariel's uncut dick.  Ariel follows suit by sucking on Kevin's shaft and licking his nuts.  The boys switch back and forth with their dick sucking before Kevin fucks Ariel from behind.  Ariel smiles and pants while Kevin fucks his hole.  Ariel then fucks Kevin on his side as well.  Finally, Ariel jacks off Kevin to a romantic and smile-inducing cumshot.  Ariel shoots out his spunk too, thanks to Kevin's romantic kissing. 

Scene four: Kevin Brise and John Hill

Kevin arrives late to work due to his late night bedroom activities with Ariel.  While he changes in the staff locker-room, his young boss finds him and begins to chastise him for his lateness.  While the bitchy boss criticizes him, he can't help but notice Kevin's silky skin and developed muscles.  Apparently sexual harassment laws are different in Europe since John begins to touch and kiss Kevin's smooth body.  Soon, both guys are sporting erections so they pull off their pants and start to share blowjobs .   Eventually Kevin bends over so that his boss can fuck him.  John screws his employee well, ultimately making Kevin shoot off his load.  John then tosses off his load onto his own chest. 

Scene five: Thomas Adamec and Bjorn Gedda

Two blond coworkers wait around for an elevator to be fixed.  The spiky haired Thomas can't help but look at Bjorn's package through his tight work apparel.  Bjorn senses that Thomas wants a piece of him so he allows Thomas to kiss him.  The boys make out briefly before Thomas has a cock in his mouth.  Bjorn face fucks him for a while and then proceeds to suck onThomas's young dick.  The guys share some more blowjobs until Bjorn makes it clear that he wants to fuck Thomas.  Thomas lies on his back while Bjorn rubs his slightly hairy hole.  Bjorn then proceeds to fuck Thomas forcefully.  Thomas takes it deep and hard though he looks like he's having a good time.  While Bjorn fucks him with his legs up in the air, Thomas oozes out a load.  Bjorn then jacks off his cock ontoThomas's arm.

Scene six: Kevin Brise and Rendy Scott

At the park, Kevin meets up with his gang of roller blading taggers.  His pal Rendy pulls him aside to a remote location.  Rendy quickly becomes flirtatious while he asks Kevin about his night spent with Ariel.  The sleepover tale makes Rendy horny so the guys start to make out with each other.  The guys erotically kiss each other, while still wearing their skates.  The guys then cut immediately to the chase; Kevin fucks Rendy against a used tire.  Kevin fucks the guy pretty hard yet Rendy looks like he's having a great time.  Rendy then fucks Kevin as well.  The guys share some blowjobs and then start to cum left and right. 

Scene seven: Ariel Vanean and Jerry Haris

Kevin left Ariel hanging with the group, without a pair of skates.  Fortunately, the sweet-as-can-be Jery Haris has an extra pair in his back pack.  The couple skate together until they decide to head back to Jery's house.  On the couch, Ariel tries to repay Jery's hospitality by making out with him.  The cute couple proceed to passionately kiss and gently caress each other.  After some serious dick teasing, the guys pull out their cocks for some solid oral action. Jery eagerly laps up Ariel's cock, looking deep into his eyes while he sucks.  Ariel also sucks on Jery's nubile prick.  Ariel then bends over so that Jery can rim out his tasty hole and lick his cock some more.  With his hole ready for action, Ariel is fucked on his back.  Ariel is incredibly turned on, sporting a consistently hard dick throughout the entire fuck-fest.  While Jery fucks him, Ariel can't hold back his orgasm any longer, culminating in a thick load shot all over his chest.  Jery then strokes off his cock while Ariel kisses him.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the transfer was beautiful.  Detail was high and the colors nearly leaped off the screen.  Even the outdoor locations, which are prone to inconsistent lighting, looked pretty darn good. 


The sound was adequate for this feature.  All of the dialogue can be heard and there is an occasional soundtrack the kicks in during the skating scenes. 


Extras include oral, anal, and cum selection, a trailer for  More Tales 2, an animated gallery, and a mini documentary.  The documentary is composed of behind the scene footage, with an emphasis placed on cast interviews.  The guys talk about what they like, both sexually and what they do for fun.  Though nothing substantial will be gained through watching this, I enjoyed watching the cast talk candidly about various things. 

Final thoughts:

Spray was a fun little porno full of attractive young men and some hot sexual scenarios.  The actors show lots enthusiasm for each other, resulting in some passionate and romantic scenes.  Also, the DVD itself is rather nice with a beautiful transfer and a few worthwhile special features.  Therefore, this title deserves a highly recommended rating.

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