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Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 3

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/12/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Milf, Lesbian 
Director: ?
Cast: Magdalene St. Michaels, Dia Zerva, Stephanie Sage, Laci Laine, Lynn Le May, Payton Leigh, Prinzzess
Length: 187 minutes
Date of Production: 12/19/2008
Extras: The extra portion of the dvd is about twenty-five minutes in length. Part of it is company information on their fine stable of films. There are trailers for Imperfect Angels Episode 5 and Episode 6, Road Queen Part 8, Women Seeking Women Volume 47, Lesbian Triangles, and Lesbian Seductions Volume 20 and Volume 22. They are good previews.
Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: The movie is shot in wide screen. The video quality is pretty good. The audio is fair. For the most part, one can hear the dialogue, but, at times, it is not not loud enough.
Overview: This movie is the third installment in this increasingly popular series. It specializes in lesbian sex. I like how they portray the sex scenes very realistically. The actresses do not rush into the action. They take it slow and easy. Everything is concentrated on making the inexperienced woman feel comfortable. The gentle touching and kissing really enhances the scene. A lot of credit goes to the mindset of the creators of Girlfriends Films. Despite being a relatively new studio, it has made its presence known to the industry. They have a very bright and successful future.

Lynn Le May and Laci Laine

Scene One: There is a get-together at Dia Zerva's house. There is some brief conversation before Lynn Le May and Stephanie Sage arrive. Once they do enter the scene, it does not take long until Laci Laine walks away from the group. Lynn Le May stares at her as she leaves. Moments later, she goes to check on her. In another room, Laci is talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone. Lynn sits next to her on the couch and Laci hangs up on her guy. There is a conversation about being with another woman. Ms. Le May takes Laci upstairs. They get on the large bed. The younger woman feels nervous. Lynn caresses her upper leg and thigh. She kisses her left hand softly. It's a sweet moment. Lynn is trying to make her feel at ease and comfortable. It is working a bit. They kiss. Laci feels the older woman's breasts. Lynn has goosebumps from her touch. The two women kiss again. Lynn gets really turned on. Laci feels her breasts underneath her tank top. They kiss again. She squeezes her tits. Ms. Le May touches Laci's face. Lynn gently squeezes her tits. The women kiss. The younger woman is trying to feel comfortable with Lynn. She still feels nervous. The older woman touches her body and asks her to relax. Lynn removes Laci's shirt and snuggles on top of her. Then, she kisses the younger woman's tummy. Next, she caresses Laci's titties underneath her yellow shirt. Then, she kisses her thigh. Then, she kisses her sweet breasts.

She kisses her right leg too. Lynn kisses her smooth tummy and midsection again. She sucks her nice breasts. Later, the woman licks her inner thighs. It's nice and hot. Then, Lynn licks her panty covered pussy. She runs her finger along her pretty pussy lips. Ms. Le May removes Laci's pink panties and kisses her on the mouth. Then, she licks her mound and rubs her lovely gem. The woman does a super job. Laci is enjoying the personal attention. Lynn really gets her motor running when she sucks it with more enthusiasm. Next, Lynn fingers her wet tunnel of love. The younger woman really gets off on it. Lynn also rubs her tit on the inexperienced woman's pussy. Then, she eats her with much gusto. Next, she sucks Laci's cute breasts. Lynn is one horny cougar. She does a sensational job playing with her titties. Then, she removes Laci's shirt and bra. They kiss and straddle each other. Lynn continues to taste her tit. She bites her nipple and squeezes her tit. Then, the two women rub their pussies together. Lynn pinches Laci's nipples. They kiss afterwards. Then, Laci caresses Lynn's breasts. Then, she sucks on them. I like this moment. Laci also bites her nipple. Afterwards, Laci rubs her pussy. She stretches her pussy lips. It's very cool. Then, Lynn removes her own panties. Laci sucks on her pussy. She also continues to play with it with her fingers. She also rubs it in a fast motion. Lynn goes nuts by the stimulation. They kiss. Lynn sucks Laci's tits. They kiss. It's a very hot and sweet scene. The older woman fingers her and licks her. It drives Laci crazy. She also rubs her pussy with the palm of her hand and her fingertips. They kiss at the end of this fantastic scene.


Dia Zerva, Magdalene St. Michaels, and Stephanie Sage

Scene Two: Dia Zerva, Magdalene St. Michaels, and Stephanie Sage are sitting on the couch in the living room and talking. The two older women share their first experience with the other woman. Afterwards, the three women head to another room for more privacy. Once in the bedroom, Dia and Magdalene lay on the bed while the younger woman stands at the end of it. Magdalene asks her to sit next to them. After the three women are sitting on the bed, they talk about Stephanie's lack of experience. After more conversation, the two moms express their mutual feelings for each other. They hold hands and kiss. The younger woman watches on. Their kisses are sweet. Later, Dia blindfolds Stephanie. The two moms run their fingertips up and down Stephanie's arms, legs, chest, and face. This scene is very sensual. Dia runs her hands on her legs. Magdalene runs her hand on the side of her head and breasts. She caresses her hand. Dia runs her hand along her body. The two women continue to pay attention to the younger woman. Next, the moms kiss. Then, Dia kisses Stephanie's hand and fingers. Magdalene kisses Steph on the lips. Ms. Zerva kisses her belly. She runs her fingers through her friend's hair. Dia kisses Stephanie. Magdalene caresses the side of Dia's head. Next, Dia snuggles into Steph. Dia kisses her neck. Ms. St. Michaels runs her hand along Stephanie's sexy legs. She kisses the younger woman. Dia caresses Stephanie's body. Magdalene kisses the yonger woman again. Then, she runs her right hand under Stephanie's shirt. She caresses her breasts. The two older women kiss. Next, Magdalene pulls up Stephanie's shirt. She caresses her tit and kisses it. Dia kisses Stephanie's stomach. Magdalene does a hot job sucking on Stephanie's left nipple. Dia sucks on the nipple. Magdalene and Steph kiss. Ms. Zerva kisses the younger woman's other nipple. The two women are sucking her breasts. Then, Ms. St. Michaels removes Stephanie's bra. The women continue to suck on her beautiful tits. Then, Magdalene continues to pay attention to her breasts as Dia pays attention to her hips. Dia kisses the side of Magdalene's head. The two moms kiss again.
Next, Magdalene kisses her stomach. Then, Dia sits behind Stephanie. Magdalene sucks her tits. Dia runs her hands along the sides of her body. Magdalene and Steph kiss. Then, Ms. St. Michaels kisses her upper leg. Dia caresses Stephanie's body. Magdalene kisses the younger woman's inner thigh. Ms. Zerva caresses her ribs. Magdalene kisses Stephanie's pussy. She feels her pussy lips with her fingertip. Dia and Steph kiss. Magdalene also fingers her pussy. She also sucks her tit very briefly. Then, Magdalene sucks her pussy while finger fucking her. Then, the two mothers switch positions.
Dia takes off her own shirt. Magdalene caresses Stephanie's breasts. Dia feels the younger woman's beauty spot with her fingertips. She also finger fucks and sucks her rose petal too. Magdalene and Stephanie kiss. Ms. Zerva really works her over while sucking and finger fucking her pussy. Magdalene kisses Stephanie's side of the head. Then, Dia sucks her breast while still finger fucking her rose. Ms. St. Michael rubs the younger woman's gem. Magdalene rubs her nipple with her fingertips. Stephanie tastes Dia's wet fingers. Then, Dia kisses her and Magdalene. Next, Dia removes Stephanie's shorts and the other mom caresses Stephanie's titties. They remove the inexperienced woman's t-shirt. Magdalene caresses her breasts. Steph licks Dia's nipple. Then, Magdalene places Stephanie's hands on Dia's tits. The two women feel Dia's breasts. Steph sucks her breast. Magdalene also sucks her breast. Next, Magdalene kisses Dia's back. Then, Magdalene places Stephanie's hand along Dia's back. Magdalene takes off Dia's jeans. The younger lady runs her hand on Dia's ass. She also kisses it and her back. Magdalene kisses her friend's ass. Stephanie still has the blindfold on. Then, Dia turns around. Magdalene places Stephanie's fingers on Dia's pussy. She rubs it. Magdalene rubs Dia's tit. She also runs her hand on her lovebox. She kisses it. Then, the blindfold comes off of Stephanie. She sucks Dia's tit. Magdalene sucks Dia's other breast. Magdalene rubs her dear friend's pussy. Dia and Stephanie kiss while Magdalene pays attention to her friend's flower. Magdalene sucks Dia's breast later. Then, Stephanie and Dia remove Magdalene's pants. Dia sucks her friend's pussy. Steph and Magdalene kiss. She also caresses Magdalene's tits. Then, she sucks on her right nipple. Dia is paying close attention to Magdalene's lovebox. Then, Steph sucks Magdalene's beauty spot. Dia kisses Magdalene's inner thigh. Then, Dia licks the younger woman's asshole and fingers her pussy. Dia kisses Stephanie's back as she has her finger in Stephanie's tunnel of love.

Stephanie Sage and Payton Leigh

Scene Three: Payton Leigh and Prinzzess are in separate bathrooms in their home. Both women are dressing. Then, everyone meets in the living room. There is some small talk. Payton and Prinzzess go to the kitchen to get drinks. Once there, Payton tells her that she is very attractive to Stephanie Sage. So, the younger woman gets Stephanie to come with her to the kitchen. She hooks the two women up. Then, Prinzess takes them to the bedroom. Payton and Steph sit on the bed. Prinzzess asks Payton for her dress. So, she takes her sexy dress off. Stephanie also takes her clothes off too. Prinzzess also tells them to remove their bras. With their beautiful breasts showing, the two women kiss. Steph tastes her right breast. They kiss again. Steph caresses Payton's left breast. Their kisses are sweet and tender. Prinzzess has already left the room. Steph rubs her pussy ever so gently. Their kisses continue. Next, the younger woman rubs Payton's lovely pussy underneath her red panties. Moments later, she rubs her gem with more effort. Their kissing session is hot. The stimulation on Payton's pussy is getting to her a bit. The older woman caresses Stephanie's right breast. There is more kissing. Then, Steph sucks Payton's breast and stomach. She tastes her lovely gem. Next, she takes off the older woman's panties. Steph sucks her pussy with good stimulation. Her technique really gets Payton off. Her moans are sensational. Payton's love mound is very cute. I like the small amount of hair on it. Payton strokes the back of Steph's head. The older woman holds her own left tit in her hand. I really like this moment. Payton brushes her giver's hair to the back of her head. Next, Stephanie kisses Ms. Leigh and lays on top of her. Their kissing continues. Payton caresses Steph's body. She rubs her groin on the older woman's groin. Payton runs her hand along Stephanie's back.

Stephanie Sage and Payton Leigh

Afterwards, they lay next to each other. Ms. Leigh feels Stephanie's breast. They continue to kiss. Then, Payton runs her hand underneath her partner's black panties. She feels the young woman's rose garden. Payton licks Stephanie's lips. Her actions are very hot and steamy. I am getting warm myself. Their kissing is great. Payton rubs her pussy faster. Her quicker stimulation gets Steph's motor running. Her moans are sweet sounding. The older woman caresses her tummy. The kisses continue. They are very gentle to each other. Payton lays on top of her briefly. Then, she takes off Stephanie's panties. Payton kisses her inner thigh. Then, she orally pleasures her rose. The close-ups are cool. The camera angles during the action are also quite good. Later, the mature woman lays on top of her and they kiss. Payton rubs her body against her new lover. Their kissing is still sensational. Then, Payton rubs her groin on hers. Payton kisses Steph's tits. Then, they kiss again. Ms. Leigh rubs her groin faster on the younger woman's. They kiss again to end the scene. Payton Leigh and Stephanie Sage are unbelieveable together. Stephanie really stands out here as compared to her previous scene with Magdalene and Dia.

Prinzzess and Magdalene St. Michaels 

Scene Four: Magdalene St. Michaels and Prinzzess are talking at the dining room table. She tells Ms. St. Michaels that she has been with an older woman before. As soon as Magdalene heads for the bathroom to freshen up, it does not take long for us to see Prinzzess with her in that room. They hug and the younger woman shows off her body. She takes Magdalene to her bedroom. Prinzzess removes her own bra. She caresses the mature woman's legs. She kisses her. She places Magdalene's hand on her back. Then, Prinzzess kisses her tummy. She kisses her hand. They kiss again. Then, the younger woman takes off her pants. She runs her own hand on the woman's body. They kiss again. Prinzzess kisses Magdalene's left breast. They kiss. She removes the older woman's bra. Magdalene touches her titties. Prinzzess tastes her fingers. She sucks her left tit. They kiss. Prinzzess is the more aggressive person. She runs her hands along Ms. St. Michaels' body. The younger woman kisses her left leg and runs her hands along it. She also kisses her right leg. Then, Prinzzess tastes her inner thigh and pussy. Magdalene holds her own breasts. Next, they kiss again. Prinzzess feels Magdalene's pussy. The mature woman also rubs the younger woman's beauty spot too. They kiss. Prinzzess sucks her right breast. Magdalene touches her breasts. Moments later, Prinzess kisses her butt. She also manuevers her way to kiss her love zone. Then, she removes her panties. She feels her pussy. She kisses her breast. Later on, their kissing continues as their groins rub against each other. Later, Prinzzess kisses her pussy. Then, she sucks on it with vigor. She also rubs it quickly with her own thumb too. Magdalene also feels her own jewel. Later, they kiss and Magdalene sucks her right breast. She caresses her titties. She returns to sucking the younger woman's right breast. Prinzzess rubs her own pussy. Then, she rubs Magdalene's tits. Magdalene stimulates the younger woman's flower. Then, they turn around. The mature woman lays on top of her. They kiss. Magdalene kisses her left tit. Prinzzess is feeling good. Magdalne squeezes and tastes her breasts. Then, she kisses her inner thigh and pussy. She licks it gently. Magdalene fingers and sucks her. Prinzzess is feeling it a lot. Then, they kiss. Next, Magdalene sucks her pussy and asshole. Prinzzess rubs her own pussy. Moments later, she lays on top of Prinzzess again. They kiss. She humps the younger woman's ass. Prinzzess sucks Magdalene's right breast. The older woman humps her faster and harder. Prinzzess rubs her pussy. At the end, Magdalene St. Michaels snuggles on the back of Prinzess.
Final Thoughts: This third installment is a very fine addition to the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club series. The gentleness and tenderness between the performers instills the philosophy of Girlfriends Films. That philosophy is stated on the back cover of the dvd. It states that Girlfriends Films strives to create "simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video." They are doing an outstanding job in fulfilling their goal. I highly recommend this movie.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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