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Anal Lesbian Sweethearts

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 1/8/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Title: Anal Lesbian Sweethearts ( 2 Disc Set)
Studio: Evil Angel
Category: Anal, Girl-Girl
Director: Jay Sin
Starring: Kacey Jordan, Amber Rayne, Tricia Oaks, Madison Scott, Stephanie Sage, Charlotte Vale, Andi Heart, Chase Taylor, Rebecca Blue, Holly Fox
Release Date: Nov 12, 2008
Running time: 4 Hours 7 minutes
Condoms: None

Scene #1: Kacey Jordan & Rebecca Blue

Kacey and Rebecca open up the disc as they both share a big swirl lollipop big enough for each to enjoy. The Blond teenage whores look quite good and a lot more delectable and sweet  than any candy on the face of the planet. The pair share some kissing and caressing before Kacey gets into her pink candy box.. and no this is not a metaphor for her pussy. She literally has a pink candy box next to her...LOL.  Kacey pulls out some clamps from the candy box and clamps Miss Blue's nipples and the couple continue to play with each other. The girls look very good paired together as as each gets her body rubbed on the hotter i seem to get.   Kacey seems to take most of the charge here licking and rubbing on Rebecca before bending her over to show off her little teen asshole and pussy.  While bent over Rebecca gets some hard candy sweets shoved into her ass and pussy hole by Kacey and my does it look good. After getting some lollipops inserted inside of her Rebecca gets a workout from a nice looking vibrating sex toy which fills up her asshole and seems do deliver Miss Blue some nice pleasure.  Eventually the action switches up a bit and the girls use a double sided dildo on each other which i really enjoyed watching and from the looks of it the girls really enjoyed performing. After the double dong Kacey gets her shot at having Rebecca please her asshole with her tongue and Rebecca really gets deep into the backside of Kacey. Before it is all said and done Kacey gets some sweet lollipops shoved inside both her love canals and the visuals are great. To wrap things up Kacey gets her cunt fucked by a nice sized dildo in her pussy and a butt plug in her ass.

Scene #2: Tricia Oaks & Chase Taylor

Chase Taylor opens up as she is sucking on a nice sized lollipop all while showing off her amazing body to the camera. Its not long before the camera is focused on Chase's privates as she runs the sweet candy over her nipples and then her bald cunt. After a bit of teasing Chase gets down and dirty and shoves the round lollipop inside of herself and gets her pussy dripping wet with what must be the tastiest dripping pussy ever... i know i would love to take a lick of that tootsie pop for sure anyways. After a bit Tricia Oaks shows up and in no time flat she is sucking on the candy Chase just had inside her cunt. The pair of hotties share some kissing and just like the previous scene before it these two really look great together. Chase and Tricia share a bit of foreplay and suck on one another's tits in some well captured girl on girl action. After messing around with each other of a bit Chase finds her self on all fours where Tricia uses a big glass butt plug to ream Chase Taylor's anus. After getting her ass torn up in doggy Chase gets on her back where the anal play continues. Eventually Tricia gets her go a things as she gets in to the doggy position and has Chase eat out her asshole before shoving a huge dildo inside her to give her butt hole a nice workout. The scene wraps up with Chase rubbing her pierced nipple into the blown out and freshly fucked  asshole of Miss Oaks. 

Scene #3: Charlotte Vale & Madison Scott

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Charlotte and Madison are smoking hot and the pair really capture my attention from the get go. The scene opens up and in no time flat Madison and Charlotte are each tag teaming on a lollipop like it where a penis head and they were trying their best to make it shoot its load.  Charlotte eventually rubs the sweet candy on her nipples and has Madison suck them clean. After a bit Madison Scott reveals her monster melons and i cant believe the size of these things on this tiny  girl. The pair take turns on sucking on each others breasts but that quickly gets old and its time for some real action. Madison gets onto all fours and gets her clit rubbed with a lollipop while getting her ass licked by Charlotte. Madison eventually gets her tight looking twat filled with the sugary treat and my god does it get nasty with the lollipop melting all inside her sexy warm twat.  After giving Miss Scott a nice sweet fucking Charlotte cleans up the sweet mess dripping from Madison's legs with her mouth and my god was this a turn on for me. Madison then lies on her back and gets her anus reamed with a grape flavored sucker followed by a big jelly dong. Before it is all said and done Madison gets back into the doggy position where Charlotte fucks her asshole with a vibrator until Madison cums. Before the scene ends you just knew the beautiful Charlotte Vale would get a shot at he own pleasure and she receives it when Madison gets her on all fours and fucks her tight asshole with a dildo  and sweetens up her poop shoot with a watermelon flavored blow pop which looked great.

Scene #4: Andi Heart & Holly Fox

Andi and Holly begin their scene as the pair of girls take a spin on a merry go round while sucking on some lollipops and i am sure capturing an eye or two from the civilian bystanders in the process. The scene is quickly cut back to a bedroom where Andi takes charge and lays the beautiful Holly on her back to get her pussy all wet and sticky with a sucker fuck. The action looks amazing and Andi gets really naughty eating all the cream that builds up inside of holly from the sucker melting inside of her. Holly eventually lands up on her knees where Andi licks all the sweet cream off of Miss Fox's pussy and then continues to sucker fuck the blond whore's pussy and lick her asshole at the same time. The Action continues like this for a while and to be honest it drags a bit too long for my licking but eventually Andi gets a doubled ended dildo and fucks Holly's pussy and ass with it before going the oral route again to eat out Holly's anus. After getting her asshole tongue lashed Holly gets her backside fucked with a dildo and that goes on for a bit. The action then switches from Holly to Andi as Andy lays on her back removes her panties and commences to get a lollipop shoved inside of her twat with a messy and sticky sucker fucking to ensue. Andi gets her fair share of the candy play before having Holly orally clean up the mess left between Andi's legs. Finally Andi gets her asshole plowed with a big dildo and she really REALLY seems to enjoy it.

Scene #5: Amber Rayne & Stephanie Sage

Amber and Stephanie are a pair of roller girls with cute little outfits that just scream sex. Knee high socks with tiny mini dresses and cute little panties peaking out from all the right places. The girls playfully skate around for a second before finding solace on a single barstool in the middle of a stark white room. The two begin by kissing as Amber sits on the stool showing off her ass and pussy. Before long Stephanie takes off Ambers panties and gets on her knees to eat her cute friends bald cunt.  After some playful pussy teasing / licking by Stephanie she moves up to lick on the perky little tits of Amber. After teasing Amber for a bit Stephanie removes her panties and takes a seat on the barstool where Miss Rayne uses a sucker ring on Steph's cunt while giving her clit a tongue lashing, After eating out Stephanie's pussy for a while Amber introduced a couple of large suckers into the mix and she does with them what suckers were meant for and she rubs them all over and shoves them inside of Stephanie's adorable bald cunt. Eventually The couple find themselves on the floor where once again Stephanie gets a dildo shaped lollipop inside her twat which is followed up by a nice studded vibrator.  Amber lands up using several different toys on Stephanie and the heat is scorching. After getting some toys used on her the action switches back to a lollipop and Stephanie gets her asshole fucked by one which then transitions back to the use of yet another toy. Before the scene wraps up Amber gets on all fours and gets her anus eaten out by Steph lead up with some more sucker play as Amber gets her poop shoot fucked by some sweet suckers. Following the suckers Amber gets some pretty hardcore looking anal beads shoved inside her backside  and gets those yanked out by Stephanie to wrap up the movie.


The extras for "Anal Lesbian Sweethearts" include a photo gallery, three Evil Angel Trailers ( On Disc 1),  A Six minute Behind the scenes.. which in all honesty was average at best due to not much substance added to what is present.  Also included was a 13 minute interview section where 4 of the girls from the disc were interviewed.  A 1 hour and & 8 minute "Outtakes," which was nice as it featured some nice extra outtakes from the filming of the movie which I always happen to enjoy. Finally a 2 minute blooper section is added as well as a  Filmographies section and Websites Tab.

Audio / Video:

Anal Lesbian Sweethearts was presented in a  standard 4 x 3 Image encoded using an MPEG-2 Codec Running at around an average of 4 - 5 Mbps. The style in which the DVD is presented for me worked. I loved some of the more minimalistic approaches to set design in that less is more and i really liked that here. The quality of the video was very good for a standard  definition video and the colors came across quite well as did  the lack of a lot of video noise. One problem i came across in terms of the video was a decision to use a horrid pink mist  frame around the entire Andi Heart / Holly Fox scene. It felt like something you would find in a cheap version of windows movie maker and it just totally distracted me from enjoying the scene in its entirety. Other than That this video is what you would come to expect from Jay Sin and that is a good thing. The audio presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 @ 192 Kbps was pretty good here and all voices and sounds came across very well for me on my cheap setup and I really have no complains about the audio. 

Final Thoughts:

Anal Lesbian Sweethearts was one heck of a good title in my book. Was is great? I am sorry to say if fell a bit short for me. I really has super high expectations for this and perhaps that lead me to feel a bit let down by the overall DVD. Don't get me wrong the DVD is very good and much above the average flick that seems to be popping up a dime a dozen now days but still i just felt that there was something missing here and i just cant quite pin point what that is. Sometimes i felt the scenes dragged on a bit too long and perhaps a bit more variety to the sex would have done the trick but who knows. One thing that is for sure is the girls all look great here and they are all nasty as hell which was a big turn on for me. The scenes i thought really stood out were  the Charlotte Vale & Madison Scott scene as well as the Amber Rayne & Stephanie Sage one... both scenes were really done well. All in all this is a good disc like i said earlier perhaps my super high expectations ruined the overall experience for me but this Disc is still worth a pick up. I recommend you check this title out and i think you might just find yourself with a sweet tooth.


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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