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Avor - More Tales 2

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 1/9/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2007-2008

Length: 108 minutes

Director: Robert Boggs

Cast: Mark Lopez, Bryan McCain, Justin Boyd, Andrew Shut, Ronnie Wilson, Thierry Aulin, Matt Woody, Ryan Quaid, Colin Reeves, Nikolas Markov, Ariel Vanean, Mark Vernon, and Kevin Kraus

Body Types: young European guys, smooth chests, big uncut dicks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: romantic sex, threesomes, pool sex

Plot: A group of friends share their erotic stories.  

The Movie:

Avor has produced another great twink DVD full of quality sex and extremely handsome young European men.  More Tales 2follows a bunch of guys and their adventures at the zoo, in their bedrooms, and at indoor pools.  From time to time, the actors speak directly to the camera about the types of guys they like and how they like their sex.  Nearly all of the interviews occur before the sex.  However, the first scene actually features the actor talking to the camera while a guy sucks his dick.  I wish that the other scenes had taken this approach, because it was very sexy to watch a guy talking while he occasionally looked down at the guy polishing off his knob. 

The film is well shot and looks great, thanks to some beautiful locations.  One of the scenes was shot at an actual zoo, with the guys interacting with the animals they meet.  I also enjoyed watching the actors snowboard in the cold European countryside.  Of course, when watching porn such as this, most people are much more interested in the models.  Fortunately, More Tales 2 features countless attractive young men with big dicks and shaved chests.  However there was one actor who, thankfully, is blessed with some thick abdominal hair and a treasure trail.  I love seeing young guys who don't shave what nature gave them!  Overall, there is much to like in this film.  If you love attractive twinks, then this is probably a great title to add to your collection.

Scene one: Bryan McCain and Andrew Shut

Bryan (handsome brunette with a lanky body) invites Andrew (young skinny guy with a fat cock) up to his apartment.  Andrew is eager to test out his oral skills so he quickly shoves his mouth around Bryan's dick.  While Bryan enjoys the attention, he manages to also suck on Andrews perky cock.  Bryan then fucks Andrew from behind.  Andrew moans and strokes his incredibly hard cock; all signs that he enjoys Bryan's dick far up his ass.  The guys then form a sexy 69 position.  Each guy frequently watches the other while they suck (very hot).  Finally, each guy strokes their dicks off to a load onto their own chest. 

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Scene two: Ryan Quaid, Kevin Kraus, and Matt Woody

Three attractive guys head to their local zoo to check out some of the animals.  Similar to a corny gum commercial, the guys walk around starry eyed and share an ice cream cone.  The guys eventually make it back to a bed big enough for the three of them.  The guys rip off Kevin's underwear and start to wrestle, quickly leading to the guys all kissing.  Randy (tan brunette) blows Matt (beautiful blue eyed brunette).  Kevin (dark brunette with a wicked tight and tan chest) strokes his cock while he watches the action.  Ryan and Kevin then share Matt's cock, passing it back and forth like the ice cream cone they had earlier.  All three guys then form a blowing circle, resulting in lots of smiles for all.  More sucking combinations follow, with each guy experiencing his own form of cock worship.  While Ryan kisses Kevin, Matt licks Kevin's balls until he shoots a load onto his chest.  Kevin then lies on his back so that each guy can blow their wad onto his smooth chest.  Still not done for the day, the guys then jack off again (next to each other) until they bust their nuts onto their own chests.

Scene three: Thierry Aulin and Ronnie Wilson

Thierry (blond cutie) meets up with his pal Ronnie (creamy brunette with delicious chest hair) for some snow boarding.  To get warm, the guys head back to their house.  On the couch the guys wrestle each other, leading to the "accidental" opening up of Ronnie's pants.  Thierry then stares at Ronnie's hard cock and starts to stroke it.  Ronnie has no objections, so the couple remove all of the clothes and commence the oral festivities.  Thierry blows Ronnie for a bit before Ronnie fucks him from behind.  More dick sucking follows, this time for Thierry.  The guys alternate blowjobs some more, ultimately culminating in two creamy loads.

Scene four: Colin Reeves

Asleep in his bed, Collin is awakened to the ringing of his cell phone.  When he's done with the wake up call, he decides to take care of his morning wood.  As soon as he pulls back the sheets he starts to stroke his cock.  It only takes a few seconds for the turned on lad to burst out his daily nut.   


Scene five: Kevin Kraus and Colin Reeves

Kevin and Colin mess around in a bed full of balloons.  Collin blows a few more balloons for the pile, which apparently turns on Kevin since they guys start to make out.  Colin (skinny, dark haired brunette) sucks on Kevin's rod, followed by Kevin returning the oral favor.  The guys continue to alternate between sucking on each other.  Kevin then strokes off his cock while Colin holds him from behind.  The guys then climb on top of each other with their dicks touching and grinding.  After that, Kevin fucks Colin from behind.  Kevin also fucks him with his legs held up.  In this position Colin asks for Kevin to fuck him harder.  Finally, Colin releases his semen onto his own chest.  Kevin contributes to the mess by shooting onto Colin's creamy load.

Scene six: Mark Lopez and Andrew Shut

Andrew tries on various pairs on underwear, admiring his package with each new pair.  Spiky haired brunette Mark then enters the scene.  He immediately starts to touch Andrew's cock through the underwear, leading to some oral action for Andrew.  Next, Andrew gets to suck on Mark's dark and veined cock and balls.  Andrew then takes that same cock up his ass.  Mark fucks him from behind and on his side.  After that, Mark passionately kisses Andrew until he releases his load.   Mark completes the scene by dumping his load onto Andrew's chest.

Scene seven: Justin Boyd and Nikolas Markov

Justin (sexy blond lad seen in several Bel Ami films) plays with his friend Nikolas (young brunette) in an indoor pool.  The guys mess around before Nikolas perches himself on a ledge and plays with his cock.  Justin touches Nikolas's hard on and then starts to suck on it.  Justin savors the flavor of Nikolas's manhood, rarely taking his mouth away from it.  In the same spot by the pool, Justin is fucked from behind.  Nikolas fucks him deeply and forcefully, giving him something to remember for days.  Justin then has his dick sucked on while Nikolas strokes his cock in the water.  Finally the guys release their sticky loads near the water.

Scene eight: Ariel Vanean and Mark Vernon

Ariel (an attractive, young brunette) calls his pal Mark (dark brunette with nice abs) on the field.  The guys play soccer and spend some time in the water.  Devoid of energy, the guys head back to Ariel's private patio.  Ariel tells him that it's OK to take off his clothes since the neighbors won't be able to see him.  The guys then bask naked in the sun.  Ariel soon starts to talk about sex, leading to each guy sporting a hard-on.  Ariel then takes matters into his own hands, so he starts to suck on Mark's hard meat.  Mark also spends some one-on-one time with Ariel's delicious wiener.  The guys then alternate between sucking on each other.  The guys then head back to Ariel's bedroom for some more fun.  On the bed, Ariel receives some more dick sucking.  Mark then fucks Ariel with his legs held up.  Ariel manages to stay hard throughout, and he even manages to sport a smile.  Ariel also gets the opportunity to fuck Mark's hole as well.  Mark then shoots off a load onto Ariel's chest.  Finally, Ariel jacks off his cock while Mark kisses him romantically.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is colorful and sharp.  The action is always properly lit, highlighting all of the "important features."


The sound is generally good.  You can hear all of the moans and pants, though these sounds of passion can take on a slight echo tone at times.


Extras include animated menus, oral, anal and cum selections, an animated sideshow, and trailers for three films (More Tales , Winter Heat, and Frisbee).  The "cum selection" needed some editing because you have to sit through too much unnecessary footage from the film.  When I select cum highlights, I definitely don't want to watch scenes of clothed actors speaking to each other! 

Final thoughts:

Kudos to the casting department because there are some incredibly cute and handsome actors in this film.  I can't pick a favorite model because there were way too many cutie pies.  More Tales 2 also features some great sex scenes and beautiful scenery.  Therefore, if you like your men young and cute, then More Tales 2 is probably a no brainer for you.  Highly Recommended

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