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Johan's Journal Part 1: Sun Kissed

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 1/9/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2004-2008

Length: 136 minutes

Director: Johan Paulik

Cast: Sebastian Bonnet, Ethan Clarke, Tommy Hansen, Marc Vidal, Justin Boyd, Liam Phoenix, Rick Fontana, Todd Rosset, Sascha Chaykin, Jason Paradis, Ben Keaton, Chris Casablanca, and Elias Kudrow

Body Types:Young European guys with smooth chests and uncut dicks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: photo shoots, outdoor sex, behind the scenes

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Johan's Journalis a wonderful compilation of various unreleased scenes shot by the model turned director, Johan Paulik.  Why are these scenes unreleased you might ask?  The answer lies with the fact that profitable companies like Bel Ami choose (and can afford) to strive for perfection.  Should a scene lack a decent cumshot then they will re-shoot another one.  Sometimes the angles used just don't work, so they might re-film a portion of the scene.  Simply put, Bel Ami tries hard to provide viewers with the best possible viewing experience.  Yet, taking such steps results in extra/unused footage from various filming locations.  Fortunately, Bel Ami continues to release DVD's with this excised material, including the Out at Last series, and now Johan's Journal

One might easily assume that this material would be inferior since the scenes were purposefully cut.  However, you need only look to the Marc Vidal/Rick Fontana scene for an example of how hot these segments can be.  In this behind the scenes photo shoot, the guys pose together: romantically holding each other, kissing, and almost licking each others' cocks.  The non stop dick teasing results in a serious case of blue balls for the actors, so they (fortunately) jack off at the end.  This was such a titillating scene that builds with a sexual tension that most porn can't convey.  Other hot scenes include a casual balcony sex romp with the Greek God Elias Kudrow and his young blond bitch (Justin Boyd), as well as another hot scene pairing the consistently good Marc Vidal with a sexy brunette (Jason Paradis).  All of the segments are very good, and some are better than others.  Overall, there is a high degree of quality present in each scene, so much so that I found myself being amazed by the directors' decisions to cut the scenes from the original DVD.

Scene one:Tommy Hansen and Marc Vidal

Mr. tall, dark and handsome (Marc) walks over to Tommy (dirty blond with tanned muscular body) who strokes his cock in the sun while holding a video camera.  Marc begins to suck on Tommy's salami while he films.  The segment shifts from the standard "director's perspective" to the hot POV action shot by Tommy.  During the POV moments, Marc looks up into Tommy's eyes while he slides his tongue down the shaft.  Eventually Tommy takes over, stroking his cock to a messy finale on his chest.  Marc then jacks off onto Tommy's chest. 

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Scene two: Danny and Georgio

Georgio (dark haired with a furry patch of pubes) plays with his cock in his sweatpants, while Danny walks over to sit next to him.  Danny, who is a dark brunette with tanned skin, begins to explore Georgio's body and ultimately pulls out Georgio's huge curved cock from his pants.  Danny can't resist the temptation so he immediately starts to blow Georgio.  Danny sucks on Georgio's schlong for several minutes until the guys head inside.  On a bed, Georgio sucks on Danny's dick for a while.  Danny then heads into the bathroom where he places a butt plug into his ass to get ready for the scene.  Meanwhile, Georgio places a condom onto his large cock, barely able to roll the latex all the way down his shaft.  Georgio then fucks Danny with his legs held up.  After that, the guys shift to a straddle fuck.  Here, Danny can only move down so far on Georgio's big cock.  Finally, the guys stroke their cocks around each other, using their erotic kissing to turn each other on to the point of no return. 

Scene three: Rick Fontana and Marc Vidal

In a luxurious bathroom, handsome brunettes Rick and Marc pose for a variety of promotional photos.  They start out wearing only Speedos, but those are quickly removed.  The guys then pose one at a time, their mouths almost touching each other's hard cocks.  The guys also take a bath, followed by a shower.  This footage is very sensual and romantic since the actors caress and kiss each other gently.  After a long dick tease session the guys stroke their cocks in front of each other and spray their loads on their chests. 

Scene four: Elias Kudrow and Justin Boyd

Elias (big dicked Greek God) walks over to the cute, blond Justin.  The guys start to romantically make out with lots of kissing and back rubs.  Once their pants fly off, Justin begins to suck on Elias's tasty looking dick.  Justin ends up giving quite a blowjob since he licks up and down the shaft and even licks Elias's nuts.  Elias then returns the oral favors.  After that Justin is fucked on his back; his dick hard and his cheeks a rosy red.  Justin is also fucked in a straddle position, though his dick isn't all too erect.  In one of many hot moments, Elias fucks Justin hard and then pushes Justin off, just in time to rip off his condom and shoot out a thick load.  


Scene five:Marc Vidal, Georgio and a few unknowns

Out on the patio, a group of guys sit around the table, wearing only Speedos.  The guys chat about penis length, leading to some of the guys comparing their sizes.  The gents then decide to have a masturbation contest where the first to cum is the winner.  Marc is the first to toss out a load, but a few of the guys closely follow his lead.  When the guys are done, they head downstairs to an outdoor pool.  One blond guy stays behind, using a porno magazine to get off onto his own chest. 

Scene six: Marc Vidal and Jason Paradis

Marc and Jason (two unbelievably handsome brunettes) rinse off in the bathroom before they start to play with each other's bodies.  After some kissing, hugging, and stroking, Marc gives Jason a lengthy blowjob.  When the guys move to the bed, Jason spends some quality time sucking on Marc's perfect uncut cock.  After that, Marc tongues Jason's hole and stretches it to get it ready for fucking.  Jason is fucked on his knees and then in a straddle position.  The scene concludes with each guy jacking off their dicks.

Scene seven: Chris Casablanca and Sebastian Bonnet

Chris, who is blond and twinky, plays with his cock until Sebastian Arrives.  Sebastian walks over to Chris without his pants.  The guys quickly start to swap saliva and rub each other's chests.  Sebastian then gets on his knees to service Chris's dick.  The guys then head to the bedroom for some 69'ing and butt play for Chris's hole.  After that Chris is fucked on his side and on his back, with his legs held up in the air.  Ultimately Sebastian shoots his load onto Chris's chest, followed by Chris squirting out a sticky and thick load onto his own chest.

Scene eight: Danny Saradon and Ben Keaton

In an abandoned factory, the two frisky brunettes get ready for their sex scene.  Both actors talk to the cameras in between segments.  After some erotic photo posing, Danny blows Ben against a door frame.  Danny then fucks Ben from behind.  The camera man then captures Danny peeing into a condom and dropping the "water balloon" downstairs onto some rubble.  The guys then fuck some more on an old couch.  Both guys conclude by jerking side by side.

Scene nine: Danny Saradon and Todd Rosset

A young and skinny twink (Todd) strokes his cock while wearing a pair of boxers.  When his pants come off, he uses a thick butt plug to explore his anal cavity.  He fucks away with glee until he is interrupted by a ring at the door.  He answers the door only to find a horny and sex deprived brunette (Danny).  Danny immediately starts to suck on Todd's dick.  Todd then sucks on Danny's tool.  Because Todd loves to be fucked, Danny screws him with his legs held up in the air.  It doesn't take long for Todd to shoot out his cum while Danny pounds away.  Danny concludes by cumming onto Todd's chest.  Danny then fucks him on his back holding up the guy's legs, guy shoots a huge load onto his own chest while being pounded.  Danny then shoots off his load onto Todd's chest. 

The DVD:


All of the segments are presented in full frame.  Because the footage comes from a variety of shoots, the image can vary from scene to scene.  Generally, the segments are sharply detailed and colorful.  A few of the outdoor scenes lack the lighting typically found in most Bel Ami films.  The POV scene is slightly grainy at times, only while the actor films Marc sucking on his cock.   


The sound was pretty good.  All of the action can be heard without a hitch.


Extras include animated menus, oral, anal and cum selection and trailers for PinUps and Out in Africa

Final thoughts:

Johan's Journal Part 1: Sun Kissed is a fine compilation of those sexy Bel Ami boys.  Even though these scenes were cut from their intended release, the sex is just as good as what you will find in any Bel Ami title.  Therefore, this title easily comes with a highly recommended rating. 

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