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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Jessica Drake's My Wicked Bunny Teaser

Jessica Drake's My Wicked Bunny Teaser

Studio: California Exotic Novelties » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 1/13/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Jessica Drake's "essensual" elements "my wicked" Bunny Teaser has two independently strong bullets. Jessica Drake claims on her endorsed product, "No, this isn't something you use to taunt a small rabbit! But it certainly does a fine job of tickling my little kitty! This marvel of modern technology will turn you every which way but loose! And watch out for those ears! They sneak up on you!" I've come across a lot of really innovative sex toys, and while Jessica may be enthusiastic, I wouldn't exactly call two bullet vibes a "marvel" of modern technology. I was still willing to approach the Bunny Teaser with an open mind.

I pulled the Bunny Teaser out of the simply plastic packaging. The insert has photos of Jessica Drake in a pink bra with huge claims about how great the toy is. I've slowly learned huge claims of greatness usually lead to a let down. Still, I was going to approach this toy with an open mind. I can certainly agree that well priced toys do have a place in the sex toy market.

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The only downfall to this toy is the material the rabbit is made of. California Exotics calls it Crystalessence, its basically a specially formulated PVC. And sadly, it smells of it. A good thorough washing (or three) helps to alleviate this slightly. The material can be used with all types of lubricants though. My biggest concern with Crystalessence is that nowhere it says it's Phthalates free. So even if you're not going to be sharing this, please always cover this with a condom. The material can be cleaned with soap & water or a toy cleaner. Just take care as this toy is not waterproof or splash resistant. Also, this toy isn't safe for anal use, so please don't try!

I put the three required AA batteries into the hand control and turned the rabbit on first. It's a simple dial that you twist to control the intensity. I was quite surprised at how powerful the rabbit really is. The plastic bullet is equally as strong. Turning up either bullet to high does not adversely effect the other bullet. The bullet is strong, but it also is slightly loud.

Onto the Bed Test! I quickly found the bunny's ears didn't transfer the vibrations to my clit well enough for my liking. So i placed the rabbit's face right against my clit and woah!!! The bunny's nose snuggled right up against my throbbing clit and sent me over the edge pretty quickly. Another thing to note is that the cords are about 28" each, not 5' each. This is plenty of length for me.
My personal favorite way to use both bullets at the same time is to place the rabbit's nose against my clit and slip the plastic bullet into my vagina. Because the vagina does end, this is okay to do. With the bullet against my g spot and the bunny's nose against my clit it didn't take long for me to have another satisfying orgasm. To remove the bullet in my vagina I simply tugged on the edge of the condom and it came out really easily (this also helps reduce wear and tear on cord connections).

So a recap of the Jessica Drake's Wicked Bunny Teaser:
  • Silver bullet: 2 1/4" long, circumference approx. 3 1/4"
  • Rabbit bullet: 4 1/2" long with ears, circumference approx. 3 1/2"
  • Crystalessence material
  • Independent dial controls
  • 28" cords

While I really don't care for the poor material, the Bunny Teaser is a decent dual bullet starter toy. As long as you cover it with a condom, it does provide a very nice orgasm. The bunny's face provides good stimulation and the vibrations are very strong. I'm saying recommended.

Beautiful Dreamer

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