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Brea vs. Roxy

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 1/22/09

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Genre: All Sex, Lesbian

Cast: Roxy Jezel, Brea Bennett, Kayla Carrera, Jenbaeve Jolie, Angie Savage, Paola Rey, Charlees Dera, Tony Desergio, and Tommy Gunn

Director: Bill Fisher

Length: 110 minutes

Date of Production: February 5, 2007 (Box cover: August 28, 2008)

Studio: Club Jenna

Condoms: None

Club Jenna Teaser: Club Jenna brings you two amazing women with two incredible styles to the ring! Round one Roxy's unique head style and moaning deep throat leaves you creamin' your jeans. Then we have round two with Brea the sensual seductress. Sucking, licking and teasing to the point of your giant release. You will be blown by two of the greatest in the business and you get to decide who wins this fight!

Audio/Video Quality: Not specified. The audio is very good. The music levels are appropiate at all times allowing you to hear the actors and actresses as well as the natural sounds of sex. The video quality was very good when viewed both on a notebook as well as a television. Lighting was very well done, especially for the indoor scenes where it didn't appear a lot of natural light was readily accesable.  I watch all of my porn on a notebook when I actually write the reviews. Navigating the menus was a little frustrating at first because you can't click the name, rather the little green blob. The green blob switches the sides its on with each line and doesn't actually appear until you're right above it. Once I figured it out it was easy.

Scene One: Roxy Jezel & Charles Dera 17 minutes, 40 seconds

Roxy appears dancing seductively by the pool. We then go into the house where shes going down on Charles. They both seem really into it. The guys I was watching this video with were gawking and laughing at some of the oral techniques- each exclaiming that it couldn't possibly be pleasurable. At one point, her hands are behind her back, while he fucks her wide open mouth with her gagging from time to time. The dirty talk between them is decent. He is talking about coming and then a scene change quickly occurs. We then find Roxy bent over a chair while Charles fucks her from behind. The dirty talk is becoming a bit excessive. I have nothing against dirty talk, I actually enjoy it, but this seems so scripted. He fucks her rough in this position for awhile. The camera stops and when we come back she is on her back on a coffee table, him kneeling and fucking her. The camera cuts out again and then he is on his back, her on top of him. She never actually says shes coming. But the entire scene is filled with her fake moans and screams so it'd be impossible to tell anyways. He is going to come, so she quickly jumps off and swallows it all down. These two seemed to have chemistry, staring deeply into the others eyes, and then Roxy would remember to perform and stare seductively glare into the camera. I'll admit I was ready to just throw the DVD to the side and call it quits, but for the sake of the review, I continued.

Scene Two: Brea Bennet & Jenaveve Jolie: 14 minutes, 12 seconds

First thing I notice isn't the gorgeous women on the screen, its the strange music selection. Like a circus comedy routine. Thankfully it quickly changes into something else. We start with Jenaveve giving Brea's glass dildo a blow job. Jenaeve licks and nibbles on Brea's nipples. They make out and then Jenaeve goes down on Brea, teasing her clit through the harness. The second Jenaeve gets on top of Brea, she starts moaning like a mad woman. Fake and overdone. Brea thrusts her hips up to Jenaeve and they both seem into it. Something I found off is when the glass dildo was at an angle so strange, it had to have been painful, bu Jenaeve continues moaning no differently than she has the rest of the scene. The camera quickly cuts here and the Brea is behind Jenaeve.  Jenaeve then gives Brea's glass cock another blow job. Brea dirty talks from time to time but its belieavable and makes sense. Jenaeve goes down on Brea while using a purple plastic vibrator. Brea then takes an silver, round vibrator and rubs it vigorously on her clit. Brea comes, her body quaking. I believe this may be the only genuine orgasm in the entire DVD. The camera cuts and Jenaeve is wearing a bright red hat for some reason, perched on the headboard of the bed. Brea goes down on her using a bright pink vibrator. Jenaeve has some fake moaning and then "orgasms". I don't believe it and the scene ends.

Scene Three: Roxy Deville & Tony DeSergio: 16 minutes, 42 seconds

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The scene strangely starts again with Roxy dancing around in a black vinyl waste cincher with thigh high matching boots. She has a black wig on, bobbed with bangs. She teases herself and thankfully we can't hear her moaning at the begining of the music. Sadly the music eventually fades and we have to listen to her. She does look like she is enjoying herself, I just hit mute until Tony magically appears with her kneeling before his cock. Roxy pleasures him using her mouth. She does the same deep throat attempt, gagging as she backs off. I don't find this appealing and the guys I'm with agree. She seems determined though, which is one of the few redeeming things about this scene. She then leans over, spreading her legs into a wide V, while Tony pounds her. She is moaning like a chihuaha that just got stepped on, screaming either "fuck me" or "yes" every three seconds. I quickly get annoyed and hit the button to make it fast forward at two times the normal rate. The only makes the moaning worse, now sounding like a basket of chiuaha puppies. Tony must be getting close to coming because Roxy suddenly and unexpectedly gets up and goes down on him again. The camera cuts out and she is bent over the couch, him fucking her hard from behind. Thank goodness Tony isn't moaning along with her or I'd turn it off and call it quits. They then change to a spooning positioning. The camera angle is above at times which seems odd to me. Her glaring into the camera is completely overdone this entire scene. By the expression on both hers and Tonys face, I thought he came into her. But the camera cuts and then he is spraying on her face. Confusing to say the least as the scene ends here.

Scene Four: Angie Savage & Paola Rey: 18 minutes, 21 seconds

We start with Angie and Paola on the beach making out, rubbing each other, and having a good time. Suddenly they're in a hotel room, giggling and seeming to cause general miscief. The music is soft and light as we find the girls in the shower. The camera angles are a bit odd from time to time, being right between Paola's legs, but the scene is enjoyable to watch. Both Angie and Paola take turns teasing each others nipples, rubbing asses, and licking pussies. The only thing that I don't care for at this point is the part where the girls are straddling each others thighs moaning up a storm. No matter how I figure it, from the angle they are at, they're not actually getting any clitoral stimulation so I can't figure out why they're moaning so much. The end up in bed where they each go down on each other and use their hands to pleasure one another. Asshole licking occurs, which I don't care for. Angie fingers Paola with about an inch of one finger and Paola moans like its the largest cock in the world: fake and annoying. Paola announces she is coming, though nothing changes about her performance. The scene starts to close with the girls spooning in bed and then they run down the hall naked.

Scene Five: Kayla Carrera & Roxy Jezel: 19 minutes, 49 seconds

Roxy is in her same waste cincher and thigh highs as the rest of the DVD. Kayla is in a black bustier spiked necklace, leather thong, and calf high lace up boots. Kayla starts by fingering Roxy while Roxy rocks back and forth on her hands and knees. They kiss a little before Roxy gets fingered by Kayla again, moaning overdone and fake as I've come to expect. Once again I'm tempted to either hit mute or turn it off.  Roxy then begins teasing Kayla. Kayla seems to have taken a note from Roxy moaning excessively and glaring into the camera. Roxy then straddles Kayla's face positioning herself over the back of the couch. Kayla finnally gets a turn and Roxy goes down on her playing with her clit. She does use her hands time to time. Kayla is once again unbelieavable and the fake moans are really starting to bug me. There is no change in any of the moaning, even when Roxy stops for a few seconds. Roxy moans right along with Kayla though she isn't being stimulated. It almost sounds like labor, all we're missing is "push, push!". They go back and forth before the scene ends. Needless to say, this was my least favorite on the DVD. Fake moaning times two will do that.

Scene Six: Brea Bennet & Tommy Gunn: 21 minutes, 55 seconds

We start with Brea on her knees giving Tommy Gunn a blow job. You can tell shes gagging at some points, but she seems into it. Tommy Gunn's "oh yeah" sound more like a question than a sexual response at first. The blow job lasts awhile with Brea using both her hands and her mouth. I love the fact when she's stroking his cock, she looks at him, rather than the camera. The camera cuts out and Tommy is putting his cock in Brea, missionary style with her against the bed. Her moans are a little excessive, like the rest of the movie, but aren't completely overdone. I do have one minor annoyance. It's a little nerve racking to me that Tommy Gunn seems to have no testicles during the entire scene. Maybe its the angles, maybe its the fact he was that close to orgasm the entire time. I wasn't the only one to notice this, as the guys I watched this quickly pointed this out as well. Tommy does seem very into making Brea turned on, which is a turn on for me. Brea also seems to genuinely enjoy herself. This was the last scene in the DVD, and my favorite by far. Bless these two or this DVD would be in the garbage. Brea does get loud at times, but it seems appropriate because its not constant. The close up camera shots of Tommy putting his cock in Brea were a little too abundant. I'd rather have seen her face. At one point he reaches down to rub her clit. This seems suggestive that both are really into it and have great chemistry. The camera then switches back to missionary. Tommy takes time to kiss Brea. Camera cuts and another position change and he is behind her, camera cuts again and then they are spooning. Brea is grasping her breast and telling Tommy she wants him to come. He puts it in over drive, fucking her senseless, and pulling out to come on her stomach. Tommy takes care to kiss her after and the scene is over.


Roxy Masturbation Scene: 6 minutes 43 seconds

It starts with Roxy by a pool posing, walking, and lounging seductively. She's in the same vinyl outfit. She licks her fingers before starting to play with her pussy. The music starts loud and it eventually quiets so we can hear Roxy pleasure herself. She fingers and slaps her shaved pussy. A little nipple play and then shes back rubbing and slapping her clit Her moans are too bountiful and over the top, but I've come to expect it. She does seem like shes enjoying herself, just playing it up excessively. Her orgasm isn't really any different from the rest of the scene except she's screaming she's coming. She licks her fingers and the scene ends.

Brea Bonus Scene with Barrett Blade: 15 minutes, 20 seconds

She talks about about being a princess in Crowning Glory. She claims she's really a "horny, dirty little queen". This would have been really cute if it wasn't obviously so scripted. She snaps her fingers and Barrett appears. She quickly pleasures him using her mouth. Of course he's erect the moment he drops his pants. She uses her mouth on his cock while bracing her hands on his thighs. Barrett helps out by providing his hand on his cock while she licks around his testicles. She eventually uses her hand and mouth at the same time while the camera gets a closer angle. There is background music, but its soft enough that all noises can clearly be heard. He talks dirty to her during most of the scene. I appreciate anytime a man makes noise during sex, but his "ugh" "oh fuck" became repetitive. They then switch to the silver chair and him fucking her while he is standing. The moans and screaming and cursing were overly excessive and seemed entirely too fake. She then straddles him, reverse cowgirl, and they continue to fuck on the chair. Another position change and she is kneeling over the chair, him standing fucking her from behind. Then on a rug, in a spooning position. At times she seemed to be so into it, she forgot to perform, and those few precious seconds were very enjoyable to watch. I was grateful when the end of the scene came and he was coming in her face, simply because she didn't make much noise. Compared to the last scene of the DVD, this was a total let down.

Photo Gallery: 4 minutes 26 seconds: I would have liked this much more if you were able to see the entire photo at once, rather than them scrolling up or down showing only part of the image.

Websites: Just lists breavsroxy.com & clubjennamovies.com

Pinup Perversions
: 4 minutes, 40 seconds: This was actually a really hot trailer, done retro style with the lingerie, scene settings, and music to match. If they could promise me good, quality, non fake moaning sex, I'd readily pick this title up. But the sex clips come next and we see it's filled with more of the moaning I've groan to detest.
Sophia Royale: 1 minute 30 seconds: Fake moaning. Fast forward pressed.
High Definition: 2 minutes, 3 seconds: The elaborate scenes and costumes actually intrigue me in this one. The group play makes it even hotter.Sadly you don't get to hear any actual noises, so I'll be avoiding it until I can hear at least an audio clip of the moaning.
Roxy Jezel: Served Raw: 1 minute 52 seconds: The trailer was well made, like the others, but the fake moaning will keep me away.

Final Thoughts: I knew going into watching this DVD that it is more of "performance" porn than what I typically go for. But trying to be a well rounded porn reviewer I kept an open mind. The first time I watched this was when I was a little tipsy and had a few male friends over. I figured if anyone, a bunch of guys in their early 20s would enjoy watching gorgeous women, some of them artificially enhanced, screaming during sex and moaning for blow jobs. Oh how I was proved wrong. The guys were the ones who eventually turned off the television in disgust just because it all seemed so fake. I took the time to sit down and rewatch this DVD by myself, sober.
Brea Bennett was my favorite on the DVD. Her performances are believable and appropriate. She seems into what she is doing and she is highly enjoyable to watch. The last seen, as mentioned, was by far my favorite. Tommy and Brea seemed highly into each other. Now for the films other star, Roxy Jezel. I can't stand her. Her moaning drives me insane and I continuously found myself trying not to hit mute or fast forward for the sake of reviewing. I won't be watching a single scene she was in ever again. Too much of a performance from the fake screaming to the glaring into the camera "seductively". In this DVD. Brea vs. Roxy, Brea clearly comes out on top. Its because of the last scene as well as the scenes that don't include Roxy, I can say Rent it.

Beautiful Dreamer

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