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Spartacus Crocodile Nipple Clamps

Studio: Babeland » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 1/13/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Spartacus Alligator Nipple Clamps from Babeland came packaged in a simply plastic container with very minimal artwork. "A gentle pinch or a serious bite. Even in the adjustable style, our Alligator nipple clamps deliver a tantalizing pinch that you'll definitely notice. The skinny tips deliver localized pressure as lightly or as tightly as you choose."

One thing I was concerned about initially was- are these actually going to fit? I have D cup breasts and was worried that nipple clamps were going to be geared for women with smaller breasts. With the clamps adjusted to the most open setting- they measure right around 1/2". Because they are fully adjustable. i positioned the clamp wide open over my nipple and slowly loosened the screw until they were tight enough to stay in place, but not so tight they were very painful.

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I'm very new to nipple clamps, so for those out there who know they like pain- no worries- you can entirely loosen the screw and just let the alligator clamp pinch down- it's a very tight fit! If you're really looking for pain- the screw caps on the alligator clamps come off. You could expose one or both metal clamps to really up the ouch factor. The chain has a decent weight that gives a very nice pull. It hangs very nicely and will surely encourage your partner to give it a tug from time to time.

Because these are metal, the care is very easy.  Simply wash your new nipple clamps in soap and water and be sure to dry thoroughly. Rubber cannot be sterilized, so please keep that in mind.

Onto the Bed Test! Adjusting these to the perfect fit took quite awhile. A few trial and errors later, I finally had my new Alligator nipple clamps on secure enough where my partner could tug them but not so tight where I was in a lot of pain. The chain swung nicely from my nipples and when my partner would tug them, it'd increase the sensitivity of my nipples and provide a nice sting of pain. After about 30 minutes my nipples had been through enough, so by easily squeezing the clamps, I slipped the nipple clamps off. They added an exciting element to our sex life, but my nipples will need a lot more training before I can fully tighten these or even think about removing the rubber caps.

So a recap of the Spartacus Alligator Nipple Clamps:
  • 1/2" at widest setting
  • Fully adjustable alligator clamp
  • Rubber cover provides comfort, can be removed
  • 12" long chain
  • Metal & rubber

Fully adjustable, decently priced, and rubber covered clamps make this a great choice for beginners looking for their first nipple clamps. The ability to really tighten the clamps or remove the rubber tips to increase the level of pain associated make this a great choice for more seasoned users. I'm saying recommended.

Beautiful Dreamer

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