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Beauty and the Geezer

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 1/12/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Title: Beauty and the Geezer
Studio: Red Light District
Category: Feature
Director: "Maestro" Claudio
Starring: Tatiana Kush, Audrianna Angel, Cameron Love, Aubrey Addams, Emy Reyes, Christian, Alex Gonz, Talon, L.J. Black, Frankie Young
Release Date: 1/20/2009
Running time: 2:06
Condoms: None

The movie opens up with a Montage sequence of "Beauty" aka Tatiana Kush getting all dolled up in front of a bathroom mirror looking quite lovely and innocent in her little baby doll get up. During this we see interlaced imagery of "Geezer" aka L.J Black sitting on a sofa where he puts a gun to his head.

The Scene cuts to Beauty coming down a flight of stairs in the adorable little outfit we just witnessed her put on in the intro to take a seat with her father and two sisters Audrianna Angel and Cameron Love.  Once Beauty takes a seat her father ( played by director Maestro Claudio) receives some news regarding his business  from a coworker whispered into his ear that disturbs him. He requests his three daughters please go to their rooms and leave him alone for a minute while he gets some time to himself.

Cut to a beautiful  house on top of a hill where we find Geezer peering in on his  gardener fucking his sexy little maid , Emy Reyes. Geezer peeks in on the couple as they go at it.
 Scene #1: Emy Reyes

Emy looking quite nice with all her dark complected beauty shinning through on film sucks on the Gardener in some great looking and very wet oral. The couple both already naked continue on their sexcapade while Geezer continues to peak in on the two while loneliness and agony fill him. Wishing he too could have such a beautiful  girl fuck him Geezer just looks on. Emy moves from sucking cock to riding cock in cowgirl and she bounces up and down on dick. The couple move on from cowgirl to missionary and Emy really gets into the sex and she looks and sounds quite nice. After a bit Emy goes back to giving the gardener oral before getting into the doggy position where she continues to get her tight looking  Latin cunt filled. To wrap the scene up the two move into reverse cowgirl and finally spooning before Emy lands up with a face and chest full of nut.

Cut back to Beauty's home and with the three sisters all at a table their much more cheerful  father comes in to tell the girls that a new business opportunity has arisen and that he will be out of town for a few days. He asks the three if there is anything he can bring home for his special little girls when he comes back from his trip. The two sisters ask for perhaps shoes and a purse but Beauty asks for a big dildo and her father just looks at her saying "I always knew you were special."  LOL

Audrianna and Cameron leave the table in Joy and say out loud "it's time to celebrate."

Scene #2: Audriana Angel, Cameron Love, Alex Gonz & Talon

The two sisters find themselves in a room where they celebrate their dads possible new business opportunity the only way any girl should ever do so and thats by fucking a pair of guys. The sisters quickly find themselves pealed out of their little innocent attire and onto the floor and onto their knees where they each suck cock like the good little whore daughters they are. Both girls looks quite nice and

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suck cock like the pros they are. Eventually the foursome land up on the bed where side by side the two couples find their way into the 69 position. Following 69 the two girls get into the doggy position where they both get their cunts pounded from behind.  Working in unison the girls eventually move from getting doggy to getting plowed in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. Eventually both girls take another go at cock sucking before switching up partners and continuing their reverse cowgirl vaginal pounding. The sister end up their whoring by each laying on their backs and getting their shaved slits filled in missionary until both guys shoot their loads. Audrianna getting her abdomen blasted and Cameron getting her face dirtied up.

Cut to a shot of Geezer's House and in walks the dad of the three young whores. He goes into the living room and sees a coffie  table filled with dildo's and with the times being as hard as they are he tries to swipe one. Geezer busts him and tells the girls daddy "listen here Mister I tried to help you and this is how you repay me by trying to steal from me!" Geezer tells the dad "I should kill you right now," but I wont if you go home and bring to me one of your daughters. LOL

The dad heads home and gathers the girls around a table where he breaks the bad news. He tells beauty how he tried to grab her a dildo and how his plan failed miserably. Beauty knowing her request caused this whole issue she tells her dad she will go to Geezers house to correct the situation.

Cut back to Geezers pad where pops drops off his Beauty to take  care of the sticky finger situation. Beauty now belongs to Geezer and will be his forever. Geezer talks to beauty for a while and the dialog between the two is pretty god damm funny if I say so myself.  After turning down Geezer for sex we see Beauty lying down in bed and a dream sequences ensues.

Scene #3:  Tatiana Kush & Christian

In Beauty's dream Christian tells the girl that " things are not always as they seem," and that "here any wish she has will come true... So what does she wish for?"  Beauty wishes that a handsome man like him ( Christian ) will make love to her.  Cue a bed where beauty is nude on her back while Christian kisses her passionately. The camera pans up and down as the kissing goes on with Christians oral skills eventually finding their way down between the legs of Beauty. After eating out the young girl Christian gets his sex partner to get on her knees and suck on his cock and Tatiana does a great job. After giving Christian a sloppy BJ the couple get on the bed where they begin to fuck first in the spooning position. After spooning Beauty sucks on his cock before mounting Christian in cowgirl and riding his cock while the camera pans up from between her legs up to her face and back down again. Eventually Beauty finds herself in the doggy position where her asshole gets filled to the brim with cock and the  young lady seems to thoroughly enjoy anal. Beauty does a bit of ass to mouth before finishing up by getting her ass reamed in reverse cowgirl. The scene wraps with beauty getting a mouth full of nut and then awaking from her dream.

Back with Geezer Beauty proclaims that she really likes it at his house and that its everything she has ever wanted and so much more. Geezer asks if there is anything else she would want and she proclaims yes that she has always wanted to be with another girl. Geezer tells her to go to his bedroom and she will find her wish. But before she leaves Geezer asks her "do you love me and  will you fuck me?" She rejects him but being the kind hearted soul he is he tells her to go live out her wish.
Scene #4:  Tatiana Kush and Aubrey Addams

Once in Geezers Bedroom we are introduced to Aubrey Addams looking hot as hell and laying in bed awaiting Beauty. The two girls meet and begin to kiss with Aubrey taking charge and sucking on the tits of her new friend. The girls look great together and I get quite excited watching them share what appears to be a very chemistry filled  encounter. After some cute kissing and rubbing session by both girls the real action begins as Aubrey lays on her back and Beauty gets on top of her and the two interlace legs and rub as if one had a cock and were pounding the others cunt. After a bit Aubrey gets Beauty on her back where she eats out her and rubs her hairy twat.  Eventually Aubrey fucks the slit of Beauty with a glass dildo while continuing to orally please her clit.  The girls finally trade positions and Beauty munches out and dildo fucks the box of Aubrey and the girl on girl sex is spot on and quite attractive. Before the Scene wraps Beauty gets into the doggy position where Aubrey fucks her soaking wet pussy with the glass toy.

After the girl on girl fucking is over Beauty is back talking with Geezer and she tells him she misses her family and wants to go see them. He tells her I will let you go but if you don't return within one month I will be dead. He has her swear on a locket that she will return and she goes home.

Back home The family is reunites and Beauty finds out that one sister  just married and the other is pregnant. Her father tells Beauty that the business is doing great and that things couldn't be better. 

A month later Beauty awakes only to find out her month is up and she forgot about Geezer. She rushes back to her Geezer realizing that in fact she does love him and wants to be with him. She arrives just in time as Geezer has a gun pointed to his head and about to end his life. He tells Beauty about how he had a spell cast upon him many years back to make him look as unattractive as he does. The only way the spell could be broken was to have a girl fall in love with him and fuck his brains out.

Scene #5: Tatiana Kush & L.J Black

The two sitting on a couch proclaim their love for each other and begin to undress and kiss. Geezer is  definitely nervous about his looks  being around such an attractive and willing young lady but his kind hearted softness is very attractive to beauty and she cant wait to fuck. After a bit beauty is sucking on Geezer and the two really seem to get into the action quite nicely. After getting sucked off Geezer lays beauty on her back where he commences to give her pussy a nice oral lashing which the young girl seems to really enjoy.  After getting eaten out Beauty gets on her knees to suck on Geezers cock and she looks him in the eye as she takes his dick all in her mouth. The couple eventually find themselves having sex as Geezer enters Beauty in missionary and he fucks her until he nuts inside of her. The two proclaim their love once again for each other and Beauty opens her eyes to notice that the Geezer's spell has been broken and he is not the young attractive Christian who she had dreams of earlier.  


The extras for " Beauty and the Geezer" from Red light District include a Cumshot recap as well as a 26 minute B.T.S. Which was fun to watch and definitely entertaining. Also Included in the extras was a Photo Gallery and A Web Access tab.

Audio / Video:

The video for "Beauty and the Geezer" was presented a full screen 16 x 9  Hi-Def format. The title was encoded using a VC1 Codec that ran at an average of around 15- 18 Mbps. The Blu Ray visuals here extremely well captured and presented and this being RLD's first attempt at HD it was definitely done quite well.  The visuals were very good and colors including skin the skin tones came across very well and more than worthy of the Hi Definition Blu-Ray format. There was very little to no video noise present and overall the Disc  looked and played great on my HD television. The Audio was very good here and was in f Dolby Digital 2.0 @ 192 Kbps. While not the 5.1 sound that accompanies most Blu-ray titles the sound was more than adequate for my liking.

Final Thoughts:

Beauty and the Geezer ( Blu-Ray)  from Director Maestro Claudio and Red Light District Video was a very solid and fun title. Being one of only a few Features from RLD with the last being released about 3 years ago the title really came together quite well. While not on par with some of the more mainstream porn features of late this one did something a lot of others don't do and It didn't take itself too seriously.  From the very funny dialog created by Mike Stefano down to the hilarious and well done performance put on by L. J black the title was  a mixture of both the sexy and  the sweet. The story in itself is cute and you really begin to feel for the character "Geezer." Overall I enjoyed the movie and think most will too. It is a bit of a departure of what i have come to expect from RLD but that's a good thing and change and diversity will only come to help the brand name.


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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