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I Love Asians #8

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 1/13/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Compilation, Asian

Director: Varied by scene

Cast: Lana Violet, Mia Ling, Bella Ling, Lyla Lei, Jerri Lee, Lana Croft,
Kitty, Lily Li, Kayme Kai, Coco Velvet, Mya Luanna, and Max Mikita.

Length:  5 hr 54 min

Production Date: 4/14/2008

Condoms: None.


Pick your pleasure, photo gallery, and trailers are all you're going to find on
this release for bonus features.  


As is the case with most compilation releases, the video and audio quality here
is all over the map. Ten of the twelve scenes are presented with a cropped
widescreen aspect ratio while the remaining two are full frame. The picture
quality varies greatly as well with some scenes looking sharp and clean, while
others are blocking, interlaced, and grainy. The sound quality is about the
same as well with good and bad points. The volume is extremely pitchy and some
of the audio is scratchy as well. All around this is an average looking and
sounding release with every little that will impress you

Body of Review:

New Sensation's I Love series has grown into one of its most popular franchises
and with good reason. These compilation releases follow particular themes and
keep fans of certain genres happy. Whether big butts, Latinas, young girls, or
any of the stars in New Sensation's lineup are your thing there's always a
title you're going to go gaga for. The latest release of their I Love Asians
line provides that Eastern flare that so many of us crave. With some of the
hottest Asian girls in the market this latest I Love title has a lot to offer and
its twelve scenes exemplify what's to love about the compilation release.

Scene 1:

The first scene of I Love Asians #8 comes from Raw Passion
and features the lovely Lana Violet and Mark Ashley. Their scene starts out
with a perverse pool instruction where Lana's prize for sinking the eight ball
is, well, Mark's balls. The performers start off with some nice foreplay which
starts with some hard groping and Lana getting eaten out on the pool table. Mark
obviously does a good job because Lana writhes and moans as he works her clit
over repeatedly. She returns the oral favors to Mark and soon enough the two
are fucking fast and hard. Lana takes his dick while sitting on the table, but
they eventually move to a sofa where she climbs on top for a ride and bends
over to take it from behind. They keep moving throughout the scene and by the
time half an hour has passed Mark finally painted Lana's face with cum. This
was a great scene all around with a high amount of energy due to the great
connection between performers. In other words this was a great way to get this
release going.
Scene 2:

The Asian Complex has a scene pulled for this release and this one features Mia
Ling and Jordan Ash taking to the sheets. The scene starts out with Mia on a
bed with breasts exposed diddling away on her clit with a vibrator. This solo
action lasts for a while as it flashes between this and a vision where she's tied
to the bed. That's when Jordancomes in and starts working her pussy over while she's bound to the bedposts.
After some oral foreplay the fucking starts, and trust me when I tell you that
these two really get into it. Mia puts on a great show and really rides Jordan's cock
like she's in love with it. Throughout the scene whenever she's getting railed
she rubs her clit, her eyes role back into her head, and she makes some really
seductive noises.  
Scene 3:

-- sponsored by --

Also from Asian Complex is Bella Ling and Michael Stefano, who portray two a
student and a tutor (I'll let you guess who plays what role). As you'd expect
there's some nice oral foreplay after a while and then lots and lots of sex.
Bella spends most of her time on top and on her side for this scene, but she
also finds her way onto her back and even into Michael's arms as they move to
the shower. The sex is nice and both performers seemed to have a good
connection, but the action wasn't quite as energetic as the previous two
scenes. Because of that the sex felt kind of dry and in the end it felt kind of
Scene 4:

The third scene in I Love Asians #8 comes from Brother Love's Big Cock Crazy 3
and features Lyla Lei and the monstrous Ramon. Lyla is pretty damned hot with a
tanned exotic look, but it's interesting to note that she has a really big
bush. So often in porn you see women with the bald look down there so every
once in a while it's refreshing to see a performer who bucks the trend. After
some solo teasing she strolls downstairs to Ramon who is on the sofa waiting
for her. Quite admirably she deep throats at least half of Ramon's massive dick,
but the best part comes when Ramon fucks her deep and hard. Like every girl
I've ever seen Ramon fuck, Lyla winces, grunts, and cries while getting nailed.
Then again, they put on a good show regardless and this was a solid scene all

Scene 5:

The fifth scene for this release comes from Fuck for Dollars #7 and stars Jerri
Lee and Dane Cross. It starts out really lame with the set up of the scene and unfortunately
the rest of the action doesn't get much better. Dane doesn't have much of any
presence on the screen and unfortunately Jerri doesn't really step up to the
plate here either. She looks great with her petite body and multiple piercings,
but all around their sex is very bland and kind of awkward. There are a few
noteworthy moments in between positions in terms of position of the camera and
specific looks. Aside from those fleeting moments this scene was just weak all

Scene 6:

Mr. Pete and Lana Croft appear in the sixth scene of I Love Asians #8 with some
action from Bound to Please #2. The scene starts out with Lana all tied up while
standing against a wall and Mr. Pete is more than happy to take advantage of
that fact. He starts fondling her pussy and eventually she's untied and brought
over to a nearby sofa where the rest of the action takes place. I must say, I
kind of figured with the bondage theme at the beginning that it would last and
since it didn't I was disappointed. Thankfully the sex kept up with the fetish
a little bit due to it being really hard, fast, and aggressive. Both Mr. Pete
and Lana go at each other like a pair of wild baboons and because of that
there's an intense kind of energy all around here.
Scene 7:  

Ramon is back for another scene here as he destroys Kitty's
pussy on the first scene of the second disc. This one comes to us from It's
Huge #7 and trust me when I tell you that, yes, it is indeed huge. The scene
begins with Kitty lying in bed dreaming about fucking Ramon and while
"sleeping" she walks to Ramon, who looks kind of creepy. Then again I
guess he always does, but I digress. Kitty's scene is very good here with her
reaction to Ramon's massive member being somewhat less than enjoyable than Lyla's,
but considering how small Kitty is it's not very surprising. This was still a
fun little scene even though it didn't really stand out in many ways.
Scene 8:
Beauties and the Beast brings the eighth scene with Kayme
Kai and Boz. This scene starts out with Kayme moping around all horny and
whatnot so she calls Boz who comes over posthaste. It's not long before the two
get down to business and after some oral play they fucking gets underway. It's
worth noting that while Boz is giving Kayme's pussy a nice licking she squirts
everywhere and all over his face. It happens too quickly to be believable
unfortunately, though it's hot just the same. Otherwise their scene is rather
dry and slow and Kayme is simply way too loud for her own good. She screams
basically from start to finish and it is to the point that it's really
Scene 9:
Coco Velvet and Jordan Ash appear in a scene from Keepin' it
Fresh. Coco is an incredibly cute girl who
really knows how to work the camera. She starts out with a nice little tease
and it's not too long before Jordancomes in to get things going. The sex here is very good with Coco and Jordan taking
on several positions. They really seem to get into each other and Coco puts on a very enthusiastic show, though thankfully
she's not "quite" as vocal as Kayme. Right up to the end where Jordan cums on
her face this scene was a lot of fun, though it wasn't as good as some of the
Scene 10:
The tenth scene for I Love Asians #8 comes from 2 Heads R
Better Than 1. I'll let you ponder the title for a moment and wonder what it's
about...okay, that's enough time. As you'd expect this is a threesome scene and
the performers are Max Mikita, Ben English, and Mark Ashley. With Ben and Mark
around you simply know that Max is going to take a beating right from the start.
Unlike most threesome scenes nowadays there is no DP here, at least not with
regards to Max's ass. Both Mark and Ben stuff her pussy at the same time at a
couple of points and they really stretch her out to say the least. Max puts on
a good show though and she gets into her boy toys quite a bit. This was a very
good threesome and all around I'd say it is one of the better scenes on this
Scene 11:
Mya Luanna and Mario Rossi appear in a scene from Cheating
Wives Tales #6. At the beginning of this scene there are some interesting
moments involving some workout equipment and exercises. Ever seen a porn star
do push ups with her mouth hanging over a cock before? It's kind of hot
actually. There's quite a lot of teasing here, but once the sex starts it's
pretty refreshing. The setup here is very good and the performers really get
into each other, quite literally for the part Mario plays anyway. Mya has some
really great look-backs and how can you not appreciate a sex scene that has its
actors fucking on a step master? The ending of the scene is pretty good as well
with Mario barely making it out of Mya's pussy before shooting his load.
Scene 12:
For the final scene of I Love Asians #8 we receive a scene
from Lewd Oil. This one features Lily Li and Jordan Ash getting sloppy with the
bucket of slime. There's a brief tease at the beginning with some solo action
and it's not long before the sex begins. Once Jordan is on the scene the goo
begins to fly and Lily is soon nicely glazed all over. With copious amounts of
oil in place Lily and Jordanfuck like there's no tomorrow. Both performers put on a great show and they
truly seem to connect in a way. I enjoyed Lily's reverse cowgirl the first time
I watched this scene and it was every bit as satisfying the second time as


I Love Asians #8 continues to offer lovers of Asian girls what we want, exotic
beauties who love the cock. There are some truly outstanding scenes here such
as the ones with Lily, Mya, both Lanas, Mia, and Lyla. Whether or not you own
any one of these original releases you'll definitely want to check this release
out as there's quite a bit to appreciate. Granted there are a few average
scenes and some that just don't want meet the level of expectations set by the
others, but all around this is a solid release. Consider it recommended.

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