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Women Seeking Women Vol. 49

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/15/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian
Director: ?
Cast: Prinzzess, Tory Black, Kelly Leigh, Lily Redd, Faye Reagan, Georgia Jones, Kelly Skyline, Roxy De Ville, Magdalene St. Michaels (non-performer)
Length: 149 minutes
Date of Production: 12/5/2008
Extras: The extra portion of the dvd is about twenty-five minutes in length. Part of it is company information on their fine stable of films. There are trailers for Imperfect Angels Episode 5 and Episode 6, Road Queen Part 8, Women Seeking Women Volume 47, Lesbian Triangles, and Lesbian Seductions Volume 20 and Volume 22. They are good previews.
Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: The movie is shot in wide screen. The video quality is pretty good. The audio is also pretty good too.
Overview: As the current (2009) and last year's (2008) winner of the AVN award for Best All-Girl Series, Women Seeking Women continues to be Girlfriends Films' biggest and most widely known series. It seeks out the chemistry of each pairing with a storyline that is very believable. This movie is volume 49 and they can be assured that the sky is the limit for this beloved series among its growing fans. One miscue about this movie is that in its menu page, the actresses in Scenes 2 and 4 are misidentified. The correct performers in Scene 2 are Kelly Leigh and Lily Redd and in Scene 4, the women are Kelly Skyline and Roxy De Ville.

Tory Black, Prinzzess, and Magdalene St. Michaels

Scene One: After spending a brief time in the kitchen, brunette Tory Black and blonde Prinzzess are laying on the bed on their stomachs. There is some small talk about a guy who Prinzzess likes. Magdalene St. Michaels knocks on the door and enters the room. She gets on the bed with the young women and asks Tory to leave the room so that she can speak to Prinzzess alone. The concerned mom tells her daughter's best friend that Tory has not been doing well in school. The mom also confides to her that her daughter is a lesbian and that she really likes her a lot. Magdalene wants Prinzzess to be Tory's special friend and to help her build some affection that she has never felt with another woman or guy before. After speaking to her, she gets Tory back into the room and tells her that she has told Prinzess about her secret. Tory feels embarrassed and the two friends are holding hands. Her mom leaves the room. Moments later, the best friends kiss. It's very sweet and it feels very genuine and authentic. Prinzzess kisses her chest. They return to their kissing session. They paw each other's breasts. Later, Tory snuggles on top of her best friend. She caresses her legs. She kisses her right leg. Next, the brunette kisses her neck. They snuggle against each other's bodies. Tory rubs her groin against her girlfriend's. She kisses her tummy. Next, she feels her tits. Tory paws her best friend's body. Next, Prinzzess gets on top of her friend's body They kiss. She caresses her left breast. Then, the blonde kisses her butt. Later, Prinzzess unhooks Tory's bra. She kisses the back of the brunette's neck and ear. She lays on top of Tory's back. They kiss. She caresses her right tit. Moments later, Tory rolls over. She kisses her friend's breast. They snuggle and paw each other again. The blonde's bra is removed. The brunette runs her hands along her best friend's upper body. She squeezes her breasts and sucks on them. She rubs her body against Prinzzess'. Tory rubs her pussy. She removes her panties. Prinzess smiles. It's priceless. She turns on her side. The brunette caresses Prinzzess' nice ass. She runs her finger along Prinzeess' beauty spot from behind. She plays with it with her fingers and then, she licks her gem. The blonde woman enjoys it a lot. The women kiss afterwards. Then, the blonde gets on top of Tory. Tory touches her tits.

Tory Black and Prinzzess

Prinzzess kisses her neck. Then, she runs her hand along Tory's leg. She kisses Tory's left leg. Then, she kisses her pantied covered ruby. Then, Prinzzess removes them. She kisses her friend's rose petal and rubs it. She stimulates it very well. They kiss again. Tory rubs the blonde's mound next. She also caresses Prinzzess' left breast. Soon, the brunette slides under her orally pleasures her gateway to heaven extremely well. Prinzzess is feeling her friend's stimulation running up her tingling body. Then, Tory fingers her pussy while tasting her womanly juices. They kiss again. Tory rubs her own body against her best friend's briefly. Then, the two women rub their rosebushes together. Next, Prinzzess eats and rubs her beauty spot in an energetic manner. They kiss again later. Next, Tory rubs her hips against Prinzzess while on top of her. Prinzzess rubs her friend's pussy while kissing Tory's left breast. They kiss and snuggle at the end. 

Kelly Leigh and Lily Redd

Scene Two: Cute Lily Redd is speaking on the phone with her friend. Kelly Leigh overhears part of her conversation. Afterwards, Lily is laying on her bed when her roommate walks in. The two women talk a bit about whether Lily ever thought about being with another woman or if she had ever kissed one before. The conversation proceeds to Kelly holding Lily's hand. Then, she moves in to kiss her. Lily looks and feels uncomfortable. Her roommate continues to kiss her anyway. Eventually, Lily gives in to her. Kelly rubs her own body against her friend's. She rubs her groin against Lily's. I like the action. It's not overdone. It's perfect. The assertive woman unties Lily's top and kisses her body. She runs her hands along her friend's body. Then, she rubs her pussy against hers. Kelly kisses Lily's left foot. The women kiss again. Kelly takes off her own blouse. They kiss again as Kelly rubs her hips onto hers. Then, she sucks Lily's left bosom. Moments later, she sucks her other bosom. The blonde also rubs her beauty spot. Next, she sucks on it. Moments later, Kelly uncovers her roommate's mound and rubs it. She also sucks on Lily's right breast briefly. Then, she orally stimulates her love region. I like the energy level. She also rubs her nipples. Next, she fingers the woman's sweet delicate pussy. Kelly also sucks her toes. Soon, she is eating her mound with more enthusiasm. Later, she takes off Lily's remaining clothing.

Kelly Leigh and Lily Redd

The blonde sucks her friend's titty and humps her. Afterwards, Lily rubs her love patch. Then, Kelly rubs her body against Lily's. The energy level remains high. Lily rubs her tits. Next, Kelly kisses Lily's ass. Soon, she maneuvers her way to lick her asshole and pleasure zone. Then, she stimulates her gem. While pleasuring her friend, Kelly, at times, rubs her own ruby. Lily wiggles her love patch on her roommate's mouth. Later, Kelly is rubbing her pussy and, to my surprise, squirts a good gusher. Next, Kelly puts on a strap-on dildo around her waist. Lily sucks and rubs her breasts. In a moment, Kelly fucks her with the sex toy missionary style. She also pulls out to taste her pussy juices on the woman's beauty spot. Then, she returns to fuck the woman quickly. Next, they roll over and the sex continues cowgirl style. Kelly tastes her pussy briefly afterwards. She kisses her ass and screws her doggystyle. A neat spooning action follows. Kelly sucks on Lily's right breast during her fuck. Then, the scene fades away.

Georgia Jones and Faye Reagan

Scene Three: Faye Reagan and Georgia Jones are in their wedding gowns. Faye places her white heels in the bag and states that she will go to the mall and hopes that it will have her right size. She asks Georgia to help her out of her gown. Faye has an exquisite body. Her girlfriend caresses her breasts. She kisses her on the cheek too. Then, the two lovebirds kiss. Georgia brushes her body against her lover's. Moments later, she removes her own gown. The engaged couple kiss again. Faye kisses and sucks her bosoms. They continue to kiss. Georgia caresses her breasts. Their kissing is very good. Soon, they get on the bed. They kiss as Miss Jones paws her partner's sexy body. Faye brushes Georgia's hair away from her face. They continue with their sweet kissing action. Faye's lover rubs her flower during this moment. Then, she provides oral stimulation on her titties while rubbing her pussy faster. Faye sucks on Georgia's wet fingers. Georgia sucks her tit and rubs her love region again. I like their intimacy. It feels natural. Then, Miss Jones takes off Faye's panties. She explores her fresh pink gem with her fingers and then, her mouth.

Georgia Jones and Faye Reagan

Afterwards, Georgia takes out a strap-on dildo and hands it to her beau. They kiss again. Miss Jones puts on the sex contraption around her waist. She lubricates it for Faye's comfort. Then, she humps her the missionary way. It's a pretty good sex scene. Later, Georgia sucks her right bosom. Georgia's smile is heartwarming. Next, Faye sucks on the dildo. She rubs and tastes Georgia's pussy. Soon, she licks her body and sucks her breast. After showing affection to her life partner, Faye removes the toy from Georgia's waist. She licks the dildo and fucks her with it by using her hand. Then, Faye lays on top of her and kisses her. It's a nice moment. They caress each other. It really feels intimate and authentic. Next, Faye puts on the strap-on around her waist with Georgia's assistance. Georgia sucks the dildo before she gets fucked with it. Afterwards, Georgia removes the toy from her lover's waist. They snuggle next to each other and kiss as they feel each other's bodies. 

Roxy De Ville and Kelly Skyline

Scene Four: Magdalene St. Michaels is undressing in the bathroom. Then, she lays next to Kelly Skyline in the bedroom. She tells Kelly that she will have to sleep in her own bed since Roxy De Ville is staying with them for several days. Some time during her stay, Roxy confronts Kelly on whether she is having a sexual relationship with Magdalene. Kelly walks away. Later on, as Roxy is sitting on her own bed, Kelly walks in and strips. She snuggles next to her on the bed. They caress each other. They kiss. Kelly kisses her left breast. She kisses the side of her neck. They kiss again. Kelly feels and kisses her chest. They smooch again. Then, she sucks her titties. A long kissing session follows. Then, Roxy kisses her breasts and squeezes them. She runs her hands along Kelly's torso. Then, they continue their kissing activity. I like the action. Kelly kisses the sides of her neck. It's very sensual. She also paws her breast. Next, Roxy rubs her body and kisses her. Kelly runs her hand along Roxy's back. Then, Roxy sucks her tits. Then, she sucks her midsection. She sucks her right toes and kisses her right leg. Then, she rubs her pussy with her thumb and fingers. Kelly caresses the top of Roxy's head. Later, Roxy sucks her precious rose. Soon, she stimulates it with her hand. Kelly sucks on her lover's bosom then she caresses them. They kiss.

Roxy De Ville and Kelly Skyline

Kelly caresses her own left breast. Roxy does a swell job pleasuring her pussy. Next, Kelly kisses her and bites her nipples playfully. Roxy enjoys it. Then, a cool scissors motion occurs with Kelly on top. Next, Roxy spanks her ass several times. Kelly kisses her beau's body. They kiss. Later, Kelly kisses her inner thighs. She tastes her left foot and leg. Roxy rubs her own pussy in the meantime. Then, Kelly tastes her pretty flower. Roxy caresses the top of her head for a while. Moments later, she rubs her own clit as Kelly finger fucks her with a lot of enthusiasm. Roxy goes nuts. Then, Kelly sucks her pussy while fingering her. Roxy is still going completely nuts as her partner blows on her pussy and spanks her ass. They kiss at the end as the scene fades away. 
Final Thoughts: The series Women Seeking Women deserves all the accolades that it has received. This installment is a good addition to its collection. My favorite scenes are the first and second ones because of their well developed story lines.Even though Magdalene St. Michaels did not perform, her very good acting ability and believability brings a caring soul to the scenes. I highly recommend this movie.    

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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