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Perverse (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Vivid » Review by Aaron Scott » Review Date: 1/15/09

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Poor Annie (Sunrise Adams) just can't get enough sex, and to make things worse it seems that everyone around her is.  So, what is a girl to do?  Why, become an escort - of course.

Right from the start you know that this isn't going to be your normal fuck flick. At least, it seems that way since the main character gets busy with a banana barely five minutes into the feature.  But all is not what it seems, and the film feels rushed with a handful of hot sex scenes thrown in to get from start to finish.

For example, immediately following the banana scene, we find that the girl her husband's live-in friend is banging is actually an escort.  Conveniently while searching for escorts online he comes across the site that has his girlfriend on it.  What luck!  In the meantime we are treated to another sex scene - this time featuring Ashley Blue (playing another escort.)  It is such a small world that her client is actually friends with Sunrise's man, and they are going to have a big poker game later that evening.

Once Annie meets up with her two escort friends, it doesn't take much persuasion (actually it takes none at all) to convince her that the solution to her sexless life is to join them in the biz.  In fact, once she agrees they both nod at her and leave the room, only to immediately return with her first client.  Being the nice guy that he is, he helps her get over the nervousness of her first job by talking her through the action - right up to the facial that he gives her before leaving.  Shortly after she is signing on the dotted line and goes to work with her friends.

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Meanwhile her man is getting suspicious, as Annie has been spending a lot of time out with the girls.   While she is getting more action than she ever dreamed of - including jobs that require the assistance of her girlfriend - she fails to notice that her son has tracked her down.  Perhaps she shouldn't have used her real name on the escort service's website.

Needless to say - everything goes to hell quickly.  Annie is caught and tossed out of her house, but not before her man asks what he did wrong.  Her answer?  "You didn't fuck me good enough."  With that she grabs her bags and heads out into the night alone.  Well, actually with her escort girlfriend. 

And with that - the feature ends.  Bummer..just when the sex was getting hot.

Extra Features

Kicking off the extras are two bonus scenes from videos that have the female cast from Perverse - both running about 10 minutes each.  First up is a scene from "Miles From Needles" in which we see Kimberly Kane and Evan Stone going at it.  A nice, complete scene that will have you cringng as you watch Kimberly pull off the amazing stunt of getting fucked while continuing to smoke a cigarette without burning her partner's cock.  The second scene comes from "Pay or Play" and features Sunrise and Ashley as they take care of each other using a variety of toys - ranging from strap ons to beads to jelly vibes.  Hot!

A nice 19 minute Behind the Scenes featurette is included, and I must say that this was one of the better BTSs I have seen.  Plenty of candid conversations taking place while the girls get their hair done, get dressed, and go over their lines.  Who would have thought that Sunrise was such an avid hunter?  Unlike other BTSs that mainly show photo shoots, this one actually gave a better idea of what happens between takes.  My favorite part?  An alternate view of the banana scene.

A nice addition to the scene selection options is the ability to jump to specific moments within those scenes.  You can choose from the different positions, as well as go right to the cumshot of that particular scene.

Rounding out the extras are a short (3 1/2 minute) photo gallery, and brief trailers for Brand New Faces #10 and Touch Me.


Presented in 1080i high-definition blu-ray, the video portion of this production really shines.  The image was clean, and colors were nice and warm.  While most of the feature is dimly lit, details were clearly noticable and there was no distortion or pixelation.  The audio, however, was a different story as a 2.0 audio track is all that is here.  While the moans and music were clear, the dialogue was nearly impossible to understand, and I constantly found myself reaching for the remote to not only back up the movie, but to raise the volume so that I could figure out just what the heck was being said.  Since this is a film with (somewhat of) a plot, it would have been nice to actually hear the cast.


The action was certainly hot, and you get a little bit of everything - banana fucking, guy/girl, deep throating, anal and MFF (including girl-to-girl cum sharing) the story was weak, and the main character went from sexless wife to escort to being thrown out far too quickly (even though the running time is 121 min!)  The potential to have an actual adult movie was there, but was never fully realized.  While the video portion of the disc made use of the blu-ray storage, the disc dropped the ball by only providing a 2.0 audio track.  A handful of extras are here - again wasting the space given via the format.  What could have easily been a must-have (had they just done more with the story and a better audio track) only gets a RENT IT due to all of the shortcomings.  Bummer.

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