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Lord of Asses 12

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 1/29/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Lord of Asses 12
A Tom Byron Production of a Tom Byron Picture
Starring:  Nadia Styles, Holly Wellin, Chelsie Rae, Emma Cummings & Nikita Denise
With:  Tom Byron
Runtime:  2hrs 31min
Condoms?: None

Brief Synopsis:  Humbled porn mainstay Tom Byron presents us with five girls willing to give up their booty holes for his twelfth chapter in his pentulimate one-on-one series, many already deep in the anal business with a few relative newcomers to the fold.  Thankfully, they're all adept in the realm of butthole pleasures and take a keen liking to Tom's ripened stylings, including a few tossing his own salad for good measure!  Let the hunt begin!

[Scene One]   Nadia Styles

After a bit of sun-tanned outdoor teasing, Nadia and Tom chat a bit about their careers, wondering why they hadn't bumped into each other before today.  Before you know it, Nadia's on her knees and bobbing Tom's banana with a high amount of audible suction, keeping her eyes fluttering between his joint and the briefly pov-style camera capturing it all.  Rising into a squat in her heels, she turns her ass out on the nearby leather couch as Tom parts her cheeks and dives tongue-first, prying softly at first with a few fingers as Nadia cracks out a few moans.  He plugs her pussy after his swishes are satisfactory enough for sliding, driving himself in as Nadia raises her yelps two-fold, inserting his index up her rear as they both lean into each other.

In cowgirl, Nadia's trimly shaped ass goes front and center in full strut as her kitten intakes his spear, spreading her cheeks out as Tom massages her spool.  A brief pussy-to-mouth dick taste later, anal begins in classic missionary as Nadia's legs splay upward and she relaxes her clit with each new stroke.  At this point her patter becomes a bit put-on and over-arching, but still enough to cause her to curl her toes as Tom keeps on keepin' on.  He pushes her legs together to tighten the ride, resulting in a delicious series of "aye!"s from Nadia, morphing into pleas for her "daddy" to drive onward and anal in doggy.

Reverse cowgirl anal props Nadia's feet atop Tom's thighs, soon shifting her legs to dangle upward into the air as the ass corking goes deeper, moans and groans developing stronger still, finally into a giant scream.  The two seek further solace in an assadelic cowgirl pump, Nadia urging Tom to "pound it" as she breaks off to gape briefly, broken only by the rather too-strong vocalizations on her behalf.  Tom brings her back to her knees for his pop, shooting five or so thin gusts out, landing the majority on Nadia's face and opened mouth (with the rest shooting over her head and onto the couch).  She doesn't seem to swallow, though her face is still glistening nonetheless.

With her chest enhancements and her pronounced oral skills, Nadia's performance here is harried by her slightly overbearing vocalizations, blurred somewhat by her genuine enthusiasm for the play from time to time, but some may feel that just isn't enough.  She is in many ways already an anal champion, though you may have your doubts depending on your suspension of disbelief.  Still, a good time, but not quite, or truly, great.

[Scene Two]  Holly Wellin

"It's been a few days since I've had it, so I'm ready," Holly says to her old friend Tom after a bit of small talk, prompted toward her spread ass after a preliminary tease outdoors and atop his bed.  This cooly Jagger-esque Mancunian drops to her knees to mine away at Tom's stick, fervently swallowing it down and running spit down its sides, breaking to whisper "you wanna put this dick in all those holes?", causing him to grip her crown for a face fuck.  When not inhaling, Holly grips his prick with her tattooed hands, continuing the cheek stuffing on the bed, with more head holding and lip moves to follow.

She flips over and Tom points his nose toward her rump, darting his tongue in her ass while jerking himself off bedside.  The humping begins with cool cowgirl, cracking Holly out of her bustier as their combined pushing knocks the headboard with loud thuds, Tom smacking the handfuls of ass cresting onto his joint.  Holly rides tall, taking in all she can, uttering a fithly stream of delerium as she draws steps closer and closer toward bliss.  Turned around, she raises her legs north and shows off her tiny patch of fur, giving Tom the go-ahead into her lil' brown jug. 

With one hand on her calf and one circling her swelling clit, Holly urges Tom to go deeper, resulting in a very hard amount of joyous jolting, her legs drawn together for a tighter heap in.  By this point, Holly's words become mashed together, paused only by exquisite ass-to-mouth tastes, including a tromboning of Tom's own hole (while she jerks him off, to boot!).  They tumble into reverse cowgirl anal, Holly grooving for a while until Tom cracks her hole wider from below, resulting in a gape, and Holly thanks him by throating his fork yet again, with her middle finger puckering up his ass. 

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Back in reverse cowgirl, Holly pleads Tom to "stretch that fuckin' butthole up", continuing the plow with even more gapes and one more taste, with anal-fied cowgirl moving into a tightly held and doubled-over edge-of-bed doggy schtupping.  She spreads and yowls afterward, cradling Tom's reed in a tight grip while she warms and wets the warrior in her mouth, with one last face-fuck breaking him off with three powerful reeds gracing Holly's cheeks.  An afterward suck and swallow leaves her with a smile on her face, and so it is done.

Holly, as she always tends to do, brings her best game to the scene, and no doubt it helps that she's well-aquainted with Tom's particular proclivities that also draws the best performance out of him, as well.  There is no waning in the action here, and both are adept and skilled enough to carry each other off without losing our interest, whatsoever!  Great, truly great!

[Scene Three]  Chelsie Rae

Tom wastes next to no time drawing his gaze over Chelsie's seemingly endless teenified features,  her tanned skin spilling out of her cutoff shorts.  A quick flash later and she's noshing on his trunk, floor-bound, in strengthened strokes and jerks, jolting her entire body into the effort, shoulders and all!  Back on the bed, she tickles her throat with the schlong in a brief amount of pov action, twirling around for Tom to lay face claim to that superfine booty of hers, sniffing and snorting and licking and flicking away at her exit chute as her denim glides over her thighs. 

In doggy he pushes himself inside her pussy, stopping to keep his hole worship on the up and up, letting Chelsie keep count in pressed tummy cowgirl turns.  Like clockwork, Chelsie spreads while in recline for the intial ass fucking in missionary, spreading her cheeks for Tom and humming her fingers over her smoothed lily.  Her vocals are kept close to the chest at first, smoothing down her own noodle and parting her folds as Tom does the deep-trench plunge out back.  In reverse cowgirl, the anal eases and slows, gaining more traction as Chelsie opens her ass wider with each dip, hands constantly fluttering, legs soon closed together for an even tighter fit. 

Classic cowgirl riding cranks Chelsie's legs in a few depth-swelling positions, with Tom doing most of the lifting from underneath his partner.  Another carpet-bound blow job causes Tom to unspool across her open mouth, hitting the circle of her face as Chelsie bubbles and spits the load out in the cool down.

While Ms. Rae does ruffle her own feathers very well, her appearance with Tom seems a bit brief, but then again one can't blame a guy with a girl like Chelsie!  She does internalize her reactions, though she does open up during the later positions in a kind of genial, courteous way (but not altogether stunning, however).  And even though she is known for her more extreme performances, this scene does, strangely, lack gapes, overall.  She is quite ravishing, though that excitement is infrequently carried over to the sex, and should be enough for some.  But me?  I want it all!

[Scene Four]  Emma Cummings

Even Tom recalls his last encounter with Emma (POV Cocksuckers 5 ), though her bubbly fresh outlook threatens naivete at times as they try to find a footing following an outdoor bikini tease.  All the tension is alleviated once she's rocking his dong on the floor, kneading with her palms what her mouth isn't downing. 

Tom clings to Emma's ass as she presents that sharp rear engine of hers, quaking as he becomes buried in her stinkhole.  Emma, again, takes him into her mouth on the couch, gearing up for cowgirl bounce - mas rapido!  She leans over as they continue their pipe laying, hammering on Tom's cock and smiling between fits of moaning and calmed purring, prying her pussy apart after the last long stroke.  Easily spread open, Emma gauges Tom in missionary for the first of many ass-bound adventures, keeping a slow beat as she fiddles with her  pearl into an ecstatic growl.  Pointing her massive rump into the air, Emma accommodates her partner in doggy anal-play, leaning upward further on with each subsequent gape, fingers planted between her swelled and quivering clam.  Cowgirl and its reverse (both ass-stretching, of course)  positions are littered with a fair amount of additional gapes, pumps and clean screams, the latter especially delightful to witness as Emma's hole stretches in width and gooeyness.  She finally places herself on the ground again, opening her mouth to catch Tom's almond joy, erupting in five lugs across her brow, nose, lip and chin (some crossing the threshold of the couch, in overshot).  She spits out what she's holding, lollipopping her partner's cock one last time before saying "thanks for cumming with me!" (you're welcome!).

Emma keeps her shapely assets on point here, knowing full well that that ass of hers will cause all sorts of trouble for her future partners (as witnessed by Tom's copious output, to be sure), and all sorts of excitment in the eyes of her now and future fans.  However much she does enjoy doing the dirty, her patter is still a bit wooden, thick enough to lose focus of the heavy lifting done before our eyes.  She is, without a doubt, quite charming, though her energy is somewhat scattered, and her on-screen chemistry suffers for it.  Still, that is quite a package she keeps wound tight!

[Scene Five]  Nikita Denise

Many will be familiar with Nikita the second she opens her mouth - that growling voice of hers is unmistakably sexy and all the Czech you'll need!  Her storied history in the business begins once again with this scene, her inaugural return with Tom more than willing to accept her as an ass candidate.

Thinking that their meeting years before had culminated in ass glory, Nikita corrects her, but instructs him on any future attempts: "you have to just rape me!", which causes them both to grin and laugh at the ludicrousness of her heavily accented plea, as blunt as it is charming.  "Just rape that ass baby - just do it!" -  consider the ice broken!  Nikita spreads out a bit before throating down Tom's prawn whole, easy, with her eyes focused up at him as she continues her swift paw disappearing act on the couch.  She leans down and eats Tom's ass out, practically french kissing his corn hole and working her way back up his balls and up his shaft, never missing a hot beat between tongue laps and strings of spit, causing him to moan with appropriate delight. 

He sinks back into the seat of the couch, pulling Nikita into cowgirl, grinding into her pussy and swatting that jiggly ass of hers until she screams, marked red, in streams of "oh shit!" and fingers plugged into her ass.  On her back, Nikita lifts her legs and cycles three fingers in and out of her cunt, taking Tom inside of her brownie, with an audible amount of sloshing sounds between them.  Into doggy we see many more of her tattoos (shoulder, thigh, etc.), and the uphill barrage of plowing caused Nikita's speech to bloom into monosyllabic sprees of huffs and squeals, along with another trombone solo and jerk for Tom.  Reverse and classic cowgirl anal follow the toll of heave and ho, with Nikita inhaling that wand one last time before Tom whips out his cream onto her face, shaking hell as he does it (I cannot blame him), shooting quite far off, as well.

Nikita is really quite a dynamo, really doing just about everything with the kind of zeal and panache that not many performers are willing to dish out these days (not to mention her cunning turn of phrase), the kind of power that most are capable of but few actually seem to display on camera.  She seems positively fearless with Tom, and frankly I'm surprised that he didn't start convulsing post-climax - "fiery" almost doesn't do Nikita justice.  From a whisper to a scream and everything in between, she's the real deal, and it's all a great way to wind down a pretty great collection of ass-tastic partying.  Yeah!


Bonus Features

In a Behind the Scenes (32 min) section the girls focus on their career work, keeping anal play on the main topic throughout.  Chelsie admits that achieving orgasm in-scene is difficult for her, though the ass attention is always welcome.  Nadia shows off her clitoral piercings (one on her upper hood, soon enough for the lower, for "balance") while Holly talks about the perils of boxing in accordance with being a smoker, along with her awestruck fans and boyfriends vs. her career.  Nikita debriefs her past few years in and out of the business ("I needed a vacation") as well as the importance of being in tune with a lady's sweet spot.  Finally, Emma hints at her previous life as a pregnant swinger (!) and her penchant for motorcycles, all while keeping her bubbly personality sparkling sweetly (she even shows off her violin chops in post-scene nakedness).  It's pretty tame overall, but the girls all seem to be in good spirits, which is great to see.  Additionally, four Trailers (Seasoned Players 5, House of Ass 9,  Lord of Asses 11 and POV Cocksuckers 6) run a combined total of ten minutes, along with a Photo Gallery (8 min) and a More Fun section (8 min), which is actually explicit commercials for various telephone chat lines of varying video quality.

Audio/Visual Quality

The disc is presented in standard defintion with the imaged sized for CRT televisions (i.e. faux-letterboxed, non-16x9 enhanced).  Both the outdoor and indoor highlights tend to blow out into white more often than not (the brightness of the sun and the in-room spotlights), resulting in a kind of yellowing/pixelation to the upper color scale, and as a result, most of the image field.  This lends a bit of smearing of the brighter colors in motion (and loss of sharpness), but thankfully eliminates a majority of dark shadows on the whole.  The incidental music over the tease sections is pleasant enough, though clocks in a touch higher than the actual source/sex audio, which is presented in standard 2.0 channel stereo, occasionally overloading with the more adventurous vocalists (Nadia, for instance). Good enough to keep the feature going, but not exactly state-of-the-art.

Exit Theory

Overall, Lord of Asses 12 is a pretty great collection of girls offering their best assets up for Mr. Byron to ravage in his kindly way, most successfully with his previously aquainted partners (Holly and Nikita), somewhat in an excitable state with others (Chelsie and Emma, fine as they are) and somewhat quizzical with another (Nadia, strangely?).  While the title certainly delivered exactly just what it promised, I hope that this recently retired series morphs into a Tom Byron's Best Friends-type set of volumes, as the more familiar off his partners are, the better the resulting sex is to bear witness to (and, obviously, have!).  Therefore, those best smacks of greatness heed a Recommended for any ass fan out there, though your favorability may wane according to your specific per-girl needs/drool factor/Nikita Denise & Holly Wellin for Co-Presidents bumper sticker.

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