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Field of Schemes Part 1

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/20/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Dana De Armond, Mina Leigh, Leah Livingston, Victoria Valentine, Joelean, Samantha Ryan, Darryl Hanah, Magdalene St. Michaels

Length: 146 minutes

Date of Production: 12/5/2008

Extras: The extra portion of the dvd is over twenty minutes in length. Part of it is company information on their fine stable of films. There are trailers for Imperfect Angels Episode 5 and Episode 6, Road Queen Part 8, Women Seeking Women Volume 47, Lesbian Triangles, and Lesbian Seductions Volume 20 and Volume 22. They are good previews.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are good. The movie is shot in wide screen format.

Overview: Field of Schemes Part 1 is the fourteenth episode of the Thornhill Diaries. The Thornhill Diaries is one of Girlfriends Films most popular series. It is set in an upscale community called Thornhill and in a soap opera atmosphere. Moreover, the studio has become well known for its lesbianic nature in their movies. A lot of credit goes to how it portrays very realistic sex scenes. The women are more sensual and gentle.


Mina Leigh and Dana De Armond

Scene One: Dana De Armond and Mina Leigh are stretching at the opening moments of the movie. They head to the softball team's house. After drinking some beers and talking about the team. the experienced team member Dana tells the wannabe player Mina what she may have to do to increase her chances on making the team. They kiss on the bed. Their good kissing scene lasts a while. Next, Dana lays on top of her so that she can taste her nice looking titties. The woman also starts to undress her a bit. She rubs her pussy and orally pleasures her gem and ass. Later on, the wannabe plays with her sponsor's breasts next. Dana sucks her toes. Afterwards. she undresses herself too. She eats and fingers the inexperienced student's flower. They kiss next. The woman also sucks on her breast. Then, Mina gets to eat her experienced mound. Later, Dana fingers her asshole. It's a swell scene. This action really gets Mina's motor running. They kiss as well. Then, the player gets a strap-on dildo out of her own drawer. She fucks her with it anally. The wannabe is going nuts especially when Dana has her own finger in her gem. The woman also gets doggied in the butt. Dana does a super job getting her off. They kiss again as the scene fades away.


Victoria Valentine and Leah Livingston

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Scene Two: Leah Livingston shows up for her interview. Victoria Valentine brings in some drinks. The student wants to attend the university. The scene fades away and then, everyone is shown during their conversation. Moments later, Victoria is laying on her bed in her sexy bra and panties. The curious student sits next to her. The older woman caresses her left arm and hip. Leah lays on top of her. Ms. Valentine continues to caress her. They kiss softly. The younger woman feels her pussy and breasts. The two women kiss again after Victoria brushes Leah's hair from her face. Ms. Valentine continues to run her hands all over Miss Livingston's body. They kiss again. She feels the older woman's beauty spot underneath her panties. I like her circular rubbing motion on her pearl. It's hot. They kiss longer. We can tell that Ms. Valentine is enjoying her visitor's treat to her. Leah sticks her finger into her clam later. I like the gentleness of the scene so far. Next, Miss Livingston positions herself so that her pussy rubs against Victoria's. It's a sweet hot scene. Then, Victoria removes Leah's cheerleader's skirt. She rubs her pink pom pom. They also kiss. Later, the older woman takes off Leah's white panties to uncover her jewel. Victoria fingers her pretty pussy. I also like how she pleasures it. Of course, she cannot resist herself from tasting it, so Victoria does. Later on, she sucks on Leah's right tit. By the way, Leah Livingston has awesome tits. Leah sucks on Victoria's right nipple. The older woman runs her left hand along the younger woman's lovely body. They kiss again. Later on, Ms. Valentine takes off her own panties. They kiss. Miss Livingston positions herself to rub and finger the lady's cute love mound. She also tastes it a bit. She stimulates it with more energy as the scene progresses. Victoria moans and grabs her breasts with both of her hands. Then, Leah lays on top her and kisses her. She humps the sweet older woman. It's a cool scene. Their moans are neat. At the end, the women kiss and Leah rests her head on Victoria's delightful chest.


Joelean and Samantha Ryan

Samantha Ryan and Joelean

Joelean and Samantha Ryan

Scene Three: Joelean takes off her uniform in the bathroom and puts on a tank top and sweats. Later in the day, she and her professor played by hottie Samantha Ryan shows up at the softball team's house. After showing her parts of it, Joelean takes her to a secret room. They have a beer there. Afterwards, we see them in the student's bedroom. They continue with their discussion. It does not take long for Joelean to come on to her pretty teacher. Samantha wants to leave, but she gives in. They get on the bed and kiss. The student runs her hands along Professor Ryan's body. Then, she rubs her sweet honey dew. Samantha likes her personal touch. Their chemistry is amazing. Joelean removes Ms. Ryan's left heel and kisses her foot. She also removes her other heel. Samantha removes her own blouse during this process. Joelean caresses her sexy right leg. They kiss again. The student kisses her upper body and removes her pink panties. Samantha rubs her own pussy while Joelean takes off her own sweat pants. Next, the student pays close attention to the professor's pretty rose. The teacher concentrates on her student's stimulating actions. Afterwards, they rub their pussies together. Samantha's bra comes off and plays with her own titties while the humping continues. Next, her skirt comes off. She sucks Joelean's tits. They also kiss. Samantha Ryan is a gorgeous woman. Later, the professor gets on top of her student and rubs her groin against hers. Ms. Ryan has a sensational smile. It's a huge turn-on. The close-ups of their faces are hot. They kiss. Soon after, the hot teacher rubs Joelean's pink flower and orally pleasures it with her womanly ways. She also fingers it as Joelean rubs her own clit too. They kiss next. Then, she sucks the student's right breast while still continuing the finger action. Afterwards, the two women kiss and Professor Ryan humps her with a lot of intensity. Joelean squeezes her own titties. They kiss as the scene fades away.


Darryl Hanah and Magdalene St. Michaels

Darryl Hanah and Magdalene St. Michaels

Scene Four: Coach Darryl Hanah drives to her dear friend Magdalene St. Michael's home at night. The women talk about the team. Later, they are in Magdalene's bedroom. After some foreplay, they kiss. The softball coach feels her friend's breast. Later, Magdalene feels Darryl's chest underneath her shirt. Then, she rubs her pussy underneath her practice sweats. Their kissing session is very lengthy, but very touching. It feels genuine. Ms. Hanah rubs her close friend's pussy too. Then, Ms. St. Michael pleasures Darryl's tits. The coach sucks on her lovely bosoms. They kiss again for a while. Then, she gets on top of her so that she can taste her titties. She caresses Magdalene's left leg and then, kisses her. She also sucks on her breasts. Next, Darryl licks her lovely mound. Later on, Magdalene kisses the back of her head and back. She kisses her butt. Afterwards, Darryl lays on her back and lets her dear friend taste and finger her sweet lovebox. The coach is loving the feeling. The rest of the scene has great chemistry. Later on, Darryl humps her. Then, she tastes her pussy again. A nice scissors moment begins next. They kiss as the scene ends.

Final Thoughts: Field of Schemes Part 1 is a very worthwhile addition to the Thornhill Diaries anthology and to the Thornhill community. The lesbian love scenes feel authentic and I must give credit to the fine actresses. Samantha Ryan and Magdalene St. Michaels are the standouts.The pairings are also well thought of. I highly recommend this movie.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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