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Da Hating Game

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Omniphiliac » Review Date: 1/18/09

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Date of Production: 06/16/2007
Length: 2 hours and 15 min.
Director: Jalin Fuentes
Cast: Lex, Ace, JT, Marcus, Element, Antoine, Mike, Juulz, Cass.
Condoms: yes.
Body Types: Slim to slightly muscular, dark and
light-skinned Black men.

The Movie:
In a somewhat Gonzo fashion, this plotless thugporn offers up a fine variety of scenes full of oral and anal pleasures, however the oral enthusiast will love the long bouts of salacious sucking that make up for most of the scenes. Each scene shows the experience of two fit thuggish men who are typically just hanging out with each other and seem so bored that they have no other choice but to fuck each other. Not the most exciting of premises, I agree. If done right, thugporn can be incredibly hot, but if the execution is
flawed then the movie is filled with lots of bored looking faces. Unfortunately Da Hating Game is a little of both. But as I'll talk about later, the scene between Mike and Antoine is so bloody delicious that it makes up for all the other flops.
Scene One: JT & Ace
Walking through the subway JT & Ace cross paths and with wandering eyes they catch each others attention. After throwing a few lines at each other they begin to walk back to the apartment. Their flirtatious banter is more playful and cute than sexy, but it gets the job done. At first JT doesn't seem to be that into the kissing, which gets disappointing, but the champ makes up for it with his excellent cock sucking skills. Not to be outdone, Ace, with his slim body and thick lips, shows JT how to really lick and suck a dick, all the while playfully twisting JT's nipples. Ace then bends over JT and slides in, not being one to disappoint he reaches around and strokes JT's impressive cock. Even though JT made it somewhat believable that he was enjoying getting fucked, Ace just quietly pounded away as he looked afar -- pretty boring. After a few different positions and a few different "I'm so bored" facial expressions from Ace, he pulls out, takes off his condom and releases his load all over JT's thick cock.
Scene Two: Mike & Antoine
Let it be known that "Da Hating Game" should officially be renamed to "skip everything and just watch Mike & Antoine ride each other raw because this is the one of the sexiest scenes in gay porn." Sure I don't have a career in concisely naming porn but at least I'm upfront and honest. Mike & Antoine exhibit some amazing chemistry together in this scene. The build up of kissing and rubbing up on each other before they fuck drove me crazy. Soon

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after, Antoine takes all of Mike's thick cock down his throat, while he rubs his chest. Fans of rimming will surely enjoy this scene as well, the amount of ass eating will send anyone who remotely enjoys rimjobs through the roof. The sexiest part of this scene is when Mike ride's Antoine on his lap as they face each other and grinds away to his delight. When they change position Mike really shows what it means to be a power bottom as he gyrates and thrusts back onto Antoines' dick. To make things even steamier they continue to make out
throughout the scene, ending with hot cum being shot on each other.

Scene Three: JT & Lex
 As Lex tries practicing his new rap to himself he's interrupted by a knock on the door. JT stopped by to drop something off for Lex but decides to stay to hear out Lex's new rhymes. With a coy look in his eyes JT compliments Lex and then seductively leans in for a kiss. Unfortunately what could have been incredibly sexy was blocked by the blatant and overbearing shadow of the cameraman. I just had to stop and think, "really? That's fair
game?" Soon enough the kissing becomes pretty monotonous and they begin taking turns going down on each other. Lex's thick, supple lips really do a number as he sucks off JT. With this I start to gain hope that perhaps this scene will be as good as Mike & Antoine, however when they start to fuck the cameraman relies on unfortunate angles. The type of camera angles that make the viewer do the stereotypical head tilt while watching porn move. Thankfully they switch to sixty-nine and they really devour each other whole! If only they stuck with oral then this scene would have been five times better, but unfortunately they went back to a monotonous ten minutes of fucking that simply showed balls slapping at a very close angle. The rest of the scene made me think that the cameraman had quit so they simply put the camera on a tripod and finished themselves. Overall the two seem pretty awkward during the actual fucking which leaves a lot to be desired.

Scene Four: Element & Marcus
Element, a tall muscular light skinned thug is tending bar and his sole patron is Marcus. After chatting each other up they take advantage of their privacy with Marcus walking around the bar and dropping to his knees. As Marcus sucks him off, Element really doesn't seem to be all that into it. His unfortunate boring gaze at the top of Marcus' head made me want to fast forward through the rest of the scene. But surprisingly when it was Elements
turn to suck dick he really shows how good he is at taking it all down. Half way through poor Marcus can't seem to keep it up. It's okay girl, we're not all destined to be pornstars. For most of the scene as they sucked, licked and fucked each other, both Element and Marcus seemed to simply be going through the motions as they remained quiet and kept a straight face.
Scene Five: Juulz & Cass
Leaning back on his bed, relaxing and enjoying his day Juulz is on the phone talking to a friend of his. All of the sudden Cass' arm flies up from under the bed, startling Juulz. As Cass jumps up onto the bed he says perhaps one of the most bizarre lines I've heard in porn "I just found your keys...I want to see what's good with your dick." And thus starts the sex. Cass, like a good little under the bed sub, quickly starts sucking off Juulz. As Juulz forces Cass' head down deeper, he has a sexy devious smile on his face. Cass sucks off Juulz for ten straight minutes in a few different positions. Then Juulz puts Cass on his back, lifts up his legs and has at it with a decent amount of delicious vigor. Cass then rides Juulz thick dick until they both cum. This last scene, while not the sexiest, had the best lighting and sound out of all the scenes. Unfortunately that's not saying much. What really helped this scene was that Cass had some good "fuck me" lines while getting pounded.


The only extra footage on this DVD were promising trailers for Holla Back Boi and Take It Like a Man. Unfortunately there was no bonus material or Behind The Scenes footage.
Audio/Video Quality: Da Hating Game is presented in full frame format and with exceptionally poor quality audio and video. It's obvious that these scenes were sent in from various directors and spliced together. The audio was most likely picked up from the microphone on the camera, as you could barely hear the actors or would just hear echoes. In one scene, while the camera is far too close to the penetration all that could be heard was the squishing and slapping of naughty bits in an all too unflattering way. As for
the video quality, the lighting situation was not very well thought out, to the point where in some scenes the viewer can see the bloody light stand behind the fellating and fornicating bodies. There was nothing but shadows all over the walls, and one scene was essentially blacked out by the cameraman's own shadow.

Final Thoughts: As I said earlier, Da Hating Game should be renamed with something that fully explains how hot the scene between Mike & Antoine is, because that's they're only true selling point. While there were some sexy bits here and there in other scenes, the guys mainly just looked bored and forced themselves through the actions. If only because of Mike & Antoine I am going to give this a Rent It recommendation.

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