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Backstage Girls

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/18/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Madelyn Marie, Darryl Hanah, Elexis Monroe, Lily Paige, Ginger Lee, Joelean, Bobbie Star, Kill Slowly (non-performers)

Length: 190 minutes

Date of Production: 11/7/2008

Extras: There is a promo trailer of Girlfriends Films. There are also individual trailers for Part of it is company information on their fine stable of films. There are trailers for Imperfect Angels, Road Queen, Women Seeking Women, Lesbian Triangles, and Lesbian Seductions. They are good previews.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are good. The movie is shot in wide screen mode.

Overview: The real life, all girl, hard metal rock band Kill Slowly is portrayed in this fictional story about the lesbian sexual life that takes place behind the scenes from the bright lights and fame. As a matter of fact, according to T.J. DiReda of Girlfriends Films. "Lily Paige is the guitarist of Kill Slowly, and she performs girl/girl sex in the video. The band's music is featured, and there are dialog scenes with some of the other members." However, it's important to note that on the band's website, the bassist's name is Sara Beth. One can visit the band's website at www.killslowly.com. They will have a reality series on VH-1 so check them out when it airs. This movie comes from the highly successful and respected Girlfriends Films. They specialize and concentrate solely on lesbian movies.


Darryl Hanah and Madelyn Marie

Madelyn Marie and Darryl Hanah

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Scene One: Madelyn Marie and Darryl Hanah are in the kitchen. They are talking a bit and it's easy to see that Ms. Hanah has her eye on the woman. Madelyn asks the lady if she could wake her up in about a half an hour. Later on, while Darryl is looking around the house, she finds a strap-on dildo in the bathroom. Thirty minutes later, the woman wakes her up. Both women are laying on the bed and they begin to chat. Madelyn enjoys the blonde woman's personal attention to her. Ms. Hanah runs her fingertips along the brunette's hot body. It's very sensual. Both women are turned on. Darryl feels her breasts. Madelyn feels her leg. Their chemistry is outstanding. Their petting is hot. Personally, when they touch each other's legs, I got hot. This is sensational foreplay. Darryl sucks Lady Madelyn's beautiful left bosom. Then, the gorgeous brunette sucks on Ms. Hanah's pretty left tit. They kiss next. The blonde lays on top of Madelyn and tastes those lovely titties of hers. Madelyn's smile is a big turn-on and sweet. There is more sensual pawing that follows. Then, Darryl gently rubs Madelyn's beauty spot. She rubs her thumb on her clit. Next, Madelyn is fully nude. She maneuvers herself in the doggie position as the blonde woman plays with her priceless jewel. Next, Darryl gets totally naked and they kiss. Madelyn rubs her own pussy briefly. Then, Ms. Hanah pays close attention to her gem. The brunette has her hands on her breasts. She really concentrates on the woman's oral treat to her. Madelyn Marie is a pretty woman with a hot, sexy body. Darryl does an amazing job using her fingers on Lady Madelyn's pussy. Her technique drives the younger woman nuts. The older woman spends a long time with her jewel, but it is worth it. Later, Madelyn stimulates her own clit while Darryl fingers it. Then, the blonde woman lays on top of her and they kiss. She sucks her bosom and continues to play around with her love region. Next, Madelyn gets on her hands and knees on the bed as Ms Hanah still pleasures her pussy. Then, the two women rub the other's clit. Next, they kiss. Darryl rubs her pussy. Madelyn rubs Darryl's tit and rubs her mound too. Then, she lays back to concentrate on Ms. Hanah's action on her gem. Later on, Darryl Hanah gets the strap-on dildo and lubricates it while Madelyn plays with her own pussy and waits for her. Ms. Hanah puts on the sex toy. They kiss before she gently inserts it in her. Another use for the dildo is rubbing it against her plaything. Afterwards, Madelyn unhooks the toy and plays with Darryl's lovebox. Next, the two women rub the other woman's private part. Darryl sucks the brunette's fingers. Darryl stimulates Madelyn's pussy and caresses her titties. Later, Madelyn plays with her own gem and gets off. At the end, they lay next to each other and kiss in a spooning position. Darryl kisses Madelyn's shoulder and runs her hand along the hot woman's body. This is an amazing scene. Madelyn Marie is a star.


Lily Paige and Elexis Monroe

Elexis Monroe and Lily Paige

Scene Two: Elexis Monroe and Lily Paige kiss for awhile after their conversation. It's very nice. Elexis gently caresses her lover's bosoms. She sucks on them very sensually. They continue to kiss while pawing each other's tits. Next, they caresses each other as they continue their kissing session. The scene moves to the bedroom later. They kiss again as Lily is on top of her partner. She rubs her girlfriend's pussy on top of her jeans. Next, the two women grind their hips together. Later, their pants are removed. Lily gets on top of her again and continue their make out session. They rub each other's roses. Afterwards, Lily pays full attention to her lover's flower. Elexis can feel the sensations running through her body. Next, Elexis positions herself on top of Lily and orally pleasures her sweet breasts. She moves her way down her girlfriend's body slowly. She tastes her inner thigh. It's very hot. Then, she tastes her rosebush. I like how gentle Elexis treats Lily's pussy. It is wet and very cute. Later, Elexis increases the intensity on Lily's plaything. Next, her partner holds her hand as Elexis rubs her passion fruit. Then, the women hump each other. It's good. Afterwards, they kiss and rub their bodies against the other's with Elexis on top. Then, they hump in a faster motion. The two women are getting off. They snuggle at the end with their groins still in the humping motion.


Joelean and Ginger Lee

Ginger Lee and Joelean

Scene Three: Joelean gives Ginger Lee a massage on the bed. I like their chemistry. Then, the cute blonde turns over and they kiss. The brunette sucks her pretty breasts. She also rubs her pussy on top of her shorts. Ginger feels Joelean's super bosoms. They kiss again. Then, the blonde sucks her titties. Later, Joelean feels underneath her shorts to finally touch her gentle womanly zone. Later, they feel each other's lovely bodies briefly. Next, Joelean concentrates on Ginger's beauty spot. She has a cute pink flower. The blonde feels the brunette's tits with care. She also sucks them. Then, she lays on top of her. She uses her mouth to stimulate Joelean's plaything. Later, both women use their fingers on Joelean's pearl to raise her body temperature. Next, Ginger lays on her chest and belly while the hot brunette orally pleasures her pussy. Ginger rubs her own clit too. Later, Joelean finger fucks the woman. Next, she tastes her love juices. They kiss again. Then, they hump. The intensity increases. Ginger sucks her fingers while the brunette sucks her tit. Afterwards, they caress each other and kiss. The women run their hands along their partner's bodies in the closing moments of their scene.


Bobbi Starr and Lily Paige

Lily Paige and Bobbi Starr 

Scene Four: Bobbi Starr goes over to Lily Paige's home. They talk a bit. As the visitor is using the bathroom, Lily walks in. She is flirtatious with Bobbi. She leads her to the bedroom to show her hospitality. They get on the bed. Bobbi lays on her back as Lily kisses her chest and lips. She runs her hands along her body. I like their kissing activity. Lily looks extremely sexy in this scene. She is one hot woman. Lily rubs her love region and, then, her breasts during the kissing session. Next, she removes Bobbi's shirt. She sucks on her left breast. Then, she squeezes them. She also removes her jeans. Lily runs her hand softly on her pantied covered mound. They kiss again. Moments later, their kissing activity continues with Lily on top of her. Bobbi caresses her lovely ass. Then, Lily rubs her pussy underneath her panties. She removes them later to taste her passion fruit. Afterwards, Lily humps the woman with much energy. Then, they kiss as Bobbi rubs the woman's pussy. Next, she rubs her with a lot of vigor. The scene is sexy and sensual on account of their eye contact. After more hot humping, the women snuggle and kiss.

Final Thoughts:
Since this movie portrays a real-life band, it feels more personal and gives us a glimpse of what the lifestyle of Kill Slowly's members may actually go through. The opening scene of showing the band playing at one of their gigs is very welll done. The music is also in the tone of good metal rock. I can see why they have a faithful following and why it continues to build. I wish that there were more clips of the band and its music in the movie especially more speaking parts for the members. The five members of Kill Slowly are very attractive women who can rock with the best of them regardless of gender. I also like their edge. I recommend this movie so that one can check out the band and, in addition, see very good lesbian sex scenes that only Girlfriends Films can film.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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