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Double Krossed

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/20/09

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Kayden Kross!

Double Krossed

Adam & Eve

Holly Wellin

Genre: Feature

Director: Jim Malibu

Marie McCray and Eden Adams

Cast: Kayden Kross, Erik Everhard, Holly Wellin, Tony DeSergio, Marie McCray, Eden Adams, Brooke Scott, Stephanie Cane, Eric Swiss

Length: 106:36 minutes

Stephanie Cane and Brooke Scott

Date of Production: 10/14/2008 (cover); 6/22/2008, 6/23/2008 (credits)

Extras: For most people, the bonus scene from Kayden's Krossfire described below will be the best extra. IT only lasted 12:37 minutes but Flower really came through, guiding less experienced Kayden nicely and establishing some decent heat. While the lesbian tryst was not unique to this movie (garnering it few bonus points), it proved Kayden was not a mediocre performer too, her looks better than her skill so far but her potential quite high. I also liked the 9:07 minute long Behind the Scenes feature even if it was offered up in full frame and a bit too stylishly at first. It gave a good overview without going too far and showed Kayden in good light. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, and spam for those that care.

Kayden Kross

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Double Krossed was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Jim Malibu for Adam & Eve to be released in this MPEG-2, 480i resolution offering. In keeping with Jim's older body of work that I'm more familiar with than his newer stuff, the visuals showed how videographer Jack Remy's touches added to the look of the production without minimizing the long-favored with enough film noir sensibilities to the feature that maximized the limited acting abilities of the cast but also offered some visual appeal to boot. There was some grain and minor mosquito noise, the lighting used to invoke a mood more than look like a standard porno. The slightly soft focus did not bother me most times even if the video bitrate did, hovering around 2.6 Mbps (which is fine if you're providing a 3+ hour fuck flick). The skin tones were off in that respect but the action clear to see, making it a better looking show than some of the past efforts by the company even if not their best in recent years. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English stereo, the 192 Kbps audio bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate generic as could be. The moody background music in some portions of the movie was well done though the vocals seemed cookie cutter basic with no separation (the dynamic range minimal).

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Body of Review: Jim Malibu has been known for light porn features as long as I can remember since the dawn of DVD as the dominant format (perhaps before that too) so it was interesting for me to see how he has fared at Adam & Eve of late. I'll admit that my renewed interest in the company has largely been related to their distribution of a particular title and a well liked roller skating flick they did last year but in fairness, I can think of no other company as poised to push out of their comfort zone given the economic realities of the times. So many companies are dying off, cutting into the bone of their productions, or so settled into their personal comfort zones that reviewing can be done in sleep walking fashion but A&E surprises me at times when I really have no right to expect it off them, not just for upcoming blockbusters by Ren Savant such as The 8th Day (that Meredith herself promised would float my boat). That said, I settled in to watch the far less ambitious Double Krossed largely as a result of lead performer Kayden Kross, an occasional blogger here at Xcritic and all around hotty, suggesting it might suit me while at the 2009 AEE I enjoyed so much earlier in the month. I'm not usually given to the marketing hype of publicists but when I get a nudge from a pretty lady with a smart head on her shoulders, it doesn't hurt me to see what the title offers the average viewer. While Kayden is not exactly in my top ten list for performers these days, her untapped potential far outweighs the albatross she has tied to her neck in the form of a certain hillbilly and the noir-ish looking movie struck me as something different, even though unpolished in many ways. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Kayden Kross, the hot blond featured on the front cover, was up first in a living room scene with studly Xcritic director of the year Erik Everhard. Her black lingerie was removed and the all too fluid camera did as best it could to keep Kayden as the centerpiece, her firm young body bouncing with joy as she grabbed his pecker to wrap her lips around it and teasingly suck it off. The hand assisted hummer showed a lot more licking than usual and her skill level was modest at best but Kayden almost appeared to be new to her craft here, invoking a feeling of a newcomer rather than a jaded old porn performer. Erik sat back and held her hair as she worked him over too, the cunnilingus missed due to camera angle as Kayden let loose with bellowing yells in generic porn fashion. The moderately active vaginal ride was far from her best work too, Erik doing most of the work before rubbing out a nut of genetic juice to her neck and upper torso before he finished her off.

Scene Two: Holly Wellin, a bit of a sleepy looking gal with light hair and a multicolored dress, was up next in the kitchen with creepy Tony DeSergio. He felt her up as she disrobed, kissing along her form just as she returned his advances in front of the window. Her shorts revealed her sweet little ass and the neon pink thong underneath, Tony nuzzling her as she purred in delight. Tony did eat her out and Holly seemed to appreciate it more than a little bit, moaning in a more subdued manner initially but getting louder before she aggressively inhaled his rod with her mouth. There was never any doubt that Holly was a seasoned sword swallower and her vaginal bouncing when it was time was also appreciated. The camera work was again a pain in the rear and the editing jumped out at me that parts were missing but even during the resulting anal, Holly proved up to the challenge better than the crew. The scene ended with Holly making sure she got a facial of population pudding, her attitude overcoming her less overtly attractive features.

Scene Three: Marie McCray and Eden Adams, a couple of appealing gals with light hair, were up next as they danced in erotic fashion at a local club. The attempt at looking like a go-go flick from the late 1960's aside, the ladies pawed each other, licked, kissed, and otherwise had fun but it struck me as a lot better when they went back to their apartment on the bar for fingering and oral. The slightly mechanical action had less chemistry than the last scene but the dynamic grew on me as they started eating ass. It's not always easy to explain but when you see ladies getting into sucking ass, it washes away a lot of technical defects, the abundance of close ups unsuccessful killing off the heat for me.

Scene Four: Brooke Scott, Stephanie Cane, and Eric Swiss were up next as the ladies got out of their slinky dresses to service him in a tag team blowjob. His cock might have been smaller than average but the gals did not appear to notice as they took up positions on each end of his body. Stephanie sat on his face as Brooke slobbed his knob, the ball sucking and coy manner the ladies approached the action allowing him access to some prime poon tang with his mouth before he dipped his wick inside of them. The vaginal positions were varied but the gals did manage to put some effort into them, assisting each other as needed while they took turns. This is a scene that could use some super sizing in my opinion though, it was over before Brooke could even share her mouthful of semen with her pal.

Scene Five: Kayden Kross, called onto the couch by Erik Everhard for the manner in which she interjected herself in the investigation, was soon busy with his full attention as the two made out. He was all over her and she was beaming big time, tearing off her clothing to mount him as he grabbed her ass and sucked her titties. Erik wanted to taste her snatch and did so to the point where Kayden's acting ability was pushed hard, her sloppy hummer much more enthusiastic this time as she reciprocated. Her need for seed established, they banged with more drive this time too, Kayden finally picking up some of the slack as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. Erik also made a conscious effort to suit her fancy during the scene too, fingering her, rubbing her, and sticking his pussy juice laden cock down her throat before unleashing his sperm onto her lower abdomen.

Bonus Scene: Kayden's Krossfire: Kayden Kross and Flower Tucci are having a serious conversation. Flower is frustrated and worried. The two blond beauties kiss. Then, they remove each other's clothing. They kiss again. Lady Kayden pleasures Flower's precious stone orally and fingers it hard. Next, both women rub each other's beauty spots. Moments later, the Tucci gets into position to finger Kayden's pretty wazoo. She screams with delight. Then, Kayden plays with Flower's flower. Moments later, the Tucci sucks on Lady K's toes. Next, she sucks on the pretty woman's precious gateway. It's a hot scene. Kayden screams with glee. Then, Flower fingers and rubs Lady Kayden's pussy again. She licks it great and sucks on it with great fervor. They have amazing chemistry. They kiss. Then, Kayden plays with the Tucci's flower again. She fingers it hard. Then, Flower rubs her own lovebox and it gets wetter. Next, Flower rubs Miss Kross' wazoo while Kayden is in doggystyle position. She finger fucks it hard and licks Kayden's juices. Later, they kiss and Flower kisses her body and rubs her pussy. Then, they kiss at the end of the scene. This is a great scene. (review by Apache Warrior)

Summary: Double Krossed by director Jim Malibu for Adam & Eve really did not elevate itself above some of the more generic star vehicles of the company but fans of Kayden Kross will certainly find the fuck flick strokable enough to merit a rating of Rent It. When I saw the credits roll by at the end, I noticed a host of names I have not seen in a long time too, making me think that a bit more time, budget, and pre-production planning could have made this a real winner but it was still interesting enough to see just how far Kayden has come since her debut not all that long ago. If you are not too jaded with extreme gonzo sex and want a light feature to appreciate starring the lady, check out Double Krossed and you can see what she is up to these days as she learns to cut her teeth on smaller projects, her suitability for the blockbusters many of you prefer not quite there but getting ever closer from what I could tell. If the technical aspects were cleaned up and the sex enhanced somewhat more, this might have been her first true work I found worthy of her looks but it wasn't bad all the same.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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