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Double Dose of Kaiya Lynn/Lucy Thai

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 1/20/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Compilation, Asian

Director: Varied by scene

Cast: Kaiya Lynn and Lucy Thai.

Length:  4 hr 29 min

Production Date: 3/4/2006

Condoms: None.


Pick your pleasure, photo gallery, and some trailers are all you're going to find on this release for bonus features.


Spread out across several releases across a few years, the content here varies greatly in terms of quality with regards to both the audio and video. The picture quality is all over the map with some scenes that are crystal clean and sharp while many are pixilated, plagued by interlacing, grainy, and soft. The scenes also jump between full screen and non-anamorphic widescreen. The audio is similarly diverse with some scenes that offer otherwise fine sound quality, but some that feature volume pitching, scratchy recordings, and distortion.

Body of Review:

Split up between two discs, New Sensation's Double Dose series continues with Kaiya Lynn and Lucy Thai. There are many Asian performers in the industry today, but Kaiya and Lucy are undoubtedly near the top in terms of popularity. Naturally because of that, this Double Dose release is a fan pleaser right off the bat. If you're unfamiliar with the series then it should be said that this is a compilation release rather than a new property. Each of the scenes included here have been pulled from other New Sensation titles and chances are good if you're a fan of either girl there may be one of these already in your collection. However, this is a solid release all around with some outstanding sex by two of the hottest Asian girls in the biz so whether you already have one or two of these scenes in your collection it's definitely worth checking out.

Scene 1:

The first disc in Double Dose of Kaiya Lynn/Lucy Thai features Kaiya in all her glory. For the first scene of this release we receive a clip from Throat Creamers #2 with her and Ben English going to town. Kaiya starts out dressed in a purple and yellow bikini with a nice solo tease that takes place before Ben comes onto the scene. Ben starts out by diddling her pussy with his fingers and sucking on her perfect tits. After a while Kaiya bends over and takes it from behind for quite some time. This looks great and I really enjoyed some of the camera angles employed here. From this position Kaiya gets on top and then onto her side and back for the remainder of the scene. Right up until the end where Ben pops his load into her mouth and she swallows this was a fantastic scene that was the perfect way to get this release started. It had a lot of energy and both performers enjoyed a great presence on screen.
Scene 2:

The second scene here comes from Erotica 10 and features our girl Kaiya getting reamed by Chris Charming. It starts out like the first scene with a brief teasing clip with background music, but quickly transitions to Kaiya with Chris' cock in her mouth. She gives the big dick a nice servicing and Chris responds by jamming it into her pussy. Once again Kaiya really makes an impression with an outstanding performance and a strong connection with her partner. Chris fucks her nice and slow throughout these scene and it gives the action a nice break from the typical all out pounding we usually see in porn. He stops repeatedly to take his dick out and tease her a bit, which Kaiya really responds to. Both really seemed to enjoy each other and it goes to the point that Chris almost cums inside her.    
Scene 3:

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Mark Ashley's Anal Authority #3 offers up another solid scene with Kaiya and Marco Duato. There's a nice little tease at the start with Kaiya dressed in lingerie playing with herself and shoving large black anal beads into her ass. Marco comes in after a few minutes of her solo anal play and he immediately shoves his dick into her mouth. Once his blow job is over he doesn't even bother pull the toy out of her ass before he starts fucking her pussy. This continues for quite some time with the occasional tug on the black beads in her ass and you simply watch the action waiting for the anal to come. Marco really gives it to Kaiya and she takes it hard in the ass right up to the end of the scene.
Scene 4:

Kaiya and Ben English get down to business again in a scene from Boy Meats Girl #3. The scene starts out with Kaiya doing another solo tease, but this time she's dressed up like a young girl with a pink outfit and skirt. It's hot to say the least and it would seem that Ben thinks so as well because he wastes little time getting to her little pussy. Once they've had some oral fun Kaiya climbs aboard for a reverse cowgirl for a while and then gets in position for some doggy style. Ben really gives it to her hard and Kaiya wails for most of the scene while her pussy is pounded. Like their first scene together on this disc the action is very good all around with quite a bit of energy displayed by both performers.    

Scene 5:

Mark Ashley has his chance at Kaiya in a scene from Little Miss Innocent? #2. Like every other scene out there this one starts out with a brief tease, but it's not long before Mark walks into the scene hard as a rock. He starts out on Kaiya much the same way he does with other girls he performs with and does the standard clit sucking and rigorous finger fucking which always makes the girls nice and juicy. The sex also starts out with a hard and fast note with Mark instantly fucking Kaiya like there's no tomorrow. Throughout this scene there's intensity to the action and that's true with most of Mark's scenes. The nice thing about this scene is that Kaiya keeps up with his breakneck pace and really seems to enjoy the abuse her pussy takes.

Scene 6:

A nice change of pace is in store for Kaiya's last scene because rather than tackling a cock, she's eating pussy. In a scene from Girl Crazy #7 Kaiya and Alexis Malone take to the sheets...er...carpet. The girls take their time stripping, caressing, and licking each other and needless to say this is hot enough. There's some nice action here as the girls spend quite a bit of time sucking on each other's clits, kissing, and fingering. Some toy play comes out before long and there's some double stuffing in the process. I particularly enjoyed the 69 position towards the end where the girls really seemed to get into each other.
Scene 7:   

Moving on to the second disc of this edition of Double Dose I have to say that I was quite anxious to see what Lucy Thai had to offer. This girl has an insatiable appetite for cock and every scene I have watched in the past has been full of energy and left an impression. The first scene with Lucy is another scene from Erotica, but this one is from the seventh installment. Here there's a threesome with Lucy taking on Chris Charming and Tony T. It starts out with Lucy doing a nice little tease before the boys come in and from there she pays attention to both of their dicks. From oral play to pussy the scene moves on towards anal and some double penetration. Lucy looks great throughout the action and to say her nether regions take a beating would be an understatement. There was just something about the scene that really stood out and it exemplified the many reasons I love Lucy.
Scene 8:
Hey, look at this! Another threesome scene! This one has Lucy in between Mark Ashley and Mick Blue from an offering by I Know You're Watching #3. Lucy starts by seductively talking to the camera and she then moves over to the guys and starts sucking both their cocks. From there the scene follows as the guys take turns fucking her pussy nice and hard. While her pussy gets worked over she spends her time sucking and jerking off the other dick. Surprisingly there's no anal here and no freaky stuff, which Lucy has become known for. It's a nice change of pace, but it also helps that the action all around is energetic and Lucy looks simply amazing.  
Scene 9:
Bucking the trend for Lucy's third scene is a regular old boy girl scene with Shane Diesel from It's Huge! #3. The performers waste no time getting to each other's private parts and there's quite an extensive amount of oral play. Once the sex starts Shane and Lucy really put on a fantastic show with a great amount of energy and some nice, slow, passionate sex. The stars of the scene make an impression and there's definitely plenty to love about their performances. With that being said this scene did feel tame compared to the action that preceded it, but that didn't diminish how great Lucy looked and how well the performers connected.
Scene 10:
Biggz and the Beauties volume 9 offers up a scene with Lucy and Biggz. There's no teasing here and the scene gets underway right from the start with Lucy's mouth around Biggz' massive cock. She has kind of a hard time with the sheer size of it and needless to say that continues once the fucking gets underway. Lucy looks decidedly uncomfortable as Biggz pumps away on her pussy. The action doesn't last for very long by industry standards and the fucking is tame for the most part so in the end this scene was a disappointment. There are moments where the sex looks great, but those are few and far between.  
Scene 11:
With a title like Anal Retentive #2, I think you can assume that Lucy isn't going to be spending her time on the scene knitting. With Mark Ashley as her partner this scene is hard, fast and classic Lucy at her best. There's a small amount of oral play at the beginning and Mark fucks her pussy for a while, but the majority of this scene takes place in Lucy's ass. She really seems to get into the action and there's quite a lot of energy in this scene. It's not the greatest Lucy scene on this release, but it's definitely a good one just the same.  

Scene 12
Black InvAsian lends the final scene here with one starring Lucy (obviously) and Nathan Threat. Lucy starts out with a sexy little tease all dressed in red and black lingerie posing in a hallway, but the scene soon transitions over a nearby stairwell. Nathan comes upon Lucy and the two get down to business right away. The most impressive thing about this scene is how Lucy takes the entirety of his giant cock, but then again that's just something she's known for. Both performers get into the sex here and there is a lot of energy with Lucy stealing this show. This scene was a great way to close out Lucy's involvement in this release and the Double Dose DVD in general.


Double Dose of Kaiya Lynn/Lucy Thai is a compilation release that offers what it intends to. All you're going to get here are Kaiya and Lucy in some of their best scenes. Both discs and all twelve scenes are fantastic and there's quite a few moments here that truly stand out. If I have anything negative to say about this release it's that most all of these scenes have appeared in other compilation releases from New Sensations. If you have other titles such as the I Love Asians series or even others such as Monster Meat then you already have some of these in your collection. However, if your collection is petite and you are simply looking for some hot action you can't go wrong with this release. Based on the quality of the content I want to give it a high recommendation, but due to the sporadic quality control issues this release gets knocked down to a mere recommendation.

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