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Only The Beautiful

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 1/21/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Compilation

Director: Varied by scene

Cast: Ashlynn Brooke, Shyla Styles, Carmen Luvana, Bobbi Eden, Keiko, Brooke Milano, Daisy Marie, Alexis Texas, Kara Bare, Lexi Belle, Brooke Banner, Missy Stone, and Audrey Bitoni.

Length: 4 hr 2 min.

Production Date: 12/21/2007


A Pick Your Pleasure selection, Photo Gallery, and some trailers are all you're going to find on this release for bonus features. It's a compilation title so I suppose that shouldn't be very surprising. 


Considering the varying dates of production due to the fact that this is a compilation there's some discrepancies with regards to the presentation values. Some scenes are stellar with sharp quality and crisp visuals while others are hurt by compression artifacts, grain, and interlacing. Fortunately there are greater examples of the good outweighing the bad here in the video department. However, your mileage will vary depending upon what scene you're watching and for the most part that same thing can be said with regards to the audio. The sound here is all over the map with some very soft scenes, loud ones, and pitchy ones all mashed together.

Body of Review:

New Sensations is well known for their compilation releases. From the I Love series to a multitude of others, NS packs together a plethora of scenes ranging from all sorts of titles quite frequently. Every once in a while they release a new property or theme to appease fans and their latest effort is Only the Beautiful.

Now, I don't know about you, but there's basically an unwritten rule that in order to be in the industry you have to be pretty. After all who wants to watch ugly people bang in front of a camera? Because of that I found the theme of this compilation to be somewhat redundant. Regardless of those feelings the collection of scenes presented in Only the Beautiful does indeed feature some of the most beautiful girls in the business. Every single starlet here is a knockout and if this opening installment is any indication New Sensations might just have a fan pleaser on their hands. 

Scene 1:

The first scene in Only the Beautiful comes from All About Ashlynn, and guess what? It features Ashlynn! In this scene she takes on Marco Banderas, but before he comes in Ashlynn gives us a nice little solo tease on the sofa. This girl is dead sexy though it's hard to argue that she looks better with a cock in her mouth and it would seem that Marco agrees. Some oral play follows as you'd expect and that's proceeded by Ashlynn coming on top of Marco for some cowgirl position. She reverses after a few minutes and moves on to her back, then her knees. Marco gives it to Ashlynn nice and steady and both performers put on a very good show. For my personal tastes Ashlynn spends too much time staring at the camera, which gives her involvement in the scene a somewhat disconnected feeling. Even so this is a solid scene all around and a great to kick of this release.

Scene 2:

Bound to Please #2 lends the second scene for Only the Beautiful, which features Daisy Marie and Mark Ashley. The scene starts out with Daisy blindfolded and on her back. Mark walks in with his cock dangling before her mouth and once that happens there's only one thing for her to do. Mark returns the favor by sucking on her clit, but the oral quickly ends in favor of sex. While Mark pumps away on Daisy's pussy she uses a vibrator to stimulate her clit in the meantime. I was kind of surprised by Mark since he didn't wreck her pussy right off the bat and he seemed to be pacing himself. That slow Mark gives way to pounding-the-hell-out-of-Daisy's-pussy-Mark. We're talking balls slapping against her ass, Daisy shrieking like a banshee hard kind of sex. She seems to really get off on it though, but for the majority of this scene she just lays there and it's kind of boring. Thankfully once Mark kicks it into full gear and the gloves come off Daisy finally comes to life.

Scene 3:

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The third scene in Only the Beautiful comes from Carmen Goes to College Part 4. This scene features Carmen, Daisy, and Steve Hooper, but it's not exactly a threesome like you'd expect. The scene starts out with some nice foreplay between Steven and Carmen with the two exchanging oral favors. Carmen then straddles Steven's cock while he sits in a chair and she bounces up and down with a lot of vigor. She eventually leans onto a desk and the rest of the scene plays out there. The sex is actually very good despite its short nature and Carmen puts on one hell of a performance. Daisy's involvement in the scene is kind of peculiar since she's off in the distance behind a window sitting on a swing and watching them fuck. I don't get what the point of that was, but thankfully the featured sex was top notch.

Scene 4:

Mark Ashley is back for another scene, but this time he's fucking Audrey Bitoni from Ashlynn & Friends #2. I, like many of you, love Audrey. She's one of the cutest brunettes in the business today and everything she touches seems to turn to gold, this one's no different. It begins with a rather lengthy and ungodly sexy tease. I could have watched an entire scene with just Audrey playing with herself, but Mark comes in and the scene is all the better for it. Audrey and Mark hit it off instantly and the camera captures every spark between them. They go at each other like a pair of horny bunnies and Audrey keeps up with Mark's insane pace with an appropriate amount of lip-biting, cooing, moaning, and eye roles to indicate that she's having a good time. While I enjoyed the prior three scenes, Audrey's definitely raised the bar for the rest of this release. Awesome stuff!

Scene 5:

Naughty College School Girls #44 brings a scene with Kara Bare and Michael Stefano. Kara is a damn fine blonde who enters the scene wearing a school girl outfit and wastes no time getting down to business. As Kara flashes a silly smile on her face that showcases her dimples you'll undoubtedly fall for her, but it's what's under the outfit that will keep you happy. Michael comes onto the scene to help finish where she starts during her tease and the performers bring a lot of energy. They are both so interested in the sex that Kara doesn't even get her clothes off during the whole scene. The highlight of this scene was Michael fucking Kara's pussy only to have him pause for a couple seconds while she had an orgasm. Her pussy even twitched a little bit, but it wasn't enough to keep Michael from going at it again. Right up to the end this was an intense and fun scene with two performers who really brought a lot to the sex.

Scene 6:

The final scene on the first disc features Brooke Milano and Mark Ashley from Young as they Cum #14. Brooke has a really pretty face, which undoubtedly landed her on this compilation, and a nice, tight body with small tits. It's refreshing to see a girl with her body type since we don't see it all that often these days. The sex in this scene is very good as well, but I can't really say that it's better than what's come before it. It feels somehow drier here with some awkward moments in between and poor camera work. I'd almost go as far as to say the scene felt like it was filmed by an amateur, but I'm not entirely sure that was the case. Either way Brooke and Mark do get some nice time together and for that the scene is worth watching though it's definitely not the shining moment of this release.

Scene 7:

Moving onto the second DVD of Only the Beautiful we have another scene from Ashlynn & Friends #2. This one features Lexi Belle and Jordan Ash and it wastes absolutely no time getting to the good stuff. Before Lexi can even take off the blindfold Jordan slips his dick into her pussy and from that point on the two never leave other's touch. Lexi is attached to Jordan like white on rice and she really gets into the sex. She has such a seductive look and the noises she made during this scene drove me crazy. It helped that Jordan gave her a run for her money and right up to the end this scene had a lot of force behind it.

Scene 8:

Ashlynn Goes to College #2 has a scene here with Brooke Banner and Jack Venice. The scene starts out under the guise of Jack videotaping Brooke doing naughty things though it's not actually POV style. Throughout Brooke sucking his cock we get a nice close-up with both the action and from Jack's perspective. This changes somewhat as he places the camera down on a nightstand when the fucking begins. I feel like a broken record for saying it, but the sex here was really hot. Brooke and Jack put on an amazing show and in between the action the camera gets into a lot of great positions to fully capture what's going on. The performers exchange looks with each other quite a bit and there's a definite connection between them. This really plays out to the benefit of the sex and they get so wrapped up in it Jack almost cums inside of her. 

Scene 9:

Naught College Girls #47 offers up a scene with the lovely Missy Stone and Marco Banderas. I must say, Missy has some stunning features. From her full lips to her eyes and places south of the chin, everything is absolutely gorgeous about this girl. Much like Kara's scene from the same series, Missy does not remove her school outfit and the camera angles are a little off from where they should be. Because of this some of the dynamic moments feel flat in this scene, but even so the sex is still very good, if not a little tame. It's a shame really because I was really looking forward to seeing Missy in action here.

Scene 10:

Everyone loves Texas right? Only the Beautiful seems to, because she's featured here in a scene with Mark Ashley from Teen Dreams #15. The scene starts out with some good foreplay in the bathroom with Mark going down on Alexis and fucking her once he gets her juices flowing. Just when things start to get good and you're thinking they are going to stay there, the action moves over to the bedroom to finish out the scene. As you'd expect from two seasoned professionals the sex here is incredible. Alexis gives the camera a lot of nice brief glimpses, but also pays plenty of attention to Mark who seems quite content. There's a nice connection between the two here and it exemplifies why I'm a fan of Alexis.

Scene 11:

Erotic Stories 2 lends a scene with Keiko, Bobbi Eden, and Eric Masterson. Being the only threesome on this release there's quite a lot for this scene to live up to. After a goofy little story, done as only an adult film can, the three get together and the girls kick things off by kissing quite passionately. The way they get down to business is very sensual and the rest of the scene handles everything delicately. Once Bobbi and Keiko are done focusing solely on each other they turn their attention to Eric. He obliges and takes turns fucking them both obviously, but in the end it's the girls who really steal the show. I loved the way they kept kissing and playing with each other while Eric was pumping away. This was a fun scene all around and was a nice change of pace from the rest of the film.

Scene 12:

Naughty College Girls gives us one more scene before we part. This one comes from the 24th volume and features Shyla Stylez and Erik Everhard. As was the case with the other scenes Shyla walks in wearing a school outfit, but with the top all ripped up this one is decidedly saucier. After reading a home and gardening magazine Shyla naturally gets horny so she calls on Erik who comes over in a heartbeat. Unlike the other Naughty College Girl scenes, Shyla actually takes her top off so we get to see her nearly perfect tits. The sex here is pretty good with both performers putting on an energetic show, but once again I felt the production of the scene wasn't quite as solid as the rest on this compilation. Due to that it almost looks amateurish though it still retains hotness thanks in large part to Shyla herself.


Only the Beautiful is a very solid new compilation release from New Sensations. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and let me just say that someone has a damn good eye. The girls here are all fantastic and the sex is quite entertaining all around. There are several scenes that are better than others and a few low points, but that's to be expected with a compilation release. With material pulled from so many sources there's bound to be content that ranks better than others no matter how selective you may be. Still, if you're looking for a great collection of porn for not a lot of money you really can't go wrong with this release. Highly Recommended.

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