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Black Power 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 10/5/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Black Power #3
An Evil Angel Release of a Joey Silvera Production
Starring:  Vixen (Vogel), Bobbi Starr, Maria Bellucci, Sasha Grey, Liv Wylder, Priva, Chelsie Rae, Gabriella Romano, Tori Black & Kacey (Bonus Scene Only)
With:  Jean-Claude Batiste, Jon Jon, Ice Cold, Lee Bang, Justin Long, Tee Reel, Tone Capone & Mandingo (Bonus Scene Only) & Sledge Hammer (Bonus Scene Only)
Condoms?:  None!
Runtime:  4hrs 53min

- Disc One -

[Scene One]  Vixen (Vogel)  (with Jean-Claude Batiste & Jon Jon)

We first find Vixen trotting along an alleyway, knocking on the doors of her soon-to-be partners Jean Claude & Jon Jon.  Once inside, she offers to sell them weed (from "my BC hookup"), hyping her product until the boys get restless and frisk her for a wire ("I'm just a white girl that works in the mall" she finally explains), taking a gander at her naturally red bush.  "You boys like my little fire piece?" she asks, to which they reply by squeezing and kissing her lips in turns, soon leading, naturally, to Vixen on her knees, servicing each prick with either one of her hands.  Jean indulges by fucking her mouth while Jon holds Vixen in place, soon migrating to a nearby bed for a slathering of pussy eating, drool running down into her tiny brown crack. 

Missionary begins with Jean at the lead, Vixen demanding Jon to "fuck my mouth" from above in the during, both lasting a few minutes.  Switching to doggy, and into cowgirl, the three continue their hole-stuffing agreeably, with Vixen spouting orders in between cheekfuls of cock, spit running everywhere.  Jon takes the ass initiative, prompting Vixen to blurt "you wanna fuck my little shit hole?".  She parts her ass with both hands, filling it with her fingers up to the ridge of her knuckles, a sight which makes the boys wow in amazement.  Jean begins the missionary anal while Jon keeps himself occupied, once again, with Vixen's open mouth.  He tries, somewhat in vain, to fuck Vixen's tits, though it turns uncomfortable quickly, no matter how much spit-fed rubbing he tries.  In reverse cowgirl,  he and Vixen hump gloriously (she in lead), hammering her ass atop his dick with force.  "Which one do you like better?", she asks, switching his obelisk from her pussy to her ass, never really getting a straight answer.  She gobbles up the juice running down his staff, cleaning the runoff combination in a deep-throated taste.  Soon it's time for double penetration, with Vixen positioning herself between the boys: Jon gaining ass traction while Jean lays in the underneath in pussyland, the two speeds finally interlocking in sync after a few minutes worth of effort, paying off with the long cries of joy from our fox-coated wonder girl.

Breaking away from the sandwich, Vixen nibbles heartily on each burning chocolate wick, getting spooned (and gripped around her throat) by Jean, along with doggy (both anal) with a few resultant gapes.  At one point, Vixen pushes one of her hands while being deep dicked, in hopes of further stretching (winner!).  Along with a bit more missionary and even more doggy-style ass-boning, Vixen positions herself on the floor, nomming on each long staff until they pop: Jean's hitting her open mouth (pushed out, running down her chest) and Jon squirting across her cheeks and lips (again, pushed out), all of it enjoyably messy to witness.  Rare enough is Vixen's freckled looks, let alone her fiery tones, but to find that she's a red letter dynamo in a scene?  Almost unbelievable.  And to think that as of this writing her essence has left the business, sadly, but we'll always have scenes like this to remind us of how great porn really can be, especially when it's firing on all cylinders to the point of explosion.  So so great!

[Scene Two]   Bobbi Starr  (with Ice Cold)

Beginning quietly enough, Bobbi seals the final buckle on her leather corset, following the
camera until her partner, Ice, appears, swatting away at her ass.  Heading to the living room, the smacking continues, quickening Bobbi's breath as she kneels to inhale his wand with the agility and skill of a true pro.  Her weaving and swiveling speeds ahead, holding down Ice's shaft down to the hilt, grunting and coughing up spit as she comes up for air, occassionally allowing him to grip her scalp and thrust away.  Doggy-style ushers in the full contact, with Bobbi's voice heaving louder as Ice slides in and out of her creamy center.  A wagging taste leads to traditional cowgirl, each one taking turns either riding (Bobbi) or attacking from below (Ice), his favorite method being a series of quick jolts followed by a slower outro.  Corset now off, Bobbi takes every opportunity to wiggle her clit (and the fur pleasantly draped above), keeping on with a standing doggy, balancing herself on all fours, rear to the ceiling, as Ice keeps the business flowing. 

Reverse cowgirl action leads to the anal portion of the scene (it's Bobbi, so of course...), starting off in extended strokes (Ice is girthy), accelerating thereafter, into doggy.  Pausing for an ass to mouth taste, Bobbi's overflow of spit is finally measured in the now soaked furniture, moving onto a pile-driven amount of all-fours yet again.  Missionary allows for a few tasty gapes to appear, Ice breaking himself off after a quick nudge inside her classic kitty, firing into Bobbi's mouth, pushing a majority of it onto her chin after a swish or two.  She's offered a few questions afterward, prompting a champion's stance by the pair in the name of "black power"!  Even as she's tight-lipped during the entrance, it's truly Bobbi's expertise that turns every scene she's in into a truly exciting experience: this being no exception.  Her take on Ice is pretty fearless, even as Bobbi's forte is so anal-centric as it is.  She pays attention to what he wants and how he's doing it, even when it's not too appealing (the swift, jolting thrusts are hardly sexy, really), finding a groove with him and plotting the course until they both pop.  Nice and nicely done, as always!

[Scene Three]   Maria Bellucci  (with Lee Bang)

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In a brief poolside interview, Maria speaks on her belief system, after which Lee plays butler, bringing her a cool drink and spraying his employer's thighs with tanning spray on that sunny day.  Pulling her bikini off, Lee starts to diddle her slit, turning her around as she asks "did you bring me my package?" (of course he did), thus licking his dick, soon sucking away as he leads with a gripped palm against her head.  Inside the house the downing continues, this time with Maria squirreling away at her flying V, leading to classic cowgirl on the couch.  Plenty of blow job tasting, an aim that Maria slowly relishes, continues as they switch for a reverse ride, low and slow, Lee angling in as she gyrates. 

A missionary play veers into anal sex, prompted by yet another suckle on Lee's baton.  Maria balances herself on his thighs, in both standard and reverse cowgirl, dangling and shoving it all in, offering up her ass again in doggy.  Lee goes from hole to hole to hole (all three!) and Maria takes it in with ease, as well as a few outright screams.  With a final tongue tickle (and a few hands), Maria strokes Lee off until he can't bear it any longer, and even a little past that point.  Such is the spuzz that she uses it as extra lube for even more rubbing, waving it around at the very tip.  Lee offers a "moral" as an aside: "don't be afraid of the black dick, white girls."  Crawling as it does at points (for good reason), the scene wasn't exactly my cup of tea, though Maria does well in spirit and in skill, specifically in the oral department.  With all the ass to pussy switching, it's all very nice, but it really lacked a kind of verve overall.

[Scene Four]  Sasha Grey & Liv Wylder  (with Jon Jon & Justin Long)

Coming in close on Sasha, she wastes no time in grappling Liv's hair and smacking her little white ass as the fellas undress on the other side of the room.  Taking their game to the floor, the girls, set in fishnets and tiny skirts, paw at each other, with Sasha taking the clear dominating lead: "you ready for some black dick?", she practically yells at Liv.  She tries unsuccessfully to rip apart Liv's top, straddling her while a free hand plays with her pinky baldness between them both.  Now naked, the fellas drift their pricks into the frame, Liv following Sasha's orders and blowing whichever dick happens to fly her way, soon taking on both at once.  Sasha seems to be playing up for the camera, constantly glancing toward us as Liv does most of what she's ordered, hampered by only the choking and the spit she produces in the interim.  Sasha takes her turns at the ebony reeds, hunkering her ass above Liv's face, forcing her to eat it, or else be smothered.  As the fingers fly, the group takes to the couch, the girls facing each other as the boys spoon in from behind.  The dirty talk takes it toll on Justin, who pops early and off-camera while being Sasha's canary (floating on-screen titles keep us informed, thankfully: "One Man Standing"). 

The focus is now on Liv & Jon, who switch to cowgirl as Sasha keeps egging them on from the sidelines.  Rising from the ashes, Justin jerks off a dressing's dose onto Sasha's chin, the majority of which Liv pushes around with her tongue and intakes a few drops.  She sets herself back into spoon position with Jon, getting choked by Sasha in between shouts, self-rubbings, and assorted other taunts grazed her way.  Sasha does a cowgirl round with Jon, commanding Liv to masturbate during her plugging, moving onto Liv's own anal-bound cowgirl session.  Through the slow grooves, Sasha peeks in for an ass to mouth taste, raising her rump on the floor for her own butt banging (Liv, likewise, tastes her, post-ass).  A bit more cowgirl atop the couch leads Jon to stroke away by his lonesome, standing above Sasha's doubled-over, gleaming asshole, with Liv licking away.  His seed shot hits the spread of Sasha's precious holes in a rich coat, leaving Liv to lick away, taking in a few small tastes.  Phew!  All involved are quite heady in their collective goodness (even Justin, who exhausts early, at least comes back for a pop), though Sasha's playful domineering seems more camera focused, even as Liv fulfills her every command.  It all goes by too quickly, leaving us pining for more.  What remains, however, is potent stuff indeed, even if Sasha tends to be a bit flashy at times.

- Disc Two -

[Scene Five]   Priva  (with Lee Bang)

Signaling in Disc Two, Priva, in her thick, alluring accent, plays therapist to Lee's patient.  Her prescription for his ills: a blowjob, administered once he unzips as she's seated barside.  Once on her knees, Lee holds her hair as she gulps him down (about halfway down the girth), unmasking her tits from her black and white outfit as she shines her clam in the meantime.  The face fucking keeps on, with Priva's copious amount of salival coatings mashing the two together, standing up to present her ass to her greedy patient.  The bump & shine begins with doggy, Lee hitting off from behind and causing Priva to cry out in screeds, moving atop the nearby couch for reverse cowgirl exercise.  Patting themselves to a crawl, they switch holes in standard cowgirl, with Priva's trunk amply thunking away as Lee grinds into her asshole, stopping for an ass to mouth gorge.

They flip to reverse, grinding and hoofing away, keeping tabs on Priva's pussy with a hand or two along the way.  Anal doggy leads to even more ass to mouth tastes, the slapping sound filling in the gaps (and occasional gapes) between Lee's huffs and Priva's puffs.  With a cumulative pull inside her pussy in classic cowgirl, Lee strokes and oozes into Priva's toothy chalice, with a drop or two going down.  Panting away, both patient and doctor seem satisfied, as do we.  As ass-friendly as she is, Priva is quite the good sport, even if her mouth can't quite accommodate Lee's dong in full (well, it's big).  Still, it's an exciting watch, even if the cycle of positions seems too familiar at times (they might not be bouncing across the walls, but they're still steady fucking).  I'm no fan of enhanced chests,either, but Priva had a way of making me forget about that bias, albeit briefly.  Good times.

[Scene Six]  Chelsie Rae & Gabriella Romano  (with Tee Reel)

Onto the threesome!  Chelsie and Gabriella, clad in camoflauge-friendly outfits and heels, start the scene off kissing and petting one another, Chelsie rapping a crop softly (and not-so-softly) against her dark-haired partner's ass cheeks.  She repays the compliment by eating out Chelsie, steering themselves towards Tee Reel's shaft and balls in a generous cycle of stroking and sucking, sometimes tickling his cap with two tongues at once.  In cowgirl, Gabriella rides steady while Chelsie smacks her already reddened butt, offering Chelsie a reverse cowgirl coin on Tee's express.  Onto standard cowgirl, Gabriella slathers away at their efforts in a brief taste, soon going onto the floor for doggy, keeping her moans buried between Chelsie's open legs. 

Pausing briefly, we fade into Chelsie prepping Gabriella for a zebra-striped butt plug, inserting it slowly as she's still on all-fours.  Gabriella blows Tee again, shifting into an anal missionary trek with Chelsie.  Tee moves into spooning atop the couch, moving to the floor where Gabriella is waiting in doggy, causing him to erupt on Chelsie's face.  Gabriella gathers the goo with her tongue, taking down only a bit of the stuff, and a few moments later Chelsie uncorks that plug out of Gabriella's ass: the party that could have gone on and on and on!  The girls here don't miss a note here, though the ass to mouth tasting was virtually non-existent.  Honestly, it's too much fun seeing Chelsie and Gabriella share Tee's bone and carry on with each other that you won't noticewhat's really missing.  While it's not the most varied scene, in terms of acts, it's wholly satisfying overall.

[Scene Seven]  Tori Black  (with Tone Capone)

Slender beyond all means Tori does the splits in her blue legwarmers before Tone shows up, locking eyes and unfastening her top before she aims her particular brand of spit at his rod.  Getting down to business, she holds down every inch of his commander, wetting her fingertips and pouring the resulting drizzle down her chin, neck down to her chest.  A few hunks inhaled and a series of mouth pumpings later, Tori's slippery all over (thanks in part to her constant self-rubbings, as well), Tone holds her legs up and begins humping in missionary, keeping time while Tori wiggles and snaps her tongue, coaxing him along through gritted teeth.  Another blow job later, cowgirl becomes the main event, shaking away to floor-bound doggy (Tori points her ass to the sky, the skies rejoice). 

Tone thraks away at her ass, reddening that white cherry as they go faster and deeper.  Pulsing along after another swift taste, Tori's language becomes frantic, with all manner of eager undulations and catcalls thrown at her partner, resulting in a small squirt splash against their already bumping crotches. Breaking away, Tone drones his shot and coats Tori's lips, which she ladles upon her chin with her tongue, spit glazing her sweaty skin.  "Makes me wanna fuck all over again," she intones, cleaning and swilling what's left in her cheeks before slapping her palm against her bare, throbbing kitten.

Tori's drive is always a sure-fire bet, and here she doesn't disappoint in the slightest.  She becomes carnivorous in her search for that meat stick, keeping Tone at her command (however sometimes confusing and wiley they may be) while she keeps the game running strong. Great, as always, from the very reliable and skillful Tori.  Hooray!


[Bonus Scene]  Kacey (with Sledge Hammer & Mandingo) from Hellcats

In a scene from Hellcats, Kacey takes on Sledgehammer and Mandingo in a garage.  Beginning upstairs, the boys are treated to a stroke sessions, Kacey at times combining the dicks in her mouth at once, sucking on each of the boys' nipples in turns.  She chokes (the appropriate word) each of the heady servings placed before her person, slopping the two together and alone.  Onto the garage, they prepare her for a full fucking with pussy eating as she keeps blowing, keeping her mouth busy as the cowgirl, doggy and missionary positions are offered by each fella.  Her take-in of the girth causes her to visibly get lost in her "O" face (for real), spooning and clasping and widening her positions as she is fully worked over.  After a final doggy and blow job play, each unloads into Kacey's open mouth, the results of which drip out of the sides of her smiling face.  A good runaround, especially as Kacey had the frequency of either turning in outright winning scenes or the complete opposite.  Here, we all win, even if the boys seemed to turn greedy with the innocent-eyed girl placed in front of them (well, I can't blame them).

Bonus Feature Rundown
Disc One features a Photo Gallery/cast stills of all the scenes (sans Kacey's bonus), while the bulk of extras are contained on Disc Two.  With the Bonus Scene (34min), a Cum Shot Recap (11min), and a Filmography of most of the participants (Evil Angel-related titles, of course), a set of six trailers for other Joey Silvera titles are included (Face Fucking 3, Nacho Fucks the World, Hellcats 13, Black Power 2, Storm Squirters 4 & Strap Attack 8).  As the intro/outro bits of each scene are included on the actual movie, a behind the scenes feature probably would have been a bit redundant, perhaps.  As it stands, the bonus scene is the bookened to both discs, it being the strongest additive here.

Audio/Visual Quality
The picture was presented in 1.66:1 (displayed as full frame on most sets), a nice square format that director Joey Silvera and his crew choose every inch and pixel with care.  Like fellow Evil Angel mainstay Jay Sin (who probably knicked a few of his own camera moves from Joey), the action is always shot with care, catching just the right berries as they fall into their respective hands.  Silvera is keen with his lighting set-ups, always keeping the skin tones easy and natural looking, no glares or white blow-outs visible in the final product.  The audio is relative to the camera's eye, moving with the capture as it's carried along.  As with the images, what you see is what you hear (in 2.0 channel, stereo), though this can sometimes lead to the overall levels falling short during the more conversational aspects of the scenes.  Nothing too major, but you may be chasing your levels between scenes now and then.  Since the quality of the work is so strong, it's easy to overlook this small problem.

Final Thoughts
Overlooking the few shortcomings, Black Power 3 clocks in Recommended, especially for its casting pedigree.  Bobbi, Tori and Sasha, all headliners in their own right, turn in strong performances (or in the latter's case, a dominating cheerleader's stance, perhaps).  Even as the threesome with Chelsie and Gabriella doesn't quite circle all the gonzo road cones, it still satisfies by sheer will and overt sexiness, which is no mean feat in these crazy, mixed-up days.  And Vixen, wiley as she is, turns in the most head-bobbing/turning role in the whole shebang, defying expectations and saddening us all with her early exit from the business: we all need more performers like her in our lives!  Priva and Maria's scenes feel like more standard fare in comparison to this already overflowing amount of quality, so take from that what you will.  Overall, it's a great time, even if the theme is a tiny bit shortsighted: it's just good fucking, people!

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