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Temptations Couple Thong

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 1/26/09

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


I broke out the Temptations Couple Thing and my assistant Terra was staring daggers into me. She asked if she was supposed to wear that. I told her how to put it on and she said that it looked like a vaginal death trap designed to pry her vaginal lips open for the whole world to see. After some drunken coaxing, I got her to slip it on.

First off, beaded pussy isn't quite the turn-on that Adam & Eve must believe that it is. So, the fucking starts. Well, you don't really start fucking with this thong. You're spending a few minutes trying to pierce the beaded shroud that now surrounds your lover's box. After a half-hour, you're in like Flynn.


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So, you're thrusting back and forth. That's when you notice the bored look on her face. Is this doing anything for you? After your lady friend awakens, she asks you if you're done. You ask again if this thing is doing anything for her. She shrugs and goes back to Dreamland.

Speaking for myself, I felt nothing. The bead setup and everything else doesn't really contribute to a sensual feel. There's direct pleasure to anyone's genitals. No matter how hard you pound the thing, it's just a beaded net to catch your cock. The beads look like they're meant to stimulate the labia. But, if there's no lube or anything smooth on the opposite end of the beads. It's not going to feel too hate.


The thong washes about as easy as can be expected. After two uses, expect to lose some of the beads to the washing machine of your choice. This might force the other beads to work harder to stimulate the pussy. But, I don't really see that happening. If you can't get the fuck flow right the first time or so, the chances of success diminish with every use.

The cloth used in the thong was decent. It's not the smooth material you would get from something bought at a Victoria's Secret. But, I'd easily put it a notch above a Target or what have you. Pretty decent stuff all around.


I wouldn't recommend the thong to your average couple. Sure, some people have had great success with the beaded sensual devices of the past. But, how much stimulation are you going to get from rubbing a couple of beads on your cock and her labia. Plus, if you're of bigger girth, there's a new concern. Busting a bead.

These beads are stable on the device, when you unwrap it out of the packages. But, these little bastards weren't built to withstand great strain. All I'm saying is don't come looking for me, when you're having to pluck a bead out of some pussy. It's a headache in the making.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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