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Schoolgirl P.O.V. #4

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/4/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Schoolgirl P.O.V #4
A New Sensations Release of a Greg Lansky Picture
Starring:  Allyssa Hall, Sadie West, Shayne Ryder, Riley Ray & Chastity Lynn
With:  Mark Ashley, Anthony Rosano & Ralph Long
Runtime:  1hr 13min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:   Like its predecessors, Schoolgirl P.O.V. #4 presents us with five fresh faces in full-on point-of-view fucking, preserving their focus on us via the camera.  Unlike most, this series deals exclusively with the exuberance of young girls in uniform, taking care in the peel of that particular outfit with all its necessary accoutrements.  This time around, however, the verbal interplay is a necessary part of the equation, the gift of gab being an integral part of the sexual tension and its eventual release.  Let's just get on with it, shall we?


[Scene One]  Allyssa Hall  (with Mark Ashley)

Zooming out of a big screen with porn flickering, we find Allyssa goofing around while seated at our knees, goofing on about the skin, passing along that "all of my friends are jealous of my boobies!"  Our stalwart stuntman Mark fondles the fabric covering her chest, all while Allyssa mentions "my parents think you're such a good influence on me" as her tongue slips out far enough to glimpse at her silver tongue stud.  In fact, "I have bruises on my knees from sucking so much cock," she adds as her shoulders sink down toward the floor, intaking Mark's slab of pork for a good sucking.  She snarfs down what she can around between her thin lips, skin moistening with sweat as she adds an affectionate, eye-widening "I'm gonna eat your babies!" in between her gauged unplugging.  Mark stands up for a more forceful bit of face fucking, mashing his groin against Allyssa's cheeks as she struggles to down every last inch, her hair tangling and flailing away as she backs off to gasp.

Missionary soon turns into a blur of thrusts as Allyssa squeals and guzzles her breaths, pausing to admit that "all of my girlfriends are so jealous right now" and "you should fuck me like all my teachers fuck me!".  Before the oncoming doggy, she worms her way out of that white shirt of hers for good, breaking into screams and a few brief post-slide tastes. "It's my turn to fuck you," she says climbing up atop of Mark's dick, flipping her ass out in reverse cowgirl (legs together!), pushing the ounces of her body down on his cock in a hop.  Allyssa shifts her knees to the couch, nailing herself with the slippery prick while Mark scrunches her ass cheeks and peeks a glance at her tiny butthole.  Another taste later, our girl becomes quite reactive in cowgirl, grinding and crying out slurred missives as her boy squishes her sweat-covered bouncing titties.  Greased as they both are, they do manage to continue the journey with Allyssa's feet balanced on Mark's thighs, moving onto a final, gleaming taste and self-jerk that goads Allyssa's best quip yet: "I wanna eat your kids!". Clearly this callback is enough for Mark, who pops and unloads his whipper with a splattering across her face, forcing the untold, albeit necessary post-script of "I love your babies!" from Allyssa, those thin strains of goo streaking down her chest with a shine.

Allyssa's chatty disposition enlightens the scene above the usual POV play, even if her particular slang may not be everyone's cup of tea.  If anything, it's patterned more in the moment, though all her "baby" talk proved successful for it's out-of-left-field nature (even if it is a logistical nightmare, whatever!).  She does, too hold her own with vet Mark, glistening with the triumphs of her efforts, slang be damned - a fine, sweaty mess, indeed!

[Scene Two]  Sadie West  (with Anthony Rosano)

Alone in a bedroom, our man Anthony sniffs around a panty drawer, pilfering a pair or two in search of the leftover bouquet that Woolite couldn't quite calm down.  Unfortunately, Sadie bursts the door open before he has time to react, catching him (us!) in the act.  She twitches her face concerned, upturning her nose and asking, "what do you do with them, like eat them or something?  That's really bizarre."  That initial pity, thankfully, turns into an active seduction, cooing her way as she leans Anthony down on her bed, bringing her boobies out to tingle in the air.  On the floor she tickles his zipper while keeping her eyes wide and her grin smiling, doing the tonsil twist with Anthony's dick and stopping only to continue her fervent, unbelievably maddening whisper campaign.  With a few kisses to his pink mushroom, Sadie mentions "your dick's too big to fit all the way in my mouth," which it is, though she lightens her fault with an exchange: "are you gonna fucke me good? are you gonna pound me?"  She flips about, trotting out of her skirt and panties for just that missionary promise, keeping her shirt loose on her shoulders and popping her tits out of her bra, snug white beneath those tanned, creamy mounds.  By the end of the first position's session, Anthony goes deepest at the final stroke, causing Sadie to lose her cool, congratulating him with a smile for the evil heat.

Sadie takes to classic cowgirl afterward, eking "can I be your princess?" as she guides herself atop Anthony's throbbing wobbler, pushing herself deeper as her knees sink into the sheets beneath them.  "It hurts so good," she says as they quicken their pace, Sadie's sleepy eyes hissing out as she breaks to taste the schlong.  In reverse cowgirl, Sadie half-turns as the speed between them whips and snarls, quaking those luscious thighs and beautiful booty of her with a few slaps along the way.  "I wish you could come up inside me and let it drip out," she half-wonders, pushing close for that sweet squeal before doing another tongue sampling.  Standard cowgirl pumping keeps Sadie talkative, uttering the plea "I wanna go home with marks on me, so that when I look in the mirror I can masturbate to them", with Anthony, in turn, pulling her crotch closer in for his full weiner force.  Yet another post-position taste concludes, this time with Sadie brushing her upper set of teeth with that flesh fork, guiding it across her lips like a tube of gloss only a moment later.  "Call me your princess," she softly demands, "princesses wear lipstick, and I want you to come all over my lips and gimme some."  Moving to the edge of the bed, Anthony strokes in a wild heat, listening to Sadie plead "look at you, you're like a little boy.  You don't know what to do with yourself!", a hearty laugh punctuating the one-way exchange.  Don't come yet - I want some more" she says, leaning over to blow his worn partner one last time.  "I want you to come all over me, all over my ass" Sadie begs, bending her bare bottom over the ledge of the frame.  Anthony does a few more penetrative shouts before finally unloading, dolloping his thin cream against Sadie's lightly toasted ass.  "I have your cum dripping down my back right now!" she squiggles.

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Pushing herself easily between being cute and downright sexy, Sadie is quite the snakecharmer here, paired with Anthony who doesn't pull too many punches than he seems to have already promised (the hold and squeeze-downs that cause Sadie to cry for sweet relief, for instance).  Handing all but a few words of their small talk over to makes for a devilishly good time, what with all the princessing and those deep, knowing glances that Sadie seems to be so good at, not to mention her driving prowess as a performer.  I don't doubt that the dazzling will stop here; it's going to be a sweet ride, Ms. West!

[Scene Three]  Shayne Ryder  (with Anthony Rosano)

Chairside, Shayne offers up her credentials for a loan by way of behind-the-camera Anthony, thumbing his way through for only a few minutes before hearing "I can suck your dick, if you want?  I can deep throat...", brow-arching included.  Uniformed or not, Shayne's curt offer turns her knees toward the ground, eyeing and pawing away at his crotch while whispering "you want me to suck your cock like a dirty little slut?", which she (of course!) does!  Taking his pistol between her lips, Shayne admirably blows and litters the hand to palm to tongue strokes with more banter ("I'm gonna take it like a champ...does your wife rub your balls like I do?"), though, frustratingly, it's not quite the deep throated curl that she intially promised him. 

All is next to forgotten once she drops her drawers and squaks away in reverse cowgirl, leaving her skirt to billow softly with each passing push.  With a post-bump taste, Shayne fortells the future, admitting "I love how your balls taste...I can't wait to feel 'em when they're slapping against my ass!", and slap they do!  She sheds the remaining fits of garb, freckles spread across her skin like an asteroid field, and plunges her white jelly atop Anthony's skewer in traditional cowgirl, guiding his dick back inside when it slips away and giving it another tug with her cheeks, into doggy.  He grips away at her squeezables as she crests an orgasm, pushing his thumb around her puckering brownie, massaging the outside of the hole as she takes her shifts in strides.  "You're so much better than my ex-boyfriend," she coos, warmed up enough to request Anthony to aim his arrow into her mouth once he's ready.  Shayne runs off his end with her hands, kneeling in target to take the heap on her cheek, a few drips reaching the edge of her grin.  "I'll have to do this everytime, when the wife's away and the kids are asleep," she sparks up, fading out.

Shayne, pleasant as she is with the chatter, does turn in a good run, though for all her freckled rump shaking and dong dipping, she doesn't bring the fire that she initially promises during the preliminary tease.  Her partner does rile her up however he can, though for all his rear thumbing and thigh kneading, none really pays off in full, and she, in turn, seems to be holding back a bit overall.  A majority of the scene did focus on the reverse cowgirl and doggy, somewhat limiting Shayne's ability to truly focus her performance, especially as she's a relative newcomer to the business.  Nevertheless, it was a nice time, hampered only slightly.  Next time, my freckled one!

[Scene Four]  Riley Ray  (with Ralph Long)

Running through her homework with Ralph, Riley frowns and furrows her brow for a few minutes, finally asking "how much are my parents paying you?", instantly convincing him by sucking on her fingers, shins to the ground.  "You better return the favor and get me a good grade on my math homework, okay?" she spills, unzipping and unfurling his pole.  Riley blows him, turning her trimmed black polished fingertips around Ralph's gear, halting to swish around to show off her now peeled undies, as well as her fine little ass.  Ralph can't help but jerk himself as she dances, approving her moves with a quick swat before beginning the bumping in classic cowgirl.  Riley soon finds herself balancing on the edge of a small glass endtable (less a miracle and more a testament to her tiny frame) for traction, Turning down to taste, she offers "does my mouth feel good on your dick?", her face aglow like a shiny beast - "my mom would kill me if she found out!

Reverse cowgirl allows Riley to bound against Ralph's unit with a heaving amount of push, turning her head sideways to lob a few more zingers our way, pointing the majority of her grunts toward the ceiling.  Her shoulders now bare, Riley squats and the two slow down into a heavy heave, upping the dunking to an intense crawl.  Riley slips around for another stick taste, going into doggy-style only briefly, driving Ralph to pop a heavy shot across, hitting her forehead, brow, nose and the crest of her eyelid in kind of an "S" shaped pattern.  Riley smiles through, and all is done.

As with the previous scene, Riley is another newcomer, though she fits the teeny-titted look and particular schoolgirl spunk without being too intense (a la Allyssa from Scene One), cooly heating up the screen with her poised positioning and her quipped playbacks between all the gear grinding.  Though her quelled vocals aren't always as loud or bombastic as they could be, Riley's oral intake is spirited and focused, drifting only occasionally but returning to that moist-faced place where she does the most amount of damage.

[Scene Five]  Chastity Lynn  (with Ralph Long)

Perhaps not as coyly as she had planned,  Chastity asks Ralph ("Since you're thirty,") if he'll assist her paper writing, possibly by way of bribe.  As his sister's friend, she offers a few excuses in the past where their twains should have met, sparking a quip about her own dick sucking prowess ("Don't look so shocked!  I'm really good at it; I do it all the time at school in the bathrooms!"), parting her legs and pushing back her white undies, Ralph plugging up a few fingers as Chastity mews as his palm wanders.  The hot pawing continues, searching around her body as Chastity falls out of her school clothes, fingering and rubbing her blossom before going to her knees for that promised blowjob.

She keeps her hands wrapped around Ralph's knob, shaping the skin into hardness with full strokes and a few gargles, glinting "I wanna fuck you now" once she's tickled her tonsils enough.  Missionary begins their slaying, wiggling fingers across her clit while her partner pushes deep, causing Chastity's voice to crack as her legs dangle overhead.  Upon her urge, they switch to doggy, her hands guiding in the stick that soon punches out a few skin-rippling rhythms, her eyes and teeth crushing with the sweetness of it all.  A mid-taste brings them  to a more verbally filthy place ("I want your fuckin' dick inside my fuckin' pussy now!"), whipping into classic cowgirl (undies still parted!), keeping thrusts steady and slowly pulling down that shirt of hers to reveal her pert nipples.

In a strange bit of intimacy/camera love, Chastity holds the camera with both hands and points it toward her face, capturing her mid-sidle, lying once again on her stomach to gain Ralph's almond stream as he pops.  Pushing it out and keeping only a teensy amount to taste, she blurts "you came so much!" just as we pull back and wind away.

Chastity's drive for the scene, specifically for the foreplay regarding the backstory, is truly great, though her passion throughout falls distant at times, lost in the impression over the actual action.  Both her joint greasing and self-pleasuring are the highlights here, as is the pretty great run of dialogue (especially in pre-sign off!).  Chastity sure can spin, but, unfortunately, it's sometimes without even the help of her partner.  You almost had me at "cute".


Bonus Features

[Bonus Scene]   Sierra Snow  (with Anthony Rosano)  (27:40)
[From Naughty College School Girls 51]

In a familiar set-up, Sierra knocks for a friend and finds brother Anthony home instead, inventing a story about homework that keeps him idle as she pilfers a stash of valuables in an upstairs bedroom.  Sensing shenanigans, Anthony knocks her books to the ground and prys her skirt up, tossing out a wad of bills and a silver watch from beneath her cotton panties.  Threatening to call the cops, Sierra relents and offers her oral tricks, dipping his candlestick between her lips, letting him grip her hair for a little face fucking, her tongue darting out underneath his shaft.  He pulls at her tied uniform to bring her even closer, breaking her shirt open quietly as Sierra continues her journeyed lapping.  Tossed to the bed, Sierra widens her stride and reveals her finely furred pussy, onto which Anthony locks his own lips before culminating with classic missionary.  Onto a swift spooning (hand flying around Sierra's perfumed-V) and into a pleasureable and hand-kneading 69, Anthony parts our girl's ass and veers into reverse cowgirl, with a taste to soon follow.  Anthony flicks his tongue between Sierra's cheeks right before doggy, upping the beat faster and faster until he finally dresses her open mouth with a pint of frost that falls down her chin like spilled milky cereal, grinning for a moment as he eagerly gets up and runs out the door ("my sister will be back any minute!").  Phew!  Sierra puts up with Anthony's rougher aspects (the face fucking, which never does get too intense), as well as his more sensual side (the ass licking!) with a good amonut of effort.  Even as she falls a bit light during the middle arena, Anthony ups his game and forces her to do the same, with fine results (the final pop being a true highlight).  A great bonus scene, even if it cries, somewhat, to be POV!  Oh, how I wish it could have been!

Elsewhere in the section is a Behind the Scenes (21 min) segment, featuring a bit of the usual Q & A with the girls (sans Sadie, unfortunately), the most dynamic being Allyssa's poolside vibrator and blowjob briefing, in which Mark is lucky enough to be worked over as she answers his questions in mid-stroke!  Perhaps too much, too soon, but it all boils down to her fair assesment of him: "I don't have a party in my head like you do!"  So, so true.  A Photo Gallery (3 min), a Pick Your Pleasure Menu (choose from Tease, Blowjob, Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl & Pop, all by girl), a Trailer reel (3 min) including featured snippets from Naughty College Schoolgirls 50 & 51, and the usual Web/Company Info round out the section.


Audio/Visual Quality

Presented in 16x9 widescreen, the HD transfer blooms over in a few spots, but keeps the overall space well-lit and moderately close to true skin tones.  The brighter set-ups lead to little shimmer on the girls as they burn through their scenes, alighting their skin with the white heat that a barrage of kits can supply them.  With the exception of the Behind the Scenes footage, the entire movie is shot indoors, becoming richest during Sadie and Allyssa's scenes, respectively, while Riley's is more evident of the slight yellow tinge that appears as the light begins to putter out into slight darkness.  The overall detail is well preserved and relatively flaw-free, though the audio (2.0 standard channel) touches closer to the faint end, graduating the hiss of gain as most of the girls tend to talk through their scenes in near-whisper (Sadie, especially!).  While not the biggest problem, it's still great enough to effect the viewing experience for some (dependent on your viewing set-up), especially as the screams sometimes follow those lucky whisperings with often less than a few seconds to spare.  A small flaw, but one that may push a few viewers over the edge, unfortunately.

Overall Thoughts

Like the previous entrants into the series, Schoolgirl P.O.V. #4 delivers just what it promises, with the additional catch of keeping the girls at their verbal best in order to heighten the reality of the action moreso than before.  With the push into HD, the detail is superior to the format of the scenes, lending a you-are-there style of fucking that many other titles have yet to evolve into.  The interplay of each girl playing to the camera bodes well for most (devil-grinned Allyssa and boob-tacular Sadie, who both hit it out of the park), though the less click-worthy are few (Shayne), while the cute-but-still-green Riley and Chastity surely could give any other performer a run for their money with only a bit more practice with their on-camera personas.  The overall experience warrants a Recommended status, if only because of the extra verbal jousting that just about every girl here seems to excel at, though the audio could certainly use a bit of sparkle for the next round, fingers crossed!

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