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Revenge is a Bitch 4

Studio: Kick Ass Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/27/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Bossy Delilah was a lot of fun at the 2009 AEE! (click for more pictures)

Revenge Is A Bitch! 4

Kick Ass Pictures

Bossy Delilah getting ready to give some love!

Genre: Female Domination (Femdom)

Director: Glenn Baren

Rebeca Linares getting frisky with Finn Daniels

Cast: Bossy Delilah, Tony Sil, Rebeca Linares, Finn Daniels, Kirra Lynne, Les Moore
Non-sex role: Trina Michaels

Length: 88:11 minutes

Kirra Lynne brandishing her cock of choice

Date of Production: 6/18/2008

Extras: There were some trailers, spam, and three text biographies for the ladies but the best extra was a very short Bloopers feature that only lasted 3:39 minutes with some verbal mistakes covering the gist of the material.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Revenge Is A Bitch! 4 was presented in a non anamorphic letterboxed 1.78:1 ratio color show as shot by director Glenn Baren for Kick Ass Pictures; mastered in the standard definition MPEG-2 to display a 480i resolution picture. The bitrate stayed mainly in the 4.7 Mbps area but the biggest flaw with the visual aspect of the movie was the lighting being on the low side. This weakened the resolution and there were some compression artifacts, the fleshtones accurate in most cases with minimal tint or variation. The camera angles tended to favor the female domination theme but the ladies were not optimally covered, their makeup handled reasonably well but none of the gals looking their very best. There were no major visual defects this time, the fleshtones accurate and the basic settings minimal as always but not hampering the action as far as I could tell. The audio was presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo English using the 192 Kbps bitrate (and 48 kHz sampling rate) but it varied in terms of clarity much like the video aspects of the production; the closer the camera was to the cast, the better the technical aspects were. There was no separation and the dynamic range was decidedly limited, the hollow nature of the vocals obvious from the beginning to end.

Body of Review: Earlier this month, I got to visit the world renowned 2009 AEE where porn ruled the day and I got to speak to many in the industry. The yearly adventure always gives me a lot to think about so it made sense I would visit with Kick Ass Pictures to discuss some of their projects. The owner, Mark Kulkis, was very gracious and knew about my reviews, the two of us trying to figure out how his titles could earn higher ratings. My point of view was based in advocating for the consumer and his was as a small business owner dedicated to serving niche communities that would otherwise be left in the cold. Suffice it to say, I pointed out that my ratings are for a general public and not dedicated fanboys (either to a performer or a genre) so if you like Femdom, foot fetish, or any of the kinks his movies focus on, you know to adjust the rating accordingly, right? In any case, one of his very outgoing performers signing for him was Bossy Delilah (also called Mistress Delilah) and we chatted a number of times, the gal convincing me that I'd like to see Revenge Is A Bitch! 4, the sequel to Revenge Is A Bitch 3, as well as her latest release, "Tag Team Strap On". She enjoys her work and I told her that I'd make sure to check them out, the first now reviewed here for the first time. For those of you that appreciate giving up control to a woman, the title was actually a step up from previous efforts but largely the same; a short scenario where the lady establishes control is followed by the male servicing her and then taking a toy up his ass (always getting off too, though usually having to lick up his genetic juice in the process). The back cover said it like this: "There was a time when you were a man, or tried to be. You took that thin milky body of yours to the gym in an attempt to mold concrete biceps, rippling shoulders and an attitude like a bull rhino. But it was all over once you took it in the ass from a dame. The first time it went in, your eyes round and staring, you rumbled like an expiring beast and a great bellow shook the concrete walls. Then you began to like it and sought more. Here's the story of other men who share that experience. You are not alone." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Bossy Delilah, the gal featured on the cover and in my picture above, was up first as she helped Tony Sil build some confidence. They sat on the couch and the exotic gal took notes about why he was such a pussy. Her technique explored his problem and after she heard his comments about her phat ass, she had him strip. She spanked him, did some foot fetish on him, tied him up and sat on his face. She continued making him serve her whims and felt him up to liven up his libido, flogging him before pulling out her strap on dildo. Delilah had fun with the role and while this was BDSM-lite in most ways, she was always in control with her toys and dildo. Fans of foot fetish will have as much to appreciate as the strap on crowd too, ultimately ordering him to open his mouth to receive the population pudding her jerked off. Delilah then forced him to do some ATM and foot sucking after she rubbed his sperm onto them. Yikes!

Scene Two: Rebeca Linares, the big "name" of the cast and a major reason for many people to pick this one up considering her abilities in hardcore gonzo, was up next as a maid exploring the house of Finn Daniels as she cleaned it. She found a strap on dildo and he embarrassingly admitted to owning it, the gal taking charge of the situation to dominate him. He sucked her toes and did as she ordered, eventually boning him like she owned him with the strap on dildo for the way he initially treated her. There was less dialogue this time and Rebeca took to drilling the loser quite well, demanding he jerk off as she pounded his ass frantically. The resulting load of genetic juice was large and she rubbed the toy in it for his to orally clean, making it another scene where the gal had a tremendous amount of fun.

Scene Three: Kirra Lynne, a relatively fit blond in a blue crop top and black gym shorts was up last as she finished her workout with retired hotty Trina Michaels in the living room. Trina was looking good and that was when slacker Les Moore walked in on them, Kirra training Les to his breaking point. All he could talk about was Trina so Kirra made him pay for it, stomping on him as he did pushups and other acts at her request. Kirra then elevated the issue of his repeated inquiries by threatening him with legal action (or telling his wife) or giving him the chance to get plowed with her strap on dildo. He complied and she tore into him like a cheap hooker, making him blow her and lick her feet before she impaled his ass with the toy. He did some taste testing as she demanded and ended up jerking out a modest load of spew as she hammered his ass. Kirra made him lick some up and he enjoyed it, ending the movie with a fairly warm scene but clearly the weakest of the trio from my perspective.

Summary: Revenge Is A Bitch! 4 by director Glenn Baren for Kick Ass Pictures managed to merit a rating of Recommended for a broader audience than usual due to the more believable manner in which the ladies took charge of the men. If you're into this kind of thing, you'll like it even more but it was still entertaining to watch and the replay value attributed to the ladies (especially Delilah and Rebeca) was a few notches higher than I expected. In short, Revenge Is A Bitch! 4 served as an upgrade to Revenge Is A Bitch 3 for me and if you're in the market for something off the beaten track, you could do far worse so check it out. For that matter, if you want to see a bunch of pictures of Bossy Delilah and Rebeca Linares, check out my recent 2009 AEE Photogallery where each was given ample opportunity to please fans.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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