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18 With Proof!

Studio: Cezar Capone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/28/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Kelli Stone! (click for individual trailer of scene)

18 With Proof!

Cezar Capone.com

Ashden Rivers

Genre: Young Women, Web-to-DVD

Director: Cezar Capone

Jaelyn Fox!

Cast: Kelli Stone, Jarrod, Ashden Rivers, Dave Pounder, Jaelyn Fox, Johnny Mac, Kirin Desado, Jeremy, Ami Emerson

Length: 208:09 minutes

Kirin Desado!

Date of Production: 8/15/2008 to 9/26/2008

Extras: The only extra was a photogallery.

Ami Emerson!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: 18 With Proof! was presented in a nice anamorphic widescreen color with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1, using the MPEG-2 codec as expected of a standard definition release, as shot by director Cezar Capone for Cezar Capone.com. The lighting was superior to his work at Bang Bros and this helped make the fleshtones accurate, minimize the compression artifacts, and otherwise offer up the youthful ladies very nicely for a series of scenes shot primarily for the internet (now released on DVD). The video bitrate hovered around the 4.3 Mbps area when I paid attention to it and despite some occasionally rough camera work (that helped keep it looking "real"), I found myself entranced while watching what I'm sure some of you will consider the latest "digital viagra" provided by the master of internet videography. There did not seem to be much editing this time and that also allowed the material to come across as more realistic than porn made in Southern California but it never struck me as looking as weak as some of the nearly home movie material some of the copycat websites/companies have been offering for so long. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 48 kHz sampling rate and the usual 192 Kbps audio bitrate, sufficient to convey the vocals and music but never straying too far from the norm offered by the majority of Cezar's peers. There were times when the vocals were not as easily heard, typically during the tease footage where the viewer gets to know the performers, but the usual moans were clearly in evidence (and the music was about average from what I heard).

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Body of Review: Cezar Capone has long been considered a force in the popular internet porn movement that showcases women in everyday settings before they get frisky enough to fuck. Cezar has long had the advantage over many of his peers too in that he shoots out of Miami instead of Chatsworth, providing the director with a lot of ladies his competition just does not have access too, especially for those of you that appreciate ladies that are not shot out. Well, while I missed talking to the director during the recent 2009 AEE, I was convinced by an insider that his work has been getting even better, a refreshing change of pace considering how so many production companies have been cutting back of late. The title most offered up as an example of this upgrade was 18 With Proof!, a series of five lengthy scenes showcasing young women aged 18. Regular readers of mine will know that I prefer quality fucking over barely legal types and with extremely few exceptions have I found most industry titles to be worth much in terms of replay value but I had to admit that the claims of this being the equivalent of digital Viagra were not without merit! The ladies looked 18, acted 18, and showed their IDs on the front cover so say what you will but the truth in advertising alone made this a winner in my book. The back of the box cover said it like this: "After many hours of interviewing 18 year old fresh talent, I have picked out the hottest, nastiest young ladies I could find. The number one requirement was they must be 18 years old and hot! The number two requirement was they had to know how to handle a cock like a pro! These girls all more than qualified! Enjoy!!!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Kelli Stone, a very cute 18 year old, was up first as she worked at a car wash in her bikini. The series established the dynamic of getting to know her as Cezar and his pal Jarrod got to know her, Cezar's dirty gray Mercedes getting some special treatment as the director paid her extra to use her body to clean the car. The fun aspect of the scene worked really well for me as the joking duo got her to rub her ass on the car and get soaped up, soon leading to her going back with Jarrod to have sex with him for money in the usual plain room. There was an interview and her all natural body looked good in action, the bedroom allowing her a nice stage to strip and fuck. The oral and vaginal plowing showed her to be an active participant in the action, the various positions making me want to see more of her by the time she took the genetic juice to her face as she jerked him off at the end. The company website said this of the scene: "In Miami everyone drives nice cars, Mercedes, lambos, Ferrari's, etc..... Cezar has his Mercedes as his daily driver, and when you have a car that you just drive day to day you kinda stop taking care of it. One day Cezar noticed how nasty his car was, so he took it the car wash. There was a long ass line that day and he was not wanting to wait and considering leaving, that was until Cezar saw a young lady (Kelly) working at the car wash, washing the cars in her bikini. Good thing that he wasn't too far back in line! Cezar offered her $100 to wash his car with her ass and she did. Well after a short interview they ended up going to my place where she was convinced to do some more crazy stuff for some more money... That 18 year old cutie got her pussy fucked nice and hard... By the time they were done, Kelly was soaking wet with a face full of cum.... Cezar now gets his car washed every single week........." Whew!

Scene Two: Ashden Rivers, a gal with a healthy sized chest, was up next as she tried to solicit donations for her personal charity (PEFA-people for the ethical treatment of frogs). The goof was amusing and while she was not as cute as Kelli, she had that hooker mentality I found amusing. This time, Dave Pounder was the male talent, the guy playfully kidding with Cezar as they cruised for chicks, Ashden coming into their sights as they filled up their gas tank before a storm. The guys helped a guy push his car and found the pricy gas a pain but Ashden came up to them with her stuffed frog, leading to the guys encouraging her to go through the usual modeling and sex acts for dough. There were more silly goofs back at Cezars place but ultimately, she proved to be an experienced lady when it came to using her nice DSLs on Dave. That Ashden had a rounded rump did not hurt my impression of her in the slightest, nor did the outside exhibitionism the closely shaved gal provided. While not as long a scene as Kelli's, she showed a lot of untapped potential worth exploring, especially her chunky ass cheeks rippling as he plowed her pussy. The scene ended with a facial and she seemed to like the taste of his population pudding, the release of the Jacuzzi frog at night hilarious. Yum!

Scene Three: Jaelyn Fox, the best known gal of the movie (as featured on the left hand side of the front cover), was up next as Cezar and Johnny Mac met her at the beach. She flashed them in public and seemed to be a good time girl, the windy day hurting the audio but her friskiness making the tease portion really fun. I haven't seen a lot of Jaelyn's scenes of late but this was one of the best in recent memory, the gal seeking to please before she turned 19 years old. The fetish attire was hot to look at but J-Mac worked her over really well, the oral proving she was well versed in the art of sucking a dick. He planked her cookie really hard too, the gal meeting his thrusts once she was properly warmed up. Like most of the scenes, there also seemed to be a modicum of chemistry between the performers that made their antics better (more replay and stroke value), the sloppy sex resulting in her taking the standardized facial. The company website said it like this: "I called Jaclyn and asked her to come over to meet me at the beach... She told me that she was about to turn 19 and she would like to shoot for us before it happened. I took a few nice shots of her at the beach while having her run around topless. She has an amazing boobs let me tell you... After a little fun in the sun, we went to the shoot house and gave her some porn outfits to try. My boy J Mac was at the house chilling and all Jaclyn wanted was some dick, and I had to make the girl happy. So, J-Mac did what he does best... HE CRUSHED HER GUTS IN! He fucked her nice little pussy really hard. Jaclyn can come to Miami Beach anytime she wants... - just living the dream - Cezar Capone."

Scene Four: Kirin Desado, a sweet little brunette as seen on the upper right hand corer of the cover (her ID pictured), was up next as she was picked up at the airport by the director to work with Jeremy. She had a lot of freckles and seemed enthusiastic to work his small cock in her mouth and pussy, the scene reported as her first on camera. The interview and tease footage was pretty cool here too, the gal projecting a sense of "stripper next door" to me as she progressed through the usual positions. She was an active rider of pecker and clamped down her eyes when he rubbed out the wad of spew to her face (Kirin not wanting any to hit her eye from my understanding of things). The company website said it like this: "Sometimes its not easy being Cezar there is a lot of pressure for me. Sometimes the spotlight gets pretty bright on me, I LOVE IT ALL! hahaha.... I didn't even really tell anyone that I was shooting this site, "18 with proof" and I probably shot 3 scenes and the word was spreading. I guess one of the 3 girls I shot was telling other girls in the business about the site. I was receiving emails from girls that wanted to shoot for the site. I got tons of emails and one particular one really caught my interest and her name was Kirin. We picked up Kirin from Miami airport where she arrived shortly after we replied to her request, asking us to let her work for us in 18 with proof project. From the airport we went straight to our place where she got exactly what she wanted, DICK!. Her nice 18 year old pussy was more then happy to participate in our project... I just wanna say thanks to all the girls that are spreading the word of Cezar Capone....."

Scene Five: Ami Emerson, the strawberry blond cutie seen on the lower left hand corner of the cover (second from the bottom with the California ID), was up last as the newcomer hit up Johnny Mac to start her career in porn. Cezar tried to get her for free and she seemed more like a gal next door type than many of the others, the gal having nearly as many freckles as any of the others in her colorful outfit. I got the impression that this was one of the first scenes shot for the series given the mannerisms observed, the gal showing her ID much like the old Hustler "College Cuties" series that provided the gals showing how old they were via their school ID or driving license. She stripped and went to the bedroom, a pet alligator ("Chomper") exciting her. The sex here seemed shorter than the other scenes but her pretty eyes beckoned for dick and she was served some by Johnny Mac, her oral skills as solid as expected before she rode the cock hard. There was some taste testing and the coed proved she could use dirty talk, her shaven crotch resulting in some blemishes that made her look like a civilian. The company website said this of the scene: "Here at Cezar Capone we are like a tight little family, everyone does everything together. Once in awhile we will find a girl that wants to shoot through a friend and today that is what happened. One of my boys, J-Mac is a pretty popular guy in the adult world especially in Miami. J-Mac is always getting recognized on the streets by guys and GIRLS. J-Mac met this girl (Ami) at a bar awhile back and they stayed in contact cause she had mentioned that she was interested in breaking into the business. So once Cezar started his new line, 18 with proof, J-Mac thought it was great for Ami. J-Mac had put Cezar and Ami together and Cezar was definitely interested in shooting.. Being the fair man Cezar is of course he let J-Mac fuck her. Cezar did a little on camera interview with Ami just to go over the details of the shoot. She was fine with everything but she had no idea that J-Mac's nick name is J "The Gut Buster" Mac. In usual fashion, J-Mac crushed that girls guts all the way back to her throat. Ami hung in there though, she got fucked every way possible and even took a steamy facial. It's nice to have friends that share...."

Summary: 18 With Proof! by director Cezar Capone proved to me that newcomers do not have to be passive or hate sex, the gals revving up to bone like crazy in order to make their scenes especially strokable. The replay value was exceptional and I have to admit that my skepticism was overcome quickly, the lengthy introductions of the ladies making them much more interesting than the generic gals found all too often in "newcomer" or "barely of age" pornos shot in Chatsworth. I would have liked better extras but given the wealth of heated material provided in the movie (lasting nearly three and a half hours long!), I could not disagree with the amount of fuck for the buck as being anything but well played, my rating of Highly Recommended as much due to the heated sex, superior casting, and replay value as the realization that the scenes were indeed worthy of being called "digital Viagra" as proponents suggested at the show. In short, 18 With Proof! was a fine DVD and the website provided a glimpse into even more scenes worthy of inclusion on subsequent volumes, Cezar again living up to his name as a leader in internet porn.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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