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Cheating Wives Tales #12

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/31/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Vignette

Director: Mario Rossi

Cast: Anya Wood, Amber Lynn Bach, Lucky Benton, Brittany O'Connell, Lisa, Marco Banderas, Tony De Sergio, Mikey Butders

Length: 181 minutes

Date of Production: 7/14/2008, 7/18/2008, 9/10/2008, 9/15/2008, 10/31/2008, 11/2/2008

Extras: There are two standout additions. The first one is the Behind the Scenes footage. It consists of five separate interviews with the ladies from this movie. Brittany is the shining star. Lucky Benton is also very personable. The second bright highlight is the Bonus Scene. It lasts over twenty-four minutes. It's about a guy who mows the lawn of his boss and his employer's wife makes the moves on him. The action is pretty good. The trailers of The Cock Pit and Big Pole Little Hole are entertaining. A nice photo gallery is included. It lasts a bit over four minutes. A web trailer for NewSensations.com and company information are also provided. Furthermore, a Pick Your Pleasure segment in which the viewer can select from several sex positions and immediately watch that portion of the movie. It's handy.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality is very good. The movie is shot in widescreen format and in High Definition.

Overview: Cheating Wives Tales #12 is the twelfth installment in this very entertaining and much popular series. I think that this is New Sensations best anthology. Each scene has it's own separate plot line. Most of the time, the actors and actresses are able to use their acting skills to use. It's fun to watch. The pairings of the performers are extremely well done. Many of them have great chemistry.

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Scene One: Anya Wood is on her cell phone urging Marco Banderas to hurry his ass off and get there. As soon as he arrives, they kiss after she lets him in. The horny woman takes him to the living room. She gives him a hot blowjob. Her comments to him are turn-ons. Her bikini is taken off. The man sticks his good cock into her from behind. Anya has a cute body. I always liked Marco's accent. Next, they move to the couch where she rides on his piece of meat. Her ass looks cool. Mr. Banderas slaps it a bit. Later, the woman quenches her thirst with his pussy flavored cock. Then, she rides his cock again, but this time, she is facing the opposite way. Anya has a nice looking sex region. The girth of his dick fits pretty well in her pussy. Marco's facial expressions always show a determined look. He is serious about his craft. They kiss. Then, the man holds her around his waist while fucking her. The woman sucks his cock again. A missionary screw follows and then another fuck from behind. The man lifts her around his waist again to nail that pussy. Afterwards, Anya tastes his tool again. I really like how she looks while squatting down to pleasure him. A cool looking missionary screw follows. I got hard. The woman rubs her clit at times. Her legs look cute. Her flower looks amazing. Anya's inner pinkness looks hot. They kiss. She awards his hard working cock with her mouth. Next, Anya rides him again. Her humping actions show us that she wants it badly. Her facial gestures express that she is enjoying herself. Lastly, Marco cums in her horny open mouth.

Scene Two: When Tony De Sergio arrives at Amber Lynn Bach's home, she tells him that her daughter had to go back to her school to get her cell phone. The frustrated and disappointed piano teacher expresses his feelings to her. She offers him something to drink. When she returns, the woman comes on to him. She massages his tense shoulders. In order to make up for his wasted time, she runs her hand along his chest. Then, his student's mom unbuttons his shirt and they kiss. Amber feels his groin. Tony feels her wonderful butt. She takes out his meaty instrument and plays with it orally. His dick is so hard. They kiss. Her dress is removed. The man fucks her from behind. Amber looks amazing. She tastes his tasty plaything next. Afterwards, the lady slides down on his cock for her reverse cowgirl ride. It's nice looking. Her frontal body shot is hot. Her pretty lips around his dick is very hot. Then, Amber takes him to the living room where he fucks her doggystyle. I really like this pairing of talented actors. The viewer can sense that there is some sort of connection between them regardless of the sexual position that they perform. The cowgirl fuck is sweet. The missionary fuck has a sensuality vibe to it. One can feel mutual admiration between them. The intensity is higher. This same feeling and heat are combined in their spooning session. While sucking his dick next, Amber removes a piece of lint or hair off of the tip of his cock before resucking him. It's very sweet. Then, another fine doggie moment occurs. Afterwards, Tony cums on her tits.

Scene Three: Lucky Benton's girlfriend's trainer shows up at her home. During their workout, her breasts keep popping out of her exercise outfit. She grabs his cock during one of her routines. Lucky has charisma and personality that oozes off the screen. Moments later, the trainer played by Mikey Butders shows her his tool. The woman sucks it with much effort and a sense of sensuality all mixed up in one. Then, the woman leads him by his cock inside her home. While in the house, Lucky continues her great blowjob briefly. Moments later, Mikey fucks her the doggie way. Her beautiful face captures the viewers' attention immediately. Lucky and Mikey have genuine chemistry. She enjoys being with him. He has the same feeling towards her. Her moans during the reverse cowgirl performance are turn-ons that do not escape one's mind. The woman pleasures his dick as if by thanking him. Next, Lucky gets on top of him for her cowgirl ride. Mikey screws her with a lot of intensity. Her laugh and smile are sensational. I really enjoy watching her face during the spooning moments. The close-up is great. Her moans are still hot. A missionary fuck occurs next. She is really feeling her pussy getting a workout. Their comments to each other are very hot and feel sincere. A bow and arrow fuck is next. The incredible woman still has a broad smile on her face. A missionary screw is next. Afterwards, Mikey shoots his load at her very receptive mouth.

Scene Four: Mega-star and legend Brittany O'Connell is looking to purchase a car at a car lot. After talking to Marco Banderas, she leaves her ID behind. The salesman takes it to her home. As soon as she lets him in, the horny woman puts the moves on him. They kiss and paw each other. He sucks her breasts. Then, she sucks his big cock. Brittany looks very sexy in her black top and skirt. His cock is very hard. She leads him to another room by his rod. Marco licks her from behind before he sticks his well-pampered dick inside her. Ms. O'Connell has a pretty ass. Afterwards, the woman takes off her skirt and top and rides him to the pleasure zone. They have great chemistry. I like how she strokes his cock. After all of the great riding action ends, a cool spooning begins. She has a sexy body. Brittany still has star quality. A missionary occurs. The camera angles are good. She definitely knows how to give a sensual bj. I would explode just by her hand strokes alone. After more good screwing, Brittany looks like she is still enjoying herself immensely. A tit fuck occurs before a doggie hump. Her smile is priceless. Ms. O'Connell rides his cock again when he lays down on the white carpet. When Brittany and Marco kiss, they sizzle. Finally, Marco jacks off on her lovely breasts.

Scene Five: Mikey Butders shows up to train Lisa with her volleyball skills. Later, they strip down and kiss. He feels her breasts. The very cute woman strokes his cock. She sucks it with sensual grace. Then, the man fucks her doggystyle. A good missionary hump follows. I really like Lisa. She feels like the woman next door type. A nice looking reverse cowgirl performance at the edge of the pool is next. Her hip action is cool. Mikey thumbs her asshole. Then, Lisa rides his cock while facing him. Soon, he fucks her doggystyle in the pool. She looks cute. They continue to doggie screw outside of the pool later on. The action is still pretty good. They look nice together. It's sweet. Mikey increases the intensity during the ending moments. Then, he cums in her open mouth.

Final Thoughts: Cheating Wives Tales #12 is a worthy addition to this wonderful series. The story lines are very entertaining. Brittany O'Connell and Lucky Benton are the standouts. They capture their scene with a sense of sexuality and personability. We really like them and they really enjoy what they are doing. That's star power. I highly recommend this movie.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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