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Double Dose of Tori Black/Nika Noir

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 1/30/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Compilation

Director: Varied by scene

Cast: Tori Black and Nika Noir.

Length:  4 hr 44 min

Production Date:  03/01/2008

Condoms: Nope


A photo gallery with still images of the girls and a "Pick Your Pleasure" scene jumper are the only extras that you'll find on this release. There are some trailers too, but that's not really a supplemental.


As a compilation release the video quality here varies greatly depending on what scene you're watching and when it was recorded. Some of the action here is sharp with a clean presentation and very little in terms of flaws. That being said there are also an equal number of scenes full of grain and softer-than-should-be moments. The sound is equally all over the map with some scenes being very loud, some being very soft, and others incredibly pitchy. 

Body of Review:

New Sensations' Double Dose series continues with yet another strong installment. In case you're unfamiliar with this relatively recent addition to NS's line, it basically takes two beloved performers, collects various scenes, and brings them together onto two discs. So far we have seen Kaiya Lynn/Lucy Thai and Flower Tucci/Brianna Love. With pedigree such as that you know this series is going to be successful and the Tori Black/ Nika Noir release is no exception. If you're a fan of either of these gorgeous brunettes you owe it to yourself to pick this release up. Twelve awesome scenes are collected here and if you weren't a fan of either girl prior to this release, you will be afterwards. 

Scene 1:

The first disc here features Tori Black appropriately. In the opening scene of this release she and Mark Ashley get together from All Teens #3. As some rock music plays over the scene, Tori strips down and plays with her pussy for the camera. The tunes die out eventually and that's when Mark appears, sitting on the sofa and playing with himself. Naturally Mark and Tori get together soon enough, and after a little round of oral play Mark finally sticks his dick into her. As is the case with most of his scenes, Mark is pretty rough with Tori and gives it to her hard and fast. Being the champ that she is though, Tori gives it right back and because of that they bring a fantastic energy to this scene. You really get the sense that they're having a great time fucking each other.

Scene 2:

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For Tori's second scene comes from Fuck for Dollars #8 with Alex Gonz. The scenes begins with Tori sucking on his dick, moves on to Alex licking her pussy, and then to the fucking. Their sex is hot and nasty as Tori's face gets covered with saliva, her hair mats to her face, and the two really get into the sex. She's quite vocal in this scene with loads of moaning, panting, and talking, which subsides whenever she cums. Needless to say her prattle gets old after a while, but the thing I love about Tori is the way she cums. She really seems to get off on the fucking. It's nice to love your job!

Scene 3:

The third scene comes to us from Fresh Outta High School #8 and has Tori working with John Strong. As you'd expect, Tori is dressed up as a school girl here and trust me when I tell you this is a look that works well for her. John wastes little time pulling up her skirt and getting to her pussy. Once again Tori is quite vocal and talks throughout the whole scene. This really isn't my thing, but she's still hot and the action is quite solid. Whether she's bent over a chair, on her knees, on her back, or riding John, Tori brings a great amount of energy. She is insatiable and the sex here is all the better because of it.

Scene 4:

Yet anther school girl scene is up next with a bit from Naughty College School Girls #46. This time around she's playing with Mark Wood and it starts out like all the other scenes do with a little tease and some oral play. Once the sex starts Mark lays on his back and Tori gets on top to ride him for a bit. Compared to the rest their scene seems rather short with only a few positions before Mark pops a load in her mouth. Otherwise the sex was good, but not the greatest. Still, Tori keeps her appetite for sex solid and really gets into the scene.

Scene 5:

Face Full of Diesel #3 brings some POV action to this release with Tori and Shane. I thought the previous scene was short, but man, this one takes the cake. Tori tries in vain to suck Shane's massive cock effectively, but winds up basically just playing around with the tip. After a few minutes of watching this from Shane's perspective he comes on her face. While this scene didn't really have a lot going for it, I suppose you can say that it delivered what its title promised.  

Scene 6:

Breaking things up a bit is a lesbian scene between Tori and Tristan Kingsley from 4 Finger Club #25. The scene starts out with a silly story of Tori selling Tristan on a property and part of the contract is, get this, she has to see her pussy. There's a deal sealer if I've ever heard one! Anyways, there's quite a lot of kissing, licking, and finger fucking in this scene. This creates a nice connection between the performers that many lesbian scenes miss, thanks to the lack of toys. After some really nice play the girls take turns sitting on a Sybian and there are some nice shots as they both climax.
Scene 7:

Moving onto the second disc, Nika takes over. Mark Ashley has his change with Nika as well in a scene from All American Cream Pie #2. I think you can figure out what the name of the game is here, but getting to that point is a lot of fun. Nika shows Mark about as good a time as Tori did and their scene includes some fantastic sex. The camera captures all of the action as they constantly swap positions right up until the end where Mark cums inside her pussy. This was my first time seeing Nika in action and I have to say that I was impressed. I enjoyed her opening number just as much as I liked Tori's. 

Scene 8:

Mark isn't the only male performer to have a chance at bother of these girls as Shane appears for the second Nika scene from Stretched Out Snatch #7. While Tori didn't take his cock anywhere but her mouth, Nika actually fucks the giant dick like there's no tomorrow. I'm always impressed by girls that can handle Shane and seem like they enjoy it, and Nika is a prime example of that. She keeps a smile on her face throughout the scene and the performers put on a fantastic show. Shane even goes balls deep into her pussy and she seems to love every minute of it. 

Scene 9:

Another 4 Finger Club scene makes its way onto this Double Dose release. This one comes from volume 66 and offers up the lovely Crissy Moon for Nika to play with. There's quite a lot of toy play here, but Crissy and Nika turn up the heat in between thrusts with constant licking and touching. They go through three different styles and sizes of dildos, Nika nails Crissy with four gloved fingers, and eventually they take turns on the Sybian as well. This scene had a lot to offer lesbian lovers and proved that Nika is a girl of many talents.  

Scene 10:

Shane returns for more Nika with a scene from She Only Takes Diesel #2. Once again Nika and Shane share a certain spark together on camera. Every once in a while you come across two performers who seem made to work together, and these two are a prime example of that. Nika's pussy seems to be the perfect fit for Shane and she seems to love getting fucked by him.  

Scene 11:

Keeping the notion going that Nika loves to get crazy big cock, Big Cock Crazy #4 throws Ramon at her. It's not often you see a girl get a balls deep amount of Ramon, but Nika breaks the status quo in this regard. She takes him hard from behind, as well as on top of him, and on her back. I must say that she does squirm a bit as she seemingly has to align her pelvis for him to fuck, but man, I was just blown away by how much see enjoys it. Nika rubs her tits and plays with her clit the whole time she gets fucked and whenever Ramon stops, she basically begs him to start again. This scene simply boggled the mind.  

Scene 12:

A little solo send-off from Nika completes this latest release of Double Dose. This scene comes to us from A Girl and Her Toys and has our sultry brunette poking her nether regions with one dildo after another. She gradual increases the size of her toys and the action remains nice for a solo effort. The fact that she keeps her lingerie on for most of the scene, including her leggings, only adds to the hotness of it all. Everything ends with a bang as she rides a Sybian once again.  


Double Dose of Tori Black/Nika Noir is a damn fine compilation release, but it's not exactly the be-all and end-all of what these girls have to offer. About half of each girl's scenes are incredible with some hot action that exemplifies why people love them. The other scenes are average at best and beg the viewer to wonder if this is the very best they have to offer. Still, this is a solid release with twelve enjoyable scenes. Nika's scenes take the cake here, though Tori isn't exactly a slouch either. Either way, this one comes recommended and its worth picking up if you're a fan of one or both of the girls. 

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