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Hard Candy Vol. 4

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 2/6/09

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Title: Hard Candy # 4 (Blu-Ray)
Studio: Digital Playground
Category: Shot In High Def, Blu-Ray
Director: Robby D
Starring: Gabriella Fox, Allyssa Hall, Zeina Heart, Heather Vahn, Jessie Alba, Sarah Alba, Tommy Gunn, Mick Blue, James Deen, Scott Nails
Release Date: Dec 02, 2008
Running time: 2:28
Condoms: None

Audio / Video:

The video for "Hard Candy # 4" was presented a full screen 16 x 9 format. The title was encoded using a MPEG-4 AVC Codec that ran at an average of around 20Mbps. The Blu Ray visuals here were pretty good and colors including skin the skin tones came across very well. I have to be honest and say that this was definitely not the best looking Blu-Ray adult title I have seen but it was a step above what you will find in a upscaled standard definition DVD.  The Audio was good here and was in full Dolby Digital 5.1 @ 448Kbps. Not much music was present here which was good but the actors voices came across nice and easy to hear and understand with no issues what so ever.

Scene #1: Sarah Alba & James Deen

James is aching to see his girlfriend Jessie Alba so he swings by her house to see if he cant get some. After finding out his girl isn't home James gets invited in and puts the moves on his girls mom Sarah. The horny mom is dying for some cock so after a tiny bit of flirtation between the two the pair find themselves messing around and Sarah giving James some head. Jessie shows up and the two quickly wrap up their little fling and James heads off with Jessie to her Bedroom.

Scene #2: Jessie Alba & James Deen

Once in the bedroom a conversation between Jessie and James occurs where he confronts her about needing to get some pussy and he needs something from someone and it might as well be someone in the family. Jessie tells her man "well go ahead and fuck me then."  James yanks off her panties and lays her on her back where he begins to eat her pussy and the younger of the Alba girls moans in pleasure as her twat gets munched out. After getting eaten out Jessie gets up off the bed and gets on her knees where her and James kiss for a moment then she commences to sucks his cock. After the pair have each orally pleased the other Jessie lays on her stomach slouched over on the bed and James begins to fuck her from behind. The sex is okay looking but really fails to get much of the blood flowing for me with the annoyance of how I feel James tries to make the scene about him more than the girl. The couple then move into reverse cowgirl and then spooning and James does his standard face to face death stare as he fucks Jessie and I wish this guy would drop that annoying practice on film it is so painful to watch and really is not sexy in anyway. Really I think the scene should be about the focus of attention to be on the  girl and I always find with James that he finds a way to distract too much attention from the viewer and place it on him. The two then transition from spooning to cowgirl where they fuck for a minute before Jessie gets on her knees to take a pop shot to the mouth.

Scene #3:  Gabriella Fox & Scott Nails

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Gabriella opens up her scene as she is standing up against a wall wearing a tiny little white mini skirt and a super hot stripped bikini top. The camera moves up and down on the tanned beauty and I must say this girl has one hell of a tight looking sexy body. Gabriella and Scott begin to kiss as the camera continues to pan up and down on the body of Gabriella and we can obviously tell this girl is quite turned on with her pussy getting so wet it is dripping down onto her inner thigh. After a bit Scott pulls down the Mini Skirt of Gabriella and lays her on her back on a bed where he begins to eat out and play with her pussy. Scott takes his time here and I cant blame the guy because if I had Gabriella laying on her back with her legs spread in front of my face I could probably spend all day with my lips on her pussy. The pair then find their way to a shower where Gabriella gets on her knees and sucks and strokes  on Mr. Nails cock all while both are getting soaked from the water falling onto their bodies. Scott eventually grabs the shower head  and places it between her legs letting the water massage Gabriella's pussy. After a bit Scott then bends over the wet beauty and begins to fuck her first in standing doggy but that quickly transitions into standing reverse cowgirl and then finally back into doggy. The couple then leave the shower and head back to the bed where Gabriella lays bend over the side and Scott enters her cunt from behind. After pumping Gabriella's twat in the doggy position the two go at it in spooning and the camera closes in on Scott's cock as it pumps in and out of Gabriella's bald love box. The pair then do a bit more doggy before they fuck in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl. I really found that the camera had too many close shots though and I was left a bit disappointed by that fact as sometimes I wanted to catch the visual entirety of what was going on rather that a super close shot of Gabriella's face and or pussy. To wrap up the scene Scott lays on his back where Gabriella sucks him off them strokes his cock to a cum eruption.

Scene #4:  Allyssa Hall & Mick Blue

The scene opens as Mick is on the computer checking out online pictures of Allyssa and Jacking off. Allyssa comes strolling in unannounced through the bedroom of Mick and goes to take a pee in his bathroom. After she comes out she asks him what he is looking at on the computer and he shows her the pics' of her being a filthy little slut, she giggles and proclaims she was drunk when those were taken. To ensure his lips will stay locked about the matter Allyssa shows what a truly dirty young girl she is. She begins by sucking on Mick's cock but quickly lands up getting he cloths peeled off and her pussy munched out. After getting eaten out Allyssa who is laying on her back fingers her pussy for a moment before Mick pulls in close and begins to fuck her in the spooning position. Miss Hall is a cute young girl and she has eyes that are very expressive which I loved looking at while she was being penetrated.  Following spooning the couple move into the Missionary position and Allyssa moans in extreme pleasure as Mick  gives her pussy a hard pounding. Following missionary the teen girl sucks on Mick's Cock again this time to get a taste of her sweet pussy before she mounts his cock in the cowgirl position. After the two are done in cowgirl Mick lays Allyssa on her back where he violently finger bangs her cunt while at the same time she sucks on his cock. My favorite part of the scene comes up as Allyssa gets fucked in reverse cowgirl and I really enjoyed the camera work here as it captured some really cute shots of this girl getting worked. The doggy position that followed was equally as good and I really enjoyed watching this young thing getting balled from behind. To wrap up the scene Allyssa Hall sucks on Mick's Cock until he blows his wad in her mouth.

Scene #5:  Heather Vahn & Scott Nails

Heather stops by Scott's house and although the last thing Scott wants is to hook up with the cute young thing she wiggles her way inside and onto his couch. Heather plays the aggressive little slut and works her sexuality to get what she wants which is some cock. Scott is playing the role of the hard to get but once Heather starts pealing off her clothing and revealing her cute little body he drops the  lame act and gets down to business. Heather lays back on the sofa spreading her legs and Scott quickly gets his tongue to work on her pretty little pussy. Heather with her skinny little frame and short bob cut is such a cutie and quite the attention grabber. After getting eaten out Heather gets to work on sucking off Scott's nice big cock and all I can think of is how lucky this stunt cock must feel to have this adorable  thing with her lips wrapped around his manhood. After sucking dick Heather stands up and sticks her ass in the air and has Scott stick his cock inside her wet and warm cunt to which he proclaims "shit this feels good," all while having a look of a guy who just won the lottery on his face.  After getting fucked Heather gets onto her knees where she sucks a bit more cock before laying on the couch with Scott to continue their fucking in the reverse cowgirl position. Heather is a girl who loves fucking and this is quite obvious from her vocal's and I really like watching her get pounded on film. To wrap things up little miss sunshine Heather gets some side saddle vaginal penetration before finally getting pounded from behind in the doggy position. Scott lands up dropping on hell of a good load on her face and Heather like the sex craved whore she is grabs some off her chin and rubs in all in her pussy.

Scene #6:  Zeina Heart & Tommy Gunn

Zeina is kicking back in her high rise apartment just feeling a bit filthy and too turned on to not do some nasty shit. The beautifully exotic looking dark skinned beauty has what must be a foot long dong with her and she sticks it on the window with its bottom suction cup and she blows the toy. While sucking the toy off Zeina gets undressed peeling off her shirt and revealing her cute little titties. After a bit Miss Heart has had enough of the standing action and wants to get more comfortable on a chair with her toy. Zeina lays back spreading her legs and fucks her slit with the toy and practically taking the whole monstrosity inside of herself. Tommy Gunn then pops up out of the woodwork and wearing only a towel around himself he quickly gets rid of it to reveal his hard dick which Zeina quickly begins to suck off. The only real problem here is the toy Zeina has been playing with is so much bigger that Tommy's dick that I couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy as the rubber dick has already stole the thunder out the whole expierience. After sucking off Tommy and fucking her pussy with the huge toy Zeina gets into the doggy position and lets Tommy fuck her for a minute before jumping back around and taking his dick back into her mouth. All the while the dildo doesn't leave her grasp and Zeina really seems to enjoy its presence as much  if not more than Tommy's stunt cock. The couple eventually find themselves fucking in the missionary position but I wasn't too happy with the capture here as the camera is positioned right between Tommys legs from the backside and I have a phobia of catching the sight of some guys asshole on screen... a porn rule should be all porn dudes butt holes need to be edited out.  The couple eventually move into cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl before Zeina takes Tommy's dick in her mouth to end the show with a pop shot.


Included in the Extras for "Hard Candy # 4 (Blu-Ray)" was a set of seven DP Trailers as well as  a Photo Gallery And a Web Contact Tab. Most importantly the Disc features a 6 Minute and 31 second Behind the scenes footage which was actually pretty tame compared to most of the other BTS I have seen from Digital Playground. A majority of the Extra captures are with  Allyssa Hall but we also get a taste of all the other girls minus Zeina Heart who was nowhere to be found. 

Final Thoughts:

"Hard Candy #4" from Director Robby D and Digal Playground was a fairly decent flick. While the opening scene(s) with the Alba girls and James Deen were pretty weak the Disc took off from Gabriella and kept a nice steady flow. I must also add that while Gabriella was hot I couldn't help but feel that she looked so much better in her first movie with DP "Sexy Hot" compared to here. I know that there are those who feel HD and porn don't really mix and to an extent I can see their point. You have to remember that the higher quality the capture the more flaws you will find with these girls and that's not a knock.. hell I wouldn't want to be anywhere near a HD camera nude. I just feel with HD more care should be taken with lighting and correct camera angles to give the porn fan the best experience possible and I am just not sure this Disc did either of these things well. There were some scenes I did enjoy and really got into the Heather Vahn scene. Overall this was a pretty middle of the road disc.. not great by any means but not bad either. I would say Rent the Blu Ray version if your wanting to check this out. I just couldn't justify a 50 buy for what the disc delivers and if your going buy this pick up the Standard Definition version.


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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