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Last Call

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 2/12/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director:Francois Clousot

Producer:Mark Nicholson

2nd Camera: Michael Raven

Category:  Feature  Erotic Thiller

Genre: Straight, Couples

Release Date: 12/10/2008

Production Year: 07/23/2008

Length: 1 hrs. 50 mins.

Condoms: Yes

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Performers:  Alektra Blue, Brad Armstrong, Bridgette B., Eric Masterson, Kaylani Lei, Mikayla Mendez, Randy Spears, Tanya James, Tori Black.

Tori Black

Wicked Teaser:Scott (Brad Armstrong) is a nice guy with good friends and a successful career. Unfortunately that also makes him the perfect target. After a night out on the town followed by a one night stand, Scott finds himself trapped in a sadistic game. He soon finds himself in a fight for his life in the seedy underworld of Los Angeles. As his nightmare ends, he learns the awful truth about his ordeal...Betrayal is best fed by those closest to you...

Kaylani Lei

The Movie: If  ever there was a  movie  with  twist and  turns and  a  wild  ride  down a rabbit  hole  then Wicked's Last Call is it. What  seems to be a normal story of  what  can and  could  go  wrong on a  one  night  stand  takes the  viewers  down a  different  road wondering  why all this is happening to Scott played  by Brad Armstrong with  Kaylani apparently being the  lady  who is  calling  all the  shots.. Or Is she? They say weird things happen at night and this is definitely one weird story for you to enjoy. After watching the movie I  found out that former porn star Mellissa Monet  teamed  up with François Clousot to work on the  story. Kudos to you both!!

Audio/Video: The Last Call is presented in 16:9 ratio anamorphic widescreen colors, shot and mastered in HD, directed by Francois Clousot, distributed by Wicked Pictures. The picture was very clear and crisp with very little distortion with the flesh tones being almost near to perfect. The lighting was too dark at times in certain scenes though  mainly it was shot at night. The audio was presented in Wicked's usual 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English which didn't test my speakers nor did it come off as too loud making it easy to listen too. The background music blended in very well with the entire storyline.

Previews: Sexy Bitch & Back Door Brazil

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Trailers: Dating 101, Fame, Colors, HardCore Cougars, The Oracle, Around the World In Seven Days.

Features:Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Bonus Scene, Behind the Scenes,Slide Show, Trailers, Promo Reel, Int. Tel. Sex, DVD-ROM Compatible,Wicked Web, Motion Menus, Wicked Awards, Winners & Nominations, Trailer for The Last Call.

The Extras: Behind The Scenes; Bonus Scene from Fame w/ Kaylani Lei & Randy Spears.

Behind The Scenes: A 23 ½-minute behind the scenes featurette according to Director Francois Clousot, the movie takes place in outer space with midgets and lobsters? Francois Clousot appears to be having a lot of fun with his cast and their antics. Even the ladies get into the act in driving everyone nuts. There is also havoc in the middle of the night with a run away car during the car chase.

Bonus Scene: Fame w/ Kaylani Lei & Randy Spears:

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Back in his office Kaylani gets right to work on kissing up to the Boss. She gets  right to the   point  when she  eagerly show  her  skills  sucking him off and  attempts to  deep throat  him a few  times. All the clothing comes off and Kaylani is riding Randy reverse cowgirl on his office chair. Then you  see  Kaylani  laying on the  desk ready  for  some  mish with  Randy  unloading on her neatly  shaved bush.

Scene 1: Kaylani Lei & Brad Armstrong:

The scene opens with Kaylani walking down a dark street into a club and making her round with the party-goers. In walks in Scotty played by Brad Armstrong who is there to meet his friend Brad but he is stood up by him. Left to his own device he makes idle chit chat with Kaylani who is scooping him out as if he was her next meal. Faking to have lost her purse, she gets Brad to pay for her drink and then begins the mind games with Brad. They make out for a bit outside the club ten taking over to his place. Once inside things get really out to the point that Brad lifts her up in the air and pins her up against the wall to go down on her. They move over to the bed where Kaylani works her magic with her mouth on his cock. They start in mish and over to reverse cowgirl finishing up with doggie and Kaylani get a load on her face. Things get extremely interesting from this point on. Kaylani ducks out of his place with his wallet, cell phone and his car keys.

Scene 2: Mikayla Mendez & Brad Armstrong & Alektra Blue & Tori Black:

Left to  make his own  way  back , Brad  walks  around aimlessly at  first he  meets up with  a very Looney Tori Black, who  cracks you  up  with every  word  she  says. He then meets up with two very naughty and sex starved beauties in a lingerie store, played by Mikayla Mendez and Alektra Blue. Brad asks to use the phone and comes to find out that Alektra is on the extension egging him on while Mikayla is right in front of him getting him very aroused. Brad  gives into the temptation  enjoying the  blowjob  giving  explicit  details to Alektra  who is still on the phone  playing with herself.  Brad  lets his  fingers do as  they please  fingering  Mikayla  before he  does her in doggie and in scissor  before she  takes his  load into her mouth.

Scene 3: Bridgette B & Tanya James:

After leaving Mikayla, Brad spots Kaylani driving his car  forcing him into yet  another  building where he comes  across Tanya James and Bridgette B. who pushes him out of the  cargo  elevator and make him watch  them get it on. The G/g is ok.. It's nothing out of the ordinary that would make you  take notice  and  say " Wow". After the ladies are  done  getting off Scotty leave the  building  still searching  for a phone to use.

Scene 4: Tori Black & Eric Masterson:

Tori and  Eric are in a  deserted alley and  she is  trying to  explain what  went  wrong with  the  Scotty  situation. Tori  smiles at Eric  asking  if he  was  upset with her and  the  hardon  he  was  sporting  was  proof  enough  for her to   suck  him off.  Tori and Eric work right into reverse cowgirl and   standing doggie with Tori getting a mouthful.

Scene 5: Alektra Blue & Brad Armstrong & Kaylani Lei & Mikayla Mendez & Randy Spears:

In the final  scene the pieces have  slow come together when Scotty ( Brad Armstrong) finds Brad( Randy Spears) naked on a  sofa getting a  blowjob  from Kaylani while a  group of  hooded monks are  circling  them with lit  candles ( can we  say "kinda  freaky  don't ya think??!"  Kaylani and Randy go at it in several positions with  Kaylani  getting a  facial. In another corner of the room you have Scotty getting a blow-job from Mikayla and Alektra both ladies  getting  facials.

Ending: Believe it  or not there  is  still roughly  10 more minutes to  the movie and  here is where you  get to know  first hand  what the hell was  going on with all the   weird things happening. All I  can  say is  pay back is a  Bitch!

Brad Armstrong & Tori Black

Final Thoughts: The erotic thriller The Last Call has a lot going for it. For those that  enjoy  the  feature  movies Wicked is  known  for you are  going to enjoy this one  even more. After watching it for a bit, its not that easy to figure out the  who's and  why's all these things are happening  to Brad. What I did enjoy the most was how the ladies each pushed Brad over the edge in each scene. I think my favorite was Tori Black and her stuff doggy and how great she played a crazy person. I don't  mean it  in a bad  way Tori  just that  you had me laughing a lot and  that's to me  mean a lot when a performer can  grab a hold of her  character bring it to life. There is  a lot to enjoy  in The Last Call and  this is one that  I can Highly Recommend to you without any hesitation!


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