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Layin' Pipe

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/9/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Dates: August 2008-October 2008

Directed By: Doug

Run Time N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 48 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Horny dudes Spence (good-looking with dark hair, toned/smooth body) and Talon (good-looking with short dark hair, average/smooth body) are hanging out slinging back a bunch of beers and watching straight porn. Spence soon yanks his shorts 'n briefs down showing off his shortly trimmed pubes, plump balls, and big hard cut cock leading Talon to do the same exposing his large fat clipped meat. The guys are busy beating their tube steaks when Trip (cute with dark hair, slender/smooth body) shows up and chows down Spence's throbbing manhood sliding his mouth up 'n down and giving some very tasty head.

Spence digs the blowjob and fills the room with heavy breathing and sighs as he holds Trip's hair and fucks his face. Trip gets down on Talon's chubby pork filling his hungry gullet full and gives him the same delicious head as his buddy. Before long, Trip is switching back 'n forth going to town on those mouth-watering dicks. All three guys are very into the action and there are some very nice close-ups of the cock sucking. Talon pulls Trip's blue jeans off exposing shortly trimmed pubes 'n a cut cock and then spreads that beautiful butt exposing a tight hairy bunghole.

Talon fucks Trip fast 'n smooth doggy-style while Trip continues to suck Spence.  There are no decent penetration shots until Talon switches to the missionary position. Talon then fucks Spence's tight shaved asshole doggy-style fast 'n hard with some okay penetration shots from above while Spence sucks Trip's stiffy. To finish up, the dudes beat off with Talon shooting a wet load on Spence's chest, Spence cutting loose with thick jizz on the rug, and Trip dumping thick love juice on Spence's chest.

Scene Two:

Erin (good-looking with dark spiked hair, slender/toned/hairy body) and Jasin (cute with dark hair, goatee, average/smooth body, tattoos) are bisexual and lookin' for a fun time with Bently (good-looking with short brown hair, beard stubble, toned/smooth body, tattoos). These dudes are horny as heck and want a big cock crammed up their bungholes! The guys watch straight porn while rubbing their crotches and talking 'n joking 'n making comments about the gals on television. Erin pulls out his hard 'n large cut tool and begins jacking leading Bently to pull out his big fat clipped throbber and wag it around. With lust in his eyes, Jasin announces, "I got dibs!" and chows down on Bently's dong giving excellent head and cramming his gullet full.

Erin gets down on that monster dick and can actually deep throat it all the way down. Even Bently is impressed and he definitely digs these dudes' oral talents! Bently slowly slides his meaty fuck stick up Erin's tight shaved hole doggy-style making Erin cry out and moan with pleasure "Oh! That's a nice cock! Yeah!" Bently bangs a very eager Erin fast 'n smooth with some okay penetration shots from above. Switching to the missionary position, Bently continues to fuck his new buddy fast 'n hard and the dudes are totally into it. Erin jacks off and dumps a thick load on his hairy stomach while being porked. Bently busts a thick nut on Erin's shortly trimmed pubes, hand, and stomach.

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 Not finished, Bently "prepares" Jasin by slowly sliding a long dildo up that tight hairy hole in the missionary position. With eyes closed, Jasin works his chute up 'n down the fake cock while rubbing his plump balls and clipped dick. Bently bangs Jasin doggy-style fast 'n smooth with okay penetration shots from behind (not enough light and too dark to see well). Jasin loves being fucked and pants, "I can't even talk!" The dudes are very into the man-sex leading Jasin to shoots a thick load on his fist and Bently dumping hot thick cum on Jasin's face. Hot!

Scene Three:

Lee (good-looking with longish dark brown hair, toned/smooth body) is visiting Arizona from Florida and is in need of some good head. Lucky for him that cutie Trip (scene one) is ready, willing, and able.  The guys are in bed and begin making out with deep wet tongue kissing 'n body rubbing. Lee removes his gray briefs revealing full dark pubes, tasty balls, and a very large cut cock. Trip licks 'n kisses his way down Lee's sexy body and takes that big thang down his hungry gullet giving excellent head. Lee digs the blowjob and holds Trip's head while he fucks that wet 'n warm mouth. There are plenty of juicy close-ups of the cock sucking here and it's a big turn-on. Trip fucking loves sucking that delicious throbbing man-pork. He's practically starved for it!

Trip plays a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce on Lee while jerking his stiff clipped dick. He slowly lowers himself down on Lee's blood-engorged prick leading Lee to grab his new pal's hips and thrust up fucking fast 'n smooth. Naturally, Trips digs being fucked and the dudes fill the room with heavy breathing, moans, 'n groans.  Switching to the missionary position, Lee continues to screw Trip quick 'n lubed and the penetration shots so far are simply okay 'n could be better.  Lee really revs it up during the side/missionary and fucks his buddy like a well-oiled machine. These guys are definitely into each other and the man-sexin'. Trip shoots a thick load on Lee's chest and Lee cuts loose with thick spooge on his fist.

Scene Four:

Buddies Spence (scene one) and Brock (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/hairy body) are back at Doug's place after a wild night of drinkin' and general carousin'.  The guys share an intimate shower enjoying the soothing warm water as they jack each other's hard cut cocks, rub cum-filled nuts, and slide their tools against tools. The guys are clearly fond of one another and really get down with some heavy kissing 'n body rubbin'. Brock sinks to his knees and takes Spence's big dick down his gullet giving excellent head that Spence totally digs. The shower sequence is taped in black 'n white.

The dudes towel off and move their man-sex party into another room (now taped in color) with Brock continuing to give Spence full oral pleasure with plenty of hot cock sucking close-ups. At one point, Brock looks directly at the camera as he gorges on his buddy's throbbing meat. Spence lays in the missionary position with legs up 'n spread wide allowing Brock to rub his tight shaved bunghole. The camera shots of Spence's man hole are okay but could be better.

Brock slowly sinks his stiff prick up Spence's virgin chute making Spence breathe heavy and moan, "Easy! Oh fuck!" Spence loudly grunts with pure animal pleasure 'n pain as Brock fucks him fast, smooth, 'n hard doggy-style. "That fuckin' thing's bigger than I thought!" During the side/missionary position, Spence cries out "Sasquatch mother fucker!" while Brock pants, "Dude you have the tightest ass at ASG! (Amateur Straight Guys).  There are no good penetration shots during the butt sex. Brock beats off and shoots a thick load of Jizz on Spence's bum while Spence continues to call him a "Sasquatch mother fucker". Spence pulls his pork and shoots a thick load of man pudding on his fist. Hot dudes!

Scene Five:

Horny Lucas (cute with dark hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) is in town from Texas and looking for some tight man-butt to fuck. As the scene opens, he's lying in bed with Kasden (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) talking, joking, watching straight porn, and only wearing tee shirts. Lucas has full dark pubes, and big meaty cut cock, and large mouth-watering hangy nuts. Kasden has shaved pubes, nice nuts, and a big fat clipped tool. The dudes play with themselves leading Lucas to give his new pal a highly erotic massage with roaming hands all over that beautiful body and hot bubble butt.

He spreads Kasden's butt cheeks apart and exposes his tasty hairy bunghole with very hot camera close-ups. Kasden definitely digs having his asshole played with and fills the hotel room with loud moans, heavy breathing, and groans. Lucas teases Kasden's hole by rubbing his large purple mushroom cock head against that pouting pucker. Kasden sucks Lucas' dick concentrating on that knob and receiving a nice face fucking.

Texas dude fucks his buddy from behind lying on top of him and pounding like an out-of-control bunny rabbit! Switching to doggy-style, Lucas continues to pork Kasden quick 'n smooth while Kasden groans with a lust 'n pain. There is one attempt at a penetration shot from behind but Lucas' big ol' balls get in the way. Lucas shoots a thick load of spooge on Kasden's bum and on the bed sheets. Kasden pulls pork and busts a thick nut on the sheets.


Layin' Pipe is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The hand held videography is a mixed bag with plenty of hot close-ups of the cock sucking but hit-or-miss camera shots of the bungholes and butt sex penetration. The picture quality can be a bit grainy at times but not horribly bad.


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk 'n joke around and then get down with plenty of loud heavy breathing, moans, and groans.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and a commercial for the Amateur Straight Guys website.


I love me some Amateur Straight Guys and the dudes here do not disappoint. They are totally into one thang: getting off no matter who they are with. My favorites here are Spence, Jasin, Bently, Brock, and Lucas. My one complaint is with the hand held videography. While providing plentiful groovy close-ups of the cock sucking, the bunghole and butt sex penetration camera shots are definitely hit or miss. Still, the movie is very hot and a big turn-on. I Recommend for fans of "gay-for-pay" dudes. Sasquatch mother fucker!! Ha!

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