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Fishnets 9 (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/9/09

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Juicy Pearl and James Deen

Fishnets 9 (Blu-ray)

Zero Tolerance

Carolyn Reese and Christian

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mike Quasar

Kelly Summer and James

Cast: Juicy Pearl, James Deen, Carolyn Reese, Christian, Kelly Summer, Ann Marie Rios, Mick Blue, Jessica Jaymes, Sascha, Evie Delatosso, Mark Wood

Length: 137:24 minutes

Ann Marie Rios

Date of Production: 7/8/2008

Jessica Jaymes

Extras: The best extra was the 14:48 minute long Behind the Scenes footage of the cast in action, much of it taken during the taking of the stills. The amount of Mike-related humor was limited this time, the feature ending on a cute tidbit of his sexual prowess, but it was still nice to see them posing. There was also a photogallery, a pop shot recap, and some trailers, the true double sided DVD cover and slipcase nicely done.

Evie Delatosso

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Fishnets 9 Blu-ray was presented in a visually appealing widescreen color using an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Mike Quasar for Zero Tolerance using the VC-1 codec employed by some high definition releases (in 1080i resolution though). The lighting was modest here, not completely eliminating the shadows and grain like most of Mike's recent works of late, with enough variation to add some texture in a few of the six scenes but in need of polishing up as far as I was concerned. The grain was minimal as was the video noise and I got the impression that Mike spent plenty of time to use the camera angles to enhance the looks of the nicely made up ladies. It was not perfect but this did enhance the replay value for me as it showed more care than usual. The bitrate tended to hover around the mid 16.3 Mbps area most of the time I paid any attention to it. The composition of the scenes enhanced the look of the ladies, each of them used to softer lighting in recent scenes but not needing it for the purposes of this release. The sole audio track was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps rate using a 48 kHz sampling rate most titles are mastered with, the aural experience fairly limited due to the nature of the gonzo shoot (there was no secondary track in Spanish this time thankfully enough). There was no separation between the channels and the dynamic range was as truncated as ever, standard gonzo audio being okay for most consumers.In short, the visuals were an upgrade of modest proportions and the audio was about the same as far as I could tell.

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Body of Review: Mike Quasar might be known as the lead director at Zero Tolerance and all round skilled production expert in the porn field but he is also a pretty decent guy by all accounts too. One of the things he tries to get out of his casts is a sense of energy that makes them shine when things work out, the man trying to provide the best productions possible on porn sized budgets. His latest title making it my way was Fishnets 9 Blu-ray, a series I had not seen in over a year, where the emphasis of each opening shot was a lady putting on various lingerie including the titular fishnet stockings. I love the look of them myself and find they enhance the appeal of a lady significantly, something classic and slutty all at the same time beckoning me to reach out and fuck. The six scenes included some physically attractive ladies with the right kind of attitude too, covergirl Ann Marie Rios looking especially hot there and in her scene. The promise of seeing the ladies in true high definition certainly did not hurt either, though none of them was truly at her best from what I could tell.  The back cover said it like this: "If you like your Ho's in hose then this critically acclaimed series is right up your anal alley. Just one look at these long-legged luscious lovelies as they slip in and out of their form fitting netted stockings and your imagination will run wild. Just imagine their soft-skinned, well toned legs wrapped around your neck as you munch on their mouth-watering mounds before you slide your 'love log' slowly down their lovely leggings. Wait, you're not done yet because these naughty nymphs want you to pound them until a stream of semen soils their holey hosiery!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Juicy Pearl, a curvy blond newcomer with implants and tattoos, was up first as she followed the formula to don some fishnet attire including red mesh bra & garter, panties, and black fishnet stockings on a bench as she looked directly into the camera during the generic music. She looked like she would be comfortable in a mid-level strip club with her nice legs and ass definitely more interesting than her "old" looking hands. The short tease wasn't enough for me in any of the scenes but it did manage to perk my interest in seeing what she had to offer, walking over to the couch where James Deen started exploring her frame with his tongue. His oral wasn't comprehensive but she did seem to enjoy it, her knob slobbing blowjob also short but proving she was no stranger to wrapping her lips around a rod to ready it for vaginal insertion. The fake porn moans she provided after that were enough to make me want to turn off the sound but I kept with it for the purposes of this review, James doing most of the work as he drilled her pussy in several positions (with some taste testing). The end came when he jerked out a small wad of genetic juice to her crotch, most of her attire still worn as she wiped the spew up with it.

Scene Two: Carolyn Reese, a sexy bleach blond I have come to rely on as a known quantity in her scenes, was up next as she teased the camera naked before putting on some pink lingerie and red stockings by the piano. She slowly teased with it on as the eerie music played, slightly creepy music at that but her seductive look helped me overcome that aspect of the show. In any case, she soon found Christian wanting to sample all she had, some minimal foreplay leading to the oral sex though he only licked at her once before expecting a longer hummer. Carolyn worked his shaft and balls equally, the slurping noises seeming to be slightly out of synchronization as she inhaled his pecker, some minimal POV action looking pretty good as she continued her oral assault. That, of course, led to the vaginal penetration and it struck me that they had a lot more chemistry than the last pairing, the couple moving to the couch after he took her bent over initially. Carolyn was an active rider in most positions too, bouncing on his cock as her labia milked him dry of his population pudding. He rubbed out the load to her mouth this time and she provided some post coital sucking, licking her fingers clean once finished.

Scene Three: Kelly Summer, a lean brunette with implants and pretty blue eyes as well as a set of teeth that would make the governor of California proud, was up next on the second story walkway as she followed the formula by putting on the lingerie. Her DSLs had the appropriately slutty look to them and while she might not have been the hottest gal of the flick, I'd have done her for a couple of drinks. James Deen then came along to continue the scripted sex with a few licks before her longer hummer, leading to some awkward vaginal penetration in a dangerous place, the standing fuck requiring they precariously position themselves on the railings that did not look particularly sturdy. She was another that provided fake porn moans in excess, her passive receipt of cock not my favorite act of the day but at least he wanted her by the looks of it (spanking her slightly as he pounded away). In her favor, she did provided a bit of active riding before they retired to the bed but it was nothing great and too little, James jerking off to her fishnet covered leg by the end of the scene.

Scene Four: Ann Marie Rios, the cutie on the front DVD cover, was up next as she continued the formulaic approach, dressing in the room overlooking the greenery outside before meeting Mick Blue in the bedroom. Her bra and panties were okay but her fishnet stockings helped her look even better. Mick started working on her with his mouth before she climbed up into his lap, the two cuddling actively until she pushed him down to jump him. Ann was dominant this time but Mick wanted to taste her so he fought back, that leading to her noisily working his cock with her hand and mouth. The POV footage allowed her to look right at the camera and get aggressive with the rod, Ann hungrily attacking him better than any of her peers in the fuck flick. That led to the best vaginal ride of the day too, several positions where she showed her skills off effectively with some loud dirty talk assisting on getting out as large a load as possible. There were even bits of foot fetish material too, her using her feet on his dick as well as some foot play with the mouth but the blowjob and penetrations helped make it the best of the bunch. The scene ended after some taste testing drained him dry where he jerked off to her chest and foot, Ann licking some of the spew up before the camera faded out.

Scene Five: Jessica Jaymes, a seductive looking brunette with huge implants for her skinny frame, was up next as she smiled knowingly at the camera during the dress up tease session. She had on a muff buffer skirt and a wide variety of lingerie that did not match, her stockings the kind with larger gaps than standard fishnets. She was in the bedroom with Sascha and he started feeling her up when she climbed in with him, spitting on her to lube her pussy up for fingering as she pouted. She tasted her juices and then took his cock in her mouth to suck off, her oral skills a bit better than when she was a contract performer for Hustler but her choice to do almost no oral hurt her scene. She was modestly active in the vaginal penetration portions of the scene too, relying on her looks over her sexual skills from the looks of it, the mouth pop coming unsatisfyingly early though at least she tried then.

Scene Six: Evie Delatosso, a very sexy brunette with a sultry look to her and enough extra pounds to make her look really feminine, was up last and in terms of her demeanor, she won extra points from me by virtue of appearing to appreciate how appealing she was but still embracing what she wanted to do. The sex kitten looks she gave the camera as she put the black lingerie on her milky white skin worked for me nicely too, the gal paired up with Mark Wood once she walked to his couch in the adjacent room. The pair had a sense of playfulness between them that was missing in most of the other scenes, elevating the replay value substantially as they pawed each other and showed they were trying to get each other off. He licked her ass and she slobbed his knob, Evie giving him some hand to gland combat before impaling herself on his pecker like it would be awhile until she worked another one. The cowgirl positions were the most active and the doggy looked great too, Evie making some noises but keeping it reasonable even if Mark got out of hand at times. The scene ended with a mouth pop as she looked into his eyes, her post coital sucking cut short by the editing.

Summary: Fishnets 9 Blu-ray by director Mike Quasar for Zero Tolerance was far from his best work of the year but the ladies all wore the requisite fishnets and lingerie, all looked hot, and all engaged in strokable scenes even if few of them provided decent replay value. The extras were kind of tame this time too, the BTS mostly derived from the shooting of the stills and Mike acting quite subdued throughout the production so I rated it as a Rent It. In short, Fishnets 9 in Blu-ray will still appeal to fans of sexy lingerie and stockings but it was not the best volume in the series I've seen (and I haven't seen them all) so check it out before you spend a lot of money on a copy for your collection. In regards to the high definition version of the movie, I appreciate that it looked better (sounded the same though) but I got the impression that the disc was not optimized for high definition when the movie was shot and no special care seemed to be taken to upgrade the visual treatment beyond the generic minimum needed to qualify.  I know that ALL of the companies (mainstream included) have a long way to go before maximizing the potential of the format but taking a quicker pace might expand the market a lot faster too.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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